How to Vape Hash 

Reading time - 7 minutes - February 17, 2022

Ever wondered how you can vape one of the greatest and oldest cannabis concentrates ever? The world of cannabis is a lustrous one and full of many substances. What was once just a marijuana plant, growing in a field, has now become so much more than that. People have spent their lives trying to research, analyse and adapt this plant, and now, there are almost unlimited products that have derived from it. One of these is hash. Hash has been part of civilizations for centuries and now, the question around everyone’s lips is, how the heck can I vape this substance? Dry herb vaping is a 21st century phenomenon and one that deserves recognition. Today we’ll be delving into the world of dry herb vaporizers, hash and how they can be combined in one experience. Want to know how to vape hash? Let’s get to it. 

What is a Dry Herb Vape?

It’s hard to believe that there was once a time where smoking was considered to be good for you, isn’t it? Since the 1960s, the truth about smoking has been slowly revealed and the world around smoking has been changed. Cigarette advertising was banned in 1971, and smoking in pubs was banned in the UK in 2007. This left a vacuum for a new way to enjoy cannabis and nicotine. In came the vaporizer. 

A dry herb vaporizer is an electric device made with the purpose of vaping cannabis. Most dry herb vapes are only built to vaporizer the dry bud but newer devices are also built to be compatible with vaping hash and hence can also be referred to as a hash vape. These devices take dry bud and cannabis concentrates in their chamber, which is then heated up and turned into vapour, which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece. By doing this, the user is able to utilise the benefits of cannabis without releasing carcinogens and toxics associated with combustion.

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The Elements

A dry herb vaporizer comes in many shapes and sizes, but they all work basically the same way. They all have some very specific parts, which make them work. 

The Battery

The battery of the device usually sits somewhere at the bottom of the vaporizer. This is what powers the device and decides its battery life. Unless you’ve got a desktop vaporizer, which sits on a table and is plugged in, then your device is most likely portable. This means that the battery power is hugely important. An ideal battery for a weed vaporizer is the 18650 battery. Believe it or not, this same battery cell is also packed into larger battery packs and used to power tesla vehicles. 

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The Chamber

The chamber is where the cannabis is cooked. You place the substance in the chamber and it heats up, creating vapour which is then inhaled. How it’s heated depends on the device. Some weed vapes heat the cannabis through convection and some through conduction. Convection works like an oven, heating the weed from all around. Conduction works like a hob, heating it from below. A dry herb vaporizer will heat up to anywhere between 180-240 degrees. 

The Mouthpiece

Finally you have the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is where the vapour is inhaled from. Some vape mouthpieces are circular, whilst others are more cylindrical. In addition, some are made from glass and others are made from various types of metals. Each material used will affect the flavour that is inhaled from the vape. For example, glass mouthpieces are usually quite effective in maintaining flavour from cannabis. That’s why glass mouthpieces can be quite popular. This is the same with ceramic. 

vape hash

The Health Aspect

Dry herb vapes are becoming more and more popular not just because they are easier and potentially cheaper, but also because they are proven to be healthier than smoking. The science behind vaping vs smoking is as follows. When a cigarette is lit, it burns at around 900 degrees. This is known as combustion. Combustion is the process when anything  burns. Combustion occurs just after 240 degrees. When combustion takes place it releases dangerous toxins and cancerous carcinogens, which are then inhaled by the user. Not to mention tar from the burnt cigarette. However, a vape does not exceed the 240 degree limit, which means it not only doesn’t combust, but it doesn’t create smoke whatsoever. The cannabis is simply heated, not burnt. This means vapour is created, which is a far less hot and dangerous substance to inhale. 

What Can Be Used In A Weed Vape?

A dry herb vaporizer can take all manner of cannabis products inside it. However, it’s important to check the vaporizer first before purchasing it. Some do not have the ability to take cannabis concentrates, whilst others can. The Nectar Platinum for example, can take cannabis buds, cannabis concentrates and can even take tobacco. 

Here is a list of some of the cannabis substance that one can place in a dry herb vape:

So, how do you go about vaping these substances? But, more specifically, how do you vape hash?

What Is Hash?

Hash is one of the oldest forms of cannabis concentrate. A cannabis concentrate is – as you’d imagine – a concentrated down version of the cannabis plant. Whereas buds are just picked from the plant, hash is hand made and heated in order to prioritise the trichomes and most potent parts of marijuana. There are many types of hash from various parts of the world, such as: moroccan hash, afghan hash, red lebanese and turkish brick. Hash is sold in brown bricks. That means you need to somehow separate small parts of it in order to use it. 

Hash is usually heated and crumbled into small parts, or heated and rolled into a worm-like shape, and then placed in a joint to be smoked. The truth is, when hash is heated it crumbles and eventually becomes a liquid.Therefore, how do you vape hash? How do you avoid it turning into a liquid and then dripping down into crevices of a vape? Places that would probably break your weed vaporizer forever. Well, not to threaten, there is a way. So here it is. 

How to Vape Hash 

Step 1 – Cannabis Concentrate Pad

The first step is finding a cannabis concentrate pad to fit your dry herb vaporizer. These are usually made from stainless steel and allow you to place cannabis concentrates in your chamber without the risk of them melting and then falling into the crevices of your vape. Some weed vapes will come with them, whilst others you may need to purchase separately. If, for whatever reason, you cannot find one. Then listen to the next steps very carefully in order to try and limit damage control. 

Step 2 – Find Quality Hash

The next step is hard to guarantee, but if you are able to purchase better quality hash then now is the time. Some say that if hash burns like a candle, then it’s good quality, if it doesn’t then it isn’t. In addition, if you end up with bad quality hash, it might not burn evenly, which will make it difficult to vaporize.  

Step 3 – Melt The Hash Down  

Now that you have your hash, you must make sure that you have melted it and crumbled it down into small, even pieces. This again will ensure that it can be heated evenly and enjoyed thoroughly. 

Step 4 – How Much?

Step 4 is ensuring that you choose the right amount of hash to place in the vape. Afterall, you definitely want to avoid clogging up the system. If you have a scale, then 0.1grams is probably the ideal amount to put in to begin with. However, if you’re measuring it by eye, then maybe the amount you can put on a small tea spoon should do it. 

Step 5 – Put The Hash In The Chamber

Now the concentrate pad is in the chamber, and the device is turned on, you can carefully place the hash on to the concentrate pad. Remember, it’s important you take care during this process so not to drop any of the cash down the sides (if the concentrate pad isn’t fitted perfectly). When the hash is in the chamber, you can choose the right temperature and enjoy. We recommend anywhere around 200 degrees. 

Step 6 – Cleanliness

Now you’ve enjoyed your hash vaping session, it’s important to remember to clean after. The hash residue might be sticky and leaving it in the vaporizer will only make it a harder job later on. Clean up the chamber and concentrate pad using isopropyl alcohol and leave it as you found it. 

That Is How You Vape Hash

There you have it, that’s all the information and correct steps you need in order to vape your hash safely and enjoyably. The rest is up to you.

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