What are CBD Balms?

CBD Balms are a type of CBD-infused skincare product that is formulated to deliver a dose of the active cannabinoid directly to an affected area. These products utilise the impressive wellness potential of CBD alongside other well-known skincare ingredients to promote skin health and help soothe and relieve sore muscles and joints.

An ever-growing body of evidence demonstrates how CBD – one of the most common cannabinoids derived from low-THC cannabis plants or hemp – can be useful in various skincare applications. Not only does this cannabinoid have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potential, but it also has numerous benefits that contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin and muscles. It shouldn’t be surprising then that this hemp-derived compound has found itself being infused into a huge number of products – including CBD Balms.

What is the Difference Between CBD Balms and Creams?

The main difference between a CBD Balm and a CBD Cream is the consistency and formulation of the product. For example, unlike a CBD Cream or Lotion, CBD Balms are plant oil and wax-based, giving them a sturdier consistency that melts into the skin. These thicker skincare products are developed for a more intense effect and are designed to soothe and heal the skin.

Nectar’s CBD Balms are made from a selection of natural plant oils, waxes and extracts, infused with a generous dose of CBD. This combination of ingredients delivers a deep nourishment and superior protection from dryness, irritation, and soreness.

What are they used for?

CBD Balms are high impact skincare products that are designed to deliver fast-acting and long-lasting results. They can be applied all over the body but are generally reserved for areas where more intense care is required – for example, sore joints, fatigued muscles, or dry skin.

Balms are well-known for their super-hydrating properties and our CBD Balms combine skincare favourites like coconut oil and beeswax with hemp-derived CBD to give this veteran product a boost and promote skin wellness in even the most worn areas. Whether you are looking for a boost of moisture or relief from aching and tired muscles, CBD Balms are a great choice.

How Does CBD Absorb Topically?

Like CBD Creams, CBD Balms utilise the potential of CBD and other skincare products through topical application. This means that the product can be applied directly to the affected area where it is then absorbed through the skin. While this may seem like an ineffective way to apply CBD, it is actually a great way to deliver the cannabinoid and other active ingredients to a specific part of your body.

Applying CBD in this way allows the active ingredient to be delivered exactly where your body needs it. In theory, this means that less of the product is wasted. We recommend applying your CBD Balm to sore joints and muscles or areas of skin that are prone to dryness and irritation.

Is it Effective?

Despite a relative lack of high-quality evidence to support the clinical use of CBD for ailments such as pain and inflammatory skincare conditions, an ever-growing body of anecdotal evidence suggests that this hemp derivative could be useful in the management of a number of skin-related complaints. For example, the ingredient is known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and moisturising properties which could make it the perfect ingredient for a huge selection of skincare products and a great addition to your skincare regime.

What is the Difference Between CBD and Hemp Balms?

Balm products have been a major player in the skincare world for decades, and hemp has also been a common ingredient over the years. In recent years, however, the focus seems to have moved to CBD. But what is the difference between CBD Balms and Hemp Balms?

Hemp and CBD are both known to have an impressive number of potential skincare benefits. Both contain an abundance of nutrients and vitamins and are known to promote hydration and reduce inflammation. However, Hemp Balms and CBD Balms should not be confused.

The main difference between these two products is the amount of CBD present. Hemp extracts used in these products are commonly derived from hemp seeds which hold little to no CBD. Nevertheless, hemp-based Balms and other skincare products can also be extremely beneficial to the skin – hence their long-lasting success in the health and beauty industry.

On the other hand, CBD Balms contain a much higher concentration of CBD – typically extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. This means that CBD Balms offer the combined benefits of both hemp and CBD!

How are CBD Balms Made?

As mentioned earlier, CBD Balms combine a number of natural plant oils, waxes, and extracts with CBD to promote a well-rounded and intense delivery of active ingredients. We have developed a range of CBD Balms that are designed to champion the best of every product contained within the tub – especially CBD!

What are the Skincare Benefits of CBD?

Growing evidence continues to demonstrate CBD’s potential in contributing to skin health. The anti-inflammatory potential of CBD alone is enough to recommend this cannabinoid as a regular ingredient in many skincare products – and particularly in Balms. The richer texture of our CBD Balms allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin’s tissue in order to deliver more intense relief for irritation and soreness.

This anti-inflammatory potential has led to many people using CBD Balms and other CBD skincare products for both surface-level relief as well as to soothe joints and muscles. Evidence suggests that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may also make it useful in the management of some skincare conditions, including psoriasis and eczema*.

CBD and hemp extracts also contain a host of essential nutrients, including vitamins and fatty acids. These compounds are known to contribute to healthy skin by promoting hydration and expelling free radicals that can cause irritation and imperfections. CBD Balms harness all these benefits and combine them with various other skincare essentials to create well-rounded products that are as effective as possible.

*CBD Balms and other products are not designed or recommended to replace the use of medical products for the treatment of any health condition.

Are CBD Balms Suitable for my Skin Type?

Our skin is unique to us as you have probably found when trying out a new skincare product. For example, one product that your friend strongly recommends might be a terrible fit for your skin. You might have dry skin while your friend has oily skin – this means that in many cases, you are in need of very different products. However, CBD is known to be a suitable product for the vast majority of skin types.

CBD and hemp extracts are generally hydrating but not heavy, meaning CBD Balms and other CBD-based skincare products can deliver much-needed moisture without clogging your pores. What’s more, the anti-inflammatory potential of CBD means that this wonder compound is also suitable for sensitive skin. It is known for providing gentle hydration and relief from irritation that may be exacerbated by other skincare products.

While CBD Balms can be used on any part of the body, we recommend using them for areas that tend to experience more intense dryness – such as the heels, elbows and other joint areas. For more regular use, check out our selection CBD Creams.

CBD and Pain Relief

CBD products have become a popular option for many people looking for an alternative for pain management – with fewer and less serious side effects. While more research is needed, current evidence suggests that the anti-inflammatory potential of CBD could be useful for a number of inflammatory skin conditions. For example, CBD may help to soothe irritation and dryness associated with psoriasis and eczema.

CBD Balms and Balms may be particularly useful in this setting as they provide localised application with ease. Simply apply your CBD Balm directly to the affected area and allow it to fully soak in.

How Does CBD Skincare Work?

CBD skincare allows CBD to be delivered to specific areas of the body, alongside other tried-and-tested skincare ingredients. This more localised approach allows you to make the most of this popular cannabinoid for a particular complaint, such as dryness or irritation. But how does it actually work? Well, CBD and other cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant interact with a receptor system in our bodies known as the Endocannabinoid System. In addition to being expressed throughout our immune and nervous system, endocannabinoid receptors are also present in parts of our skin.

This Endocannabinoid System is known to play an important role in the regulation of various physiological and cognitive functions, including mood, pain reception, and temperature. When CBD is applied topically, it is absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin where it can activate these receptors and trigger a number of processes which may be beneficial to skin health.

Is CBD Legal?

While CBD may now be more well-known and popular than ever, the compound’s association with cannabis still leaves many people wondering about its legality.

But don’t worry! CBD is completely legal in the UK where recent legislation has introduced more thorough regulation on the industry. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you only purchase from trusted retailers to ensure compliance with manufacturing and regulation practices.

Will CBD make me High?

Yet another question that persists despite the incredible success of the CBD industry is this: ‘Will it make me high?’.

CBD products, when manufactured to legal and regulatory standards do not produce the ‘high’ that is commonly associated with cannabis. This is because these products contain only trace amounts (and sometimes none at all) of THC – the cannabinoid responsible for creating the ‘high’ feeling when cannabis is consumed.

In the UK and Europe, there are extremely stringent measures on the amount of THC permitted in commercial CBD products. Furthermore, the vast majority of CBD products available in the UK are made from hemp plants that contain no more than 0.2% THC.

Advantages of CBD Balms

Disadvantages of CBD Balms


Skincare – whether for the face or the body is becoming an increasingly important part of our daily regime. CBD Balms make for a great addition to your collection and can be called upon to deliver an intense boost of hydration and relief in the worst-affected areas.

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