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The Nectar v2 portable vaporizer has been designed from the ground up to offer an exceptionally flavoursome vaping experience. The Nectar v1 was already a vaporiser with a lot to offer, but the Nectar v2 provides four improvements with this version continuing to impress as an affordable premium vaporizer. The improvements are a ceramic chamber, a larger battery, self-regulating temperature and a ceramic mouthpiece – all to provide you with a premium vaping experience.

The ceramic heating chamber being engineered to self-regulate the temperature of your herb, ensures precise control over the extraction of your chosen herbal constituents.

Here’s a quick list of some of the key features of this portable vaporizer:

  • Dimensions: 10.6cm x 3.5cm x 2.4cm
  • Device Weight: 130g
  • Fast heat-up: 0 to 180°C in 45 seconds
  • Temperature control: 5°C increments
  • Battery: 2600mAh (High Drain, 20A, 4V, LiPo)
  • Charge (0-100%): 2 hours
  • Heating Chamber: Ceramic (Convection)
  • Isolated Airflow: Yes
  • Colour: Black
  • Warranty: 12-Months (extendable to 3 years at no extra charge)

The Nectar v2 portable vaporizer comes with a full pack of accessories to get you going from the very get go:

  • 5x Pipe Cleaners + 1x Cleaning Pick + 3x Oven Spacers + 1x Cleaning Brush + 1x User Manual + 1x Micro USB Charger

Whether you’re switching from papers or another device, make the jump to Nectar v2 and improve your experience with undisputed heat technology, an isolated airflow path, and a non-stick ceramic chamber.

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Quality Materials

The ceramic oven in the Nectar v2 portable vaporizer allows for no sticky issues, no left over residues and a smooth flavour you won’t need to get used to. Pure vapour that will stay true to you. The chamber heats through convection to a maximum temperature of 225C, avoiding all possibilities of combustion. The Nectar portable vaporizer is so smart it also lets you know when the oven is ready with a vibration alert – so you can sit back and enjoy.

On The Go

With a 30 second heat-up time, you can now enjoy the Nectar V2 vaporizer between journeys, on the way to work or wherever you please. The device is programmed with a safety provision to ensure it is not accidentally switched on with a 2 second window in which the power button must be pressed 5 times. The battery life of the Nectar v2 portable vaporizer is the upgraded version of Nectar’s first line of portable vaporizers and is built for endurance. It has a built-in 2600mAh LiPo (4V) battery providing 80 – 120 minutes of charge duration. Take Control…

Reliability and Practicality

Some say the bigger the better, we say what a waste of space. Nectar utilises the latest battery technology to allow for approx. 8 sessions. You also have the benefit of a foldaway mouthpiece for maximum hygiene and practicality. There is also a haptic sensor in your Nectar v2, which does two things. Firstly, your vaporizer will start dropping in temperature after 60s of no use – the device will warn you it is about to do this by vibrating once, 60s after it has been left untouched. Secondly, the device will turn itself off after 5 minutes of no use to preserve the battery life. Practicality and ease of use is what the Nectar v2 is built upon.


95% of people keep their Nectar v2 portable vaporizer, but just in case…
  • 3 year (free extendable) limited warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service
portable vaporizer

Vaporizer for wax

Are you looking for a portable vaporizer to vape wax or resins?  Take a look at Nectar Gold herb vaporizer which lets you vape both dry herb and wax/resin, and you can even make your own rosin using our rosin press machines.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Comparison Table

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is a portable battery-operated device that creates vapour for inhalation from dry herb materials. It has a small chamber in which dry herb is heated up, and when it reaches a suitable temperature depending on the material used, vapour is produced which you then inhale through a mouthpiece. 

There are various types of dry herb vaporizers: vape pens, hand-held portable dry herb vaporizers and the desktop varieties that are stationery. In our vaporizer shop we sell portable dry herb vaporizers. 

Nectar vaporizers are primarily convection vaporizers, though there is a small conduction aspect as the herbs touch the sides of the chamber. Convection is a method whereby the dry herb is surrounded by hot air in order to release vapour. Conduction on the other hand creates vapour by having the herb touch the heat source, so there is more combustion. Therefore, many people prefer the convection method as there is no combustion. Convection vaping generally leads to less wastage and stronger vapours. Whilst convection heating is slower to heat up the herb than conduction, it’s more efficient and releases more of the flavour profiles of the herb material. 

Can You Only Use Dry Herbs With Nectar Vaporizers?

The Nectar V2 dry herb vaporizer is for use with dry herb only. If you would like to have the option of vaporising both dry herb and concentrates then the Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum provide this 2-in-1 function. 

Concentrates (also known as wax or resin) are the liquid form of dry herbs which you can obtain through extraction. If you want to check out how to make concentrates at home, this can now be done safely and easily with a diy rosin press machine

Can I Use My Nectar Dry Herb Vaporizer with a Bong?

Yes! Any of the Nectar dry herb vaporizers can easily be used with a bong or to create a vape-bong setup. There are two ways you can do this: with your own bong if you have one using the Nectar glass bong adapter, or if you don’t have your own bong, with the Nectar glass water bubbler. Here’s more on these two methods. 

With Your Own Bong

If you have a bong already, you can use the Nectar glass bong adapter to connect any Nectar dry herb vaporizer to your bong. So you get to take advantage of the cooler vapour from the added water filtration in the bong, whilst also having the benefit of the vaporizer’s heating chamber and the filtering out of the fine debris from reaching your throat. 

A glass bong adapter gives you the power to take control of your vaping experience and enjoy an even smoother vaping experience. Many people find this setup reduces coughing as the vapour is less dry and therefore easier on the throat. Also, a bong provides bigger hits of cool, cleaner vapour than with just a bong.

The Nectar glass bong adapter is of medicinal grade and can be used with any of our vaporizers: Nectar v2, Nectar Gold or the Nectar Platinum.

Without Your Own Bong

The Nectar glass water bubbler, or vape bubbler, is the middle ground between a large bong, which can be somewhat cumbersome, and a non-cooling dry pipe. It lets you enjoy the benefits of a bong in an easy, portable way.

Since it’s small, it can be easily carried around whilst you’re on the go (but do remember to protect it well as it is glass!) 

You get the benefits of a bong with the water filtering out toxins resulting in cleaner, as well as cooler vapour. 

You don’t need any other accessories with the Nectar glass water bubbler – it already comes with a connector to attach the bubbler to your Nectar dry herb vaporizer, whether the Nectar v2, Nectar Gold or the Nectar Platinum The Nectar glass water bubbler is made of medicinal grade glass.

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    Easy to use, so far seems and fees durable. Not built for clouds it’s worth noting

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