What is an atomizer in a vape?

A vape atomizer is a part that makes up your vaping device which is responsible for generating the vapour you inhale. Whether you’re using a vape tank, a rebuildable atomizer, a 510 thread cartridge, vape cartridge or even a vape pod, the purpose of the atomizer is always the same. Every vape atomizer should provide you with 3 things; a reservoir / container to hold your oil, juice or e-liquid, a heating surface to vaporise the liquid and a coil to transport the liquid from the reservoir to the heating surface.

Vape atomizers traditionally came in some form of tank which contained within it a cotton wick wrapped in a coil. The cotton wick would soak up your vape juice and the coil would heat up, in doing so the vape juice would vaporize into vapour that would be inhaled. Nowadays vape cartridges come in all shapes and sizes, and coils are made with a variety of different materials, predominantly cotton or ceramic. 

Are ceramic coils better for vaping?

Each type of coil has its own advantages and disadvantages and there’s no one size fits all solution. When deciding between a cotton coil or a ceramic coil atomizer, it’s important to remember that cotton coils tend to work best with thinner oils such as most e-liquids, whereas ceramic coils tend to work better with thicker oils such as CBD oil. In most cases, when using an E liquid or vape juice with an incompatible coil type (cotton, ceramic etc.), your vape oil will most likely taste burnt – for example, using a ceramic coil vape atomizer with a standard 50/50 VG PG E liquids, or using a cotton coil vape atomizer with a thick oil such as CBD oil. 

One of the advantages of ceramic coil vape atomizers is that they may taste burnt, however they do not actually burn out and swapping the vape juice with one that’s compatible will fix the issue. Whereas when a cotton coil cartridge burns out, the taste will linger for longer regardless if you replace the vape oil with one that is compatible with the atomizer and you will usually have to swap out the cartridge or coil for a new one, so it’s important to remember to avoid using thick oils and vape juices with cotton coil cartridges. 

What can you use inside a vape atomizer?

You can use a range of things inside a vape atomizer. You could use anything from thick oils to e-liquids. However, it is important to note that you should always ensure that what you are using within your vape atomizer is safe for use by vaping and inhalation, as not all oils are intended to be vaped. 

Some atomizers are more suitable for a particular liquid than others, for example some are designed to be used specifically with thick oils only, whereas others are only capable of using e-liquids. Luckily for you, our vape atomizers can handle it all!

What can vape atomizers be used with?

Vape atomizers can usually be used with any vape battery. It all depends on the particular atomizer that you are using, however, the most commonly used ones feature a 510 thread which makes it compatible with most vape batteries. So to sum it up, vape atomizers can pretty much be used with any vape battery.

Are vape atomizers universal?

Yes, most vape atomizers are universal, but this really depends on their connection type. The most popular being a 510 thread connection, hence they’re often referred to as 510 thread cartridges. However, there are many product specific vape atomizers which will only fit onto their given vaporizer such as most vape pod systems. 

Many newer vape atomizers just like some of ours here at Nectar come with a magnetic adapter which screws onto the 510 thread this turns the cartridge magnetic and hence makes it easier to slot into your vape battery, thus making switching atomizers around much faster and easier. It is important to keep hold of these magnetic adapters as they will enable you to use other 510 thread vape atomizers with that specific device; without the magnetic adapter the atomizers won’t work with that particular device.

Do vape cartridges work with CBD oil?

Not all vape cartridges work with CBD oil, but some do. If the vape cartridge that you are using says that it is suitable for use with thick oils, just like our ones here at Nectar, then you can safely use CBD oil in the vape cartridge. 

Please make sure that the CBD oil that you are using in your atomizer is intended for vaporizing as it can be very dangerous to vape oils that are not safe for inhalation. Only use oils and liquids that have been manufactured with the purpose of being vaporized and inhaled.

As previously mentioned, a general rule of thumb is that cotton coils work best with thinner oils such as most standard vape juices, whereas ceramic coils tend to work better with thicker oils such as CBD oil. This is because CBD oil is relatively thick and does not soak into a cotton wick easily, so when the power button is pressed and the coil heats up, although the outside of the cotton may seem to be soaked, the CBD oil will be too thick to work through the fibres of the cotton and you’ll likely to be heating up a dry coil, hence the burn out and horrible taste. You can vape atomizers in our CBD vape pens

Are vape atomizers reusable?

Yes, vape atomizers are reusable. You can refill vape cartridges to keep reusing them. However, they can only be reused so many times before they will need replacing for optimum performance and vapour quality, which can vary between 5-7 times on a 2ml vape cartridge, or 7-10 times on a 1ml vape cartridge.

Can you clean vape atomizers?

Yes, you can clean vape atomizers. Most people tend not to clean vape atomizers though as you will end up replacing them at some point anyway so cleaning your vape atomizer is not completely necessary.

How long do vape atomizers last?

Vape atomizers can last different lengths of time depending on how often you use them. Usually we recommend that you replace your vape atomizer around after the 5th time that you have refilled it as this is when the quality of the vapour tends to start decreasing.

How to know when to change / replace the vape atomizer?

You will be able to tell when it is time to replace your vape atomizer when the performance of it starts to decrease and you will notice that it isn’t producing the same quality of vapour as it once did before.

If you start to notice that you are not getting as much flavour from your liquid of choice as you once did and that the clouds are not as thick or consistant as they were at the beginning of your vape atomizer then it is an indication that it is perhaps time to replace the vape atomizer.

Do vape atomizers contain nicotine?

No, vape atomizers when you first receive them do not contain nicotine as they are empty. There is a warning on the packaging of the vape atomizer in case you choose to use nicotine within the vape atomizer, however, there is not any in there to start with unless you put it in yourself.

Are vape atomizers made of glass or plastic?

You can get vape atomizers made of either glass or plastic, however, we suggest that you opt for a vape atomizer that is made of glass as it has been proved that vaping with plastics is dangerous for your health as you can inhale toxics. 

Our vape atomizers here at Nectar are made of the highest quality materials, including glass rather than plastic.

Are vape atomizers suitable for nicotine vape juices and oils?

Vape atomizers are compatible with nicotine vape juices and oils. However, we do not recommend that you use nicotine juices, nicotine e-liquids or nicotine oils in your vape atomizer as nicotine has proved to be dangerous to your health.

What’s the purpose of adapters?

The adapters that you receive with your vape atomizers make the actual vape atomizer compatible with that specific vape battery device. The purpose of the adapters is to make your vaping experience easier and smoother by only having to simply drop or lift the vape atomizer in or out of the vape battery device, rather than having to screw it in with the thread.

Keep hold of your adapters as they will enable you to use other 510 thread vape atomizers in that particular vape battery device.

How do I change the vape atomizer in my vape pen?

It depends on how it is fitted in. If it features a 510 thread, which most vape atomizers do, then most of the time you will just have to twist the vape atomizer anti-clockwise repeatedly to remove it from the device. Then twist the new vape atomizer clockwise to secure it into the vape battery device.

However, many vape atomizers use an adapter to make it easier to remove from the device, if this is the case with your vape battery device and vape atomizer then you simply just have to pull it out to remove it, then twist the adapter anti-clockwise to remove it. Make sure that you place the adapter onto the new device by twisting it on clockwise and then drop the vape atomizer with the adapter fastened into your vape battery device.

How do I use a vape atomizer with my vape battery?

All you have to do is load the vape oil or juice into the vape atomizer, then let it sit for 5 minutes before attaching it back onto your vaporizer battery.

Next, make sure that your vape battery is fully charged and ready to go. Next, attach your vape atomizer to the battery.

After the vape atomizer has been attached to the vape battery, you can now switch the device on and select the temperature or voltage of your choice and allow the liquid or oil in the vape atomizer to heat up. Once it has heated up completely, inhale and enjoy!

How do I fill up my vape atomizer?

First of all, you will need to open up the vape atomizer. To open up the vape atomizer, simply hold the glass body with one hand to stop it from rotating and unscrew the mouthpiece anti-clockwise.

You can then fill the vape atomizer with your chosen liquid by using a tip no more than 2mm in width to ensure the vape atomizer can be filled without spillage. Pour the liquid between the central post and the glass, it is important that you avoid filling the central post. For best results, we recommend that you wait 5 minutes after filling to ensure the coil is completely soaked before using.

Once you have filled the vape atomizer, you can close it by simply holding the glass body with one hand to stop it from rotating and screw the mouthpiece back on, clockwise. 

Next you may need to add on the Magnetic Adapter depending on the device that you choose to use the vape atomizer with. The purpose of these is to remove the need to screw and unscrew your vape atomizer each time you want to top it up, making the whole process a lot quicker.  To use the magnetic adapter which comes with the vape atomizer, simply hold the vape atomizer in one hand whilst screwing the magnetic adapter clockwise. That is it!

Once the magnetic adapter is fitted on, simply drop the vape atomizer inside the vape battery and then use it as you wish!

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