5 Tips to Instantly Enhance Your Weed Vape Experience

Reading time - 6 minutes - September 2, 2021

The weed vape is an incredible device that has the potential to revolutionise your cannabis consumption experience. Around the world, people are turning their heads away from smoking and towards the dry herb vaporizer as they begin to realise the many benefits it can have. However, although weed vapes are becoming more common, are people using them right? The truth is, although most dry herb vaporizers are easy to use, not everyone knows how to enhance their vaping experience. There are many techniques you can use to instantly make your vaping experience better. Today we’re going to give you 5 key tips to make your session even better. Let’s go. 

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Benefits of the Weed Vape

Before we delve into the 5 tips to instantly enhance your weed vape experience, let’s first remind ourselves about why these devices are so great. There are many benefits of the dry herb vaporizer, let’s take a look. 


Using a vaporiser is healthier than smoking. Although you may have heard the rumours of ‘popcorn lung’ or ‘cottonmouth’, there is no doubt that vaping is definitely better for you than smoking. This is because when you smoke, you begin the process of combustion, which releases dangerous toxins and cancerous carcinogens into your body. Combustion occurs when something is heated at about 230 degrees. To put this into perspective, a cigarette is lit at 900 degrees. A dry herb vaporizer heats buds at around 180-220 degrees. The increased temperature of a cigarette is pointless and dangerous. 


The cost of a weed vape is also cheaper in the long run. The price of a one-off dry herb vape is cheaper than the cost of tobacco and joint accessories. Furthermore, the temperature of a weed vape wastes less cannabis than when your burn bud in a joint. Therefore, you’re also saving money on marijuana over time.


Another huge benefit of the dry herb vape is the ease it adds to your life. You don’t need to strap up a joint, or worry about tobacco. All you need to do is place the cannabis in the chamber, press a button to heat it up, and then inhale. Also, due to the fact that the cannabis is not burning, the vapour won’t smell or make you smell anywhere near the same amount that a joint would. Ultimately, the dry herb vape is an easier, slicker experience. 

5 Tips to Enhance Your Weed Vape Experience

Now we’ve reminded ourselves why dry herb vapes are so popular, let’s ensure we’re using them to their full potential. Anyone can buy a weed vaporizer, but only the best can utilise them for everything they’re worth. 

Tip 1: Perfect Bud

The first tip to enhance your weed vape experience revolves around the cannabis bud itself. The more perfect the cannabis is, the easier it is to heat up, and thus the easier it is to inhale. First of all, make sure the bud is ground up with a grinder. If you don’t grind the bud evenly and fine enough, it won’t be heated all the way through. This wastes cannabis and subsequently limits the amount of vapour created from it. In addition, you need to make sure the cannabis bud is dry. There’s a reason it’s called ‘dry’ herb and not ‘slightly moist’ herb. The dryer the herb, the better it will heat up. Ultimately, the perfect cannabis bud will enhance your weed vape experience extremely. If you want to check out our Nectar grinder, click here

Tip 2: The Oven Chamber

The next tip is all to do with the oven chamber. When packing the chamber, make sure it isn’t overcrowded. Now you have your evenly, well-grounded bud, you need to ensure you don’t place too much of it in the oven. If you do, it will be hard for the heat to reach all of the cannabis and it could leave some of it unheated. Also, if the oven is overpacked, you’ll find it hard to inhale. Again, the most successful sessions and best vapour will require evenly heated buds.  

Tip 3: Temperature 

The next tip is potentially the most important. People often wonder why there isn’t much vapour coming out of their weed vape, or why the flavour is minimal. The answer: it’s all about the temperature. The temperature of your dry herb vaporizer is crucial in how much vapour comes out, how much flavour to get, and how intense the hit is. The higher the temperature, the more vapour, but less flavour. Take a look at the below image to see what temperature works for you. Our recommendation would be anywhere from 180-200 degrees. 

weed vape

Tip 4: Inhalation

The next tip is all about inhalation. Even if you have the perfect cannabis bud and the perfect temperature, if you aren’t perfecting your inhalation technique then you won’t reach the full potential of your vape sesh. The key to inhalation is long and gentle, rather than slow and harsh. The best inhalation is a long and gentle sip for around 10 seconds. This should allow time for the vapour to build up and fill your mouth. Avoid ripping it, but instead try sipping it. 

Tip 5: Cleanliness

The last but far from least key tip is cleanliness. Keeping your weed vape clean is crucial, as it ensures that you aren’t inhaling old, residue cannabis buds. Also, the flavour is intensified if the vaporizer is as clean as possible. The best habit to get into is to clean your vape, using the cleaner kit, after each vape sesh. If you don’t clean it afterwards, the bud can build up and become harder to eradicate. It may sound boring, but cleanliness is a key tip to enhancing your weed vape experience. 

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The Extra Tip: How To Find The Perfect Weed Vape

Finding the perfect weed vape will of course enhance your experience. However, we don’t all have £500 to spend on the newest, most powerful dry herb vape in the world. But, we can do our research and find the perfect dry herb vape for us. And these 5 tips will work with any weed vape you decide to purchase. 

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Try These Tips  

Now you’ve read our top 5 tips, the final step is to try these out for yourself. The key to dry herb vaping is trial and error. The best thing to do is give these tips a try and see what works for you. Remember, you’re the one who’s vaping, so you take priority. 

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