A Beginners Guide to Dry Herb Vaporizers

Reading time - 6 minutes - January 12, 2021

Until recently, smoking dry herb was seen to be one of the only methods of hemp consumption. However, as studies have shown, it seems clearer now than ever that inhaling marijuana through a vaporizer is a much healthier option. Dry Herb Vaporizers are becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy consuming herbs. They allow you to enjoy smoking your dry herb in its purest form, without any of the unhealthy smoke. This article will take you through how they actually work, the multiple health and social benefits, and we’re going to be looking at all the things you need to know to ensure you can have the best possible experience with dry herb vaporizers. Let’s go!

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

So, how do these things work? Dry herb vaporizers work by heating up the herb (or buds) to a temperature of around 170-220 degrees. Sometimes you’ll be able to alter the vaporizer’s heat level manually, but other times it’s pre-set. The hotter the temperature usually means less flavour, but more strength. The vaporizer is able to extract and evaporate the terpenes and cannabinoids from the dry herb without combusting it. To put it simply, the weed gets blasted with hot air, and you inhale the vape. No rolling, no paper, no smoke. If you want to know a brief history of the vaporizer then make sure to check out our other article. 

dry herb vaporizer

How Is It Heated?

There’s two common ways that the vaporizer heats up the bud for consumption. Conduction and convection. Two words you probably haven’t heard since year 9 chemistry. 

Conduction vaporizers work by heating up the herb directly from below. Much like frying onions in a pan. 

Alternatively, convection vaporizers work more like an oven. Circulating the hot air around the vape, meaning the herb gets evenly heated. 

The Elements of a Vaporizer

If you’re wondering what is our best dry herb vaporizer then check out our other article. But for now, let’s have a look into the different elements of these immense contraptions. There are three main parts to all dry herb vaporizers: the battery, the chamber and the mouthpiece. 


The majority of dry herb vaporizers are portable and therefore need a battery element to power them. The batteries are rechargeable using the vape battery charger and the length of life will depend on the model of the vaporizer. Alternatively, desktop vaporizers are usually a lot bigger and are plugged into the mains. 


The chamber, or sometimes referred to as ‘the oven’, is where you put the dry herb to be heated and eventually inhaled. The chamber part of the vaporizer is made with different materials depending on the specific vaporizer. Usually, the material is ceramic steel as it heats fast and maintains the flavour. More recently some designers have been using quartz chambers to try and lose even less flavour.


This is the part where you experience the finished product. The inhalation element is a mouthpiece which you inhale to get the vapor, from the chamber, into your mouth. There are varied looks to the mouthpiece. Some are cylindrical, and others are flat. You might find one to be more comfortable and easier for inhalation than the other. Desktop vaporizers commonly have balloons or whip tubing for the inhalation element. Top tip: If you’re wanting to maximise the flavour of your dry herb, try the glass mouthpiece accessory. Or try it with a glass water bubbler

Portable Vs Stationary Dry Herb Vaporizers

You might be wondering what the main positives and negatives are for the two types of vaporizers. 

The stationary option is preferable if you desire to vape at home, perhaps with friends, in comfort. Also, you won’t ever need to worry about the amount of charge you have left, as the dry herb vaporizer will be plugged into the mains. 

Alternatively, the portable vaporizer means, of course, that you can enjoy your dry herb anytime, anywhere. Also, If you’re trying to cut down on the amount you smoke herb, then having the vaporizer with you will make it more likely you continue to avoid  smoking it.

The Benefits

The health benefits of dry herb vaporization vs dry herb smoking are multiple. As the health problems caused by smoking are detrimental, It is becoming more and more popular to find alternative ways to consume herb. The main difference being that one involves combustion and the other doesn’t. However, the benefits are not only health-related.

Here are 5 of the biggest benefits of dry herb vaporizers: 

1 – Inhalation

Although inhaling hot air is not good for the throat, the benefits of vaping over smoking is evident. By using the dry herb vaporizer you avoid any of the carcinogens or toxic chemicals produced from combustion (or smoking). 

2 – Flavour 

Smoking dry herb often reduces the original flavour of the bud. The process of combustion loses a lot of the original taste within the dry herb, however alternatively, the process of vaporization is able to maintain more flavour.   

3 – Expense

If you invest in a solid, reliable dry herb vaporizer, it will, without a doubt, be less expensive than smoking regularly. The cost of papers, lighters, and other smoking accessories build up over time. Plus, herbs actually last longer when you’re not burning them. A one time vape purchase, and avoiding these expenses, will save you money. 

4 – Convenient 

The convenience of dry herb vaporizers are extensive. It’s quicker than rolling, it’s more discreet and the smell doesn’t stick to clothes in the same way that smoking does. All you need to do is take the vape out, fill up the chamber with your dry herb, and then inhale. Easy. 

5 – Self-control

If you’re someone who is wanting to keep tabs on the amount you are consuming, then the dry herb vaporizer allows you to do this. It’s a lot easier to note for yourself how much herb you are using at a time. Also, you are able to turn up and down the heat, which changes the amount of vapor you inhale. 

With people’s attitude to smoking dry herb changing more and more each year, now is a better time than ever to try out a dry herb vaporizer. If you’re trying to cut down, take the healthier option, or even if you just want more purity from your herb, the vaporizer is the way to go. 

This has been the beginners guide to dry herb vaporizers. 

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