What is CBD Shatter?

CBD Shatter is a form of isolated CBD derived from hemp or cannabis plants. CBD concentrates can come in a number of forms – one of the most common being powder. However, shatters have a hard and brittle texture which is easily broken when handled or prepared. This texture allows CBD shatters to be easily adapted to specific uses and divided into precise servings and doses.

While many CBD shatters contain only CBD (up to 99%) with the omission of other minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, they can also be manufactured to contain carefully selected hemp compounds. For example, some shatters may be made with the addition of naturally-occurring terpenes to imitate the flavour and scent profile of popular cannabis strains.

How is CBD Shatter made?

Like many other CBD products, CBD shatter is derived from hemp plants. The plants are processed in order to extract specific cannabinoids and other compounds – in this case, specifically CBD. A number of extraction methods may be used to effectively isolate CBD from other cannabinoids and terpenes, including solvent, solvent, and supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction. CO2 Extraction is largely considered the most reliable and has become the most common process used for making CBD isolate products.

It can take a number of filtrations using this method until manufacturers are left with only CBD. Once the CBD has been effectively extracted from the hemp plant, the formulation must be ‘set’ into its shatter form. This can be more difficult than it might appear. This is because different light, heat, and pressure conditions can cause the extract to set into different textures – such as rosin or crumble.

To effectively create a shatter texture, the CBD extract must be kept away from light and heat sources. It can take a while for the correct texture to form, but when manufactured correctly, CBD shatter is a versatile product with high strength and potency.

Is CBD Shatter legal?

As CBD Shatter is usually an isolated cannabinoid product, it is legal under UK law. Our CBD Shatters contain legal limits of THC (less than 0.2%) – the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants – which remains illegal in the UK and most European countries. All of our CBD products are manufactured using high-quality, approved hemp crops to ensure compliance.

How do you use CBD Shatter?

CBD Shatter can be used in a number of ways, including being mixed with other products – whether from hemp or otherwise. Some people may opt to mix their concentrate with other cannabinoid and terpene extracts to create a bespoke formulation. This method can be used to mimic flavour and scent profiles of traditional cannabis strains.

While some people may opt to use CBD Shatter in cooking, this may cause CBD compounds to deteriorate, reducing the potency of the isolate. Dabbing and vaping are the most common and effective ways of using CBD Shatter. This is true whether the shatter is made using CBD isolate extracts or a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.

How to use CBD Shatter with a Wax Vaporizer

CBD Shatter can be vaporized using a Wax Vaporizer which carefully heats the extract to specific temperatures. The targeted heating of our vaporizers mean that the CBD can be heated slowly which ensures a consistent vapor with minimal waste of the active ingredient. Simply place your CBD Shatter into the vaporizers heating chamber, close the lid, and draw a breath through the mouthpiece.

CBD shatter can also be vaporised using a dab pen. A dab pen – also called a wax pen – is a pen-style vaporizer which is used specifically for cannabis or CBD concentrates, including wax and shatter. This style of vaporizer may utilise heating coils or ceramic coil-less heating systems to vaporize the extract.

How do you clean your vaporizer after using CBD Shatter?

When heated, CBD concentrates – including CBD Shatters – can become very sticky and messy which my lead to your device becoming clogged up. Eventually, this could lead to technical problems and potentially permanent damage to your device. Keeping your vaporizer clean can also make all the difference between high-quality and mediocre vapour. It is therefore essential that you keep on top of cleaning your chosen vaporizing device.

When using a Wax Vaporizer, we recommend cleaning your device at least a couple of times per month, depending on your usage. For effective cleaning, you should take your vaporizer apart and clean each component in a solution of isopropyl alcohol; leaving them to soak in the solution will make it easier to clean the components.

Always ensure that the electrical components of your device are not exposed to liquid or any other liquid as this may lead to damage.

What is the best temperature for vaping CBD Shatter?

When vaping any type of CBD or cannabis product, temperature is by far the most important consideration for ensuring a successful experience. The best temperature for vaping CBD extracts can depend on the exact formulation of the product – that is, whether it contains a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes or isolated CBD. This is because these different compounds have different boiling points, at which time they become a vapour which is easily inhaled.

The ideal temperature for vaporizing can also vary from user to user depending on their desired effects and flavour profile. While some people might favour a richer and more diverse flavour, others will prioritise stronger effects. Some active ingredients which may be combined with CBD to create a shatter concentrate – such as the minor cannabinoid CBG – have a boiling point as low as 52°C. On the other hand, CBD itself will not convert into vapour until it reaches much higher temperatures (around 180°C).

The same is true of terpenes. Some of these compounds – which are responsible for a significant proportion of the flavour and scent of your vapour – begin to vaporize at temperatures as low as 22°C, though most will require much higher temperatures. The best approach when vaporizing your chosen CBD Shatter is to start low and slowly increase the temperature setting on your vaporizer. This will allow you to test out different temperatures and find the perfect setting for you!

How is CBD Shatter different to other concentrates?

Shatter is just one of many concentrates, from wax to crumble. So, what is the difference between shatter and these other types of products? The primary difference between CBD concentrate products is their texture. As we mentioned earlier, CBD shatter sets into a hard, brittle texture which is easily broken into specific serving sizes.

In contrast, waxes and crumbles have a softer consistency – their names are pretty self-explanatory! CBD wax has a texture similar to – you guessed it – wax! While CBD crumble is slightly dryer and is easily crumbled into the desired dose. These differences are achieved during the setting process, in which varying levels of temperature, pressure, and light are applied. In reality, all these concentrates are very similar and which product you use is simply down to preference.

Is CBD Shatter healthier than smoking?

Smoking has become less popular than at any time almost since its Westernisation hundreds of years ago – and with good reason. The harmful health implications associated with smoking has left many people looking for an alternative, and luckily, there are plenty of options – including CBD shatter.

Vaping is largely considered the most effective way to use CBD shatter. This immediately makes it much healthier than smoking, as your lungs are not exposed to the harmful chemicals released when tobacco and other plant material is burnt. Vaporizing shatter heats your product without causing combustion – which is when most of the toxic by-products are produced when smoking.

Advantages of using CBD Shatter

Disadvantages of using CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about CBD Shatter. This might not be the most familiar CBD product, but concentrates like shatter offer a host of advantages and benefits. It is easily administered for fast-acting effects so it is the ideal option for those looking for an immediate and more intense relief.

If you are interested in discovering the benefits of CBD Shatter for yourself, take a look at Nectar’s range of products!

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