What are Mylar Bags?

Mylar Bags are a kind of storage solution that offer superior protection and durability for a range of products – they are essentially Smell Proof Baggies with an aluminium Mylar lining. If you are looking for an effective way to store important goods, from herbs and food products to a huge range of other items, then Mylar Bags are the ideal product for you. Not only do these tried-and-tested products offer protection from the outside world, their air-tight design makes Mylar Bags effective at containing scents and aromas from the products contained within.

Whether you want to maintain the quality and natural aroma of dried flowers and herbs or protect your favourite vape liquid, these bags have got you covered. Our Mylar Bags are available in a number of designs and sizes, so you’re sure to find the ideal option for your storage needs.

What Does Smell Proof Mean?

One of the most important features of our Smell Proof Baggies is their ability to contain even strong and potent scents. This means that they are smell proof – that is they prevent the aroma of various products from escaping from inside the bag. This means that your products can be concealed and transported to wherever they are needed with the utmost discretion.

Smell Proof Baggies are the perfect storage solution for strong-smelling products such as herbs and flowers, thanks to their smell-proof nature. But Smell Proof Baggies can also be useful for storing accessories which may often pick up and continue to carry a strong aroma. Whatever scents you are looking to conceal, smell proof baggies – such as our Nectar Mylar Bags – are an ideal way of keeping odours at bay and ensuring effective protection and maintenance.

How do Smell Proof Baggies Work?

Our Smell Proof Baggies are manufactured to the highest standards using high-quality, durable materials. The thoughtfully considered design ensures that each bag delivers superior protection to maintain product quality and prevent scent leakage. Smell Proof Baggies offer an extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rate, which means very little air is able to penetrate from either the inside-out, or vice-versa!

It is this feature which helps to ensure that your products are not only kept at peak freshness but also that potent smells are kept effectively contained. The air-tight, grip lock closure also contributes to the superior protection provided by our range of Mylar Bags. The material used to make the outer layer of our Smell Proof Baggies is also puncture resistant, adding yet another layer of protection that will help to lock in any aromas!

Mylar bags are a great investment to store your vape’s herbs.

What are Nectar Mylar Bags Made Of?

As mentioned above, our Mylar Bags are manufactured with a material called Mylar. This material, which is also called BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) – I think we’ll stick with Mylar, is a kind of polyester film that is known for its high tensile strength and gas and aroma barrier properties. In plain English, this is what super-powers our air-tight bags, making them smell proof and offering superior protection against outside elements such as water, air, and light!

Mylar products have long been used in the food preparation and storage industry, thanks to their long list of benefits. Our bags are also suitable for food storage, in addition to the storage of herb and flower products, due to the use of a food-grade aluminium lining. Each of these materials is carefully selected to deliver on our mission to provide safe and effective smell-proof protection.

What Do Mylar Bags Look Like?

Our Mylar Bags have been thoughtfully designed to combine both practicality and discretion. Not only do our Mylar Bags protect against scent leakage and contamination, they also promote comfort and style. The matte black design is complemented by chamfered corners to make for easy and comfortable handling – what more could you ask for?

Does Air Tight Always Mean Smell Proof?

Our Smell Proof Baggies feature not only the superior protection offered by the use of high-quality Mylar lining, but also a resealable grip lock closure system that helps to make them air-tight. In short, the answer to this question is: ‘yes!’; however, there are some things that should be considered.

While air-tight containers generally offer smell-proof protection, it really depends on the material they are made from. For example, some products may be thin and made from low-quality plastics that are easily torn or punctured. One of the features that make Smell Proof Baggies unique and often superior is the effective use of a Mylar lining. This strong material is puncture resistant, adding yet more protection to guarantee the prevention of scent leakage.

Are all Grip Lock Bags Smell Proof?

While the grip lock closure contributes significantly to the air-tight design of our Mylar Bags, this is not enough on its own to make a bag smell proof. This again links back to the last point – it really depends what the bag is made from. If you are in need of an effective smell proof product, you should always ensure that you buy high-quality Mylar Bags from a trusted retailer like Nectar.

In addition to our handy range of Mylar Bags – which come in various designs and sizes, we stock a number of smell proof products, including pouches and accessories. Check them out on our Smell Proof Category Page.

Do Nectar Mylar Bags Offer Any Other Protection?

If you’ve read the rest of this guide to our Mylar Bags, the chances are you are already pretty impressed with the features and protection provided by Nectar Mylar Bags. But it doesn’t end there! So far we have focused on the smell proof nature of Mylar Bags; however, they also provide superior protection from factors on the outside. The strong and durable outer layer of each Mylar Bag acts as a barrier from both air, moisture, and light (particularly our all-black products).

This helps our Mylar Bags to offer not only convenience and discretion but also unrivalled protection. It’s a struggle to see how you could ask for anything else from your herb and flower storage!

What Can You Store in Mylar Bags?

While they offer particularly superior protection for the storage of pungent and strong-smelling products, Mylar Bags are an extremely versatile product. Mylar Bags, like the selection available at Nectar, can be used to store a huge variety of products, from foods like coffee beans, tea, dried fruits and nuts to collectable items. That’s right – Mylar Bags offer such a high level of protection that they are often used for storing important and collectable items such as documents, books, and vinyls!

Our selection of Mylar Bags have been carefully selected to offer convenient storage for dry herbs and flower to maximise discretion and preservation. Mylar Bags also offer effective smell proof storage for accessories such as vape pens, cartridges and grinders, which often pick up and maintain the smell of certain products. Available in a number of sizes, we’re confident you will find the perfect Mylar Bags for your specific requirements.

How Big are Smell Proof Baggies?

Our high-quality air-tight Smell Proof Baggies come in a variety of sizes to ensure you have the perfect option for all your storage needs. Choose from our larger 28-gram capacity Mylar Bag for the effective smell-proof storage of larger, bulkier items or higher quantities of products. Alternatively, our smaller size options include a 10cm x 14cm 7-gram capacity option or a 9cm x 13cm 3.5-gram capacity option. Whatever your specific needs, we are confident that Nectar’s selection of durable and smell proof baggies will be an effective solution for you.

Are Mylar Bags Safe for Food?

Our selection of Mylar Bags has a number of features that make them a perfect option for the storage of food and other consumables. The thick and durable Mylar outer protects your stored items from the outside while ensuring the integrity of the product on the inside. What’s more, each Mylar Bag has a food-grade aluminium lining that boosts that protection of food products. This foil lining helps to maintain the temperature inside the bag, meaning that your product won’t deteriorate over time!

Will Smell Proof Baggies Hide My Product?

Our selection of Smell Proof Baggies offers unrivalled protection and discretion, thanks to their air-tight and smell proof design – but that’s not all. Our Smell Proof Baggies come in an all-black option which features a double-sided matte black outer which not only allows you to keep the contents of your Smell Proof Baggies secret, but also further improves the protection by limiting the amount of light that is allowed to reach your product.

On the other hand, if you prefer the convenience of being able to keep an eye on your products without having to open your Smell Proof Baggies, then we have you covered too! We also offer Smell Proof Baggies with a clear window in various sizes, so you are sure to find the perfect product for you – no matter what your requirements.

How Big are Mylar Bags?

Mylar Bags can come in a range of sizes depending on their intended use. From small baggies to huge sacks for large quantities of foods, consumables, and even collectables. At Nectar, we currently have two sizes available: a 20cm x 14cm option with 28-gram capacity and the 10cm x 15cm option with 7-gram capacity. All sizes in our Mylar Bags are available in both an all-matte black finish or matte black with clear window.

Can I Reuse my Mylar Bags?

One of the most convenient features of our Mylar Bags is their air-tight grip lock closure system. This helps to not only preserve and protect the item inside your Mylar Bag but also allows you to open and close your bag many times without risking the integrity of your products. This also means that your Mylar Bags can be reused multiple times, all while maintaining their high-quality protection.

Nectar’s selection of reusable and resealable Mylar Bags offers incredible value for money – and better yet, they come in packs of 50 so you will always have a spare on hand!

Does Nectar Have Any Other Smell Proof Products?

In addition to our impressive selection of effective air-tight and smell proof baggies, we also offer a range of other products and product ranges that have been produced specifically to effectively mask the scent of your products. Check out our full range of Smell Proof products.

If you are looking for a convenient and discrete storage solution for your dry herbs and flowers, accessories or devices, then look no further than our selection of thoughtfully and effectively designed Mylar Bags. We’re confident that you will find the perfect product for your needs – just take a look!

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