Nectar Platinum Dry Herb Vape | 2-in-1 for Herbs and Resins


380 in stock

(251 customer reviews)

380 in stock

Capabilities:      DRY HERB + Wax Illustration RESIN/WAX/CONCENTRATE  

The Nectar Platinum dry herb and resin vaporizer uses the largest capacity vape battery available on the market. The high drain battery has the capability to discharge a larger amount of current designed to push more voltage, so you get more power when you need it. It can be used with both dry herbs and/or wax, which can now be made in the comfort of your own home by using one of our rosin press machines such as the Pollen Press Rosin Press DIY kit.

Technical Attributes:

  • 0 to 180°C: 24 Seconds
  • Max Temp: 240C
  • Battery: 3500mAh (20A)
  • Heating chamber: Ceramic
  • Airflow: Isolated
  • Charge (0-100%): 2 hours
  • Guarantee: 12 months (extendable free-of-charge to 3 years).

The Nectar Platinum vaporizer has had several upgrades in relation to the previous Nectar Gold vaporizer:

  • Increased airflow – larger ceramic mouthpiece + larger airflow holes
  • Larger battery – battery capacity increased from 2900mah to 3500mah
  • Blackout design – Blackout OLED + flush buttons 
  • Upgraded charging port
  • Reinforced ceramic mouthpiece
  • Curves – rounded edges and buttons
  • Upgraded battery clip

The Nectar Platinum herb and resin vaporizer feels great in your hand – a quality, premium feel. It comes with everything you need to get going – the standard accessories pack includes a concentrate pad, cleaning and picking tools and a filter kit.

Same day dispatch, 7 days a week, except on public holidays.

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Beautifully Portable

The Nectar Platinum 2-in-1 dry herb vape consists of a blackout OLED display, precision temperature control, isolated airflow, flush buttons and a curvaceous design making it a thing of beauty. A lightweight yet sturdy device with an inconspicuous design, it can be taken anywhere and everywhere.

Cool Vapour Production

The ceramic chamber of the Nectar Platinum dry herb vape takes advantage of both convection and conduction to evenly vaporize herbs which then feeds the vapour through an isolated airflow path and then a zirconia mouthpiece to ensure cool vapour and a flavour to impress.


The Nectar Platinum premium 2-in-1 dry herb vape uses the largest capacity high drain vape battery available on the market, not to just last longer, but to heat your dry herbs in an undisputed heat up time of 12s to 140C (and 49s to 240C).


95% of people keep their Nectar device, but just in case…
  • 3 year (free extendable) limited warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service

Dry Herb Vaporizer Comparison Table

Why Nectar Vaporizers?

  1. Our vaporizers are convection vaporizers. This affords you several benefits including stronger, more flavoursome vapour, without the smoke.
  2. Portable and discreet – You can carry our vaporizers with you on the move, plus the mouthpiece conveniently flips down and tucks away.
  3. Herb goes further – Since our vaporizers work by convection, there is less wastage because there is little burning away of your materials.
  4. Less smell – Our vaporizers produce a lesser smell than the odour produced from smoking. As the vapour is lighter than smoke, it also doesn’t stick so much to clothes and furniture items like curtains and sofas, whereas smoke is slower to dissipate and makes your clothes and other textiles (even walls) smell.
  5. Great control – Our vaporizers offer great control over how much vapour you want to inhale, through being able to control the temperature settings. Turn up the temperature and you’ll get faster vapours, or turn down the temperature and you’ll have fewer vapours.
  6. Re-use herb – With smoking the herb turns into char which cannot be re-used, but with our dry herb vaporizers you can turn any already vaped herb by making edibles, depending on which vape materials you’re using.
  7. Enhance your experience with vape accessories – Nectar offers many vape accessories to create an even better vaping experience. A great accessory is the Nectar glass bong adapter which lets you connect your own bong to your Nectar dry herb vaporizer and enjoy even cooler, cleaner vapour. If you don’t have your own bong, then the Nectar glass water bubbler will do the trick, turning your Nectar vaporizer into a vape-bong quickly and easily.
  8. High-quality materials – premium quality at a non-premium price.
  9. Free 3 year guarantee: Nectar vaporizers come with a 12-month guarantee and this is extendable to 3 years totally free-of-charge by simply registering your purchased item.

As you can see Nectar vaporizers offer a lot of benefits along with a fabulous guarantee. You can check out what our customers say by scrolling down this page – we consistently achieve 5 star ratings.

251 reviews for Nectar Platinum Dry Herb Vape | 2-in-1 for Herbs and Resins

  1. Chris

    Great vape. Does what it should, easy to use

  2. A. R. Pearce

    Great product

  3. Laura Taff

    Elegant design, does the job , worth the money

  4. Diane E. Connell

    Another satisfied customer!

  5. Arnoldziq

    Love the product, great description, just as branded.

  6. barry o’brien

    All round excellent product. Styled nicely, chamber heats up super quick, flavour is very pleasant. If you are looking for a very well made vape which covers dry herb & concentrates, at a very competitive price. This product will match and exceed your expectations.

  7. Kirsty

    Highly recommend this product – fantastic build quality and materials the air flow is next level overall it just screams premium no plastic in sight beautifully made and feels good in the hand

  8. Gerry

    Love smooth smoke from my vape

  9. Gordon Patterson


  10. Amanda Rotella

    Works perfectly. Small, easy to use. Very happy with this vape.

  11. Oskaras Siusa

    I loved the airflow, huge improvement on the last model. Also has the best system for roasting your ‘legal’ flower buds. Doesn’t burn and doesn’t stick, just what you need when dealing with some sticky icky.

  12. jamie

    Really excellent vape for my herbs, quality piece of kit I won’t ever need anything else.

    I am a fairly heavy user however and the first one developed a battery/electrical problem after a few months but after contacting Nectar they were very helpful and sent me out a new battery. After that only half solved the problem they sent me a new vaporiser the next day. Great customer service too.

  13. BArry

    Easy to use, easy draw, good battery life . Good service, I had a problem with mine but it was replaced quickly

  14. Paul B.

    Had 3 of the V2’s, the way it burns my broccoli and parsley is much improved.

    I’m getting my mate one for Christmas

  15. Bashie

    If you’re wondering, just go for the platinum version!!! So many positives, can’t list them all here!
    Definitely a premium product. Air flow is amazing. Heat is great. Battery is great. Comes with cleaning kit and extra filters.
    Easy to use. Compact. Probable. Discreet.

  16. Rachel

    User friendly and a great vape I take this everywhere with me love this product

  17. Amazon Customer

    If you want a step up from the V2 standard nectar vape, this is worth every penny. Massively improved airflow in comparison and very sturdy design.

  18. O. J. Portingale

    It works reliably

  19. Amazon Customer

    Absolute quality 🔥 this is a must for people wanting to be as healthy as possible and at the same time save the amount your using its a win win! Taste unreal heats up rapid easy charging you just cant go wrong!

  20. Gareth Evans

    Heats up fast, flavour is great at lower temps, good airflow (make sure to clean filter/mouth piece regularly).

  21. Amazon Customer

    Amazing flavour

  22. Neil isherwood

    Doe’s what is says on the box 📦 good quality

  23. Amazon Customer

    Works really well!

  24. Charlie

    air flow is what i was after and its what i got ! it will vape for 5 minutes without any scorching on the herb. works well for concentrates aswell so overall really happy for the price

  25. Alan reed

    Spot on

  26. Sandisk 16GB xbox Usb

    I had the more expensive brand for 2 years before it started giving issues, because of price and positive reviews I decided to give it a try and I am so happy I did it!! there’s nothing wrong I could say about this device, completely satisfied, high quality product!! thank you!!

  27. Mmu

    Bought for a present. Apparently it’s great!

  28. Jack Allan

    I bought the Nectar Platinum vapouriser which has been great. The glass bong adaptor has allowed me to use glass pieces that I had not been able to for some time. The vapour is much cooler and smoother on the throat than combusting which has allowed me to take bigger rips than I could ever have dreamed of.
    The box comes with plenty of accessories to clean your vape, although you might want to invest in a thin pipe cleaner and isopropyl dispenser to make the process easier. They also have a great video guide to help on Youtube.

    More importantly than the quality of the vape was the quality of customer service. I had an unfortunate issue where my vape was shorting out. Emailing customer service about my warranty was pleasant and easy.
    The person I spoke to was friendly and helpful and made what initially seemed like a daunting process to be easy and pain-free. After verifying everything they needed to, they promptly sent out a replacement. Couldn’t ask for better service.

  29. Patrick

    I opted for a cheap one first , then returned it and splashed out on this. Temp control is perfect and it’s important to keep this clean and the filter free of debris. It’s great!

  30. CG

    Quality product. So far so goodC

  31. Mia

    Small and compact, recharge when not using for optimum use.

  32. Marshall

    Battery life is excellent, as long as you don’t overdo it. The specific temperature control is an awesome feature.

  33. W Ian Young

    I’ve finally defeated those lighter- stealing ****s I call my friends. Very portable.

  34. Amazon Customer

    Well I think it look and feel good for this price. Definitely don’t look cheap. It works very well, nice thick cloud of used on higher temperatures. You can vape any herb you want and extracts and oils as well.

  35. Sajid Khan

    Great device

  36. Thomas Peacock

    At its price point you won’t find better. The battery life, flavour, ease of use/clean, feel are all unquestionably excellent. The vape feels and uses allot more expensive. I’ve been using for the past month and the performance is outstanding.

    The device heats up very very quick and vibrates when ready instead of beeps like other devices for added discretion. After that the vaporiser stays heated for approximately 4 minutes. The battery goes down very slowly so your able to get multiple uses out of it before having to recharge which takes less than 30 minutes.

    Would buy again without hesitation.

  37. Mindaugas

    Great that you can change battery

  38. Luca Di Gaetano

    It does its job! Plus, when you buy it, you get a free pack of accessories.

  39. Becky

    If for medical reason you vape the dry herb, but it must be cut very finely to get the best benefit. I love the style of the device, very sleek. It’s also very easy to use, temp control at a flick of switch, nice flavour and not too harsh, battery life seems excellent….just getting to grips with it. I wish it came with a case/protector of some sort though, but all in all pretty genius🙂

  40. Michael tunningley

    I upgraded to this when my nectar v2 gave up on me and have to say its a massive improvement air flow better and much easier to clean with the chamber been closer to the mouth piece only thing i would say is could do with a slightly bigger chamber

  41. mark dobson

    Quality bit of kit and I’ve had many different types, great flavour great speedup time

  42. Anne Newton

    Small and discreet, long lasting battery, very easy to use, and nice quality.

  43. Amazon Customer

    Having the air holes below the oven chamber really improve the intake over other models.

  44. Amazon Customer

    I bought this as an alternative to smoking herbs and I am very impressed with the results. Conduction beats combustion hands down.

  45. Croco420

    Love it it’s great!

  46. Dean

    So far, so good with this vape. You get decent clouds from it & the temperature control is easy to use, it heats in no time too 👍 Remember to save your vaped herb to use in eds 😉

  47. Ian

    Great value for money and does the job. Easy to use and clean. Good battery life. Easy to use temperature control. I’d recommend this to anyone. I needed to speak to the company and their friendly customer service is second to none. A pleasure buying from them!

  48. Govardhan

    After received First one damaged i got my second one next day so everything ok. The vap is for me much better that the Gold model due the bigger airflow. Really very enjoying it!
    Great experience!

  49. Dale

    Decent vape for the money. I have had a couple of cheap vaporizers over the years that’s didn’t heat up enough so was worried this might be the same but goes hot enough to be able to get a satisfying drag. Been using for over 6 month’s now with no problems

  50. Amazon Customer

    Brilliant customer service. Product works very well. I would highly recommend this!!

  51. Matt Selby Photography

    Had a Nectar Platinum which worked ok for 2-3 months but then developed a battery door/mechanism fault.

    I contacted customer services who were great and offered me a replacement vape. It wasn’t a like for like replacement but the Gold seems just as good.

    I’d recommend the nectar vape to anyone looking for a decent vape and thank you to Ian at nectar for his excellent customer service and replacement.

  52. DarkcityBob

    Brilliant product but failing in just over 4 weeks this is a real shame as it is a brilliant product… it now takes quite a long time to get the vape to come on. it’s like the power button sticks down..
    i sent video showing what’s happening and texted saying what was happening, they texted back, asking me what was happening!!!! so i called the phone number of the whatsApp account, spoke to a man calling him self Mario. he told me I came though to the wrong department and I should text the phone he was speaking to me on and tell them to send me a replacement, which I did but no one has looked at the messages since 130am, so I text the phone I had called to say, no one was looking at the whatsApp messages, they did then, come online but did not look at my messages…. so I am now a little lost, what to do….

  53. Richard

    I honestly can’t fault this device. Having moved over from, shall we say, combustibles I decided to pick one of these up and I’m glad I did. It’s a much healthier (and recognised) form of consumption ands as many people point out, the savings made in the form of AVB and edibles is a nice bonus. If you’re looking for a worthy vape that’s silky smooth and tastes great then get this, you won’t regret it. I haven’t smoked in two months as a result and I’m all the happier for it.

  54. Teezy

    Vape is good, but review is for the good customer service from Nectar. Had a few issues with my vape and they solved this quite fast

  55. Robert Karkut

    Nice battery live, very accurate temperature control. I’m very happy from my purchase.

  56. Kacper

    Good flavour and easy to use

  57. Indimac

    Such an easy thing to use and such good with bringing out the wonderful flavours out. Battery life is good enough for 10-12 times and the magnetic clip ensures you’ll never lose parts. Highly recommend!!

  58. Matthew H.

    t works well, don’t overfill and clean it

  59. Jonnie

    Works brilliantly, gives a nice flavour and effect and saves you money as you use so little. Very easy to clean out too which makes it a great purchase all around.

  60. YP

    Excellent- works very well.

  61. Ckegler

    Having used many vapes from other brands, including big names, this is the best vape I’ve come across. It’s simple to use, precise temperature can easily be achieved and delivers the best vaping experience you money can buy for almost half the price. The device looks sturdy and well made.

  62. Neil

    Heats up real quick, quality piece of equipment. Love it.

  63. j.hunter

    very well made and efficient

  64. Amazon Customer

    Good buy

  65. Dennis Salavei

    Great device overall, but the original concentrate pad is different from the one ordered separately.

  66. J. A. Gray

    Excellent product, at a reasonable price. I’m looking to stop using tobacco, and this is ideal. Would recommend.

  67. Outlaw Josie

    The vape heavy smokers can use
    This is the one you have been looking for if you want to end your tobacco consumption. This machine is powerful enough and battery life decent enough to replace other methods over time.
    Like others here I have spent increasingly larger amounts of cash on substandard vapes and been disappointed. This was different.
    You should deffo order some isopropylethyl alchohl for cleaning and invest in a couple of spare batteries and a charger to get the very most out of this machine. You can use it on pass through charging but who wants to be tied to a lead?

  68. KJR

    Great product and customer service
    Great product, had one minor issue a part breaking but was quickly sorted with a free replacement, great customer service!


    Light weight,battery easy to replace if faulty,easy cleaning method

  70. C. Hurley

    amazing i love it, i grinded my herb first and loaded it up in the chamber and i was away, easy to pull and less harsh than a bong. Now i can give up smoking toabbco joints. it really works.

  71. JackP

    Good product.

  72. paul elder

    I’ve been using this product for a few months now and it’s absolutely amazing! Flavour is 10/10. Best thing overall is I’ve saved money and don’t smoke anymore

  73. Erik

    My item arrived today. I set it up and had some more questions. I attempted the Amazon route of contact. Then I googled them and called the London number. The human I spoke to was great, concise and helped me perfectly. I am pleased and impressed. Thank you.

  74. Biall

    Simple and easy to use, gets the job done

  75. Amazon Customer

    Before this Nectar gold, I had a Pax 2, and I have to say that I am impressed by it. The taste of your dry herb is much better compare with pax 2. And the battery life I think is the same. The only thing, i think pax 2 have a pro, is the fancy design. Buy if you look at the prices, i will choose Nectar gold again.

  76. Kae

    Quiet heavy because of the powerful battery. Good quality, quick warm-up and excellent design


    Produces clean, nice tasting vapour. Build quality is excellent, replaceable 18650 battery reduces waste and extends life of product. I am satisfied with purchase.

  78. Shaun

    Perfect size, fits nice in your pocket good clean vape. We’ll worth the money excellent quality

  79. Amazon Customer

    Great little device for the price. Just as good, if not better, than some high end vapes I’ve used. Lots of spares and extras available to buy and great customer service. What more could you ask for.?

  80. David A

    After using this device I can’t smoke a joint as it tastes disgusting. The smoking experience with this vape is excellent. I highly recommend this device. I will never smoke a joint again

  81. Naomi

    Works well

  82. fabrizio di battista

    It works very well with both concentrates and flowers. Decent battery duration too. I really recommend it.

  83. mr robert j plummer

    Item just been delivered, not used yet as charging ready for first use, feels like a solid quality build, looks good, comes in nice packaging with everything u need to get started

  84. Timothy

    Heats up fast

  85. Sam moody

    Well I took a while trying to find something decent as far vaporisers go. I bought a cheap one for 35 pound a few years back and it was absolutely dog poop. So with that in mind. I was concerned about what future choices may hold. But honestly. This device didn’t disappoint. Spending that bit extra is definitely worth your while and you won’t regret it with this one. Good draw, good flavour. Decent battery life.
    I haven’t tried anything else in this price range to compare it to. But eitherway. If you want something good. Just buy it lol

  86. Ibrahim Awil

    Simply an amazing gadget, much healthier than ‘alternatives’…

    This will end up saving you money in in the long run so don’t be afraid of the price tag, it will pay for itself.

    The settings are clear and consise and is remarkably easy to clean.

  87. Febeh

    Have been using this consistently for almost a month now and it has yet to break or fail me! Flavour doesn’t change much and easy to get used to after first use. The battery life lasts me about 6 sessions of 10 minutes, I wish the battery life was longer but so far 6 sessions are enough for me for a day lol. It still does take a while to heat up after it hits the desired temperature.
    This is my first Vaporizer and I’m pretty happy with it but I can’t compare it to any other ones unfortunately but hopefully one day I will! I will say that this seems to be a good starter vaporiser for its price if anyone plans on using a Dry Herb Vape for the first time.

  88. Danny Kelly

    Pretty good

  89. Mik

    Excellent product 10/10

  90. callum


  91. Amazon Customer

    Very new to this , so far so good !!

  92. Kindle Customer

    Excellent product. I have tried vapes twice the price of this one and can honestly see no difference. The Airflow is amazing but you need to give it a good clean with isopropyl alcohol once a fortnight to keep Airflow. There are also videos online to assist you with setting up and maintenance . Highly recommend this product as this definitely preserves your lungs instead of smoking herbs…

  93. samuel

    Amazing !!!

  94. Louis Drayer

    So far really good. Easy to use and clean. Not complicated at all. Haven’t tried concentrate yet. Will see on durability and longevity. Feels like a quality product built to last. Will see on warenty and service, hope never have to use. Warning does get hot obviously, just let cool between sesh. Thank you. Product good service good so far no complaints.

  95. Rich Eley

    Great product

  96. Amazon Customer

    Insane flavour comes out of this, great vapour production and the battery is fantastic. I bought one after trying a brothers and fell in love with it. It is priced well under what it is worth as it rivals much more expensive models. Absolute machine!

  97. K MacIntyre

    Just got my new Nectar Platinum today.. sterilised it as advised tried some CBD isolate in was super quick to heat up and done the job was smooth.

  98. Alia

    I’ve had this for almost 3 weeks now, used it most days. These are my thoughts so far:

    – Strong build, feels weighty and good quality
    – Magnetic cap so no fiddling
    – Great air flow
    – Easy to use, just pop your herb in the chamber and turn on
    – Heats up quickly, I prefer heating it at 200C
    – Very easy to clean. I use ISO which I bought from Amazon at the same time. They have a YouTube channel to help you if you need.
    – Has spare parts, which you won’t need for ages if you clean it regularly.
    – I was happy with the flavour and found the vapor to be quite smooth
    – Replaceable battery

    -Battery life for heavy users isn’t great so if you’re out and about then pack spares
    – The casing is quite smooth and a grip would be useful but it’s not a huge problem for me

    Overall I’m very happy with this vape and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  99. Aidan

    Absolutely amazing, I’ve saved a lot more bud than I did before. The taste is amazing, it heats up so fast and its genuinely the best dry herb vape I’ve bought. I find it hard to say a bad thing about it. I am a medical cannabis user and i have spent hundreds on what now seems like wasted bud, this device has helped every gram mean the most to help my medical conditions, it makes it taste better, the effects are somewhat stronger and i made some delicious brownies with what was left. its so easy to use, battery life is great, magnetic top is sturdy and strong, cant wait to grab a press from them and make my own rosin.

  100. Amazon Customer

    I loved the nectar gold but I super love the platinum ???? straightforward and nice to clean. But I’ll never not cry when the nice white ceramic chamber gets stained ????
    Bigger battery is deffo an upgrade. Worth the money.

  101. Sei

    Fantastic product at a great price point!,
    especially for such a device with all the features and build quality offered.
    Sure , there are other very similar products in the market, but Nectar have tweak and refined it to the next level????. Great customer service too.
    Easy to use, flavourful, spares and accessories available

  102. Amazon Customer

    1 week in, works well for the price. I’ve had a couple of butane powered vapes in the past for similar money and this one compares favourably. Fast enough to heat up, full control over temp. Does the job. If it lasts for 3 years, it’ll be good value.

  103. David H.

    Compact, good quality device. Quick to heat up and nice flavour. Mouthpiece gets quite warm in operation though. Very pleased with purchase.

  104. Michael

    I now own both the Platinum and Gold and I’m very happy with both products. They are working great for me. It’s nice to know there is a warranty which you can extend that gives you peace of mind. I am a private medical cannabis patient, I am very happy with my Platinum and Gold. Great vapour production, taste and easy to use. If there was a nectar diamond I would buy it in a heartbeat haha. Vaping is the future!

  105. David H

    Compact, good quality device. Quick to heat up and nice flavour. Mouthpiece gets quite warm in operation though. Very pleased with purchase.

  106. Michael

    I now own both the Platinum and Gold and I’m very happy with both products. They are working great for me. It’s nice to know there is a warranty which you can extend that gives you peace of mind. I am a private medical cannabis patient, I am very happy with my Platinum and Gold. Great vapour production, taste and easy to use. If there was a nectar diamond I would buy it in a heartbeat haha. Vaping is the future!

  107. Lucas jurion

    Very good

  108. Amazon Customer

    I moved up from the Nectar V2 to this and while I loved the V2 I find the Platinum to be a big improvement! It is far easier to clean (you only have to clean the top chamber and mouthpiece as opposed to sticking a rod and pipe cleaner throughout the whole middle). There is a tutorial on the Nectar website that explains how to clean all the mouthpiece components. I’m finding that my gauzes/screens that fit into the bottom of the chamber are wearing out quite quickly but maybe that’s down to me not cleaning them properly and hopefully I’m able to buy these separately.

  109. Joanna Terry

    Good so far

  110. Chris

    This ones a good spend of money for baking your herbs nicely and getting a load of flavour out it (works best around 190 – 200C)

  111. Robu Vasile

    Bit skeptical at purchase time but now im happy. The battery is the best on market and the product seems to be on same wavelenght.

  112. Dan Silvestri

    On first try I was quite sceptical, however, it was incredible! Couldn’t believe how well this worked. It is a little smellier than I had imagined, however it’s certainly better than it usually is. Love love love it!

  113. Jamie

    Just wow love it

  114. Alessio

    Fantastic vapourized. Finally no more paper, smoke but only good vapour.

  115. Alessio

    Just got this product and look forward to trying it. Based on the service alone from nectar im giving it a 5 star. I can’t wait to test it properly.

  116. margaret orr

    Just got this product and look forward to trying it. Based on the service alone from nectar im giving it a 5 star. I can’t wait to test it properly.

  117. Balloo

    Excellent product does exactly what is says. Simple and easy to use.

  118. GreenFinger

    I’ve had this device for a few months now and have been using it a lot. It is a great bit of kit and an excellent way of getting medicated without the dangers of combustion.
    I decided to give up smoking and after looking at many different vapes decided to settle on this one. I was surprised at how well it performs and even more surprised by the effects. It is a much cleaner experience overall both physically as there is no ash or roaches to deal with but the high is also cleaner. Since giving up blunts and using tobacco with my herb I feel much more high and can differentiate between the more subtle effects.
    The flavour is of the chart with this device set to 190C. The only problem with that is you’d better have some nice tasting herb otherwise you’ll get to experience all the depths of terrible tasting meds.
    The battery is pretty good but as these kind of devices are so powerful they will always drain at a pace. The brilliant thing about this vape is that the battery is removable so you can have multiple batteries for on the go.
    The design is nice, it feels high quality and it is comfortable to use. It is also quite easy to clean which is good as you need to clean it fairly regularly to keep it running at its best. The filter in the mouthpiece fills up with debris after every 5+ uses for me do I would clean mine every day.
    Overall I really like this handheld vaporizer and would highly recommend to anyone looking to give up combustion. Just remember to keep it clean and if you’re a heavy user then get some spare batteries for longer excursions.

  119. Sampson

    Jamie dude you need to buy this. Seriously good man. Sitting next to me Jamie please buy this thing god damm please Jamie.

  120. Dennis

    Wow just Wow prompt delivery, already charged and ready for action! Then within a couple of minutes your ready to go, tastes amazing. I was a bit reluctant because of the price, but it’s got a 3 year warranty which is a plus definitely would recommend it ????

  121. brody morse

    Great unit ????

  122. Robbie Jay

    Nice bit of kit

  123. Sparkles

    Premium product, works well and lovely and discreet.

  124. Mr. Gerald Richmond

    Product works well. However battery failure after a month. Excellent service from Nectar to have it fixed.

  125. James Simpson

    Not too expensive considering the quality of the Platinum vaporiser: battery lasts a long time (can also take a long time to charge though, hopefully a new model could use USB C to charge faster), well designed airflow for smooth and efficient inhaling (so if you cough easily on high temperatures, you’ll have less of a problem with this product), has support for concentrate which is neat (haven’t tried this method yet) and, once you get used to it, is pretty easy to clean. Kind of wished Nectar used the same screen from the Gold model rather than the OLED one the Platinum uses as the Gold’s screen is brighter making it easier to use in dark conditions. Customer support is great as when my device broke they managed to send me a replacement free of charge. So, overall, it’s a great product that earns my highest recommendation.

  126. Tejinder S. Mahil

    Great flavour and performance

  127. lwk94

    Perfect for travelling as battery is replaceable and can be changed instantly with the external battery back also available

  128. Elliot C

    Just got it and seems pretty damn great. First vaporiser though so have no comparison. Feels sturdy and well made.

  129. Mark

    Very pleased with the experience.. the drag of the the mouth price is perfect feels seriously indistinguishable from a toke on a cigarette/pre roll ..the quality of the device is solid/very durable, the oled screen does brilliant with letting you know the temperature and you can change it by 1 degree at a time so you will be able to find the perfect temps, also shows the battery level vibrates when it’s quick to heat up you so you won’t feel like you need to wait at all overall such a pleasant experience .. comes with all the tools you’ll need easy clean, very happy person with this product exceeded my expectations

  130. denis eagle

    Does what it says on box

  131. ashley tasker

    Great airflow, same quality as previous gens. Deeper great tastes as before just improved. Must rank in top 3 portable vapes.

  132. GBizzle

    Good product. Fantastic battery life and very easy to use. Easy to clean (easier after watching a YouTube video, as the instructions aren’t the best). Nice temperature range to chose from, nice session times of five or ten minutes, and decent sized chamber.
    Feels a good weight and quality in the hand, not cheap feeling at all. Get some isopropyl alcohol and you’re good to go.
    I’ve also cut a standard pipe screen to use in the top of the chamber as an added measure to keep the product from blocking up the air flow.
    I’m still experimenting with finding the optimal ways to use use it, and best temperatures to use per session, but I’m getting on quite well with it.

  133. S Alom

    Really good product, works better than I expected. The extended battery really helps and heats up quickly to desired temperature.

  134. Livvy

    This is an absoloutely amazing vape. I had the Nectar V2 previously which was great but not enough air flow. This fixes it and it’s the best vape i’ve ever tried.
    I’d definately recommend this!

  135. Corey Johnston

    Amazing vape, great quality

  136. Duncan Fleming

    Great value for money.. Will definitely tell others about it.

  137. Amazon Customer

    Have been using pax3 but needed a change to convection heating system. Very good choice, great build quality, nice flavour and battery lasts me a good 4-5 sessions. Would have given 5 star value for money but unit arrived with a few scratches and concentrate pad missing. Not the end of the world but would like my unit to look new at purchase. Great vaporiser for the money, would highly recommend

  138. Prem

    Heat up quick

  139. Ravi Chandarana

    Amazing product.

  140. George Parsons

    Amazing product.

  141. Luke Rice

    Very good vaporizer, easy to use and to clean
    I recommend buying a spare battery

  142. Lewis

    Game changer my lungs are in heaven right now

  143. AshMan91

    Quality bit of kit ????

  144. Sean


  145. Ethan Crook

    Everything about this product is perfect! Great vapour production! It’s easier to use than for example, rolling a joint. It’s also simple to clean and comes with more than essential cleaning tools! Thanks Nectar

  146. A.Wartz

    I review in Order to get the free Filter Mit worth 12 pounds. Since the vaporizer arrived Yesterday, I cant Tell anything about it Other than IT Looks good, the haptic is nice and the magnetic separatable top is satisfying.

  147. Gary

    Nice flavour


    Quality piece of kit. Long battery life. Good flavour from ceramic oven. Looks like value for money as seems like it is made to last.

  149. Neo D.

    As a medical cannabis patient, I have found this vaporiser to be the best i have tried to date.

    The all metal body feels far better than any plastic counterparts I have used, it’s more robust and will last me all day without needing to recharge.

    This vaporiser has great airflow and will give a clean smooth flavour of the material you put in, and has precise temperature controls.

    I like the fact it’s quick, small, easy to use and I love the magnetic mouthpiece, the only thing I am not a fan of is the vibration alert to tell you when your at temperature or turning off.

    Over all a great unit worth every penny and I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a vaporiser.

  150. Francisco

    Muy bueno

  151. Amazon Customer

    The taste is great it’s really convenient and has helped myself cut back flower use! I highly recommend this product

  152. Tom

    Best dry vape ive ever purchased highly recommend

  153. Nathan

    My Nectar Platinum is my baby. I received it on 24/03 and it hasn’t left my side since. It comes with a variety of handy little tools for cleaning, packing down your dry herb and even a concentrate pad for your oils/wax’s. It’s very easy to use, 3 buttons on the front. The top button, you press and hold to turn the device on, it then heats to your desired temperature and vibrates to let you know it’s there. The other two buttons are for adjusting your heat up and down. It is preset to stay on for 5 minutes, although you can change this to 10 minutes. My favoured temperature is 205°C which takes 40 seconds to reach which, ironically, leaves me 4:20 to hit my herb and at that temperature, it’s the perfect amount of time before the herb is finished with and can be emptied.

    Cleaning this device is vital; it is also super easy and there is a YouTube tutorial showing you exactly how to do it if you just type in Nectar Platinum Cleaning. You will need a bottle of isopropanol which is like £10 and will last you forever. I fill a shot glass half way with ISO and have some cotton buds by my side. Each time I empty it, I clean it before I refill. Each night I soak all the metal removable parts. It’s really simple, I thought it was going to be a pain but honestly it’s so easy to keep on top of. The longest I’ve left it is a day but I use it ALL day and the chamber itself wasn’t actually too bad; the mouthpiece was starting to get a residue build up. I think you should try your best to not let that happen because it leaves a funny smell and you don’t want anything getting in the way of how good this makes your chosen herb taste.

    One thing I haven’t seen anybody mention and something that’s really handy – you are able to use this device when it is plugged in charging. So when you’re at home charge isn’t an issue. The nectar platinum has a much better battery life than their previous model, in real life terms, I am able to use this for around 10 hours before it needs charging and I would say I use it ‘more than your average guy’.

    Honestly, I don’t write reviews. I took a risk with this, it’s better than I could have ever expected. It’s discreet, it vaporises remember, nothings burnt, so there’s little to no smell. Brilliant. 10/10. Get one. You won’t regret it.

  154. Amazon Customer

    Good battery life. Usually get at least three uses out of fully charged battery when on highest temperature 240°C. Longer time is allowed by switching the unit off before the default time out elapses.

    I had an issue with my units battery compartment coming loose. Reached out to support under warranty and they were very helpful. The issue with my unit couldn’t be fixed economically so I was sent out a replacement unit.

  155. Richard

    So far so good! Exquisite slim design, straightforward to use and clean. Quality of vapour, from such a smooth airflow is great! My previous vaporiser, seemed to cremate herbs and was heavy/clunky. I’m more than happy with this replacement, plus u.k based company is important for sourcing spares!

  156. Reviewer

    Best covert vape in the game. Smoked all the way through my aunt’s funeral. No one was having a better time than me!

  157. Amazon Customer

    Ok I’ve been using this daily for 3 months now so I feel ready to make a proper review. Note I have written both pros and cons but the cons are minor details and would not stop me from recommending this product. I think it’s helpful for Nectar to be aware of them though :)

    – Heats up quick
    – Easy to clean
    – Small, very portable and subtle.
    – Enabled me to completely give up a 7 year smoking habit
    – Gives you a decent amount of vapour which you can really feel when inhaling/exhaling.
    – Customer service is second to none. Instant replies and very helpful.

    – The cleaning tools that came with the product do not fit through the narrow mouthpiece.
    – The wire cleaner came apart after one day of use so I had to use other methods of cleaning it.
    – The filter that goes in the chamber is expensive to replace and you can’t buy them without buying all other filter extra bits too.
    – The magnetic connection, whilst strong, does come off if you drop the product. It might be helpful to have some sort of mechanical connection to to avoid loosing all your herb if you drop it.
    – The black silicone(rubber?) lining around the top of the chamber is starting to disintegrate after just 3 months. Perhaps this is a result of cleaning – I’m not sure. But seeing small bits of the black rubber drop into the herb chamber doesn’t look great.
    – The ‘desired temperature’ number on the screen is realllllly small and I struggle to see it during a heavy session.

    Now like I said above – these cons are minor and wouldn’t stop me recommending the product. But I do think Nectar should pay a bit of extra attention to the cleaning products that they include with the product. I think this is a great vape to help you give up smoking herb.

  158. Jeremy Smith

    Greatly assisting in our quest to become a nicotine free household ! Thanks.

  159. Amazon Customer

    Good bit of quality kit – very friendly helpful staff

  160. Adam Stimpson

    Was surprise with how long it lasted for its size, really portable and reliable

  161. Elfy Baker

    Great product, works just as intended

  162. Fiona Bruce

    Easy to use, battery life is great

  163. Alexandra Cook

    Great flavour from this product. Have yet to run out of battery as I just pop in charge after each use. Lots of add ins and accessories to try out too.

  164. Satisfied Vaper

    I am pleasantly surprised by this thing. Well designed overall. Acceptable size chamber, heats up rapidly and there’s a perfectly clean hit. Just make sure you give the mouthpiece a good cleaning now and again and you’re good. The chamber and filter part themselves don’t really get clogged at all but obviously cleaning them through will always give a fresher hit.
    The only improvement this thing needs is some sort of groove or gripping on the actually casing, it’s not a dealbreaker but it could slip out of your hand by accident if you weren’t focusing.

  165. daviehug

    I am pleasantly surprised by this thing. Well designed overall. Acceptable size chamber, heats up rapidly and there’s a perfectly clean hit. Just make sure you give the mouthpiece a good cleaning now and again and you’re good. The chamber and filter part themselves don’t really get clogged at all but obviously cleaning them through will always give a fresher hit.
    The only improvement this thing needs is some sort of groove or gripping on the actually casing, it’s not a dealbreaker but it could slip out of your hand by accident if you weren’t focusing.

  166. Lorenzo

    Amazing customer service!!

  167. Neil

    Much better than the pax. Been using dynavape and tried this, game changer, had to buy one and very pleased. Costs less and a real smooth smoke.

  168. Mr. N. Fuller

    I’m very impressed.
    I’ve been smoking nicotine free herbal cigarettes and can now skip the paper. Really easy to use and great build quality.

  169. Jay Childs

    Have this and the DynaVap.. since this arrived i have not picked up my DynaVap. It heats perfectly to the right temp be it oregano or resin/solid the Nectar does it well, and does it fast. I had a nebular before this… another decent vape but at half the price, you are getting half the ease and functionality. I especially like the heating LCD and battery screen.. shows accurately the temperature and the battery life left. for those that dont want tobacco or nicotine in there day to day lives, but still want to destress and relax, this is the Vape tool for you. ** also just cleaned it. very easy, and lots of decent tools to help you maintain this device. A++ Five Stars!

  170. Zehma

    This vape is well finished and is nice to hold in the hand. I had an initial problem with the device and so spoke with Nectar’s customer service after finding their number online. Whilst I didn’t go with the a replacement device one was offered without hesitation, and I cannot fault the customer support received.

  171. Charlotte Marchant

    Value for its money, no issues had it for a week.

  172. Izabela

    Great product, very easy to use, classy look and nice materials, I love the magnetic chamber

  173. chris

    Bearing in mind this is the first time I’ve used a vaporiser of this type so I’ve nothing to compare it to but after a week or so of use I’d definitely rate it high, takes a little getting used to but persevere and I’ve found it does the job just as well or better even than alternative methods, good flavour and simple to use

  174. M.Turner

    Great product. Seriously don’t think about it just order one. well worth the money

  175. Dragan Georgiev

    Good vape. Copies Starry xmax 3.0 and is a bit more expensive but it offers warranty so it seems as a good deal.

  176. Ben woulfe

    Love it, been smoking bongs for years and thought I wouldn’t like it buts it’s great!

  177. ben wolfe

    Love it, been smoking bongs for years and thought I wouldn’t like it buts it’s great!

  178. Michael Holder

    Good quality value for money easy to use and get started

  179. Greenthum

    Great little vape that packs a punch. I got this to replace my old storm vape, this thing heats up really quick & the ceramic chamber & mouthpiece ensures you get maximum flavour. I’m just hoping it lasts as long as the storm did.

  180. Mr. A. Parson

    I was not expecting this to be so good. All my research online was pointing me to the crafty mighty (to expensive for me). As a long time 50/50 joint smoker I need a lung full and this does the job. Easy to use and affective. Love it. Goodbye nicotine ????

  181. BH

    Works great

  182. Mike P.

    I liked to quality feel of the product and the ease of use

  183. Henry


  184. Henry

    Bought this for a friend who is giving up smoking. Does what it says on the box with a lovely build quality and design. His only criticism was the lack of a locking position on the mouthpiece but this is a very minor quibble.

  185. Henry

    A healthy alternative to smoking
    Bought this for a friend who is giving up smoking. Does what it says on the box with a lovely build quality and design. His only criticism was the lack of a locking position on the mouthpiece but this is a very minor quibble.

  186. Phobya

    Great stuff! Recommend

  187. Alastair

    More expensive than previous but worth the extra cost

  188. Mr Z

    Great product. Loving it together with free extra bits in the box. Pricey but worth it’s money.

  189. Stuart

    Very impressive bit of kit. Quick heat time, nice flavour. Replaces tobacco and does a better job.

  190. Amazon Customer

    Ok, let’s get real – we know what we are using this for. With medical prescriptions now being issued for MJ (~600 through Project Twenty21, including 10 children) in the UK, practical and safe methods of consumption for people new to MJ are essential. The medicinal benefits are dashed when the herb is mixed with tobacco, as is common here in the UK and Europe.

    This device is the perfect device to consume your medical herb without the risks and dangers of tobacco. I have smoked for ten years – tobacco and MJ – and am now on my second day with ZERO tobacco consumption, already feeling the benefits. I was merely using tobacco as a filler for the joints/spliffs and that my friends is no reason to continue to smoke tobacco – not when this option is available.

    After trying a couple cheaper dry herb vapes I thought they were a gimmick – It didn’t feel the same, taste the same and I started to miss the ritual of rolling etc. But after deciding to take the plunge and invest in a premium dry herb vape, i have been converted.

    The vape itself is quite weighty but not too much, enough that it feels very well made. The seller has a wide range of YouTube videos that break down the vape, so you grow familiar with parts. It is ESSENTIAL that you learn to clean and maintain the vape as per the videos, this isn’t optional, but think of it like this – the amount of time spent cleaning the Vape is less than half the amount of time spent rolling a skin every time. It’s also satisfying to do while under the effects of your medicine.

    Overall, this product has probably put years on to my life due to allowing me to stop consuming tobacco (cold turkey too!). The herb tastes amazing, the sessions last the same amount of time and the effects are slightly different in the best way. Please, quit the baccy and stop polluting the medicine!

    They product comes in an IPhone like box, with packs of spares filters, concentrate filters (for resin, wax etc), manuals and warranty.
    The seller offers fantastic aftercare services like videos – they seem like down to Earth folk who are confident in their product, as they should be.

  191. Luca

    Very nice product,I would recommend to a friend.

  192. Chris

    Really good product enjoying it so far. Will leave updates if this changes.
    Update: have noticed on a couple of occasions this won’t turn on. Will have to hold the power button for about 30 seconds to fix.

  193. Alexis

    Nice product

  194. george

    ive used cheaper dry herb vapes with degrees of quality but this is sturdy efficent and very user friendly

  195. david

    Ok here it is, I smoked weed for 24 years – joints I’m now 38 ….. gave up the tobacco using champix and filter tips on joints prior … then I got a cheap drynherb vape (30£) 3 months ago. No tobacco or ignited weed since just vape – back to it…… I’ve just come home and opened this puppy up. Well made heavy and loads of spare gauze etc. loaded half way as instructed and used it. What a hit and taste – buy one. Also the battery comes out it’s like one of them big vape machine battery’s – Samsung battery SDI. Blue. easily replace ;)

  196. Adam Ironheart

    Soooo after being wildly disappointed by a very expensive and faulty German device (for the money i was unwilling to give them a second chance) I decided to give this little beauty a go. I was in the vape industry for a long time and I know a quality product 250+ for a lump of plastic with no display is nkt something most seasoned vapers would tolerate. This on the other hand is absolutely spot on! Metal body, tactile clicky buttons, great ergonomics and an external battery! How people think its ok to charge so much for a device that will only last as long as the battery is ridiculous. I have plenty of 18650s so will never have to worry. I was also very impressed to see a good quality samsung battery included rather than some dodgy Chinese re wrap. So the build qualitu is excellent and I like the use of ceramics tje battery door is a weak point on a lot of devices but this seems well thought out the magnet that holds the top cap on is great too. Cleaning seems easy enough but time will tell. It vapes beautifully and gives a good 10 min session (hold power and up for those moaning about 5 min cut off) the flavour is good and produces perfectly acceptable discreet clouds. Its easy to load and i really rate the airflow it works no matter your preferred drawing method.

    Hopefully the unit will prove to be reliable but as it stands I’m wildly impressed!

  197. Ross Christian

    It is very well built with no plastic parts, the flavour is crisp and it heats in no time at all. I actually thought I was downgrading from my mighty vaporizer when I bought this in search for something a little more portable but it’s turned out to be an upgrade for half the price haha, absolutely winning!

  198. Nicco Rossi

    This is amazing I had the nectar gold before and I thought that was good but this is so much better the airflow is far superior. Would recommend this to any one wishing to stop using tobacco. ????

  199. Darth Vaper

    Awesome piece of kit. I’ve used the nectar gold and that’s an easy to use reliable 2 in 1.
    However, the Platinum is simply a cut above. A quality product, that feels more expensive than it actually is.

    Top tip for those wanting to mod or wanting even more options when vaping, the Nectar water bubbler attachment is a must. Best for those weekend evenings.

  200. GMPC

    Very good, does everything it claims to!

  201. Ajaz

    I’m new to vaping life but this is undoubtedly one of the best purchases of my life. It literally rekindled my love for Mary-Jane.

    I could write a review about the build quality and the precise control of vapour you get from it, but nothing I say will really do it justice. It is a fantastic product.

    Buy it now. Thank yourself later.

  202. Michele Illing

    I bought this because my friend has the gold which is also a great vape, I wanted a larger battery and the extra’s, had to grab this since it was on offer. great product. Very happy, heats up very fast, no excessive pulling to draw vape through, its there at every draw. Lovely

  203. Karen Roberts

    Bought as a Christmas gift for someone and he says it’s brilliant

  204. Kindle sCustomers

    great action – smooth and clean.

  205. philW

    Good compact unit

  206. Amazon Customer

    This is hands down the best portable vaporizer I’ve ever owned. Its quite pricey, but you definitely feel like you’ve got what you paid for. The body is an aluminium design and the battery door is also made from the same material. Feels solid in the hand without being too heavy. The fact I can switch out dead batteries for fresh 18650’s is a huge bonus. Every part of this device feels premium, from the quartz mouthpiece to the ceramic chamber and cap piece and if anything should get lost or broken, the parts are readily available and easy to replace. The customer service is second to none, I had a slight issue with a supplied battery and it was dealt with within a day. Fantastic product, just look at their Trustpilot score and you know you’re in good hands. Looking forward to future products from these guys

  207. Gary Irvine

    Great pocket size

  208. archer

    Im fairly experianced when it comes to methods for….. you know…….

    I find this good, with the genius in its simplicity. turn it on, crack on.

    Lately, the dynavap has been my go to, but my xmas money was burning a hole im my pocket so i went for this, almost went for the pax2/3, but im happy with this.

    The dynavap is the only vape i have to compare it to, and i would give the nectar the edge over it, its so easy, and its idiot proof, which is what i need after my herbs. I find with the dynavap, i burn sometimes, and its a little labor heavy. This though i feel gives the same with less effort, and i dont know, it just has a little more mojo, cant quite put it in to words.

    Treat yourself

  209. Alex

    Liked this product a lot. Reliable and vaporises really well

  210. Amazon Customer

    Lesser know vape but great value for money and really good quality for the price. 5 year warranty beats most similarly priced vapes.

  211. Woulfe

    Good quality and feature set for the price.

  212. Tom

    Its a great vaporizer and very efficient with your herb. Definitely the best way to smoke green, the only problem is if you want the most out of your green you have it on the max temp (240c)

  213. Max

    Premium quality vape, feels miles better than smoking. Would recommend to anyone

  214. susan donkin

    Build quality
    ease of use.
    Feels like quality.

    could be a bit smaller.

  215. Damby

    Brilliant little device. Superb after sale support. Buy one now. Make sure you have some isopropyl alcohol for cleaning, pipe cleaners help too.

  216. Daniel Roman

    Lavley second vape from them first one had the error about the temperature so sent back . Still a brilliant product

  217. Jordan

    Couldn’t be happier with my Nectar!

    The build quality is amazing as is the overall experience!

    Fantastic value for money.

    Excellent airflow even with a well packed chamber.

    Customer service is fantastic, had a couple questions before and after buying the product and was responded to very quickly with great info.

  218. Marcus hill

    So much better than the nectar gold! Bigger chamber, better circulation, sleek design and all for a reasonable price ? would definitely recommend.

  219. Christopher

    I like that the “on” switch is activated by just press and hold which is far more easy than pressing five times in fast succession.

  220. Humungadunga

    Great vaporizer, I’ve had a few of them and the flavour this one produces is definitely the closest to the actual herbs. It costs a little more than the average price range but the price is certainly justified by the quality of the device and the vapour is produces. Highly recommended

  221. Oliver

    Worth the investment to upgrade my vape! Battery is super quick, it’s easy to clean and the! Highly recommend!

  222. Tony Robinson

    The vape is weighty, it looks and feels premium. It heats up quickly and seems to vaporise the herb fairly evenly, although you may need to move the herbs around slightly towards the end of the session to cover all sides. The feeling of the vapour on the throat/lungs is quite mellow, only slightly harsh when it’s pushed upward of 220 degrees. I’ve used other vapes in the same price range which seem to just combust the herb rather than vaporise, but the experience from the nectar was much more pleasant.
    As someone fairly new to vaping, I found that vaping the herb has a much gentler initial onset compared to when smoked (I usually smoke with tobacco too); the high is then quite intense but not overwhelming, and the effect does not last quite as long as smoking.
    The battery seems to last a long time too, only had to charge it once after 6 or 7 uses. Would definitely recommend this to friends.

  223. Jon

    I’ve had a few vapes and they just dont compare to this, its the best investment I’ve made this year, its solid, tastes good, lasts for quite a while and doesn’t use up too much herb.

    I was impressed with everything to do with this purchase from the packaging and device to the after sales service. The company was very helpful with my questions and have spoken to them a couple of times on the phone which was reassuring to know they’re there to help.

    The device itself is stunning and built to the best quality. I’ve dropped it a couple of times and it barely made a mark so I’m buzzing to use this in the future. The last time I was pleased with a purchase like this was when I bought my triumph street twin.

    Advise: check out the youtube channel for tips on how to clean and toggle its settings.

  224. MrBellamy

    Generally pleased. Seems good value and great battery life.

  225. higgi

    Just opened this product and have it charging. Looks and feels great. Cant wait to test.

  226. Jamie K.

    Received mine today, great size and weight.

  227. Ms A Forde

    This is a fantastic vape that feels good to hold and also comes with excellent customer service.

  228. Robin

    My first dry-herb vaporizer / quitting tobacco
    I bought this dry-herb vaporizer to stop smoking tobacco. I have no experience with dry-herb vaporizers whatsoever, but I can tell you this.

    – the customer service is amazing. They take the time to explain everything you need to know. You can also find video’s on how to use and clean their devices.
    – the vaporizer feels sturdy and reliable. No flimsy plastic pieces that might break in the future.
    – When I vape herbs, I don’t feel the urge to smoke a cigarette. I haven’t smoked in some days now (we’ll see how it continues). In addition, I find great pleasure in making my own blends.
    One person found this helpful

  229. Cust

    Heat up time good with effective air flow

  230. Customer

    First vape purchased. Very easy to use, instructions are short and concise. A quality piece of kit. Very pleased with it, good size and discrete.
    Should have got one years ago to save on inhaling the toxins in tobacco.

  231. Tab

    An upgrade of the previous Nectar Vape ❤️ Provides a smooth experience. Quick to warm to the correct temperature & great smoke. Only quibble would be to make it easier to clean

  232. Grace Cohen

    Very happy with my purchase & found the customer service to be very helpful. Would happily recommend this product & company. A friend of mine bought a much more expensive one a couple of years back but is so impressed with mine he is planning on buying this one next time.

  233. Rosalind Clark

    Very happy with my purchase & found the customer service to be very helpful. Would happily recommend this product & company. A friend of mine bought a much more expensive one a couple of years back but is so impressed with mine he is planning on buying this one next time.

  234. Amazon Customer

    Super quick delivery and really happy. Very sturdy with great magnetic lid! Exactly what I wanted

  235. wingin

    Brilliant little device. Superb after sale support. Buy one now. Make sure you have some isopropyl alcohol for cleaning, pipe cleaners help too.

  236. Sahaj

    Small and unique. Heat up function is quick and prcise. Timer works and vibration setting works to perfection. Lets me know exactly when 5 minutes is up.

  237. Reena Gagneja

    Good quality, solid and sleek.

  238. Amazon Customer

    This device is top notch, it has plenty of perks but I won’t blabber on about everything. The most amazing thing about this is the way they’ve engineered the airflow, it has isolated airflow holes not only in the chamber but also on the side of the vaporizer which means you don’t need to worry too much about how you pack your oregano in the chamber. In every other decent vaporizer I’ve seen, airflow only comes through the chamber, through your oregano and then out of the mouthpiece, meaning if you ground your oregano too much or packed it too tightly the your airflow would suffer and it would feel like you’re trying to suck puff daddy’s ego through a cocktail straw! But with dual slits you won’t need to worry about that too much – even if you ground them too finely to restrict the amount of airflow coming through the chamber then air would still make it into the chamber via the side slits, and of course its got a nice wide mouthpiece to facilitate the additional airflow created by having dual airflow paths.

  239. Aaron

    I absolutely love this product, it is very well designed, with lots of control over the temperature settings, it is ergonomic, easy and simple to use, relatively easy to clean and all round an enjoyable experience.

    This vaporizer gives you a full range of temperature which enables you to experience different flavour profiles from your herbs as well as set it to a very specific temperature of your choosing to get full benefit from what you are choosing to vape.

    The design is very comfortable in the hand, very simple to refill and has great airflow.

    I would recommend this product to any freinds wishing to enter the herbal vaping world.

  240. aaron

    Affordable, easy to use and complete control over temperature

    I absolutely love this product, it is very well designed, with lots of control over the temperature settings, it is ergonomic, easy and simple to use, relatively easy to clean and all round an enjoyable experience.

    This vaporizer gives you a full range of temperature which enables you to experience different flavour profiles from your herbs as well as set it to a very specific temperature of your choosing to get full benefit from what you are choosing to vape.

    The design is very comfortable in the hand, very simple to refill and has great airflow.

    I would recommend this product to any freinds wishing to enter the herbal vaping world.
    3 people found this helpful

  241. Will.S

    The VAPE of dreams
    I had the pax vape before which comes with a very snazzy but useless app to control the device and I considered going back to papers within the first week of using it so I started looking for a better vaporizer before I gave back into papers and god daaaym I found a better one, this thing is a whole different kettle of fish, almost like comparing a puffer fish to Alaskan salmon. I can’t fault this device, the vapor it produces is smooth and delicious, there’s no twiddling thumbs whilst it heats and it looks the part, like Jennifer Lopez in the good old days! You even get a long warranty with the device which is amazing and saves the worry if anything went wrong.
    3 people found this helpful

  242. Mike

    I previously entered the vape world using a Nectar V1, decided to upgrade to the platinum after catching the bug. So I’ll focus on comparing the two, especially now I’ve had it for a couple weeks.

    Airflow during use is much improved from the V1 due to the improved mouthpiece design and inlets at the side. Just make sure the vapour doesn’t build up too much or it’ll start coming out on high temperatures.

    Battery is infinitely improved, it last ages if you’re efficient with it (I only need it on for 1-2 mins dependant on the desired effect)

    Heats up very quickly – also improved on the V1.

    The platinum is so easy to clean too, especially now the oven is just below the mouthpiece. I recommend abit of isopropyl alcohol to really clean it up.

    The oven compartment itself is abit on the small side for extremely heavy users who just made the switch to vaping. But if you have/maintain a low tolerance to whatever you’re vaping, then you can switch to micro-hits and have the same effect! Oh the joys of vaping.

    This means I can still get quite a few uses out of the Nectar before needing to refill the oven chamber, especially if I go up in increments of 5°C to maintain vapour.

    It’s also worth noting that the payoff for a smaller chamber is the small and compact design, which is great for taking the platinum around with you as it’ll easily fit in your pocket. The slightly rounded corners of the vapour also make it feel smaller and sleeker.

    The build quality of the platinum feels good, it has a nice weight to it and the magnet keeping the lid on the chamber top is nice and strong, I’ve knocked the vape onto a wooden floor and it didn’t fall off, so that’s a good sign.

    The elongated mouthpiece also nicely switches from flat to sticking forward ready for use. The length of it means you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot, but if you are concerned then there’s two silicone covers for the tip (only an issue with about 8 mins continuous running to get to that point)

  243. Chet

    I love this thing. Everything about it is incredible.

    This thing is the ultimate electric on demand vape for this price point. I’m not even exaggerating. It heats up to 428+ in 30 seconds. I know what you are thinking; “The batteries are always poop in electric vapes”. WRONG. This thing comes with a replaceable battery. You don’t get that with a Crafty+.

    Pros list
    Its so easy to clean.
    The extra stuff in the box is such a nice touch, its subtle but shows the company really cares.
    Granular temperature control. Sometimes 335 is the place to be; Sometimes 337 is a little bit tastier.
    Comes with a concentrate pad that you can use to half the size of the chamber.
    A dabcap turns this thing in to a mean companion to your favourite glass piece.

    Cons list
    Some people don’t own one.

  244. Nash En

    Very happy with my purchase. The vape is beautiful – sleek and surprisingly comfortable to hold. It heats up super quick, and have found a sweet spot of 189°c for optimal vapour (but it goes all the way up to 240). Great draw, and the battery seems to be lasting ages on a single charge. Easy to clean too.

    Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality vape ?

  245. keely

    Great vape, the quality is very good and all the features that are mentioned on the website make the vaping experience noticeably more enjoyable. The large Samsung battery and charging port makes keeping it charged easy plus great battery life and heat up times. This one now warms up upon turning on which is a nice touch.

    The airflow in this thing is AMAZING, you can really get a good pull through this, much different to other vapes around due to the heat chamber being on the top which in my opinion is the best engineering decision about this product.

    The only slightly annoyance is occasionally the magnetic lid falls off if your a bit clumsy with it( if your my girlfriend) but it’s very rare.

    All around a brilliant product would highly recommend

  246. Dave H.

    Was really surprised at how smooth and cool the experience was. At times it feels like you are just breathing in air.

  247. Romah

    Was a bit apprehensive of buying one but after a few weeks of playing with heat setting on this I have hit the sweet spot.
    Worth every penny, you could spend £200 on a more advanced unit but that’s if you have a lot of spare cash.

  248. Fernando Antonio Silva

    Work properly for the designed purpose.
    Excellent product.
    The best I have ever bought.

  249. Bal

    Just buy it

  250. Salvatore

    Grazie a nectar stiamo in paradiso

  251. Light

    Eccellente Vaporizzatore, si possono vaporizzare erbe e concentrati in modo semplice e immediato, vapore delicato intenso ricco di terpeni, esperienza sensoriale completa e appagante, un vero gioiello !
    Facile da usare, corredato di accessori di alta qualità.
    Rapporto qualità/prezzo al TOP.
    Personalmente raccomando e consiglio questo Vaporizzatore sia al neofita che all’intenditore e per uso medicale.

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