What does smell proof mean?

When a product is smell proof it means that it has been designed and manufactured in a way to reduce or eliminate the aroma of herbs and other sources of pungent smells so that they may be discreetly stored or transported. Smell proof products work by either trapping, blocking or masking odours. Products which are smell proof are usually made from materials that can range anywhere from activated carbon, 1700D fabric, non-woven fabrics and/or premium plastics to heat-sealed mylar or other blended materials.

There is a whole variety of smell proof products you can purchase. You can get some which are purposely disguised as everyday products to prevent others from snooping around. Smell proof bags and products are often constructed of waterproof materials and can also contain activated charcoal filters to absorb smells. Many smell proof bags and products also have locking functions and moisture retention capabilities.

What are smell proof products?

There are a whole range of smell proof products that are available on the market. Many people often opt for a smell proof bag as they are an ideal way of keeping odour at bay while also storing your accessories which can also smell. 

Some examples of these types of products include smell proof bags, smell proof containers, smell proof jars, smell proof pouches, smell proof pots, smell proof backpacks, smell proof baggies, and of course, mylar bags.

Do smell proof bags work?

Yes, smell proof bags do work. If you are someone who uses dry herbs and are trying to keep the scent of it away from others, or keep it a secret, then you should definitely get yourself a smell proof bag or smell proof pouch, or any smell proof product really. 

Smell proof bags use an activated carbon lining to ensure that all aromas are filtered out before entering the atmosphere around are incredibly effective in stopping and hiding the aroma as well as odour of. They are also great at storing your bud and accessories. Many people often forget that the accessories you use with your herbs can also carry pungent smells, therefore you should definitely consider storing your accessories and smelly herbs in smell proof bags to keep everything discreet.

How to keep herbs smell proof?

If you are looking to keep herbs discreet then you have a bunch of options that you can choose from. Above under the smell proof products question we listed a whole range of smell proof things you can find and purchase. By storing your herbs in smell proof bags and products it will help to mask their stinky smells. It’s always wise to use humidity packs in any smell proof container to ensure your herbs don’t dry out. 

Where can I buy smell proof bags?

You can buy smell proof bags right here at Nectar. Browse the smell proof section of our website and you will find an entire array of useful and effective products, ranging from smell proof jars, smell proof pouches, smell proof bags with locks on them and everything else you may need! 

Are grinders smell proof?

This may be a common misconception, however, let us clearly clarify this for you – grinders are not smell proof, at all, in any way, shape or form. If anything, grinders can be the biggest giveaway when it comes to the smell of herbs as many people often forget to store their grinders in a smell proof bag. If you use your grinder with pungent herbs then we can guarantee that your grinder will smell of something so it’s best to be safe than sorry and keep it stored in a smell proof bag.

Is tupperware smell proof?

This again can be a common misconception. Tupperware is not smell proof so you cannot rely on it to mask the smell of your goods. You may find that storing your herbs in tupperware can help to reduce their scent, but only slightly. Again, it is best to be safe and store your goods and accessories in a smell proof bag or a smell proof container.

Are air tight containers smell proof?

In short, yes, air tight containers are smell proof. Anything that is airtight and / or vacuum sealed is usually smell proof. Even the airtight containers that you often get your medication in are effectively smell proof. You get 2 smell proof, airtight containers and much more with our smell proof set which also has jars, mylar bags and more.

Do smell proof bags work against sniffer dogs?

Smell proof bags can work against sniffer dogs, however, some prove to be more effective than others. When choosing the right smell proof bag or smell proof pouch you want to make sure you are purchasing it from a trusted brand, just like us here at Nectar. Our smell proof bags have been tested against sniffer dogs and we are proud to say that our smell proof products passed the test! So if you are looking for a trustworthy smell proof bag that will protect your goods against sniffer dogs then you can trust in us.

Are mylar bags smell proof?

Yes, mylar bags are smell proof. Mylar bags are very popular because they are known to mask the smell of herbs, however, there is always the possibility that you haven’t entirely sealed it or you may accidentally poke a hole into the bag, therefore reducing or eliminating its smell proof capabilities. 

We recommend that you store your goods in something like a mylar bag or a smell proof container, and then store that inside a smell proof bag or a smell proof pouch, to have double the smell proof strength as well as the security of always having your smelly goods masked and hidden.

Are all velcro bags smell proof?

No, not all velcro bags are smell proof. Very few velcro bags are smell proof, so you cannot rely on a bag being smell proof because it features velcro. Instead, opt for a smell proof bag or a smell proof pouch or any product that clearly states that it is smell proof. 

Some smell proof products like our smell proof vape pouch do feature a velcro seal, however, that is because we have designed the vape pouch with a velcro seal along with a carbon lining and 4 layers of filtering fabric.

Do smell proof bags show up on x-ray?

Yes, smell proof bags will show up on x-ray. Smell proof bags are simply smell proof. However, they won’t be able to tell that your bag is smell proof just by seeing it on the x-ray, they will simply just see that you have a bag in your luggage or wherever it may be. Smell proof bags are smell proof, not x-ray proof.

Does waterproof mean smell proof?

Waterproof does not mean smell proof. It may be that it happens to be waterproof and smell proof, however, you cannot assume that it will be smell proof just because it is waterproof. You can find products that are both waterproof and smell proof though, just like our smell proof bag and our smell proof set. 

Again, it is better to be safe than sorry and to purchase a smell proof bag or a smell proof pouch that you can rely on, rather than something that is simply waterproof.

Do smell proof bags work for anything?

The aim of smell proof bags is to keep the scent of whatever is inside the bag away from the outside of it. This means that smell proof bags should and do work for anything. 

If I use dry herbs, how can I keep the smell of it indetectable?

If you are using dry herbs and would prefer to keep the scent of them away from others then you should store them in an airtight, smell proof container or smell proof jar, just like the ones you can receive in our smell proof set here at Nectar.

You should store these containers and jars within a smell proof bag, which also comes with our smell proof set. It is important that you also store any accessories that you use with your herbs, including a dry herb vaporizer, inside the smell proof bag or in a smell proof pouch. 

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