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(386 customer reviews)

266 in stock

Capabilities:      DRY HERB + Wax Illustration WAX  

The Nectar Gold 2-in-1 wax and dry herb vaporizer has been designed from the ground up to offer an exceptionally flavoursome vaping experience. It’s not just a dry herb vaporizer though, it can be used with wax/resin as well. It’s a vaporizer with great balance between a premium quality and excellent value, without sacrificing performance. 

And you can make your own wax or rosin using one of our DIY rosin press machines – it’s now easy and safe to make solvent-less rosin from the comfort of your own home. 

The Nectar Gold vaporizer’s tastefully crafted rotating replaceable mouthpiece allows you to tuck it away, keeping your dry herb vaporizer looking slick whilst maintaining a top level of hygiene. This also means you no longer need to worry about snapping or carrying a fragile mouthpiece whilst on the move.

Technical Attributes:

  • Portability: 11cm x 3.7cm x 2.3cm
  • Weight: 135g
  • Fast heat-up: 0 to 180°C in 15 Seconds
  • Max Temp: 240C
  • Battery: 2900mAh (20A), powerful replaceable 18650 battery, battery status light
  • Charge (0-100%): 2 hours
  • Heating chamber: Jewellery-grade ceramic chamber
  • Airflow: Isolated
  • Material: Anodized aluminium with black zirconia mouthpiece, no plastic parts
  • Guarantee: 12-Months (extendable to 3 years at no extra charge)

The Nectar Gold herb vaporizer comes with everything you need to get going: 

  • 1x Nectar Gold Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • 2x Mouthpiece O-Rings + 2x Mouthpiece Silicone Caps
  • 1x Packing Tool + 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Concentrate Pad + 5x Screen/Filters
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Micro USB Charger, 1x User Manual

We even have comprehensive videos on how to use the Nectar Gold and how to clean the vaporizer on our support page (just click on the FAQ drop downs to see the videos).

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Take It Everywhere

Designed to be portable without needlessly screaming for attention, the Nectar Gold 2-in-1 dry herb vaporizer is light and deceivingly powerful. It’s a device that can be taken anywhere and everywhere. The rotating mouthpiece neatly folds away, keeping your vaporizer looking slick whilst ensuring a top level of hygiene. So no need to worry about snapping off a fragile mouthpiece whilst on the move.

Precision and cool vapour

There’s more than one purpose hence there’s more than one temperature. So with the Nectar Gold dry herb vaporizer you can select a temperature between 140C and 240C in increments of 1C to activate itemised compounds within your chosen constituents. It also delivers cool vapour, utilising a ceramic chamber to evenly bake your herbs which then feeds the vapour through an isolated airflow path and the ceramic mouthpiece to cool the vapour. The result is a flavoursome, clean and dense vapour.

Simple Yet Smart

A slick yet simple design consisting of temperature up and down buttons so you can easily choose your preferred temperature – allowing you to activate itemised compounds without releasing carcinogens.  Made from anodized aluminium with a black zirconia mouthpiece and no plastic parts, it’s premium enjoyment.


96% of people keep their Nectar device, but just in case…

  • 3 Year (Free Extendable) limited warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service
To ensure longevity of the device, please ensure to fully charge it before its first use (approx. 2 hours). Avoid overcharging as this can cause the device to overheat and decrease its battery life.
Same day dispatch, 7 days a week, except on public holidays.
herb vaporizer

Want even more power?

If you want an even more powerful herb and wax vaporizer then take a look at our latest Nectar platinum dry herb vape. It uses the largest capacity vape battery available on the market, so you get more power when you need it.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Comparison Table

What are the Benefits of Using a Convection Dry Herb Vaporizer?

There are many benefits of using a convection dry herb vaporizer. Just to explain, the convection method heats up dry herb through surrounding it with hot air in order to release vapour. With conduction on the other hand, the heating element touches the herb which produces more combustion. People tend to prefer convection because it produces less wastage and stronger, more flavoursome vapours, even though it’s a bit slower to heat up the herb. Nectar vaporizers are primarily convection vaporizers – only a very small amount of herb touches the heating element. Here are eight great reasons for switching over from smoking to using a dry herb vaporizer.

  1. Healthier – Convection vaporizers are a healthier alternative to smoking, primarily because you are inhaling vapour, not hazardous smoke that contains toxins.
  2. Better taste – You get the true taste of the herb as it is not being burnt which is when some of the active ingredients get destroyed by the combustion process. Since there’s no burning with a convection dry herb vape, the final taste is far enhanced.
  3. Portable and discreet – Carry a dry herb vaporizer when you are on the move, they’re small and portable, and Nectar vaporizers have a flip-down mouthpiece ensuring your device is even more portable as well as discreet.
  4. Less wastage – Smoking burns off some of your herb’s active ingredients meaning you don’t get the most of your herb. But with a convection vaporizer your herb goes further since there is no burning.
  5. Less smell – The vapour produced by a dry herb vaporizer has a lesser smell than the odour produced from smoking. The vapour also doesn’t tend to stick to clothes and furniture because it dissipates rapidly, whereas smoke is slower to disappear and has a habit of sticking to textiles.
  6. Better control – A dry herb vaporizer lets you control how much you inhale and the temperature you use, so you can decide how much or how little vapour you want to inhale. By turning up the temperature for example, you can increase the speed at which vapours are released. Or by decreasing the temperature you’ll get fewer vapours.
  7. Herbs go further – When herbs are smoked, they turn into char and cannot be re-used. But with a dry herb vaporizer, the herbs become semi-brown (AVB – already vaped bud) and may be able to be re-used in edibles, depending on what herbs you are using.
  8. Vape accessories – There are many vape accessories you can buy to enhance your vaping experience. For example with the Nectar glass bong adapter you can make your dry herb vaporizer into a vape-bong and enjoy even cooler, cleaner vapour. 

As you can see from the many benefits, dry herb vaporizers have a lot to offer as compared with smoking which is harsh and obviously not good for health. With dry herb vaping you’re in discreet, healthier, cooler and a-little-goes-further territory!

Can I Use Concentrates With Any of the Nectar Vaporizers?

Yes you can! The Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum dry herb vaporizers let you do just that, as they are dual-function.  

You can even go one step further and make your own concentrates (rosin) too. Check out the Nectar diy rosin press machine – it’s not as hard as you might think to make your own waxes / concentrates, and all from the comfort of your own home!

386 reviews for Nectar Gold Vaporizer

  1. Lee Houghton

    What does it for me about this product it’s easy to set up ,maintain and you can get at least 3-4 ten minute sessions or more if you prefer the five minute setting which is also easy to change if you want a shorter vaping session.It gets a bit of getting used to but once you get your inhaling of the vape right it can produce a wonderful tasting hit.

  2. A. C. Guest

    Great value for money easy to use and clean definitely recommend to others !!!

  3. Hashim

    Fantastic product, great battery life and gives you nice clean hits. Very easy to use with precise temperature control

  4. Pawel

    Great flavour and high quality vap

  5. Kira

    Bought the Nectar Gold vaporiser for my brother. He is extremely impressed with it, from the uninterrupted flavour of his dry herb, a complete game changer for his lavender and thyme! To the long lasting battery and sleek design. Would highly recommend this device to anyone wanting to transform their dry herb experience for full flavour goodness! Especially new comers who are unsure whether it is worth the money, it definitely is worth the money! You will save money in the long run.

  6. K. D. Maynard

    Great product.
    Works as well as the Kraftys and after a sensor issue they replaced it within 10 days.

  7. Chippy

    Easy to use, feels high quality. Been using for over a month and still works amazingly well. The mouth piece is a little overly hard to clean and the replacement filters are a bit pricy but at least they are available to buy separately which some others aren’t. Overall great product and would recommend.

  8. Terry Hughes

    Got this today and my word its lovely. The temperature control is brilliant, heats up instantly, one been using it all day and it still has 50% battery life. I’ve tried 3 different flavours and everyone has been beautiful. I highly recommend.

  9. Celson Camelo

    It’s perfect! 👌

  10. T

    Excellent product . Good quality

  11. Vlada

    It’s lovely device for essential oils. Solid and good quality. Good temperature control.

  12. derek france

    well built great flavor and the benefit of a replicable battery

  13. Deepak

    Haven’t used it yet. But the product finish & quality is top notch.

  14. Lucas Fernandes

    My first purchase of something like that, I’m completely satisfied with the quality. Very easy to use, compact design. I was positively surprised. I recommend.

  15. David Bonnar

    Eveything works perfectly, good draw, easy to use and a good battery life x

  16. Artur Konopka

    Perfect working vap. I am impressed how easy and effectively it’s working.
    Great quality. Thank you

  17. Egor

    Absolutely brilliant device. Clean, smooth, healthy alternative. What’s not to like? Well made, simple and easy to clean, this is the best alternative by far I’ve ever experienced. Highly recommended! 🍻

  18. Amazon Customer

    Great little gadget

  19. Paul

    Convenient handy smoking pipe that looks good and feels good

  20. James Smith

    Flavour is beautiful, really helps you taste the herb.

  21. Heather Barrow

    From the moment you open the box you know you have purchased a premium vape. The vape it self is very high quality for example the lid to put in yah herbs is magnetic, very simple but effective. It comes with its own cleaning tools and a Sufficiently long charging cable as well as some spare filters. You get you moneys worth with this vape

  22. JB

    Quality product, well built and a competition for the big boys without breaking the bank.

  23. Flo

    I’ve never had any experience using a vape before but this was easy to use, The instructions are clear, it’s great if you’re looking for an alternative to smoking. I’d read the reviews and this one seemed like the best one for a good price. Glad I purchased.

  24. giorgio

    Great vape and amazing costumer service. After 6 month I had an issue with the battery, I contacted them and in few days they sent me a new vape! Thank you so much guys for your splendid job.

  25. Joss Butler

    Great product. I’ve had a slightly cheaper version and this beats it massively. Would recommend.

  26. M Pope

    This works very well – sturdy piece of kit that warms up quickly, very easy to use, materials feel premium. Easy to charge and removable battery also a plus.
    Seller very kind and helpful when I contacted them via WhatsApp with a request, and I highly recommend.

  27. ashley tasker

    Great airflow, flavour and battery proformance

  28. Sean

    Big badonks

  29. Amazon Customer

    Good quality product which is very handy

  30. Jay Patel

    Product is great if you want to take the smoke out of smoking, good little kit that heats up quickly, nice flavours and portable.
    The downsides for me are battery life but if you buy a spare it’s not to much bother and it doesn’t have the same kick as smoking does, however feels cleaner and you don’t get many of the side effects that smoking brings on.
    All in all a good product that let’s you carry on vaporising your favourite herbs

  31. Jaymo

    Ok so I’m not really good at this kinda thing.
    After extensive research I decided to opt for this device.
    It worked brilliantly for a few weeks then it developed a fault. I reported this to nectar and they quickly what’s appd me and arranged a return.
    Within 24 hours they had arranged for a new item device to be sent out.
    I absolutely love my vaporiser. Always been a roley fan however this is just so clean and no tobacco in sight.
    Such a healthier smoke, heats up fast and the most important thing for me… the customer service if anything should go wrong.
    Bravo keep up the good work

  32. MR P

    What did I use this product for? It’s intended purpose which it does well.
    Had an issue which seller resolved without any fuss

  33. Reviewer

    Truly – a terrific product. But this now for all your covert vaping needs.

  34. Annabelle M.

    I like how it’s practical but the taste reminds me of quick drying in the oven, then smoking it. I use this to stop smoking 🚬 as I have a UK prescription for medical can

  35. Alex

    Gets you high

  36. damian addison

    Great product so far, battery for me last 3 session’s, nice long charge lead.

  37. Chris Watson

    Love the vap,I tend to 3/4 fill the oven and wack it up full blast (225c) you get a good few vaps and that does the job.
    Nice bit of kit.

  38. Ben

    Got this vaporiser as an upgrade to the one I had previously.
    The battery life of the nectar is so much better than the one I had before, I’ve only had to charge it once a day so far.
    Good flow and I honestly think it tastes a lot better too, depending on the herb used.

  39. Nathan

    Really good vape.
    Great build quality
    Discrete as it looks like a normal vape
    Would highly recommend

    Also, top notch customer support

  40. Ellis

    Great vape for smoking your herbs if you fancy giving up the cigarettes, took me a while to get the hang of it but seems to do the trick.

  41. chris

    Good bit of kit, don’t expect clouds like people moan about as it’s not that kind of vaporiser, but do expect result’s, it’s my first time using this type of one and im not disappointed, good flavour, good airflow, does the job, what more can I say!

  42. Mike

    Good bit of kit, don’t expect clouds like people moan about as it’s not that kind of vaporiser, but do expect result’s, it’s my first time using this type of one and im not disappointed, good flavour, good airflow, does the job, what more can I say!

  43. Mike

    It works and is reliable but needs cleaning every day. Non standard gauze which means spares have to be Nectar and so are expensive for what you get.

  44. Ms. J. B. Macdonald

    This is the best vaporiser that i have bought. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Love it.

  45. Dragan Georgiev

    Relatively good vape. Design appears to be identical to other vape brands, some of which are slightly cheaper. However, the warranty provided and some additional accessories could probably advocate the price difference.

  46. Amazon Customer


  47. Harry Keates

    Good quality, the screen is informative

  48. Lucy MacLeod

    Fantastic vape! Heats up really quickly and really discreet and sleek design.
    Easy to clean and works magic ⚡️
    Customer service is fantastic too!!

  49. Lewis

    I’ve tried a few options when it comes to ‘Dry Herb’ and the best way to consume it. I find that this is the best one for me. It’s the healthiest and most organic way to enjoy dry herb.

    Very powerful, heats quick and easy to use. (First time using a dry herb vaporiser couldn’t have been easier)

  50. Tilly

    I purchased this vape as I am a medical patient and wanted something to try out vaping with, alongside the prescribed oils.

    I have been using the Nectar Gold for 3 months now and it is great for my light usage 5 times a day. I clean it with isopropyl alcohol as per the instructions. It’s a shame the mouthpiece filters are not sold in a pack of 5, as these are the part that require frequent replacement. I now leave the filter in the ceramic mouthpiece to clean, as I have found this prolongs use of the small filter.

    Good value for money, easy to use and good terpene flavours come through at around 175°. I would buy again if it needed replacing.

  51. Alex Harriss

    We already owned a Nectar v2 but decided to get an upgrade / to have a spare. The Nectar Gold has great battery life and gets up to temperature very quickly.

  52. Amazon Customer

    This is a fantastic product. Very reliable and delivers in terms of taste and actual vapor sensation.
    The temperature settings are very responsive and easy to use straight out the box!

  53. Erica

    Really happy with it so far. Looks and feels well built. I’m happy with the design and how quickly it heats up.

  54. Bob Fraser

    Yup excellent piece of kit for my herbs. No harsh smoke and we’re cooking in seconds so can’t fault that.
    Cleaning seems to easy as well as long as you have some rubbing alcohol.

  55. Yuuhuuu

    Temperature control system

  56. Dan

    Solid vape, comes with every tool you could possibly need. The product is a good weight and feels good quality. From what I’ve seen the customer service is top notch too, although I’ve not required it myself. In my opinion the ceramic mouth piece is far more preferable than plastic alternatives.

  57. MP8

    I upgraded to the Gold from the Nectar V2 which has worked for a long time with no issues, but gave up the ghost out of warranty.
    Have to say this is a fantastic Vape, Comes with everything you need, and I really like the Changeable battery which has made a huge difference.
    It is still pocket sized, and i really like the adjustable mouthpiece design, still very easy to clean and maintain, and sleek design makes it look good too.

    Overall I’m really happy with this new Vape, and it is a step up from V2 without a doubt, Have also dealt with Customer service from Nectar previously and they are always brilliant and will always help out.

  58. Mikey92

    My only regret is not buying the platinum version. Great vape for my medical needs. I give 5 stars for the 5 year warranty.

  59. Stuart

    Wow! I’ve been trying to give tobacco, got a bong too strong and stains your teeth.
    Just arrived and used and it’s a game changer! The taste is good, it’s so easy to use and best of all I am

  60. Michal Romaszko

    Im using it for a year now , and im extremly happy with the product.

  61. A.S

    Brilliant product, professionally made and of good quality. Battery life could be better, but it lasts long enough for me. About .2g of herb is now enough for hours, whereas before I would use about .5g for same effect. Easy to use and understand, love the 5 year warranty. Portable and discreet. Don’t waste money on cheaper vapes – I’m sure there are some out there that might be worth it, but this is a safe bet, and it will pay for itself in savings over time. Absolutely the way forward for those who are conscious about lung health and want to be able to use medical herbs.

  62. David Robertson

    Great piece of kit far superior to my 1st Vaporizer from a different brand. I’m going to upgrade the battery as not as long lasting as I’d hoped but it doesn’t detract from a great device.

  63. stu dickson

    Lovely tactile little unit. Very fit for purpose.

  64. A Monk

    Great product. Easy to use and easy to clean

  65. Thomas

    So an all-round great vape, only ever used it with shatter but it works well enough with the included concentrates sponge thing.

    Only issue I’ve had so far is how messy the thing gets after a couple of uses, with oil entering the mouthpiece. I don’t think the mouthpiece can be disassembled to be cleaned either, so maybe an alcohol bath is called for instead.

    Other than that, it’s a very handy vape. The battery lasts long enough for 8 to 10 sessions at 5mins a piece and takes a while to charge. I feel like a USBC port may have helped with this, but it uses micro USB instead.

    The inclusion of a removable battery is great, and I will be buying the extra battery station they offer so I can have 3 or 4 fully charged at all times.

    Definitely recommend this for my fellow concentrate peeps ????

  66. Colin Frame

    Very tasty, so glad I bought this. Haven’t smoked a spliff since I got it

  67. david

    Get one well built excellent product hits the spot

  68. PJT

    Will never go back to using any other product. Heats up quickly, holds temperature, battery control is perfect and flavour is on point. Worth every penny

  69. Sean

    A well made vaper with lots of accessories. Everything’s been thought of

  70. YuriiRozmetaniuk

    Easy to use – great battery life – easy to clean – herbs taste great!

  71. CM

    Easy to use – great battery life – easy to clean – herbs taste great!

  72. Qilan

    I’ve had the Nectar Gold for a couple of days now and I’m really impressed with the quality, an awesome little device, I will have to see how it fares in the long run.
    If you’re pondering on trying a dry herb vape and are wondering whether it’s worth the cost, for me it 100% was.

  73. Darren Roe

    I have been using it heavily for 6 months now. I have no complaints to make. Maybe the battery is a bit weak but I have no experience working with this type of battery and I could easily buy a second to accommodate it.

  74. Martin Rees

    Great little vapouriser. Bought this to replace my old one and really happy with it! Discreet, can adjust the temperature to suit your liking and gives a decent pull.

  75. Jarsene

    Nice design, magnetic mouthpiece, smart electronic screen, easy to use, nice flavour and vibrates when is ready to use and when it switchesoff… just buy it and see for yourself.

    I recommend this high quality product

  76. David

    Works well.

  77. steve

    Nice heavy feel about it. gets up to temperature super fast. easy to use.

  78. Shane

    Well made device. Solid construction. String magnetic cap, clear led display. Well worth the money.

  79. Lorenzo

    Small and convenient

  80. Jo

    much better vey easy to set up and use and a smooth draw highly recommended ????????

  81. Aniuska R.

    It’s the best thing for giving up smoking

  82. Pee

    It’s the best thing for giving up smoking

  83. Stevie Nirish

    High quality product at a reasonable price. Swift delivery on Amazon. When you pick it up you can feel the quality. Its very robust and gives a smooth burn. I definately feel Im using less herb and believe the 95% efficiency quote. Easy to clean once you figure it out. The swivel mouth piece is a great design and makes it more compact. I burn 180oC for a few mins then turn up to 205oC for a second burn up to the 5 mins timer to get full efficiency without harsh taste. I just love it!!!! Highly recommend and telling all my friends. :)

  84. Mark Alexander

    It really gives a full flavour experience, in fact I think it’s the best way to get the most from your herb of choice. The temperature control is the main thing I love about it and to add it has a perfectly refined design and clear display to keep you aware of the current temp and also how much battery life your will have left. I would say I am only a casual user of the vape but saying that I have notice the battery last quite well, I would imagine if I used it more or at a higher temperature I would see a bit of a difference. I’m very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it to those thinking of starting out.

  85. Alan Heanue

    The Nectar vaporizer is so easy to use and is ready as soon as you open the box.
    Its small enough to be discreet but powerful and long lasting.
    The five year extended warranty was a nice touch and so easy to do so.

  86. London Dreams

    The flavour is great and the magnetic top comes in handy.

  87. The_Spiritlord

    Excellent product, really high quality and great battery life. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable piece of equipment 10/10 would buy again !

  88. David

    IAN from customer service is a hero! the vape itself is great!!!

  89. donaceli

    The built quality is amazing. Fast delivery, took only a few days (Prime Member). I haven’t used it yet, so the rating is based on visuals. I will leave an update after a few months in use.

  90. Michael Hein

    I have owned Pax, Davinci, Crater 420, Fury 2 and this new vape is the best build quality I have seen to date.

    Battery being a standard 18650 is superb. I’m an ECig user and have a ton lying around already so never out of charge.

    The heating up time is FAST. If you switch it on while you prepare your flowers its hot before ypure ready. You won’t be waiting around.

    The flavour is good but give it a couple of days for the brand new factory flavour to diminish. Hard to explain but it gets great after 2 days.

    I think this is a brilliant hand held. Worth the price and feels luxurious to hold.

  91. Christopher

    I have bought vaporizer’s (approximately 10) of varying prices. This without doubt is the best product for the most reasonable price.

  92. Deborah Kirk

    Does what it says it will

  93. David Quill


  94. Nick godwyn

    Like it all, handles comfortably not heavy looks good and has sleek lines

  95. Elliott Roffey

    Amazing product, the Nectar Gold has helped me kick tobacco completely. It’s been 3 weeks now and no more doobies! No more pungent smells or horrible tobacco taste.
    It’s really easy to use. It can be a little fiddly to clean but I vape normally so am used to keeping my stuff clean and maintained.
    It seems like a big outlay to begin with but it is totally worth it, and I’m only 3 weeks in!

  96. Martin

    Fast and efficient. We were a bit bummed that it didn’t make much smoke but probably that’s before. But that’s because it vaporises stuff and not burns it. Will work if you try patiently and don’t get underwhelmed at the beginning

  97. Martin J

    Purchased to replace a cheaper vape that I was not happy with and I wished that I had purhcased this vape in the first place. The difference is like chalk and cheese. Well worth the extra cash . Good, quality product

  98. Govardhan

    Very good. Great product! Easy to carry everywhere.

  99. nugent.marc

    Highly recommend! Exactly as described, and I fully agree with all previous positive reviews. No issues whatsoever

  100. James Smith

    First dry herb vape. Love the design and feel. Heats up pretty quick and perfect for what I put in there. Bought to stay off tobacco.

    Having used it for a few days, I can safely say this was a good purchase. Does what I need when I need it to.

  101. thegoo

    Good size chamber, without being too big, easy to hold in the hand, good display, good temperature range, easy to manage controls, fast and good charge, easy to clean and very good build quality. Fantastic quality for the price

  102. Quingwar

    I’ve used an AURA vape for quite some time, which is not bad, but not great either, so this Nectar Gold upped my game quite nicely. You get a lot more visible vapor even on lower temperatures, flavour opens up, it’s faster in reaching the desired temps, although it does drain a bit more battery, it seems. But hey, the battery is replaceable! The build quality is very good, feels nicely heavy and solid. Loved the magnetic connection of the top part – if you drop the vape, it would just come off without breaking the mouthpiece, or so I hope….

  103. red

    Amazing bit of kit, nice and Discrete for the 24 hr bake off. 222 degrees my favorite ???? easier & healthier baking, thanks to this cool vape, many thanks ???? positive vibes ????

  104. Paul Armstrong

    After years of dry herb combustion thought I’d try this vaporiser, they were cheaper ones available but read the reviews and wow, super smooth like breathing flavoured air, found 235 Celsius about right. After a month or so it wouldn’t turn on but contacted Nectar and they replaced it with no hassle, great product, great service

  105. Mindslider

    My first go at heat rather than combust tech. After some research, the best value for money was this little boy and I have to admit it is astonishing. Make sure you watch the tutorials. I will be recommending to friends ????????

  106. Pete bike

    It is a very well made and works perfectly I am very impressed with the design and functionality, I would highly recommend this product

  107. Nicole

    When you buy an expensive vape you worry it won’t live up to cost. That there’ll be some negative somewhere. 3months into using thr nectar gold has changed how my partner and i vape completely. Excellent battery life and you can charge whilst using in a pinch. Never realised that flavours were an actual factor in vaping! It’s sturdy. It’s sleek. I can’t really fault it to be honest!

    We did have a small issue when a small part broke. But when I contacted the customer service I was genuinely blown away by how helpful and attentive they were. Shoutout to Ian who not only provided clear and quick instructions for return and repair, but expediated the whole process when (due to covid) the return was delayed in transit.

    In conclusion. As a veteran vaper i won’t be buying any new vapes or materials unless its a nectar product. 10/10

  108. Jakub Biedka

    Have not tried it yet as it recommends a 6hour charge before the first use and two 5 minute max temperature sterilization sessions, but overall it heats up extremely fast around 30 seconds from cold to max temp, finish feels good and the controls are fast and responsive

    Couldn’t ask for more

  109. Helena

    Easy, clean and fantastic product. My friend recommended and I’m very happy with my purchase. Highly recommended

  110. Customer

    It arrived in just 24 hours. I bought it as a present. I will write another review later on.

  111. Greg

    Tried this product to give up smoking tobacco with da herb and loving it

  112. cd goornaden

    Thanks to very friendly customer support at nectar I am revising the review since a new one has been sent out.
    This seems like one of the healthiest and most environmentally friendly ways to vaporize any sorts of dry herbs.

  113. Amazon Customer

    Great device, NECTAR well done…I already own the crafty, crater, Davinci, Pax and firefly2 and this Nector Gold feels like a premium product you can taste lots of flavour and the clouds are respectable…plus its the cheapest in my vaping collection only uses a small amount of material and also very stealthy.. great for those who dont like attracting attention when vaping.

  114. LR_Amazon

    I like the way it heats up quick and is a good pocket size. Still Early days, but works great and suits my low use needs

  115. Anna Olech

    Very good product, good quality.

  116. D. Chapman

    Really simple to use and quality feel.

  117. Laimonas

    Absolutely love temp. control and how accuracy it can be changed within few sec. Also using it just for few weeks but not found anything wrong with it . Probably have to say it is one of the best vaporizer I ever bought.! Do not waste money for cheap ones!

  118. Pablo G

    I haven’t used any other electric vaporisers so it’s difficult to compare against other brands. But I have found the Nectar Gold vaporiser to be everything I want and more. The simple design makes it so easy to use. It has a large battery compared to others so it heats up super quick and battery life seems ok. Controls are simple to select the required heat setting. Play around with this to find your optimum vape. Don’t expect clouds of smoke, it’s not what it does. Dry herb vaporisers gently heat your chosen herb mix to release the active ingredients without combustion. The Nectar Gold gives a smooth taste sensation without the harshness of ordinary pipe smoking. Overall a great device and competitively priced. You won’t be disappointed.

  119. J.Cook

    I’m new to dry herb vaping but was pleasantly surprised with the Nectar Vape. It is very easy to use, works great and the battery lasts for multiple sessions. It also feels like great build quality. The one thing I will say is that the flavour tastes quite different to smoking but you soon get used to it. Finally, make sure you give it a quick clean with the brush after each session and give it a deep clean with some alcohol to keep it from blocking up. If you do this, you shouldn’t have any issues. Enjoy!

  120. johntompkinson

    this does exactly what it says very quickly and start up and charge are easy to do nice design and feel worth the money

  121. Funky T.

    Great device with good vape and easy to use.
    After one month the display showed „sensor error“ so I contacted their customer service.
    Customer service was super fast and friendly and sent me a replacement.

  122. trystan lenton

    Great vape, metal mesh makes all the difference.

  123. N NEWTON

    This is my first vape pen. I literally opened the box, charged for an hour and five minutes later was nicely relaxed. So easy to use and the instructions are spot on. Comes with kit which I am yet to use but seems like everything I need to maintain is provided. Love it.

    Update: just cleaned my vape out and am very pleased. The online lesson which looks like it comes from the company is clear and the process is straightforward given the accessory kit that comes with the Vape. The only thing you need to buy is Isopropol.

    Still buzzing and now I know exactly how to get the best from my vape. Around two thirds full and just toke it gently and give it a good thirty seconds minimum before going again so the smoke can build up. Gold guideline I find is when you can smell it its ready to go.

  124. Raisa Rahman

    If you are a regular smoker and want something extremely reliable and durable, Nectar Gold is going to be ride or die! Nectar Gold is a statement piece, classy, sleek and a beauty to look and what’s more insane is that the sleek look compliments a beast of a powerful vaporizer. The best in the market, hands down, tried a few out there but they are just not solid enough to endure regular use and have reliable longevity.

    Your herb tastes clean and you feel the magic, without having your lungs smoke paper, roach or tobacco to mellow out earth’s good old gift to humanity.

    Charges really quickly and super quick to heat up the chamber too!

    The Vendor and his team are extremely helpful, accessible and super friendly. You reach out to them and they will reply to you immediately and get you sorted with all your worries and concerns (well if you have any to begin with).

    Trust me best buy ever! Hands down, get yourself one and get the good times rolling!

  125. S marsden

    Nice bit of kit this . First vape for me I do like.. good hit

  126. Amazon Customer

    When it first arrived, I think we were expecting something more substantial or something – I’m not quite sure! But after the first try and compared to our first (and cheaper) vaporiser before this, the battery life is brilliant and you definitely get more flavour and maybe just a cleaner inhalation. Thanks for a great product!

  127. Amazon Customer

    Great product really happy with it, nice and easy to use still playing with it and working out the features but definitely worth the money.

  128. dar

    This is my third vaporiser and I have been using it for over 6 months. It’s well designed and easy to maintain. I would definitely recommend this product.

  129. Manoadamro

    It came with about 75% charge in it but I gave it the recommended 6hr charge before first use. It lasts for a few days between charges. I haven’t actually timed the charging time, but it’s definitely not more than a couple of hours.

    For such a small LCD screen, it really tells you everything you would want to know. How much battery is left, current temp, target temp and how long you have before it switches itself off.

    When you turn it on, it vibrates to let you know, then it will start heating up to the temp you have set (temp is set with two little buttons, similar to the volume control on a phone). Once it has reached it’s target temp, it will vibrate again to let you know, after that you have 5 mins before it turns itself off again (it vibrates once again when it turns off)

    It comes with a few little tools, a packer, brush, some platic covers for the mouth piece etc but the best part is of course a little addition that allows you to use to vape for oil/extracts so you don’t have to buy extra bits or a separate vape.

  130. Mark

    Well worth the money. Easy to use and had no trouble with it at all. The video showing you how to clean it on their youtube channel is also really helpful.

    Would highly recommend

  131. Very satisfied

    Haven’t had it long but very solid construction – weighty but feels nice in the hand, slimline and discrete, fits easily in a pocket or small bag. Good flavour and easy to control. Comes with very useful cleaning and maintenance ‘tools’ and couple of spare filters and seals too. Very happy so far.

  132. Olly Rogers

    I’ve been using the Nectar “V2” daily for nearly a year now. It’s been amazing and I’ve had no issues, but naturally the battery life and heating coils aren’t as good as they were new so I decided to replace the V2 and upgrade to the Gold

    I bought the nectar Gold directly from the nectar website as I wasn’t bothered about delivery time, but it arrived early on the second day anyway

    Feature-wise, the Gold (compared to the V2) is better in every way.

    Heat up time is quick – 200 degrees in around 30 seconds;
    Battery life is good – lasts over 10 “sessions”;
    Chamber size is perfect for a session’s worth;
    Cleaning, maintenance and packing is a breeze;
    Flavour is smooth on lower temps but you can hit 240 if you want to make the most of your oregano

    The air holes built onto the side of the chamber is the best idea yet. What a game changer.
    With the V2, it felt like sucking ice cream though a straw, but the air holes in the gold stop the pressure as fresh air is drawn in while you breathe

    I’ve ordered some CBD oil to use with this but it hasn’t arrived yet so sadly I’ve only tried it with salad, but as that’s what I’ll use it for mainly, I’m happy with how well it works.

    For those who have never used a Vaporizer before, I highly recommend getting one if you’re a regular smoker. They cost a lot upfront, but save a hell of a lot of time, material and frustration compared to rolling. Unless you enjoy the ritual of a roll, this will change your life.
    They’re also perfect for public smoking. They’re very inconspicuous and even when someone looks at it they have no idea it isn’t just a normal vape.
    It removes a lot of the smell, but not entirely.
    If you’re outside, nobody can smell the device in use if you’re a couple meters away, and it dissipates super quick.
    They produce a lot less smoke too, especially below 215 degrees, which helps reduce both smell and suspicion. Again, LESS smoke but not none. I still wouldn’t recommend using these inside.

    My ONLY complaint is how hot the mouthpiece of the unit gets. If you’re just having a casual smoke then it’s no issue at all, but if you want long/deep breaths, the heat from the chamber really transfers to the mouthpiece (which is metal) so it gets very hot and can burn your lip if you’re not careful. Again compared to the V2 – the mouth piece was plastic, disconnected from the body, and the heating chamber was at the other end of the unit. With the gold, your mouth is directly next to the heating elements and all the parts are metal and directly connected to the body.
    This shouldn’t put you off entirely, as it simply means you have to take shallower breaths.

  133. Michal Salaga

    I must say the product is very good. It requires a lot of tedious cleaning, but as any vape.

  134. CK

    This is the first herb vaporiser I have ever bought and it works great! I’ve used it consistently for the last week and have encountered no problems at all. It can become quite hot but there is a lot of temperature control to play around with that makes it very easy to use. Very highly recommend.

  135. Ronin

    Sleek design, great packaging and a brilliant device. Well worth the money. It also helps a lot in this day and age that the customer service is easily 10/10.

  136. Kasia

    It’s a very good product. The quality and design is really impressive – sleek and elegant, but sturdy at the same time. Very easy to use and maintain – the instructions and care tools are provided. Heats up in no time and has a timed switch off to prevent overheating. The vape is clean and not irritating the lungs and the flavour is very crisp. Great purchase and would recommend.

  137. Lewz88

    Great design, feels good quality, material is nice. Heats up super fast. Charges really quick too! Was a little confused by the filters and stuff as they weren’t explained in the hand book but I googled a bit and found my answers. Also didn’t know what to expect after the vaping process.. I was kinda expecting ash but you get super dehydrated product, was interesting! Taste is a little weird but won’t take long to get used to.. maybe it tastes a little different because it’s a brand new device and it needs breaking in. All in all it’s a great device and I’d highly recommend getting a Nectar Gold. No issues at all and works straight out the box! 5 Stars! Ps. Comes with warranty

  138. Roz

    Fantastic product. Working to a treat.

  139. SeattleMarie

    This vape is worth its money. It’s small and light, so perfect for smaller hands like mine. And the battery life is pretty good. But, most importantly, the customer service is absolutely brilliant. There’s a year’s warranty anyway and I was sent a brand-new vape when the charger unit on mine broke. Good on ya, Nectar!

  140. Rad S

    Brilliant device for the price. Have tried several and this one is excellent

  141. Mark

    Really great customer service and product!

  142. Dean

    Very good product for the money light and compact

  143. Laura

    At first I tried my friends and from then I had to get one! So worth the money and better than some higher priced ones, would definitely recommend

  144. Maria O’ Brien

    really simple to use and clean.over all the best vape i’ve used

  145. AP

    First time user after years of the traditional methods. Totally converted by convenience, effectiveness, covert(ness) and ease of use.

  146. Joel

    A great product for beginners. Only downside is that the pipe can get quite hot above a certain temperature.

  147. Rose

    Great product, easy and comfortable to use, made such a difference.

  148. Ross Skilton

    Great Product.

  149. Amazon Customer

    Very solid vaporizer. Quick to set up the desired temperature. Finally a proper device for my Thyme sessions.

  150. Dmac ultra 5000

    Very good product. Good build quality and heats up really quickly. Good helpful videos on YouTube showing how to clean it ad well. Good if you want to start getting serious about vaping.

  151. Maximus Brittanicus

    If you are looking for a vaporiser for your dry herbs and concentrates then look no further, this is the one you need.
    Don’t waste your time with the cheap versions, this might be more expensive but it does exactly what you want it to do and does it with ease. It’s easy to use, the batteries are interchangeable so you can always have one on standby and it fits nice and snug in your pocket. The taste is simply top drawer and you can change the temp according to the taste that you wish to acquire.
    To be honest I really didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t tried a vaporiser with any herbs before but I was massively surprised with the great taste and ease of use.
    Hopefully my chest will start to feel a lot better now that I am vaping my herb rather than burning it.
    I couldn’t give the Nectar Gold anything but 5 stars.

  152. David Findlay

    Excellent Product, easy to use and clean and good features. It met all my expectations. Excellent value.

  153. Glenn H.

    Never had one before,this thing is fantastic,highly recommend,even came a day early

  154. Jose Paz

    Smooth product. 100 % recommended.

  155. LB

    I’m still getting used to it but set up and usage is super easy and quick. Looking forward to getting stuck in.

  156. Dan

    Just received my nectar gold today and its great!!
    I’ve used it a few times now and still plenty of life left in the battery.

  157. rowan nichols

    A very sleek Discrete design. Simple to use, Heats up quickly and works wonderfully.

  158. Johnny

    Bought this vape after owning a Crafty for 3 years, needed something a bit more stealthy for social outings etc. Its a top quality unit and great value for money, does almost everything better than a Crafty and has become my new favourite portable. The higher temperature and digital screen are particularly enjoyable after coming from a simple one button mechanism and limit of 210 celsius. The battery life is excellent, it heats up very quickly and you will do well to find a more discreet unit out there.

    Some tips for long term use and extraction:
    + Purchase an extra filter kit, it comes with a fair amount but you will need more
    + Place an additional gauze at the base to prevent small particles falling into the interior
    + Place another gauze on top of your herb using the tweezers, to encase it and stop loose material flying around during use (especially when applying keef!). Had best results when filling chamber 1/2 to 3/4 full
    + Get a small firm brush for cleaning the chamber after each use, which should be done in the upside down position. Also some Isopropyl Alcohol and swabs for major cleaning sessions
    + Another great way to avoid using Isopropyl regularly is to clean the top piece while its still warm after use. The residue that builds up over time is easy to soak up with some kitchen roll before it cools and settles.

    Recommended this device to some friends as well and they are equally impressed. Top marks!

  159. Amazon Customer

    Wow! Delivery was due in 14 days but received in 5 (Slovakia). This vaporiser is great! The feel and quality is superb. There’s a nice weight to it, which makes it feel more expensive than it really is. The size is perfect and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Removable battery is a great idea, but the magnetic mouthpiece steals the show for me. The screen is bright and shows everything you need to know. It heats extremely quick, 15 seconds or so! This is way better than I ever imagined! But on the negative side, this does not provide a big hit. It is far too easy to drag/pull/draw, and therefore don’t expect any large clouds of vape. I get the feeling if I put the same amount in a joint then the joint would provide the stronger high. So if this could be improved I would give it 5 stars as it does seem to provide a very light hit. Other than that, I’m one happy customer :)

  160. Zaneta

    I bought it for my boyfriend for his birthday, and he loves it. I’ve seen a lot of opinions so I’m glad I chose this one :) Big thanks!

  161. NP

    The Nectar Gold is far superior to other products I have tried that are similar. The battery lasts quite a while and the temperature control is really easy to use. The vibration when it has reached temperature is a really useful feature. I did have an issue with part of the mouthpiece where some of the plastic had come off and I contacted Nectar Medical Vapes directly. They couldn’t have been more helpful – the customer service was excellent and they sent me out a replacement mouthpiece. I should add that my partner also has a Nectar Gold and he has had no problems whatsoever with his mouthpiece and he has had it for a few months now. I think the problem with mine was just a one off and it was quickly resolved. I would highly recommend this product to anyone thinking of trying it….. :-)

  162. Tuga

    Awesome value for money

  163. Zac Ryon

    I particularly like being able to vape instead of smoke and this works great. It holds a decent amount of herbs or tobacco or whatever. The battery life is good, but like all portable devices, the battery life could be better. I’m thinking about buying a second one so I don’t have to share.

  164. Ian Buhagiar

    Arrived quickly and well packaged. Works well and heats up very fast, but still trying to find the perfect temperature. Happy with it overall.

  165. Nicco Rossi

    Great little tool had it just over a month great taste, great high, great temp control and fantastic customer service mine had a fault after 4 weeks it was returned and a new one sent out pretty much straight away. I would re amend this product while are trying to get away from tobacco.

  166. Francesco Regis

    Good Vaporiser with accurate temperature control, the unit comes with a lot of accessories to load it and clean it.
    After trying it, I got a second one as a birthday present for one of my friends.

  167. Mike

    I don’t know how a device that heats its contents to 170 degrees (Celsius) can stay powered for 30+ minutes but it can. Any herbs will be almost completely used up in 10-15 minutes, so this is more than enough time to smoke comfortably.

  168. UA

    After returning the first vape that I bought, I looked into getting a better one and this seemed like a good choice.

    Immediately I could see that this device was better sort out more comfortable and gives better results.

    If you are new to dry herb vaping like I am, I would avoid the cheaper ones and just get this one to get a pleasant starting experience with vaping guaranteed.

    Whereas with the cheaper ones trying to work out whether you are doing it wrong or if it’s the device is a pain with this this device you can avoid that.

  169. Ameen Alkailany

    Great product but just want to know if everyone else’s device becomes hot to touch?

  170. Stephen staunton

    Great product, very reliable and good battery life. Much smaller then expected. Worth every penny

  171. angelo ridolfo

    I received the item few days ago. Never used any vape before and at first uses I can say this is a good product, came in a nice package with all the tools and instructions you need to start you off as a beginner. Taste is good, display is clear. Warming time very quick. The look elegant and the “beack’ where you inhale the vape discretely folds back in the main body. All in all very happy at the moment, I think it was worthy to spend more pounds if compared to cheap basic products, even if as I said is my first buy and don’t have any comparison to bring. I just think in this products is better to have a decent quality, it’s still something you input in your body so better be treating yourself if it’s a little investment for the long term.

  172. Bobby

    Good piece of kit, simple to use and works well.

  173. James Norton

    Easy to the use and has amazing flavor, would definitely recommend!

  174. Noddy

    Does what it says on the tin????

  175. lilly-mae

    Good little gadget gives you smoothness when you toke it definitely rate it! Worth every penny ????

  176. Agnis

    This is the first one I ever purchased, but so far for two weeks it’s been very good!

  177. Anatoly

    What a great find. I was hesitant whether or not to get one for a long time and now I know this is the only way I want to deal with my herbs. It preserves the flavour really well, smooth inhale that does not burn or make you cough, easy temperature control and most important one charge lasts for a quite few uses. Awesome product overall.

  178. Melancholy Sky

    Pro’s –
    ‣ Comes as described with an amazing heat up time and great flavour (so far tested with dry herb peppermint)
    ‣ Much larger chamber than cheaper alternatives (had a month worth of experience with the black widow)
    ‣ Screen viability is amazing, timer helps a lot, font is easily readable & the vibration is strong enough to a point where i can tell it’s heated up on my desk while typing. ((Great accessibility for a dyslexic person))
    ‣ The device remains relatively cool while active with only around the top being notably warmer.
    ‣ Buttons all feel good to use and easily notable from the surface
    ‣ Comes with a 6-12 month warranty and all the accessories you could pretty much ever need.
    Con’s –
    ‣ Warranty is ((somewhat understandably)) void should you so chose to use the vape for more so illicit herbs so it’s something to keep in mind depending on your region/location (check local laws before use).
    ‣ Charging port is located on the front of the device and doesn’t come with a cover.

  179. Amazon Customer

    Wow my first time using a dry herb vape and I’m very impressed battery life is good heats up very quickly would recommend this to anyone looking to stop smoking tobacco without having to give up herb

  180. Georgi

    Bought it a almost two months ago and I haven’t had any problems with it. The battery lasts long enough to enjoy many smoking sessions (of course that depends on the degrees and the duration of the sessions). It is very easy to clean and maintain. There is also a cleaning and maintenance guide video uploaded on YouTube which was very helpful. Temperature control enables you to control the intensity so you can enjoy flavourful smoking experience every time which is far far away from the harsher classic way of smoking.
    A lovely product overall.As long as given a quick clean every 5-6 days you don’t even have to bother soaking the parts in isopropyl overnight as they advise you to do on their video.

  181. Giles Winnett

    Superb item, easy to use and very effective, highly recommended.

  182. Alex Campbell

    Very good for the money

  183. Naz

    So far so Good, love the size, the vape quality i would highly recommend it as your first vape its good on the go vape.
    The flowers vape quality is excellent does a wonderful job
    brilliant you change batteries and charge it.
    i have a tried top vapes but for my budget this so perfect.

  184. Amazon Customer

    is little thing is the business!
    No more tobacco ????????

  185. Lee

    My first time using a Vapourizer, was worried about spending that much but its totally worth it. Easy to use, abit annoying to clean but i use it for medical purposes so its worth it. Discreet, durable i love it.

  186. Amazon Customer

    he vape is very easy to use and the settings simple to work with. Quite good airflow through the mouthpiece but this gradually decreases as the product gets used and builds up residue inside. It’s only when you clean it do you really remember how good the airflow initially was. Flavour is great but doesn’t stay as flavourful as the session progresses. I usually have it set to 194 degrees Celsius for a ten minute session and sometimes gradually increase to 200. I find that after the first 3 minutes the flavour has mostly gone but I think this is typical of any dry herb vape. Haven’t tried using concentrates in it yet. Battery is reasonable and last a total of around 1 hour but these are replaceable and I can use any of my ecig batteries in it too. When I first came to clean it the ceramic piece inside cracked, although I cleaned it carefully according to the video. Contacted nectar and they said they would replace it no problem. Since having the new part I have cleaned it again twice and have no had any further problems. Overall a really good product that I would recommend to anyone looking for a dry herb vape at a reasonable price

  187. Cojocaru Gabriel-Codrin

    I love all the aspects about this vaporizer, from the design and functionality to the customer support and the care I feel they show their customers. It’s a really convenient tool to have, healthy and very discrete.

  188. S TODD

    Good battery life and ideal that you can change the battery.

  189. Marcothev

    Amazing little piece of kit. All works as described, good quality! Love it.

  190. sheree davie

    Amazing taste great product .

  191. Amazon Customer

    This is amazing!!! I love everything about it! So happy with my purchase ????

  192. nooky thompson

    I was a big sceptic of vapes pens after trying the initial ones and didnt bother with what i taught novelty items in the spectrum ..after a few year sick of smoking i said id research n see if the tech got better i made a decision on the nectar and …i can honestly say it met all an shred all doubts i had of vaperorizers ..happy with my purchase. and quality of product .very easy to clean solid build looks cool does the job regrets so far …

  193. Max A.

    This is a bloody great vape. I was set on getting a convection as my old one was but this is better. The only downfall with this item is it heats up in the hand allot, it doesn’t burn you. Just gets hot. Otherwise amazing product

  194. Tiffany

    Absolutely pleased to bits with this device! Was really sceptical about making the jump to a vaporizer but I can honestly say that I’ll never go back to smoking.
    Only had it a day or so and I already want to buy another one!????
    It’s so easy on the throat and I don’t cough at all, I can already feel my breathing getting better.
    If you’re questioning whether or not to buy, do it!

  195. Amazon Customer

    Very nice item well made and it works very nice

  196. Emily Sharples

    Loved it. Worth the money and will completely change the way I consume the herb!

  197. Marcus hill

    I have owned one for about 3 months. Has worked perfectly, efficiently and for the price will last you a lifetime. They have quick and responsive customer service even throughout a pandemic. Definitely recommend over any other vape.

  198. Irmantas M.

    This is my first time trying a vaporiser and I fell in love with it straight away.

  199. Stephanie

    Would highly recommend, bought this for my partner and he loves it.

  200. R.P.BEATTIE

    Fantastic product A++++ Seller

  201. Foxy Reed

    Im really happy with this ,works great and solved my issue !
    EDIT: I had an issue with my port being wobbly and my charging it said it was charged but you take out the plug then it says empty? SO I emailed the company and shockingly the emailed me right back ,they asked to see a video of the problem and i got worried they were going to give me the run around but (here’s the shocking part) after 1 day they said they were sending me a fresh one ! Shockingly great !!!

  202. John O

    This vaporiser does the job perfectly. It is possible to tweak the temperature more precisely than other ones I’ve tried and is quick, clean and easy to use. I’m actually over the moon with this product. It’s way better than my previous one and is worth every penny! The shape, quality of materials used makes it very easy to load up and clean again for the next round. As good as what you use it with.

    Addon comment: the more I use it the more I like it. Now after several months I can say that getting a fresh clean vaping session is still a breeze and the device continues to perform and amaze.

  203. Billie

    Really brilliant product . Used daily in our house for pain management. Excellent seller & highly recommend A+++

  204. Jackie

    Amazing product. The battery on this is long lasting and the mouth piece stops burning lips when cooking on high temps. Worth the money 100%, easy to use and does the job VERY well :)

  205. Chris

    I like everything about it easy to use nice size

  206. Amazon Customer

    Great product fits well in hand. Good quality.

  207. Robert Gibson

    Easy to use and control the temperature. Gives you a great taste and a very good flow. Would recommend all smokers to try this as it’s a very smooth smoke once you get to grips with what settings you prefer.

  208. alan

    Great product, I’ve had vapes before but really like this one! Battery is really good and very subtle

  209. Nicolas

    Great vale for the price

  210. Mounir ingle

    Great value for the price

  211. Amazon Customer

    Just received mine and tried it out. The temperature goes up pretty fast .. and yes it gets a little hot. It doent generate much steam … or maybe i didnt load it correctly.

    I will try again and update the post. The quality of the build is good.

  212. chloe

    I’ve purchased a few vaporizers and this one is by far the best one for around £100.. It’s heats up quickly, is easy to use, clean and the battery lasts.. I love the fact that the battery is removable too. A quality vape for a reasonable price.. Bargain!

  213. Gareth Taylor

    Does exactly what it says on the tin

  214. Jerr

    Have to say it, this has absolutely changed the way I enjoy my herb. I’m no longer smoking with tobacco, my lungs feel better and I can breathe more freely than I have in years. The flavour is excellent and I’m using less herb than I have done in years, and using the vaped in cooking, so it’s going even further. Loving the cleaner high, not having a chest like a factory chimney. And who doesn’t love home made edibles?!

    10/10, absolutely would recommend, and have done to several friends that have purchased their own since!

  215. jake rushby

    i was a bit sceptical about spending so much but honestly it’s one of the most premium feeling vapes without getting to the £250 mark, amazing value, however i gave the battery life a 4 because it said it required a very long charge before use and i don’t understand why, other then that i can’t fault it, i’ll update with any issues

  216. S. Terris

    Bought for a friend to use. Feels sturdy and reassuringly heavy, certainly not cheap feeling. On screen display makes using it really easy. Great battery life and good to know it can be changed when needed. Accessories included were great too. Certainly recommended, a quality product.

  217. Cm

    Quick heat time…magnetic top. Works as described so far! Looks easy to clean!

  218. Conor Murphy

    It will change your life

  219. John

    absolutely perfect powerful little unit. Very discreet.

  220. Daniel Fernandez

    I like the battery life. the only thing that let’s this product down, is you can only use a very little amount of herbs.

  221. daniel talbot

    Faultless. I’m buying a backup as I couldn’t live without it

  222. Aleksandras Pacejus

    Great product for reasonable price!!!

  223. James

    Brilliant vape. Accurate temperature adjustment is brilliant for different strains (damp/dry)

    Best with pure thc or waxes as you can’t fit much bud in the oven chamber. I’m quite a regular smoker so need a good 5 refills to get high on bud. Perfect for pure keef and oils though!

    Doesn’t smell at all, even with bud. Only smells when putting product in the vape raw. Comes out completely weed smelling free. Perfect and discrete.

    Only thing is the battery life being a high user. Full charge gets me about 4/5 refills on 220 degrees.

    Highly recommend to anyone debating whether or not to buy this.

    It’s definitely worth every penny!

  224. Gaz Man

    In a effort to quit tobacco I went on the hunt for a vapouriser which would be reliable. Works well with all non tobacco products. Battery lasts a good while and love the fact that the battery is easily replaceable. Dropped it loads (I’m clumpsy) with no worries. Temperature control is easy and a must

  225. Lucy6837

    Excellent device. Vapour is cool and has the desired effect. Very efficient.

  226. Ben

    Great product best you can get for the price range, highly recommend it.

  227. sjooke

    by far the best I tried, and tried lots. quality all over

  228. Chris

    This item arrived well packed and I quickly assembled it to put it on charge. I’ve got to say I was impressed by this product, I would recommend this.

  229. Amazon Customer

    Like others folks I have tried various vapes but this one stands out, great temperature control and variation very smooth. Very well made and attractive replaceable battery. This is an excellent device highly recommend.

  230. Chaz

    Takes some cleaning but I bought some isopropyl alcohol for the task and I prefer to keep on top of it rather than letting the oil build up. Though the unit itself appears to be the exact same model that is available with another company’s branding on here for half the price, so i’m not hopeful that this will last me all that long, if it really only cost like £10-20 to manufacture or something. It does seem solid so far and i’m not at all unhappy with the purchase. Just hoping it lasts. They offer a 1 year warranty.

  231. Marinos S.

    As someone buying a vaporizer for the first time, I was a bit apprehensive about forking £100 for something I didn’t even know would work. But reading the reviews I decided to take the plunge and I’m sure glad I did.

    The packaging itself is fairly sleek and high-quality, and the Nectar Gold feels comfortable to hold. I found it quite intuitive for a first-time user, and Nectar’s website had pretty much all other information I needed (like what temperature to use!!). A few items were included in the maintenance pack that weren’t explained in the manual, but an email and a very quick reply later sorted that one out; way to go for customer support!

    I can’t comment very much on the efficiency as I haven’t used it for that long, but I definitely noticed a vast improvement in the flavour department, and it doesn’t take long at all to heat up, so first impressions are definitely up there!

  232. David Robertson

    Great piece of kit far superior to my 1st Vaporizer from a different brand. I’m going to upgrade the battery as not as long lasting as I’d hoped but it doesn’t detract from a great device.

  233. Andrea


    I use it for vaporize tabacco. Using without problems since 2 years!! I use 70% less of tabacco. I can breath perfectly.
    It is a tank!!!!
    I will just change the battery at some point!
    Buy it, great money value.

    Perfect product.

  234. Kee

    This vaporizer is great – solid build, great temperature control, likeable mouthpiece & decent vapor results.

    I thought the Nectar Gold would initially be a bit fiddly to maintain (which in some ways is), but after watching the video Nectar Medical Vapes released on YouTube it really helped knowing how things were done; it’s nice to have resources like this available.

    Would recommend this vaporizer to friends/family.

  235. Rafael

    Tastes good, nice and small in size and works great.
    The temperature control is nice and easy to use – and it heats up surprisingly quickly.

  236. Sammyboi

    Well built, battery will last 9-12 high temp burns of 220° plus. Simple, stylish. Would buy from this manufacturer again.

  237. Ben


  238. Dunk Roman

    Definitely worth the money

  239. MM

    Study construction, elegant. Average battery life.

  240. Mick

    Clean lines ,easy fill ,no need for a dedicated grinder to fill chamber
    interchangeable battery all ways a winner when out and about.
    To top it all it feels good in the hand and has a bit of weight to it.

  241. CJEV

    If you’re goal is to be discreet then this is perfect. My psychiatrist calls it an asthma in-haler for people with anxiety or those that suffer from compulsive behaviour.
    As for the device itself, I would hoard as many as you can and sell them new when (it’s made legal) the demand for them starts to shoot up!

  242. Josh

    Great quality vape
    I’m really enjoying this straight out the box, I’ve tried out other budget vapes but this doesn’t worry me about inhaling from plastic parts, and the battery is changeable, so useful if you have a spare one to extend use!
    The customer service seems great, check out the youtube for tutorials vids on cleaning etc.

  243. joseph

    High quality without the price tag.
    It’s perfect for discreet puff simple to use and stylish.

  244. William H.

    Bought this as my first vape and was not disappointed! Lots of vapour production if you grind it fine and pack it fairly tight and the battery life is better than most other vapes on the market. Be sure to disassemble and clean after every few uses to get maximum performance.

  245. Jannettja Longyear

    Exactly what I needed for medicating.

  246. Amazon Customer

    Really pleased with this product so far! Great look, batter life and taste. Plus the heating time is the best I’ve seen!

  247. Marty77

    Good product ????

  248. Amazon Customer

    Does what it says on the tin though, can confirm it is a dry herb vapouriser.

  249. George

    Great product. I’ve a similar one but this one is far superior. Heats up really quickly and vibrates to let you know it’s ready. Great taste from it with no burning at all.

  250. Paul

    Simply great product, no doubt about it. My first vape and glad I chose the Nectar Gold. Fast heat up, battery fully charged on delivery. Fantastic.

  251. Tiyana

    This is an amazing piece of kit. I started with a cheap, £30 dry herb vape but soon realised I’d need something to support the kind of usage I was doing.
    We purchased it and I’d 100% recommend it to anyone thinking of buying a dry herb vape. This unit is worth every penny, easy to clean, load and smoke. Best thing is, you use less ‘dry herb’ as the nectar gold cooks it at the perfect temperature, making it a perfect smoke sesh.
    The company can’t do enough to help you, they are amazing. 10/10, got me through 5 months of lockdown and a case of covid and it’s still working amazingly.

  252. Iain Mather

    This is a great vape! I have used many in my life and this as good as it gets in hand held.. especially for this price, it is well worth the price.. maybe even a bargain. I can not rate this vape enough.
    Accurate temperature dial, removable battery, and useful included kit. Everything you could need!
    Thanks to Nectar for a great product.

  253. R

    The package arrived very quick even given quarantine. I struggled to understand how vaping really worked but can recommend this product as it is very simple, efficient and subtly amazing. You need very little dry herbs I’d guess 0.2 a go and a 5 minute vape on a half filled cap is plenty for a long time let’s put it that way lol.

    Class job and very cheap. Little smell but maintaining it well and keeping in box helps.

  254. Heptonate

    Excellent results from this product, can’t praise it high enough.

  255. Assad S Khan

    So much better than Pax or any other crappy vape I’ve previously used, highly recommend
    One person found this helpful

  256. Joel Shepherd

    Wicked product, had a MFLB for a little while but wanted something a little more modern, after looking around I stumbled across the Nectar Gold and was sold as soon as I saw it! Glad I chose it, the temperature settings are great, it heats up to target very quickly and is relatively easy to maintain. Only downsides would be that the battery that is provided doesn’t last too long, however this is upgradeable so not a huge issue. Love it!

  257. Amazon Customer

    Have no idea what this item is for (honest mum!) but it certainly seems very well made.

  258. J

    This vape is perfect for using out and about. It doesn’t produce a big cloud and is very small so can be easily carried around with you. The taste is good but isn’t super strong until you get to 200+. Charges up quickly, less than 2 hours and after 6 sessions still had a little battery.

  259. Allen3012

    What a vape! Proud owner of the Spirit by Storm but it finally died on me after I certainly got my money’s worth.
    But don’t be fooled, this is not exactly the same as the Spirit and neither the Xmax Starry. Key difference here is the mouthpiece which is less likely to get clogged and is easier to clean with great airflow. I would even recommend that users of the aforementioned vapes upgrade their mouthpiece to this one. Thanks, @Nectar for a great product and fast delivery.

  260. Richard Deasy

    Having never had a dry herb vape before I wanted to wait a little while before giving a review. I have been using this for over a month now and have only positive things to say. For the price, I would highly recommend this product.

  261. DG&BG

    Great for the price and temps to 240c!

    The NECTAR gold is a great piece of kit! 240c is perfect! Gets up to temps fast, each session lasts 5 mins which is perfect and just enough time to empty the champer. It vibrates when up to temp and again when the 5min session is up, nice sleek design and a great upgrade from the v2

  262. Valeria troncone

    I’ve bought this product to stop smoking and it’s working
    It’s amazing for this price

  263. Sandy urquhart

    I am apparently recieving a free accessories kit for writing this review . When companies do this it often makes me nervous that the reviews that led me to buying the item may have been bought . However this is not the case here. They know how good it is .

    Great vape . Great flavour and capacity . I am very pleased .

  264. Tez

    I like everything about this. I use it for dry herb.

  265. Amazon Customer

    Was an impulse buy, Works very well, really easy to use, seems to be a really cost effective way of using your herbs, saving the baked buds after every session so can make some edibles one day

  266. Pink

    I spent a while trying to decide what Vaporiser to buy and eventually bought this. I have to say I’m definitely not disappointed it heats up rapidly and you get a good draw. Also looks cool and is a nice size

  267. Dickie

    So easy to use, clean and looks so sharp! I’ve used 3 tops brands over the years and this is my favourite buy far! And the way it looks as well no one thinks your the smoking weed just being honest.

  268. Dan

    Does everything I need it too quickly and efficiently, sturdy and well designed. Easy to clean. Would recommend!

  269. Ettore

    Absolutely a fantastic product! The design is cool and smart, the battery has a long life and it works according to any need.

  270. oscar cotran

    Worth the money

  271. The True Wheel

    Quality product , intuitive operation. A fine design.

  272. Stevie

    The best vape out there

  273. eEskimo

    Great product, I really like the build quality and simplicity.

  274. Amazon Customer

    If you love to smoke dank and Don’t want to compromise your pulmonary Health, this is the product for you. The temperature control set at 235 degrees roughly, will ensure Conversion of THCA into THC Perfcetly with out the loss of over 60% of cannabinods through combustion, because of the low temperature range and the fact that it is convection rather than combustion. “Smoking” from this device will give near no cardiovascular effects as the vapour that you inhale is exactly that. Vapour with millions of cannabinods that have just been released in the heating chamber. 100% best way to Blaze.

  275. Allan Byron

    Thank you a great product I had a problem with but was rectified by a competent helpful man thank you Ian

  276. adam

    I’ve had this since the weekend and not even remotely interested in having a spliff, so not only has this stopped my tobacco cravings it’s also so much smoother to smoke. It’s also a different kind of high with weed, it’s a more cleaner intense feeling but doesn’t seem to last as long.

  277. Josh King

    Worth the money don’t waste your time on the cheap ones.
    Would recommend to all looking for an alternative to smoking.

    Much love to Nectar and their amazing product.

  278. Smokin’ Joe

    Bought the Nectar Gold a couple of weeks ago but not being a heavy user, I wanted to try it out a few times before posting a review, I’m not disappointed, the previous reviewers are spot on, 5 stars from me, the Nectar Gold is the business, puts a smile on my face every time I use it. Fast charge, long battery life, economical to use & easy to clean. I also have a Crafty from Storz & Bickler which I have used for the last 4-5 years but wanted something more discrete & less bulky so opted for the Nectar on recommendation of friends who each the V2 version (they will now be upgrading to the Gold)! The Crafty is back in its box at the back of a cupboard & don’t know when it will be coming out again.

  279. M M

    Much better performance than Nectar v2.
    Happy customer!

  280. Stephen O’Hara-Smith

    Ceramic chamber, isolated airflow, changeable standard battery, easy to load and clean, fast heating, great price.
    The only way this could be better would be a convection design, but they’re way more expensive and this gets the job done really well.

  281. Simon

    This product is excellent for anyone looking for a dry herb vape but don’t want to break the bank too much.
    The taste is excellent, it’s easy to use and the guys who make them (Nectar) are excellent; I had a slight issue with the battery life on mine so I connected them, they apologised profusely and offered to repair or replace free of charge! They even covered the cost of the postage to send it out to them.
    If you’re looking to get into vaping but don’t wanna get a Volcano, I highly recommend you give this a try!
    Incase you’re worried, it’ll definitely get you LIT!

  282. Rory

    Really enjoying this Vaporizer, extremely easy to use and very little smell. would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a change

  283. peaknik

    Amazing value for money, high quality
    So happy with this vaporizer, I thought I’d give it a review.
    I have Storz & Bickel Plenty to use at home, and I’m so pleased with it that I decided to get a vaporizer to use on the go. The portable options from S&B were out of the question, as I find the price absolutely ridiculous, as good as they might be. Stumbled upon this vaporizer and decided to give it a go, and I’m happy that I did.
    I absolutely love the design, simple, understated, compact. Very high quality all metal construction, with not too many parts, which makes it easy to open and clean. I like the vapor from it. It’s not as powerful as Plenty (obviously!), but I was actually pleasantly surprised with how quickly it gets up to the temperature, and with the quality of vapor. You can control the amount of vapor, and to a degree the taste by the airflow rate. Some people complain about the battery life, but I find it very good for the size and the quality, and actually don’t see it as a problem at all, since you can easily swap the battery, unlike in many other vaporizers (looking at you Storz&Bickel).
    So in conclusion I’m super happy with it. For me it ticked all the boxes – high quality metal finish, sleek understated design, very compact, replaceable battery, convection type, temperature control, good quality vapor. If I had to name one drawback of such compact design is that the mouthpiece gets quite warm during use, but then again it is expected in the device with such a small footprint, which I prefer, so I’m happy with the tradeoff.
    Considering the price, I think it’s one of the best herb vaporizers on the market, can’t go wrong with it.

  284. quauyaqa

    Good product no problems yet

  285. Mathis

    Hello, I have a Nectar Gold vaporizer V2 that too don’uanymore. Please for Request and solution

    Mit friendly greetings Ziegler from Germany

  286. Dan

    Premium look and feel.
    Well worth the investment.
    You will enjoy this product.

  287. Shan Mouroz

    Switched from tobacco to vaping a few months back and now recently switched to vaping bud. tooks a few days to vet used to vaping and the best temperature for me. this product is also a nice weight and feels well made. Wish there was a bit more airflow but other than that, Love it!

  288. Lauren

    Brought for my husband for Christmas, he says it does exactly what he wanted it to do. Very happy with this product.

  289. Klyne

    Great well made device first time using one of these after been a smoker for so long but not had an issues or faults with it plenty of heat settings etc does the job really easy to clean battery is good

  290. Alex

    Although overall the battery life is decent it could always be longer. Not really a fault of the product more of the battery tech we have. Slick look to it nice weight and feel. Easy enough to clean and overall chamber is a decent size.

  291. Aaron

    Fantastic for the price
    Easy to set up. Simple to use. Great quality product. Does exactly what it’s intended to do. Nice smooth vape.

  292. Maddie

    This upgrade has been so worth it! I was hesitant, as my £25 dry herb pen was doing the trick, but since switching I have noticed quality difference all around. The taste is less harsh due to the airflow system, with the vapour feeling less hot. The precise temperature control lets you vape for the effects you want to get. Battery life is fab, and it is easy to keep clean with very clear operating instructions.
    Finally, the effects I get from this are at least 2-3x stronger than with the old pen! I love it.

  293. Amy

    Simply great value for the money!
    After 6 months of using i can say that this is the best choice at the time of writing.
    Before i used to have PAX 2 and wasn’t good as this one.
    Good design which helps you to inhale fresh air and after you can find yourself beyond floor and clouds.

    + Temperature display
    + Strong magnet part with the mouthpiece
    + Easy cleaning procedure
    + Up to 240C

  294. Peter A

    Brilliant and would definitely recommend
    Was very impressed with this product, was a bit skeptical about it but am very glad I made the purchase

  295. Jack

    The best smoking experience I’ve had.

    Absolutely love this vaporiser.

    Nice and compact, made of aluminium and ceramic and feels incredibly premium.

    Easy to clean and produces an amazing flavour. 10/10 would highly recommend.

  296. Mrs. H

    My Nectar Gold product is excellent value for money, works well and i like the flavour. The battery charges with no problem.

  297. Brigid

    This is my second attempt at a vaporiser and I’m chuffed to bits!
    It’s easy to use and very effective. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  298. Silphy

    Best choice for vaping herbal etherics. Modern designe and technology, very robust and easy to use. I like exchangeable battery solution.

  299. Mark Saso

    Fully recommend this after using it for a week now. Fast delivery and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

  300. SOD

    Love the metal mouthpiece and quick heat up

  301. Craig Alexander

    Very good product

  302. Mr Edward s leggett

    Excellent product, does exactly what I hoped for and I’m now two months free of all tobacco products! Not the easiest job to change the gauze but worth it

  303. George McKeen

    This is my third vaporiser and the nectar is by far the best. Solid build and easy to use. Quality vape.
    Would recommend the nectar gold before more expensive machines. Enjoy.

  304. William Child

    I was a sceptical as to how good these things might be, but it turns out they’re absolutely great. No tobacco in over a week now and not missing it. Easy to use and clean, just have to stay on top of ordering the accessories. Great product

  305. Kate

    No plastic taste
    I have had several different vaporizers & this one is top of the list so far, well made but a bit slippy in the hand but that’s not a big problem, very quick getting to temperature, easy to use I bought 2,one for a family member hes impressed with his nectar gold as well good taste, no plastic taste like you get with a lot of vaporizers in this price range good size bowl. Very happy with purchase would definitely recommend

  306. gypsywandering

    Worth the update from cheaper models. Cleaning it is well easy. Pleasant to use.

  307. Jodihighroller

    Would recommend to dry herb smokers
    Great product, easy to use, heats up quickly and you get a kick off your dry herbs. I have a volcano vapourizer and i would say this is just as good but its portable. You need the 240c to obtain the desired effect from you herbs. I would recommend this to anybody looking to switch from smoking blunts to vapourizing, it doesn’t have such an impact as smoking the herbs but gives you a clean high.

  308. Marty

    This is far better than the one I have been using. The heat up time is fast, the display very clear as to what is happening (end temp, current temp, timer etc) and the taste is very good. The temperature controls seem very accurate. All round an excellent vape for a very reasonable price

  309. Fraser Brittin

    Great little vape. Nice looking and feels of sturdy construction. Work like a charm. Would recommend

  310. Lesloue

    Needed something discreet to puff me herb so I went for this. So far I’m very happy. Heats up quickly, tastes awesome, nice and small in size and works a treat. The only thing I would say is you cant fit a massive amount in the oven, this might bother some people, who would normally, say, pack a fat bowl in a bong. And don’t expect clouds like an e-cig it doesn’t work like that, I use temp at around 220°-230° Celsius this nicely works for me.
    Cleaning is a bit of a pain but also very necessary. You’re better off to purchase some Cleaning Alcohol. Overall though I’m very happy with it and glad that i chose the Nectar gold.

  311. Alesis

    I’ve bought cheaper ones in the past, when the last cheaper on broke I decided to go for this.
    Now I shall state that at 1st I was very hesitant, that I would just be paying more for them standard of quality as the cheaper ones I had before.
    but after reading excellent reviews I took the plunge and I couldn’t be happier.
    Will never go back to using anything less now.

    I love the simplicity of the mouthpiece being magnetic, my only complaint would be there should be a range of different types of mouthpiece attachments we can buy!!!

    The screen is nice and bright, I find it very easy to read.

    The chamber is a perfect size, really easy to use and clean (I’ll add that it came with cleaning tools!).

    Battery life is fine I get about 10 usages from a fully charged battery & changing the battery is very easy too.

    Buttons are a little fiddly for me to use some times, especially lower two buttons for temp choice, because they are smaller than the power on/off button, I have to actually look at which one I need to press, rather than just being able to do this from feeling the buttons.

    Charger port should of been on the back side from the screen as it gets in the way using if you are wanting to use the mouthpiece facing the display while charging.

  312. king

    Easy to use with huge health benefits. Cut out cigarettes without compromising on taste or effect.

  313. Jan

    Really nice and gentle smoke
    Lives up 2 its brand I bought this today and been feeling very nice since.

  314. inor

    Der Vapo Nectar Gold ist sehr gut, vor allem die vom herkömmlichen rauchen wegkommen wollen. Er hilft mir dabei besser als erwartet. Das Geld war es wert.

    Ich hoffe aber auch auf das versprochene Zubehör Paket für eine Rezension. :)
    Falls ich das bekomme, werde ich das hier auch erwähnen. Ergänzen oder eine zweite Rezension schreiben.

  315. Sarah

    just buy it now its amazing .


    Found this vape very easy to use. Hits the spot. I find it works better at a lower temperature of 195 degrees c. Have used more expensive vapes and this is of a more superior quality.

  317. Michael Watson

    5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent product, excellent customer service!!!

    I originally gave this a vape and a lower review but realised there was a tiny problem with it!!
    I contacted the manufacturer who was excellent both in communication and help. He immediately told me to return it and they would send me a replacement!!
    This has made a major difference and now used to have to have a smoke before I get up due to disability I now use this!!
    It’s constructed very well with a nice weight to it and lovely to vape!!
    Very smooth which is extremely easy to use and is easily the best product for the money!!
    I have tried many vapes including the very much over RATED BLACK MAMBA that was terrible and returned within one use as the battery was running out in one session I got no effect of it nor did my friend who dosent touch the erb!!! Rubbish!!
    This on the other hand is s different level obviously but worth spending the money on it as the customer support is excellent!!

    It seems they’ve taken the best out of many Vapes and made a top product!! I couldn’t advice you to buy this anymore it really is superb and I’m a heavy smoker!!!

    Don’t waste your money on the cheap ones the really are a waste of time and you’ll get nothing off it!!! This is by far the best vape I’ve had without spending silly money and has changed my smoking habits for the better and finally the only product that has actually given me some pain relief from my chronic disability!! Excellent!!

  318. Aaron

    Great quality product. Simple and easy to use. Fast delivery with prime

  319. James London

    This is the first vape that I have bought for myself, I have tried a few in the past and not got on with them.

    For medical reasons I needed a good quality vape, at a reasonable price with certain features. Importantly the wide temperature range and dual capabilities of the chamber.

    The product is very good quality, definitely not a flimsy, cheaply made item. The chamber/mouthpiece has an excellent magnetic design.

    Very easy to use and read the OLED screen, the precise temperature settings are very helpful, it heats up very fast!

    The quality of the vapour is very good.

    Overall I am very impressed with this product, well worth the money. I would recommend this to anybody who has a medical condition that could benefit from using this kind of product

  320. Try 4 u richy

    Great device,
    Different tastes, love it,,extras,, included free *****
    Very discreet,,5-7 goes,so the Samsung battery lasts,,
    Easy to clean,,I started using 200c
    But 210c pukka…
    Great magnet top,unbelievable heating time
    Gets 5 stars ******
    Oh make it 6,100 great purchase;-)

  321. Davina mcmath

    Quit smoking without quitting !!
    Love it I just quit smoking but still wanted to have my CBD bud so this is perfect very happy bunny hear ?

  322. Oliver

    I love it! Great product, most definitely recommend!

  323. Emma

    I LOVE THIS! I’ve been vaping for 3 years and dry herbs with tobacco was my last thing to conquer…. I’m now off tobacco!! Smaller than a normal vape…! The ONLY negative is that after 6 days of use (heavy user) I had to replace all the mesh… clogged up with oil residue, now they only supply you with a couple so I think this will be something il have to buy regularly.. cleaning relatively easy.. but does recommend you soak parts in ethyl alcohol which people don’t exactly have lying round.. but all that aside I’m off the tobacco and that tho whole point!! Love it xx

  324. Mike Allan

    I totally love this vaporiser! It is what i have been wanting for years! The feel and style are really nice, it is very discreet and easy to operate. The instructions with regards to packing the chamber and where to place the gauze etc are not at all clear and I have had to google it. The product itself however is faultless!!

  325. Jilly ;o)

    I bought this for my friend who never stops saying how brilliant it is and for him to say that it’s gotta be good !!! It charges quickly, with a lot of use from just one charge. “I just love it!” He says …

  326. boats n joes

    heats up much faster than my previous vape. very slick and ergonomic. battery life is good, can go for several sessions. it’s a little high maintenance with the amount of cleaning required. but overall is a good product, would (and did) recommend to a friend.

  327. A. K. Brechin

    Have moved over to this as I was keen to stop using pipes/inhaling smoke. I’m impressed with the quality, it has a good weighty feel and appears to be very well made. The included accessories are also good quality. It’s a different experience but for the sake of my throat and health, I’m looking forward to getting into this.

  328. Jack M

    Since ive quit smoking 7 years ago i’ve always tried to avoid having anything with tobacco in. With this little thing its been fantastic. I never thought it would be a good replacement but to be honest, i wouldnt want to go back.

    Easy to use and clean, comes with plently of accessories and its just convenient and discreet.

    Battery has lasted me 8 x 5min sessions and i’m happy with that!

  329. Samantha Vickers

    It arrived very fast as I got it through prime next day delivery. First impressions: it’s really robust and solid, easy to handle , it’s also smaller than I imagined. Overall: really good find and it does what it says on the tin !

  330. RP

    Having bought one of those cheaper £30 vaporisers which I had to replace within a week I decided to spend a little more on something that should last longer. Initially I didn’t want to spend too much more incase I had to replace it again but I bit the bullet and got this. I was a little sceptical about spending £70 on a vaporiser particularly when I received it and couldn’t turn it on. I contacted NECTAR and they replied within half an hour and told me that I had to hold to power button for 3 seconds – not click it repeatedly as I was doing. A silly mistake from me but at least I got to see how helpful their team was. I’ve had it for about a month now I must say this is bargain for what it Is and I’m so happy I bit the bullet.. Thank you so much nectar for your support – you’ve designed an amazing piece of kit here!

  331. Louis Nicola

    Very happy! Firstly it’s really robust and solid, feels good in the hand, it’s also smaller than I imagined. The removable battery is good, it takes a while to charge (via USB) but lasts a long time, I used my samsung quick charger and it actually charged it faster. The vapour produced is excellent, very customisable. Worked best for me at around 200 degrees with a full chamber (pack it lightly and don’t grind it to oblivion). True to other reviews, I found it could get a little warm with extended use, but honestly nothing to worry about. mine has now worked without fault for a couple of months. A genuinely great quality and well engineered product, quite a rare thing these days!

  332. OTW

    Very happy with this product.. It does exactly what it say on the tin. What a great find – after looking at several different products I decided to choose this one and works just as well as my other friends vaporiser who paid over £200 for their ones. It’s simple to use, heats up very quickly, vibrates when ready, it goes to 240C and the airflow is brilliant. It’s my 4th and favourite vaporiser, one of which was the pax 3 but the nectar gold trumps it is so many ways. It doesn’t get too hot to hold like a lot of them out there and the battery is brilliant – I’ve had 6 sessions and it’s still going. I’d certainly recommend, I’m absolutely chuffed!

  333. Paula Kemp

    it was an awesomebit of kit.Easy to use ***** stars.The thing about it was that the chamber was smooth and was magnetic.

  334. B.Manson

    Really easy to use and certainly exceeds expectations for the price.

  335. Sarmour11

    Great product for price
    Great product for price. Works extremely well and would never look back after trying. Love it.

  336. Joel

    4.0 out of 5 starsWorks well and good quality
    Oven heats up very fast and display tells you everything you need to know. Love that it comes with all the equipment to clean it out properly as well. I’ve used it up to 430 degrees C and still found it didn’t become too hot to hold.
    Only thing I’m not keen on is putting stuff is the cap at the bottom is magnetically attached so if you get a bit careless you could accidentally knock it off and spill your herbs everywhere.

  337. DuctTapeDuck

    Great vape – with the right set-up

    Got to say – this is amazing value. Performs just as well as friends vapes, but theirs cost at least £30-£40 more. Easy to use, and clean and very subtle – looks like a ecig mod.

    One must do – set it to full temperature (225c) and leave it until it shuts off (8 mins), you need to keep it nearby as the auto-sleep function reduces the temperature after 1 minute. This burns off any residue on any parts – they cover parts in oils to stop them corroding, very normal and the burn off is a key part of set-up. Just keep going until it doesn’t smell like chemicals.

  338. Matt S

    Works very well to vaporiser my herbs at even 180°c . The temperature variation is amazing and can set it to any factor of 5 up to the rated temperature. Drags are smooth and feel good, somtimes small bits can come up in the vape but that’s only if you take hard drags or have very small bits. Overall very impressive and gets me medicated very nicly and discretely. Only thing Is I’d prefer is if the bottom where you fill it was rubber resealable.

  339. Don

    It’s a yes from me.
    Not bhed. Good size.

  340. Welsh_4_John

    Searching for a quality dry herb vape that won’t break the bank? – look no further!

    I’m really impressed with this great buy. The controls are simple and easy to use, the chamber heats up super quickly and the the digital display + vibrate function are perfect for showing the heating progress and alert you when it’s ready to go!

    I expected a bigger visible vape cloud so wasn’t sure it was working at first. But don’t be fooled – there’s still plenty of action going on there. How much cloud you see will just depend on how you pack the chamber.

    Excellent design: no problem to carry around in your pocket + when the mouthpiece is folded away it just looks like a posh portable charger. Holds charge well and recharges pretty quickly.

    Order processed and delivered swiftly as promised. Item in perfect condition on arrival as well as fully charged for use straight away! Very easy to set up and use (clear and concise instruction booklet).

  341. Allen Breen

    Very happy with the level of service nice compact vape as well

  342. James

    Easy to use. Class product

  343. Maz Jenko

    Very easy to use, taste is ok. Have absolutely no issues and would buy again. Packaging is lovely too.

  344. Wayne D.

    It’s so easy to use. For the price its brilliant easy to use and flavour is amazing would highly reccomend

  345. Don Macleod

    No problems with it

  346. Rosie

    Customer service is really good, would recommend buying from nectar. As it does the job.

  347. Martin Pease

    After trying a friend’s dry herb vape I had to get one for myself. Im am so glad I chose this Nector dry herb vape. The vape is fantastic. I would recommend to anyone! No problems with it at all and works really well!

  348. Hayley Graham

    Comes very highly recommended by my son’s and from what I’ve read on the reviews I shan’t be sorry being a customer of yours

  349. Dog doo

    Very impressed

  350. Lou paxton

    Easy to use and to clean

  351. Kindle Customer

    Nice bit of kit

  352. Paul Farrand

    Started using a little substance to relieve aches and pains.
    Didn’t like smoking it but liked the effect.
    Tried a vape and liked it straight away.
    Having read all the reviews for different vaporisers I thought the Nectar was a good mid range choice.
    I was not disappointed.
    Highly recommended.

  353. Laura

    Arrived quickly, fully charged and works great. Simple to use, great product for the price.

  354. Nathan

    Nothing easier to use. Works great.

  355. hushnash

    Easy to set up, lovely to use

  356. Pete

    This is a great product – arrived fully-charged and is really easy to use. Very much enjoying the experience as a first-time ‘vaper’.

  357. Mephis1

    I want to be very clear about this – I reviewd this product earlier in the year and it was not a favourable review. I am changing my review because the issue initially was all just messed up by bad communication. I bought this for my husband as a present and he loves it. I’m very happy about that. I don’t use it. The company are so nice and I would recommend them for any of their products.

  358. Randeep Kular

    Good product

  359. Wayne

    This little vaporizer is a blessing in disguise.
    No carcinogens from burning and a great way to burn those daily herbs.

  360. Jean-Charles PASSEPONT

    It’s my first time buying this kind of product so I was a bit uncertain.
    Nonetheless this one seemed to be a good compromised between the cheap ones (with soso review) and the super expensive ones (150£+).

    But guys, am I not disappointed! Works very well, easy to handle and the vibrations are really helpful – I recommend :)

  361. Tubsy80

    Works really well, firstly I was upgraded to the new V2 version free of charge which was a pleasant surprise. Second, the product is fantastic, a million times better than my old one.

    Very happy with this vaporiser so far ??.

  362. Abraham

    I bought this as a replacement for my old dry herb vape and for the price you pay, you get a lot for your money. Its noticeably easier to clean out than my old vape and the hits you take feel a lot smoother. Would recommend!

  363. Thomas White

    Great stuff

  364. Eamonn

    It does the job good vape

  365. Jessicaxmas

    Good easy to use product

  366. Ginta Lesc

    Very good product, very impressive customer service when asked for a replacement. Highly recommend this brand!

  367. Denis Dimitrov Andreev

    I have only used it once the day it came, but so far a lot better than I expected!
    Heats up quickly.
    LED display so you know what temperature and battery you are on.
    Extremely easy to use.
    The chamber is perfect size for me!
    The vibrate function when the it reaches temperature is useful.
    It does no produce smoke.
    It gets really warm at the highest temperature, but it is not that bad.

  368. Vaughn

    As expected :)

  369. Itchygowch

    It’s good

  370. Winkle76

    Great product. Clean hits and no easy to use.

  371. Shane mc hugh

    Simple and straight forward

  372. tony brown

    Perfect delivery. Great product. I have tried the cheaper options and nothing comes close. Good battery and nice size oven. I also own a Volcano vaporiser which is probably one of the best vaporizers on the market and the nectar is like a portable version of that. Would definitely recommend this product.

  373. Ronthedon

    Very happy with product….Does what it say on the tin. Great find after looking at several different products i decided to choose this one works just as well as my mates vap who paid over £200 for theirs. Simple to use, heats up quickly and vibrates when ready. Being Vapour no smoke comes out so very discreet.No smell when you are blowing out . Very slight smell when vap is ready. would happily recommend .

  374. Chris

    Great product. Will probs get your really high.

    For those that haven’t used a vape before, the high is way smoother but it can hit you with a bit of a delayed reaction so take it easy. I got whipped out the first use

  375. andrea simpson

    Great item heats up really quickly. Better than described best I’ve used

  376. Will Wells

    Best vape I’ve ever used! Do some research on different vaping temperatures and get experimenting ?

  377. Mike Hollingsworth

    Good vape, easy to work out of the box and the chamber design is intuitive and simple to load/clean out. Personally I’d like it if there was a little more air flow when taking a pull but that aside it’s a solid piece.

  378. Anon

    Pleasantly surprised, herbs taste wonderful using this and have a much higher note !

  379. Steven Powell

    Once I got used to the buttons, it was easy to use and the battery life was good.

  380. Gerard Dolan

    Recently bought this to replace my gpen pro and I couldn’t be happier. Simple to use. Temperature is fully customizable to suit anyone’s taste. And it’s a breeze to keep clean. You’re not gonna finda better product for that price anywhere around. I’d give it 10 stars of I could ?

  381. Steven

    Really efficient so less herb is needed so saves money in the long run

  382. Dylan

    Really efficient so less herb is needed so saves money in the long run

  383. Dave Schmeid

    I bought the vape thinking there was something wrong with it, so I emailed Nectar and they replaced it with next day delivery.. only to realise there was nothing wrong with it and I was only clicking the on/off button 3 times, instead of 5.. quite embarrassing but as a silver lining I got to see how helpful Nectar are as a team.. Will certainly be getting a couple more of these as Christmas presents. Thank you very much Nectar for your products and support, you have made a wonderful vape here!

  384. David

    Fast delivery came into 2 working days. Very easy to use good airflow good feel in the hand and doesn’t get too hot to touch

  385. OTW

    Very happy with this product.. It does exactly what it say on the tin. What a great find – after looking at several different products I decided to choose this one and works just as well as my other friends vaporiser who paid over £200 for their ones. It’s simple to use, heats up very quickly, vibrates when ready, it goes to 240C and the airflow is brilliant. It’s my 4th and favourite vaporiser, one of which was the pax 3 but the nectar gold trumps it is so many ways. It doesn’t get too hot to hold like a lot of them out there and the battery is brilliant – I’ve had 6 sessions and it’s still going. I’d certainly recommend, I’m absolutely chuffed!

  386. Marion

    really good product. highly recommended as your first herbal vaporizer at really good price. easy to use and clean. my recommended use is start at 200 Celsius and slowly increasing temp by 5 Celsius every 3 pulls on your vaporizer. make every pull on your vaporizer directly in to your lungs take about 10-15 second and hold it for as long you can before exhale.

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