Does vaporizing weed smell more than smoking it

Reading time - 7 minutes - May 26, 2022

Many people these days are opting for a weed vaporizer rather than the traditional method of smoking, but why? One of the main reasons is because weed vaporizers are healthier than smoking, another is because weed vaporizers get you higher than smoking, but what else? Well, many people seem to think that using a weed vaporizer smells less than smoking does. Others may even think that weed vaporizers smell more than smoking does, so let’s find out. In this article we will be getting to the bottom of what smells more, weed vaporizers or joints? Also, if you aren’t familiar with what a weed vaporizer is then not to worry as we will also be covering this, let’s go!

Weed Vaporizer

In order for us to get to the bottom of which method of consuming weed smells more, a weed vaporizer or a joint, we will need to first understand what exactly a weed vaporizer is. So, what is a weed vaporizer and how does it work? By knowing this it may give an idea of how much the weed vaporizer smells.

What is a weed vaporizer & how does it work?

A weed vaporizer is a battery powered device that is designed to heat up your cannabis to the point of where vaporization occurs, allowing you to inhale the vapor. Weed vaporizers do not combust the weed hence you receive more terpenes and cannabinoids when using a weed vaporizer. Whereas, when smoking you lose some of the cannabinoids and terpenes as combustion takes place which destroys them. 

A weed vaporizer works by using a battery-powered heating chamber to produce heat. The heating chamber is where the weed is placed. Heating chambers are usually made of glass, ceramic or stainless steel. The heating chamber of the weed vaporizer will vaporize weed at the press of a button or sometimes even just by a simple inhale thanks to inhale activation technology, which some of our dry herb vaporizers feature. The heating element is most commonly ceramic. 

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How much does a weed vaporizer smell?

Weed vaporizers vaporize weed, they don’t burn it, because of this the smell from a weed vaporizer doesn’t linger and dissipates much faster. However, when smoking joints, the weed is combusting, making the smoke heavier and much denser than vapour. This means that the smell will stay around for much longer, even in a well ventilated area.

Using a weed vaporizer is very different in this sense. If you are using a weed vaporizer inside and just leave a window open while you’re vaping, the smell from the weed vaporizer will be gone in just a few minutes. You could even vaporize in a poorly ventilated area with the windows closed, and the smell from the weed vaporizer will still be gone in only about 10 minutes or so. Which makes a huge difference when compared to smoking joints where the smell can last for hours. So if the smell hardly lasts from a weed vaporizer when being used indoors, can you imagine what that means if you’re vaping outdoors? The smell is hardly noticeable! You could be very happily using a weed vaporizer outdoors and no one would know you’re vaping weed. The smell from your weed vaporizer will disappear extremely quickly as is so subtle.

So a few things to remember about how much a weed vaporizer smells are that:

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Why do weed vaporizers smell?

Let’s remind ourselves of what weed vaporizers were designed to do; use high heat to transform weed to its aerosolized state. Meaning that all of the compounds like THC and CBD in your cannabis get heated until they become airborne. Resulting in vapour that you can inhale. Since all of the compounds of your weed get transformed into breathable vapour, there will of course be a noticeable scent.

This is because all of the compounds get heated and transformed into this vapour, including the terpenes and other compounds that give weed its aroma and scent. There is no way to create a vapour from cannabis without it smelling which is why weed vaporizers are great as they create very little smell that dissipates quickly.

Smoking Weed

Now that we’ve covered weed vaporizers, let’s just quickly go through how much smoking joints smells and why. Does smoking a joint really smell more than using a weed vaporizer? 

How much does smoking joints smell?

If you aren’t familiar with what a joint is, they are also commonly known as spliffs and blunts too. They can be defined by what material is used to roll them and how much cannabis and tobacco they have. Joints are usually rolled with rolling papers.They’re filling can either be all weed or weed mixed with tobacco. Joints are usually smoked using a lighter to light them, which is what causes the weed to combust. 

As smoking a joint involves combustion of the weed, it will produce a strong weed smoke odour. If you smoke a joint indoors without any ventilation for example no open window or no constant-air conditioning, it will leave the room or house smelling like stale weed smoke for days. Even if you smoke the joint next to an open window and turn a fan or air conditioning on afterwards, the smell will most likely still linger for a few or several hours before going. 

Why does the smell stay after smoking?

There are a few reasons that the smell of weed stays after smoking a joint. However, the smell from smoking a joint isn’t the same as the smoke from a cigarette. First of all, because the smell of cannabis is quite strong, many people seem to assume that this means the smoke and smell will be worse than tobacco or cigarettes. This isn’t the case though, to put it into perspective, years or cigarette smoke in a house can cause both long-term and short-term damage to it. For example, long-term damage can involve removing carpets, repeating walls, deodorising and sealing. This is all mainly due to the fact that cigarettes contain chemicals, therefore making the smoke quite damaging.

However, cannabis does not contain any of these harmful chemicals, hence making its smoke less damaging. The lack of harmful chemicals in marijuana allows the smoke to dissipate within hours sometimes, which is very different to cigarettes, yet not as good as weed vaporizers. When smoking joints, the smell is usually not detectable after several hours or a day or 2 and the walls don’t get stained like they do when smoking cigarettes. 

It is important to note though that the intensity of the smoke and smells produced by smoking a joint will always differ due to strains. All strains of cannabis are composed of different mixes of compounds, terpenes and chemicals. These factors have a major impact on the strength of the smell released from the weed and the joint’s smoke. 

Another thing to note is that the conditions inside of a home where you’re smoking a joint can also play a large role in how long the scent and aroma of the weed will last in the airspace. If the home has poor ventilation it will restrict the in and out of air from its environment, causing stale air. It can also be potentially dangerous when a build up of odours develops within an indoor space. 

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So, which smells more?

It’s safe to say that smoking joints definitely smells more than using a dry herb vaporizer. The smell produced from smoking a joint is much more intense than the thin vapour that is produced from a weed vaporizer. Also, the smell from the smoke produced when smoking a joint lingers in indoor spaces much longer than the vapour from a weed vaporizer does. Vaping from a weed vaporizer indoors will only leave a smell for a couple of hours or even just several minutes if it was with open windows. Smoking joints can leave the smoke lingering for several hours or even a couple of days depending on air flow and ventilation.


Smoking joints smell more than vaping from a weed vaporizer simply because of combustion. Combustion takes place when smoking a joint, the weed is getting burned. Whereas, weed vaporizers simply involve weed vapour, no smoke, no combustion. The smoke from a joint is much thicker and heavier than the vapour from a weed vaporizer, causing it to linger for longer and to cling to things like fabrics and hair.

The vapour from a weed vaporizer dissipates quickly and is so light that it does not linger for long. Another clear way to think about how much heavier and thicker smoke from a joint is compared to vapour from a weed vaporizer is to compare the weight of ABV with the ash from a joint. The ABV weighs much more than the ash from a joint because only the compounds were extracted and vaporized, whereas with the joint, it burned the weed (combusted) and created heavy smoke, leaving ash behind. You can read more about how much weed vaporizers smell here.

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