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Reading time - 9 minutes - March 3, 2021

Dry herb vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes. They come in many prices and they come under many names. We at Nectar offer three dry herb portable vaporizers: The V2 model, the Gold model and the Platinum model. They all do essentially the same thing, with small differences. But those small differences can affect your vaping experience. That’s why in this article we’re going to look at our three dry herb vape models, and the specifics that make them so original. Afterwards, you will be able to decide yourself which dry herb vaporizer would suit you best. But first, we’ll look into the history and facts of dry herb vaporizers so you can fill your mind with context. Nothing like good, old fashioned context. Without further blabbering, let’s get on with it. As always, strap yourselves in for an educational and exciting experience. Let’s go! 

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

First things first, how do these things work? Dry herb vaporizers work by heating up the herb (or buds) to a temperature of around 170-220 degrees. Sometimes you’ll be able to alter the vaporizer’s heat level manually, but other times it’s pre-set. The hotter the temperature usually means less flavour, but more strength. The vaporizer is able to extract and evaporate the terpenes and cannabinoids from the dry herb without combusting it. To put it simply, the weed gets blasted with hot air, and you inhale the vape. No rolling, no paper, no smoke. 

The Elements of a Dry Herb Vaporizer

So that’s how they work. But let’s have a look into the different elements of these immense contraptions. These are the parts which really make a dry herb vape better than others. There are three main elements to all dry herb vaporizers: the battery, the chamber and the mouthpiece. 

18650 Battery

The majority of dry herb vaporizers are portable and therefore need a battery element to power them. The batteries are rechargeable using the vape battery charger and the length of life will depend on the model of the vaporizer. The bigger, the better. The 18650 battery is the strongest, and fits in both the Nectar Gold dry herb vaporizer and the Nectar Platinum dry herb vape. 

Ceramic Chamber

The chamber in a dry herb vaporizer, or sometimes referred to as ‘the oven’, is where you put the dry herb to be heated and eventually inhaled. The chamber part of the vaporizer is made with different materials depending on the specific vaporizer. Usually, the material is ceramic steel as it heats fast and maintains the flavour. More recently some designers have been using quartz chambers to try to lose even less flavour. If a portable vaporizer has a ceramic chamber, you know it’s good quality. 


This is the part where you experience the finished product. The inhalation element is called a mouthpiece, which you inhale to get the vapour from the chamber into your mouth. There are varied looks to the mouthpieces used in dry herb vaporizers. Some are cylindrical, and others are flat. You might find one to be more comfortable and easier for inhalation than the other. Top tip: If you’re wanting to maximise the flavour of your dry herb, try the glass mouthpiece in our vape accessories. 

How does the Dry Herb Vaporizer heat Dry Herb?

To put it simply, the two types of heating within vaporizers are conduction and convection. Conduction vaporizers work by heating up the chosen substance by making contact with a heat source directly below the substance being heated, much like frying onions in a pan. Alternatively, convection vaporizers work more like an oven, circulating the hot air around the vape, meaning the herb gets evenly heated, as opposed to having a substance which is hotter on the side which is making contact with the heat source. 

The Benefits

Before highlighting the attributes of our three dry herb vaporizers, let’s remember the health benefits of dry herb vaporization vs dry herb smoking. As the health problems caused by smoking are detrimental, It is becoming more and more popular to find alternative ways to consume herb. The main difference being that one involves combustion and the other doesn’t. Smoking and combustion creates dangerous toxins as it burns at 900 degrees. These release carcinogens which are linked to cancer. Vaporizers don’t burn anywhere near this heat, and don’t use the process of combustion, making them healthier. However, the benefits are not only health-related.

Here are 3 of the biggest benefits of dry herb vaporizers: 

1 – Airflow 

Although inhaling hot air is not good for the throat, the benefits of vaping over smoking is evident. By using a dry herb vaporizer you avoid any of the carcinogens or toxic chemicals produced from combustion (or smoking). Furthermore, inhaling becomes a lot easier and smoother. You won’t need to suck desperately to a badly lit joint, the inhale through the dry herb vape mouthpiece can be smooth and slick.

2 – Flavour 

Smoking dry herb often reduces the original flavour of the bud. The process of combustion loses a lot of the original taste within the dry herb, whilst alternatively, the process of vaporization is able to maintain more flavour. Therefore, if you’ve selected your weed because of the flavour, dry herb vapes can ensure you taste that beautiful aroma. 

3 – Expense

If you invest in a solid and reliable dry herb vaporizer it will, without a doubt, be less expensive than smoking regularly. The cost of papers, lighters, tobacco and other smoking accessories build up over time. Plus, dry herbs actually last longer when you’re not burning them. A one time vape purchase, and avoiding these expenses, will save you money. 

The History of the Vaporizer

The history of the vaporizer is a surprisingly fruitful one. Vaping and vape culture really took off in the 2000s, especially with the dry herb vaporizer and the e-cigarette gaining popularity. However, although dry herb vaporizers and all types of vapes may look futuristic, the science behind the heating of the materials has been around for centuries. For the first signs of vaping you’d have to look back to the period of the ancient Egyptians in 5BC. If you want to find out more about the history behind vaporizers, make sure to check out our article: a brief history of the vaporizer.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Laws in the UK

If you’re new to the vaping community then it’s always good to remind yourself of the laws on vaping within the UK. A common question people aren’t sure about the answer to is: Is weed legal in the UK? Whilst recreational marijuana remains illegal in the UK, it looks as if as time goes by the government may ease their view. 

Here is a brief summary of the current vape laws in the UK

Our Three Dry Herb Vaporizers 

Now you know all the information around dry herb vaporizers, we can delve into our own portable vaporizers. Finally! As previously stated, Nectar has three models. Each has different prices and attributes. 

Nectar V2 Vaporizer

“The premium affordable portable vaporizer”

The Nectar V2 portable vaporizer offers an exceptionally flavoursome vaping experience. As the least expensive option, we’ve called this version the premium affordable portable vaporizer. It has a ceramic heating chamber, which has been engineered to self-regulate the temperature of your chosen herb, ensuring precise control. The ceramic oven means you won’t be left with any sticky issues or leftover residues. However, one thing you can be assured of, is a smooth flavour. The chamber heats through convection to a maximum temperature of 225C, which avoids any chance of combustion (which of course is seriously harmful). 

Price: £59.99

Inputs: Dry herb 

Portability: 10.6cm x 3.5cm x 2.4cm

0 to 180°C: 45 Seconds

Battery: 2600mAh (4V) Lithium Polymer

Charge (0-100%): 2 hours

Heating Mechanism: Ceramic Heating Chamber

Guarantee: 12-Months

Cleaning Kit: Yes


Nectar Gold Vaporizer

“For the more experienced dry herb vaporizer owner”

The Nectar Gold dry herb vaporizer is for the more experienced vaporizer owner out there. It has the slick rotating and replaceable mouthpiece, which allows you to tuck it away smoothly. This means that your dry herb vaporizer maintains a great level of hygiene. Not only that, but the new mouthpieces means you no longer need to worry about breaking it on the move. In other words, the Nectar Gold dry herb vaporizer is designed to be portable without needlessly screaming for attention. It’s light, it’s powerful and it can go with you on all your ventures.

Price: £94.99

Inputs: Dry herb & wax

Portability: 11cm x 3.7cm x 2.3cm

0 to 180°C: 15 Seconds

Battery: 2900mAh (4V) Lithium Polymer

Charge (0-100%): 2 hours

Heating Mechanism: Ceramic Heating Chamber

Guarantee: 12-Months

Cleaning Kit: Yes


Nectar Platinum Vaporizer

“Platinum in name and platinum in style”

The Nectar Platinum dry herb vape is top of the range because it uses the largest capacity vape battery available on the market. The new battery has the capability to push through a greater amount of voltage, so you’ll be sure to get more power when you want it. The Nectar Platinum also has the added capability to be used with both dry herbs and/or wax. If you want to make your own wax, it can be made using one of our DIY Rosin Press kits. Ultimately, the Platinum does the same as the other two vaporizers and more! It has an increased airflow with a larger mouthpiece, it has a slicker design with LED lit buttons, it has a curved design, it has an upgraded battery clip and an upgraded charging port. The Platinum Dry Herb Vaporizer is platinum in name, and platinum in style. 

Price: £119.99

Inputs: Dry herb & Wax

Portability: 11cm x 3.7cm x 2.3cm

0 to 180°C: 12 Seconds

Battery: 3500mAh (20A)

Charge (0-100%): 2 hours

Heating Mechanism: Ceramic Heating Chamber

Guarantee: 12-Months

Cleaning Kit: Yes


Which of our Dry Herb Vaporizers do you Prefer?

There you have it. You now have all the information you need to know about our three dry herb vaporizer models. Each has its own benefits and price bracket. The rest is now up to you. Maybe you came here with the intent to purchase, or maybe you just came to find out about dry herb vaporizers. Either way, we hope you enjoyed this article and, most importantly, found it educational. 


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