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Many people experience some form of muscular or nerve pain. That’s not surprising – between the stresses of work, exercise or taking care of our kids, our bodies can be pushed to the limit. Many of us resort to oral painkillers, or relaxing pain relief creams and gels. However, not all pain relief creams are kind to our skin. Some people have allergic reactions to common ingredients in muscle rubs.

Whether you’re trying to soothe pain or nourish skin, with Nectar’s hemp pain relief cream, you can do both!

Our hemp cream for pain contains hemp seed oil as well as being rich in natural extracts including aloe vera, eucalyptus oil, turmeric and jojoba seed oil. 

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Hemp Pain Relief Cream

High Strength Formula Rich in Natural Extracts with Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus & Turmeric

Our hemp pain relief cream contains hemp seed oil which is powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Our proprietary extraction process squeezes out all the good stuff from the plant, including arnica, aloe vera, turmeric, menthol, eucalyptus oil and jojoba seed oil. Bringing you a hemp extract cream that relaxes, soothes, and also packs a wallop of nutritional value.

The hemp seed oil in our hemp cream doesn’t just do wonders for your immune system, it’s also a super ingredient for the skin! It has phytonutrients that help fight the oxidative stress of free radicals, which in turn helps prevent premature signs of ageing like wrinkles and dark spots, and keeps skin hydrated, and promotes collagen production.

Directions for use

Apply a small amount of hemp cream over sore or painful areas, rubbing thoroughly with a circular motion for optimal absorption 3-4 times daily and massage thoroughly for about 30 seconds for best results. Apply as needed.

Ingredients in our Hemp Cream

Hemp seed oil, arnica, aloe vera, turmeric, menthol, eucalyptus oil, jojoba seed oil, boswellia carterii oil, rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, water, clycerin, squalane, polydimethylsiloxane, cetearyl oleate, sorbitan olicate, caprylic triglyceride, hydroxystearic acid, stearic acid, glyceryl stearate, tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), hyaluronic acid, sodium, methyl salicylate, allantoin, polyacrylamide, laureth-7, phenoxyethanol, ethyhexyl glycerol, propylparaben, methylparaben, isoparaffin, PEG-100 stearate, CI 19140 (Tartrazine).

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Below you will find some FAQs about hemp seed oil and its benefits.

Hemp Cream & Hemp Seed Oil – FAQs

What are the benefits of consuming hemp seed oil?

Where do we start? Hemp seed oil is packed with nutritional value with great benefits for the skin and body. 

One of its key benefits is that it contains omega 6 and 3 essential polyunsaturated fatty acids in an ideal ratio of 3:1 respectively, as well as GLA, or gamma linolenic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid. Fatty acids are crucial for long-term health, and play very important roles in the functioning of a lot of body functions.  It’s vital to have sufficient amounts of fatty acids particularly as the body can’t produce them, so they need to be absorbed from diet or topicals.

In terms of protein, hemp seeds contain almost as much protein as soybeans.  The protein they contain is a complete source of protein, meaning that they provide all nine essential amino acids.  

As for vitamins and minerals, hemp seed oil contains vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Another great thing about hemp seed oil is that it contains no cholesterol, carbohydrates or sugar!

Hemp seed oil can help with many health issues, such as 

– Lowering blood LDL cholesterol levels

– Lowering blood pressure

– Improving cardiovascular circulation & function

– Improving immunity levels

– Increasing energy levels & metabolic rate

– Reducing inflammation and symptoms of arthritis

– Improving recovery of muscles after exercise

– Reducing & treat dry skin and hair conditions

– Promoting healthy hair and nails

– Helping skin to revitalize and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

– Promoting a healthy sleep cycle

So you can see why hemp seed oil is all the rage, it’s a fantastic superfood!

What is hemp?

Hemp, or industrial hemp as it is often referred to, is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant. Hemp is grown specifically for industrial and other varied uses. The list of hemp products is fast growing, it includes fabrics, clothing, bags, cosmetics such as creams, serums and lip balm, nutritional supplements, rope, wood preservative, detergents, soaps, and lighting oil, to name just a few!

It’s used for a number of health conditions including high cholesterol, inflammation/pain, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis and other conditions. It’s the flowers, leaves, seed, seed oil and protein that are used for food and health purposes. 

Is hemp the same as marijuana?

Although hemp and marijuana originate from the same plant (cannabis sativa) they’re distinct strains with very different THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) levels – the compound that causes the ‘high.’

Marijuana has much more THC than hemp, and hemp on the other hand, contains a lot more CBD. In terms of the percentages, hemp has 0.3% or less THC – in other words, hemp can’t get you high.

What’s the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil?

Although hemp seed oil and CBD oil are both made from the cannabis plant they are derived from different parts of the plant.  CBD oil is extracted from flowers, leaves, and stems, whilst hemp seed oil is made from – you guessed it – the hemp seeds. You’ll find a good dose of CBD in our tasty hemp gummies.

Is hemp oil good for skin?

Hemp oil is now included as part of large numbers of skincare products, making it a top choice for benefits for skin, such as moisturizing without clogging pores. It’s used for all skin types, from dry to oily skin, as hemp oil is good for regulating the skin’s oil production. It’s a superfood for the skin. 

What if I have a question about Nectar’s dry hemp cream?

We’re always on hand to help you with questions you may have. Please contact us by any of the methods below and we’ll be happy to help.

Telephone: +44 (0)207 050 0737

WhatsApp: +44 (0)773 2415188


34 reviews for Hemp Pain Relief Cream (120ml)


    This is the best pain cream I have ever had. Good value for money and will be getting more

  2. julie obrien

    I have osteoarthritis in my right knee and I’ve tried everything my friend recommended this and on the first day it gave me relief like I’d not experienced before I will be recommending it to everyone’s be that suffers with joint pain!

  3. elizabeth blackburn

    i have used this cream for my back knee and elbow to relieve the pain which has worked well i have also attempted to apply for my free gift of free nectar hemp cream as i am not very good with doing things like this i would appreciate it if you could send it directly to me many thanks

  4. Kindle Customer

    I think this is a great and easy to use product neatly packaged and value for money

  5. Susan Hadley

    I used it for muscle pain and joint pain

  6. Richard O’ Driscoll

    Delighted with product

  7. Liz M

    Found cream very smooth and easy to apply.
    I have used it for muscular pain and arthritic pain.
    Would recommend.

  8. Patricia Hudson

    Very good relief from arthritis

  9. Amazon Customer

    5 stars pain relief – highly recommended

  10. Paul

    I use this product for neck Arthritis
    Wonderful relief

  11. Amazon Customer

    It works surprisingly well i would definitely recommend it again

  12. Clover?

    Nectar Pain Relief Cream. Use this cream for severe foot pain, (pins & needles sensation) Soothes & relieves pain, use it as & when you need to… At bedtime use comfy bed socks. This cream can be used for most pains on other parts of the body. Very pleased with this cream, made a good choice after looking at other remedies.

  13. Louis Nicola

    A friend told me about this cream and the wonders it did for her but I was skeptical and didn’t want to leave a review until I had this hemp cream for a while just to make sure it worked as it was supposed to.. After a month or so of using this I can honestly say that my skin generally feels like it breathes better, and it has worked wonders for various muscle aches. Highly recommended!

  14. xarius

    Great product, noticeable help for muscle aches or headaches. Nice smelling and not too greasy.

  15. Max

    Great product, works great and fits in perfect with my morning routine

  16. Michael Davies

    Excellent product. I have recently begun skate boarding with all the concomitant bumps and falls that come with it. This product soothes and heals as described.

    It smells pure and has a lovely cleansing fragrance. I highly recommend it.

  17. Chris Murray

    I’ve suffered with infrequent back pain on my right side for many years, as the muscle can become terribly inflamed sometimes. Although I find a healthy routine of yoga and exercise helps, I do unfortunately still on occasion suffer with pain.
    My children thoughtfully gave me an Amazon gift card for fathers day, as I was unsure what to spend it on – and was experience a particularly bad pain spell last week – I decided to give this cream ago. I’ve heard good things about Hemp an CBD oil recently, so thought I’ll join this new-age club of alternative remade seekers.

    I’m over the moon! This stuff is utterly superb and seems to be working a treat! After experimented with Voltarol and other anti-inflammatory gels over the years with questionable results, I believe I’ve finally found a pain relief cream that actually works! I’m currently applying it twice a day, and finding myself not noticing or contemplating the pain for hours, even in situations where pain would have been an issue before. I also seem to be sleeping deeper and more restful.

    I highly recommend this cream and will be purchasing again. Big fan of the aroma too!

  18. Marcus hill

    Hemp cream looks professional and gives a clean and natural vibe. The smell is quite minty from the eucalyptus.
    I received it this evening and it has helped with my sore ankles after a days labour. Couldn’t ask for more.

    Note: Would be nice to have a list of ingredients on the rear of the pot.

  19. Chet

    I absolutely love this stuff, anyone suffering from muscular pain should give this a go

  20. Tiffany

    I bought this for my parents who suffer with arthritis and both of them have noticed a difference with only a couple of days of using the cream. I’ve used it for neck pain after sleeping wrong and it works wonders for that too. Overall great natural alternative to anti inflammatory medication. Has a nice smell too ☺️

  21. Amazon Kunde

    Für Rückenschmerzen ausprobiert und super funktioniert und meine Mama hat sich das Hochbein gebrochen und das Mal ausprobiert sie müsste zwar regelmäßig schmieren weil’s schon sehr starke schmerzen hatt aber akut hat es ganz gut geholfen und sie riecht super angenehm !

  22. angelheart

    Ich war ziemlich verzweifelt und habe auf Empfehlung Diese Creme bestellt! Schon nach der ersten Anwendung habe ich weniger schmerzen!m in Fuß (plantarsehne riss und Entzündung und ML) Ich Creme bis zu 4 x täglich seit 4 Tagen und mittlerweile nur noch zur Prävention! Ich war zuerst skeptisch… aber es hilft wirklich und ich habe es schon weiter empfohlen! Kleine Dose mit AHA!-Effekt!

  23. Oliver Welde

    hilft sehr gut gegen schmerzen

  24. Hans-Dieter Zerge

    hilft sehr gut gegen schmerzen

  25. Amazon Kunde

    Ohne grosse Erwartungen gekauft und ich muss sagen ich bin positiv überrascht. Benutzt bei Schulter Beschwerden und auch im unteren Rücken Bereich Schmerzen waren weg und das sogar über Tage bin begeistert.

  26. Erwin Hägermann

    Habe seit mehreren Wochen Schmerzen im linken Arm.Der Arzt sagte schön eincremen und abwarten.Habe nur jetzt die Nectar Creme gekauft. Der Geruch ist angenehm.Die Creme läßt sich gut verteilen und zieht schnell ein.kann jetzt schon mehrere Stunden über Nacht auf der linken Seite schlafen.empfehlenswert.

  27. Nancy Geißler

    Sehr reichhaltige Creme. Zieht schnell ein und hat eine super Schmerzlinderung.

  28. Melanie E.

    I work in an Office, and after sitting in front of a computer the whole day it’s often I have stiff and sore neck. I tried this product cause I believe in eco friendly products, it’s a nice tingeling feeling when you put the cream on, and my neck quickly felt light warm and relaxed.
    It smells nice and has a light, non sticky context. The delivery time was also quick, just two days to review the order.
    Warmly recommended!

  29. Rebecca

    I work in an Office, and after sitting in front of a computer the whole day it’s often I have stiff and sore neck. I tried this product cause I believe in eco friendly products, it’s a nice tingeling feeling when you put the cream on, and my neck quickly felt light warm and relaxed.
    It smells nice and has a light, non sticky context. The delivery time was also quick, just two days to review the order.
    Warmly recommended!

  30. Artjom M.

    Die Hanfcreme wirkt gut und ziemlich schnell schmerzlindernd! Meine Nacken- und Schulterschmerzen haben sich nach Anwendung beruhigt. Ich werde das Gel auf jeden Fall weiter benutzten. Es hat außerdem einen angenehmen Geruch und zieht schnell ein. Aus diesen Gründen kann ich es uneingeschränkt weiter empfehlen.

  31. Nikesh

    I am very happy with the cream.
    The delivery was super quick (product arrived within 2 days).
    I personally use it in the evening after running or workout. It definitely helps with pain relief and generally helps you recover quicker.
    It is also great for massages.
    The price is for the amount of cream you get is also very good, store bought creams are usually much more expensive.

  32. Simon

    Eine wirklich sehr gute Creme, welche sich gut auf der Haut verreiben lässt!

  33. Tarik

    Good cream, not only for eco-friendly.
    I fell last week and hurt my wrist. I work a lot with my hands and need them several times a day. The cream helps well and absorbs and absorbs quickly. It also has a pleasant smell. Can highly recommend it.

  34. Sandy

    Ich habe immer wieder Nackenschmerzen und die Creme hat sehr geholfen. Der Geruch ist sehr angenehm und erfrischend und durch das einreiben der Creme entsteht etwas Wärme und danach ein kühlender Effekt. Ich kann es nur empfehlen!

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