What is a CBD Vape Pen?

As you may be aware, vaping has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past several years and there is no wonder why as it brings a better experience than smoking. At the same time, CBD has also been more widely recognised in recent years, and the combination of the 2 (vaping and CBD) is a match made in heaven, which is where CBD vape pens come in! This is because vaping is one of the quickest ways for CBD to enter your bloodstream, giving you fast acting effects and results.

CBD (also known as cannabidiol) has many benefits, from helping with physical health as well as mental health and more. Many people are looking to use CBD to help in their treatment for these health concerns and that is why we are here to help with our CBD vape pens.

CBD oil vape pens are essentially the combination of a battery, atomiser and a chamber or pod or cartridge, that can be loaded or filled with a form of CBD of your choice. The battery and atomiser will heat your CBD and produce vapour which you can then inhale to feel the effects of the CBD almost instantly. Whether you are looking to vape CBD isolate, CBD vape juice, CBD oil or any other form of CBD, then not to worry as we will have the right CBD pen for you.

How does a CBD Vape Pen work?

As mentioned earlier – CBD vape pens are made up of a few parts. In a CBD vape pen you have the battery, this will hold the charge for your CBD vape pen, then you also have the coil or atomizer, which can be made of ceramic or another similar material and this is the element of the CBD vape pen that will heat up your CBD substance. The last part of the device is the pod, cartridge or chamber where you will place your CBD substance of choice, then the other elements of the CBD vape pen will work together to heat up the CBD and produce vapour which can be inhaled. 

That is essentially how a CBD vape pen works, however you do of course have different types of CBD vape pens and they vary slightly on the type that you have.

How to use a CBD Oil Vape Pen

Depending on the type of CBD vape pen that you have, this process may be slightly different, however we will try our best to cover them all. So, first of all, you want to make sure that your CBD vape pen’s battery is fully charged and ready to go. Next, place your CBD substance of choice into the CBD vape pen chamber, or attach it to the battery if you are using a pod or cartridge. 

After the CBD has been placed or attached to the CBD pen, you will now switch the device on and select the temperature or voltage of your choice and allow the CBD vape pen to heat up. Once it has heated up completely, inhale and enjoy the effects of your CBD!

Is a CBD Vape Pen better than smoking?

Yes, using a CBD Vape Pen will be better than smoking, this is for a couple of reasons. First of all, vaping CBD is healthier as vaping doesn’t contain toxins, which are of course commonly found in cigarettes and smoking. Another reason is that vaping from a CBD vape pen doesn’t produce any smoke at all as combustion doesn’t take place, whereas when you smoke it is all combustion! Instead, when vaping from a CBD oil vape pen, only pure vapour is produced, no smoke. 

What maintenance does a CBD Vape Pen require?

It depends on the type of CBD vape pen that you own. If you own a CBD vape pen that has a chamber rather than pods or cartridges, then you will need to regularly clean the chamber, filter and mouthpiece of your CBD pen. You can do this by using a cotton bud with some isopropyl alcohol on it, then rub this around the different components until there is no build up or dirt visible. Then once in a while, depending on how frequently you use the CBD vape pen, you should take it apart and soak the individual parts (excluding all electronic parts e.g the battery or atomizer etc) in isopropyl alcohol overnight then rinse and dry them the next morning.

If you own a CBD vape pen that uses pods or cartridges then there is less maintenance, between uses of refilling the pod or cartridge you can clean them with isopropyl alcohol too to keep them clean and free of any build up, however it is not completely necessary.

How often should I replace the pod / cartridge in my CBD Vape Pen?

We recommend that you use / refill each pod or cartridge that you receive with your device up to 5 times, then replace them after that, for optimum results.

Can I use CBD oil in my CBD Vape Pen?

Yes you certainly can! This is provided that you are using CBD oil that is intended for vaping, and that your CBD vape pen is refillable and uses pods or cartridges. 

All you have to do is load the CBD oil into the pod / cartridge, let it sit for 5 minutes and then attach is back to the CBD vape pen and vape away!
Please ensure that you are using CBD oil that is suitable for vaping as regular CBD oils that are for consumption orally etc are not safe to vape. Also, do not use CBD oil in dry herb vaporizers, only use them in CBD vape pens that use pods or cartridges.

Are CBD Vape Pens legal?

Yes, CBD vape pens are completely legal. Present UK law says it is legal to possess and use a CBD vape pen, however it is up to you what you use it with.

Can CBD Vape Pens get you high?

CBD oils, juices and other CBD products are made from strains of hemp that do not contain more than 0.2% THC. This means that there is not enough THC in the CBD to give you a high of any kind. However, vaping CBD in your CBD vape pen will provide you with calming and relaxing effects, as well as pain relief. Depending on the type of CBD you are vaping in your CBD vape pen you can feel all kinds of effects, even motivation and excitement, however you will not get high.

Can I fly with my CBD Vape Pen?

You can travel with your CBD vape pen on airplanes – they have to go in carry-on luggage though rather than checked luggage. You cannot put any kind of vaporizer that has lithium batteries in checked luggage. 

However, the rules on bringing cannabis substances on airplanes varies and can be extremely strict, therefore we recommend that you do not bring any CBD products or cannabis products with you on the airplane, it’s not worth the risk. Therefore just bring the CBD vape pen itself without the CBD.

Can I use my CBD Vape Pen with CBD and THC?

Technically you can use your CBD vape pen with CBD and THC products, as long as they are compatible with the type of CBD vape pen that you own. However, we do not recommend using any THC products with your CBD vape pen as it is currently illegal in the UK.

Can I use my CBD Oil Vape Pen all day?

Yes, you can! However, you will of course have to recharge your CBD vape pen throughout the day too if you are using it so consistently that it drains the battery. However, if you are only taking a few puffs here and there then it should last you all day!
A tip for those who will be vaping more than just a few puffs here and there, bring a portable charger with you to keep your CBD pen charged and full of battery, or bring some pre charged batteries with you and switch them throughout the day if they are compatible with your CBD vape pen.

What does vaping CBD feel like?

There are many different effects and sensations that you can feel when vaping CBD, let’s go through some of them…

How long do CBD Vape Pens last?

This question isn’t very straightforward as it depends on the type of CBD vape pen that you are using, what you are using it with and what your usual amount of consumption is. If you are a frequent user of CBD and choose to use a CBD oil vape pen that has a chamber then each bowl will last you around 5 minutes of vaping. If you are someone who doesn’t use CBD too often but use a CBD pen with a cartridge of oil every now and then, that cartridge will last you a long time, it could be anywhere from a week to a few weeks depending on how much and how frequently you inhale the CBD from the CBD vape pen. 

It is all ultimately down to you, so try it out and see how long it lasts you, and of course, enjoy the effects. 

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