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Reading time - 7 minutes - May 6, 2022

Want to try out a dry herb vape and experience it to the best of its capability? Well luckily for you, we’ll be sharing our top tips on improving your dry herb vaping experience! If you’re reading this article then you may or may not own one of our Nectar dry herb vaporizers, if you do then congratulations but it’s important to note that these top tips will apply to almost all dry herb vaporizers! When used in the right way, a vaporizer will allow you to save herbs and experience them in ways difficult to imagine without one. To help you we’ve handpicked our top tips so please make sure you read this article from start to finish! 

Throughout this article we will cover:

So, without further ado, let’s get into these top tips!

Vaping Experience

Okay, so let’s start off with our top tips to improve your vaping experience.

Top Tip 1: Creating vapour clouds

Firstly it’s important to know that vapour is millions of tiny liquid particles which are suspended in the air, the word to highlight here being ‘liquid’.

Contrary to e-cigarettes (which turn bottles of liquid into vapour), dry herb vaporizers on the other hand are very different as they’re used with dry herbs (with ‘dry’ being the keyword). The herbs are simply being heated and not burned so it’s important to note that clouds are not an accurate indication of whether a vaporizer is working well or not. 

Having said that, you should still get a small amount of vapour as there is still a little moisture in dry herbs. If you’re struggling to see any vapour whatsoever then you can follow our tips below:

Once your vaporizer reaches its temperature, leave it for another 20 seconds before drawing. This will give the heat enough time to evenly spread across your chosen ingredients.

Take long and slow draws through the mouthpiece – this always works best.

And, if using a low temperature, try increasing the temperature in increments of 10C.

Top Tip 2: Cleaning your device

It’s important to be tender when cleaning your vaporizer and not use excessive force to avoid damaging any of the parts, particularly the chamber. Isopropyl Alcohol (otherwise known as ISO) is super effective and will wipe off any sticky residue with just a few gentle flosses using a brush dipped in it. 

ISO can be purchased on Amazon and costs around £5 for 500ml which should last over a year. Only a small amount of ISO is needed to work effectively!

Top Tip 3: Sterilising before first use 

Sterilising your device is good practice and should get rid of any smells which may have arisen during the manufacturing process.

To sterilise your device you should heat it to maximum temperature for 3-5 minutes. This can be done without any ingredients in the chamber, however we recommend using kitchen herbs such as rosemary or basil to help push out any smells left over from the manufacturing process. 

Also, just as a little note, during your first sterilisation, the device is expected to get hotter than usual but please do not let this worry you. 

Right, now that we’ve covered our tips on how to improve your vaping experience, let’s discuss how you can improve herb efficiency.

Herb Efficiency

Top Tip 1: Breaking up your vaping sessions 

When using a dry herb vape you can leave partially vaped ingredients in the chamber and finish them at a later date during another session – you don’t need to finish them in one session.

You’ll be able to see when the herbs have been fully utilised by the colour of the herbs in your vaporizer. When the herbs have been used to their maximum vaping potential the herbs will turn dark brown/black. 

A little Extra Tip: Once the herbs have turned dark brown, you can store them in a jar and make edibles. Since your herbs have already been heated during vaporization, all of the compounds are activated and ready to directly infuse by heating them with some butter or oil. 

Top Tip 2: Staggering your temperature selection

Vaporizers are more herb efficient than the conventional way of smoking and they are more than capable of saving you herbs both in the short and long term. 

Each compound within dry herb has a different melting point and is activated at a different temperature. In summary, you should feel a different effect when vaping at 156C in comparison to 158C.

Precision temperature control allows you to select which compounds are released to the precision of 1 degree. To maximise the efficiency of your herbs you can start a session by vaping at lower temperatures (around 160C), and work your way up to the maximum temperature available on your device. By doing this you will release the compounds slowly and staggered (not all at once). This will maximise the lifespan of your herbs. 

How to Improve Airflow

Top Tip : Packing your bowl evenly

Avoid packing herbs into your vaporizer too tightly as this will restrict the airflow running through the chamber. You should instead pour your herbs in and very gently poke them down – this will help them heat evenly which will maximise efficiency and make them last longer.  

Vaporizers work better when they’re around half full. This doesn’t mean you’ll use up more herbs. In fact, more herbs last longer, and remember you don’t need to finish the bowl in one session. 

Contrary to burning herbs to ashes (when using papers), a vaporizer heats your herbs and gradually releases their compounds – so you’re able to put the vaporizer down and come back to the same bowl at a later date. 

This last part of the article will look into customer FAQs which are specifically related to Nectar vaporizers so if you own one then feel free to keep reading otherwise thanks for reading and we hope to catch you back here soon! 

Frequently Asked Questions

To help improve your vaping experience further, let’s go through some answers to a couple of our most frequently asked questions by Nectar customers. 

First question, How much resin shall I use when using a device compatible with concentrates?

Our answer is to apply a small enough amount to avoid it dripping over the sides of the pad once heated, as this may fall into and block the air holes in the chamber – we recommend using an amount half the size of a pea.

Next question, What should I do if the seal on the packaging is broken?

Our answer to this is that all Nectar vaporizers are shipped out with red security tape which leaves a ‘void’ mark when removed. If the security tape has been removed, cut or tampered with in any way then please avoid using the device and contact us directly for a replacement, you can do this by emailing, calling or whatsapping us on these numbers.

Contact Us

If you have any queries with your device or need advice then please feel free to contact us. You can contact us via phone, WhatsApp or email.

Every Nectar product comes with a 2 year no-hassle warranty so if you experience any issues with your device or need to claim on warranty due to defects then please get in touch with us directly via WhatsApp! Our WhatsApp team is quick at responding and once the issue is verified they can send out replacements on the same day you message!


Thank you so much for your time, we hope that you found this article helpful. Hopefully next time you use your dry herb vaporizer you will implement the tips from this article and you will have the best experience of your whole history of dry herb vaping. Have a great day and happy dry herb vaping!

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