The Ultimate Cannabis World Tour

Reading time - 9 minutes - October 27, 2021

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” – Andre Gide

Travelling the world is a necessity. It teaches you about the world, it teaches you about yourself, and it teaches you about different types of people. The average person lives until 80 in the UK, so there isn’t a better time than any to get up and explore. But where should you go? And, even more specifically, where are the best places to visit whilst also enjoying the wonders of cannabis? Cannabis and travelling go hand in hand, but choosing where to go can be tough. It would take decades to travel the whole work, stopping off at all places. But we can make a start. So here it is: our ultimate cannabis tour. Why not give it a go?

Travelling The World

Since the dawn of time human beings have been exploring the planet. From Homer in the Odyssey travelling the Greek Islands to Christopher Columbas discovering the Americas, it’s a part of our DNA. But now we live in the futuristic year of 2021, surely there’s nothing left to explore. Everything has been discovered, right? Well, someone else may have discovered it, but you may have not. Discovering in the modern world is less about discovering something for the first time ever, but it’s now about discovering something for yourself. 

Maybe people will also claim that travelling is a luxury. This is partly true. You do need a certain amount of money to travel, and especially to do this cannabis world tour. But travelling cheap is not hard. All it takes is a little thought and consideration. In many of these countries, the price of the pound against that currency is very good, which can make things very cheap. In addition, if you practice the art of saving money then often you’ll realise how many pointless and unneeded things we purchase on a daily basis. 

Once you’ve got the bug for wanderlust it will never stop. But why does travelling and cannabis go so well together?


Wonders of Cannabis 

Cannabis is a complex plant, and one that deserves respect and research. Thankfully, since medical cannabis was legalized in the UK in 2018, more research has been done into it. Cannabis has 100 known cannabinoids, and each of these creates a different effect on the user. The most well-known cannabis cannabinoids are CBD and THC. These, combined, offer both a calming non-psychoactive experience, and a euphoric and mind-altering psychoactive experience. Here’s a few reasons why travelling and cannabis go so well together. 

Enhanced Senses

Cannabis and THC in particular is known to enhance the user’s senses. Colours, tastes, flavours, smells are all known to become better when you’re high. When you’re travelling you’re likely to experience a lot of new sensual pleasures. When this is combined with the sense enhancing nature of cannabis, it becomes like pleasure x 2. Your senses go into a beautiful overload. 

Mind Opening 

Cannabis also allows your mind to open to new ideas and to new places. The level of relaxation you can feel, causes you to open your mind to things that might have before given you anxiety. An open mind is important when travelling as you’re likely to experience cultures and places you’re not used to.


Cannabis can make you feel euphoric. This isn’t the same type of euphoria that you feel when you take a stimulant like ecstasy or cocaine. This type of euphoria is one without a come down. A more authentic one. Cannabis can allow you to find the beauty of the world, rather than forcing you to feel something. Weed-fuelled euphoria is perfect for travelling.

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Cannabis World Tour

So, you’ve packed your bag, saved a bit of money, got enough weed to last you a year, and now you’re ready to go on a cannabis world tour. You probably won’t be able to get all that cannabis across customs, so be prepared to source some whilst you’re out there. But don’t worry. This is better. Trying local cannabis in many different places will improve the whole experience. Wherever you are in the world, cannabis is not hard to find.  

This world tour can be changed, skipped and messed with, but here is our version of it. You might want to switch a few of these places for other ones, but there is no doubt that this cannabis world tour you’re about to read would be an epic adventure. 

Stop 1 – Shoreditch, England

The first stop on this tour is England, London, Shoreditch. Shoreditch is an amazingly vibrant place and cannabis will surely not be a stranger there. From colourful bars, to fun games, to the best clothes in the world in Brick Lane, to incredible flavour; this place has everything. So enjoy your cannabis, take a stroll, grab a drink, eat some grub and buy a wavy shirt. Welcome to east london. 

Stop 2 – Stonehenge, England

The next stop is Stonehenge, England. Yep. We haven’t left England quite yet. Stonehenge is a collection of large stones and is a wonder of the world because it’s one of the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circles. Some people believe that it is so sophisticated that aliens must have built it. Grab your dry herb vape, put some bud in it, enjoy the open green space, and theorise about how this phenomenon could have been built 

Stop 3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands 

The first stop outside of the UK is the weed capital of the world: Amsterdam. Amsterdam is like some sort of cannabis utopia, and if you’ve never been then now’s your chance. It’s like Charlie and the chocolate factory, but instead of chocolate there’s cannabis. A lot of cannabis. Not only is cannabis easily accessible in Amsterdam, but the city is basically built to suit a weed lover. The beautiful cobbled streets, the incredible and kind people, the bikes, the canals; it really is the land of weed. Don’t forget to stop off in Amsterdam.

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Stop 4 – Lake Bled, Slovenia

Next on the list you have Lake Bled in the beautiful country of Slovenia. Slovenia is one of the hidden gems of Europe and if you’ve never been, then you’re missing out. The country has amazing mountains and amazing lakes. Lake Bled, in particular, is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. In the middle of a massive pool of water sits a small island with a castle on it. The water is crisp and blue. There’s even a special Lake Bled cake, which is to die for. It’s a very quiet and tranquil place, so it’s the perfect next stop after the bustle and vibes of Amsterdam.

Stop 5 – Pushkar, India

Now we leap across the pond rather dramatically to India, to visit another lake. Pushkar is a very small town, surrounding a very small lake, right next to the massive Thar desert. The lake is sacred and it’s where pilgrims come to bathe. This small town is one of the most spiritual places you may ever visit. Full of temples and religious sites, this place will open your mind. Plus, hashish is everywhere so you can try some home grown Indian hash. Make sure to enjoy it with some locals. The conversations you have may change your life forever. 

Stop 6 – Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Now, again, we travel miles and miles to the south-east Asian country of Vietnam. Cat Ba Island is one of the main islands just off of Halong Bay, which is another wonder of the world. Halong bay has incredible green mountains poking out of the sea, and looks like something out of Avatar. You can visit halong bay, and use cat ba island as an adventure spot. Rent a motorbike, and explore this bustling and jungle-like island. If you look hard enough, you might even find one of the ‘high bars’ where you can sit at the top of a mountain peak, and buy weed at the bar. 

Stop 7 – Hobbiton, New Zealand

Unless you’ve been living under a fantasy-proof rock, then you’ll know that Hobbiton is one of the amazing locations where Lord of the Rings was filmed. Hobbiton is where the Hobbits live, and it’s an insanely gorgeous place. In fact, Gandolf even smoked some ‘pipe-weed’ there, so it must be cannabis-friendly, right? Although recreational cannabis isn’t legal in New Zealand, it isn’t hard to find some. So, pack up your dry herb vape, and go explore the shire like Sam and Frodo. If you’ve never seen Lord of the Rings before then  we apologize for all of these alienating references, but the place is still amazing without Token knowledge. Trust us. 

Stop 8 – Melbourne, Australia 

Stop number 8 of the ultimate cannabis tour is Melbourne. They say if you dug a whole directly down from England, you’d end up in Australia. Maybe digging through the centre of the Earth isn’t the ideal way to travel to this stop on the tour, but when there’s a will, there’s a way. Melbourne is known for its incredible coffee and hilarious comedy. Comedy, coffee and cannabis: the 3 C’s. Have a high day of enjoying the Australian weather, grabbing the best coffee in the world, and seeing some comedy at the Melbourne Comics Lounge. 

Stop 9 – California, America

The penultimate stop is California, America. California is one of 18 states in America to have legalized recreational cannabis and, in consequence, the state is now a weed-topia. There’s 1000s of weed dispensaries that allow you to easily purchase your favourite cannabis. This place is on par with Amsterdam, and with its incredible beaches, perhaps it’s even better. Go down to Venice beach, and enjoy some of nature’s finest.

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Stop 10 – Negril, Jamaica

And now we’re at the final stop: Negril, Jamaica. The once home of Bob Marley himself. Jamaica is, in a way, the true champion of cannabis. With insanely beautiful beaches and decriminalized cannabis, this is the final stop for a reason. Chill out, relax and enjoy a place that has – for a long time – been accepting of weed-enthusiasts like yourself. Maybe if you’re high enough you may even see Bob Marley’s ghost. 

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