Vaporizers are a great way to inhale your favourite herbs safely, quickly, and easily. Designed to heat to the perfect temperature for your chosen product, these portable vaping devices ensure your experience is always flavourful. Notably, our vaporizers do not include plastic, so you’ll never have to worry about device-specific toxins.

What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer, which is also commonly known as a vape, is an electronic device that releases the active ingredients and compounds of your desired plant material, or desired extracts. A vaporizer does this by heating up materials such as herbs and concentrates to a high enough temperature that allows the active ingredients and therapeutic compounds to be released into vapour which is then inhaled by the user. Although vaporizers heat up to a high enough temperature to do these things, the vaporizer will heat these herbs or concentrates just below the point of combustion, therefore they never produce smoke or carcinogens, instead the vaporizer releases only the flavour and effects of your chosen material. 

Why do I need a Vaporizer?

You may not necessarily need a vaporizer, however, you will find that having a vaporizer could make your life a lot easier. This is because of all the benefits that vaporizers have over other tools and methods that involve combustion. 

Not only will your body thank you for using a vaporizer, but so will your wallet! Over time, the initial cost of purchasing a vaporizer will help you to reduce other costs as vaporizers are known to reduce herb consumption in users as they report to feel the effects much stronger as vaporizers are more effective than other smoking methods. 

Vaporizers also produce far less smell and the smell doesn’t stick to your walls or furniture, it also dissipates much faster than smoke. With a vaporizer you will fall in love with your herbs or concentrates all over again and you will experience a full range of terpene flavours which are almost impossible to taste when smoking. 

How does a Vaporizer work?

Vaporizers use a battery-powered heating chamber to produce heat and vaporize the herb or concentrate inside the chamber. A vaporizer will either use conduction heating, convection heating or both heating methods which is known as a hybrid. Convection vaporizers heat the contents of the chamber indirectly with a forced stream of hot air until vapour is released. Conduction vaporizers use direct heat to vaporize the material – a heated surface, but not a flame, actually touches the herb or extract to create vapour.

Are Vaporizers healthier than smoking?

Vaporizers are not only convenient, and discreet but they’re also much healthier than traditional smoking and you can also enjoy more potency as well as flavour when you use a vaporizer. Smoking (via any method e.g. joints, bong etc) involves combustion which exposes your lungs and throat to tar and harmful toxins which can lead to lung cancer and upper airway cancer. On the other hand, dry herb vaporizers work with vapour which is healthier for you, providing a great alternative. 

Vaporizers are also much more efficient than other methods like joints, to give context a vaporizer can convert 46% of obtainable THC into vapour, however, a joint will be below 25% pf THC. Vaporizers also heat at much lower temperatures than joints do, ours can go anywhere from 0-240°C, whereas a joint may reach a temperature in excess of 1000°C. 

Are Vaporizers portable?

Yes, vaporizers are portable! Making them incredibly convenient. Not only are vaporizers portable but they are also discreet. You can easily tuck your vaporizer away into a pocket or handbag when not in use. You can also find other varieties of vaporizers though that aren’t portable, these are known as desktop vaporizers.

How do I use a Vaporizer?

The process involved to use a vaporizer is very easy and straightforward. It may vary slightly depending on what you are vaping as each type of vaporizer has it’s own individual purpose and feature. However, the process for each of them usually goes something like this…

  1. Prepare your chosen material. If you are vaping herbs then grind them using a grinder so that herb is broken up into small pieces. If you are using concentrates then get the amount ready that you would like to use.
  2. Fill the heating chamber. Place your prepared material in the heating chamber, if you are using herbs then fill it nicely but not too tight! If you are using concentrates then place the concentrate pad in the chamber first, if necessary, and then place your concentrate on top.
  3. Turn on your vaporizer & select the temperature. Now that your chamber is loaded, you need to switch the vaporizer on and set it to your desired temperature. Allow it to start heating up.
  4. Wait for the vaporizer to heat up. You will now have to wait until the vaporizer reaches your desired temperature before you can start vaping. You can usually tell if it has reached the temperature as it will either vibrate or there will be an icon on the LED display that disappears. 
  5. Vape away! Once your vaporizer has reached its temperature, you can start inhaling the delicious vapour from your material, enjoy it!

How do I clean a Vaporizer?

It is important to keep your vaporizer clean as this will keep it at an optimum performance level. You should aim to regularly clean the chamber and mouthpiece (including the filter) with a brush or a cotton bud with isopropyl alcohol on it. 

To clean your vaporizer more extensively, which you should be doing at least a couple to several times a month depending on your usage, take your dry herb vaporizer apart and soak the individual components in isopropyl alcohol. The longer that you leave the components to soak the easier they will be to clean, that’s why we recommend that you leave the components to soak overnight. That way the next day all you have to do is give them a rinse under water and leave them to dry properly. 

Do not soak or clean any electrical components from your dry herb vaporizer as they will get damaged.

Are there different types of Vaporizers?

There are in fact many different types of vaporizers. There are such things as dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers, portable vaporizers and CBD vape pens. Each individual type of vaporizer has its own purpose and set of features that make them unique and suitable for certain things.

What are Vaporizers compatible with / suitable for?

As mentioned above, each type of vaporizer is suitable for a certain purpose. For example, if you are looking to vape dry herbs then a dry herb vaporizer is for you. If you are looking to vape CBD oil and CBD liquids then perhaps a CBD vaporizer pen would be better suited for you. If portability is essential for you then it would definitely be worth checking out our portable vaporizers. If you are super into your concentrates then we would recommend a wax vaporizer for you.

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