Nectar Platinum Vaporizer

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type plus
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2 Year Warranty & Lifetime Support

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The Nectar Platinum Vaporizer is truly the best dual-purpose vape pen available. This stylish portable vape pen can quickly process your concentrates or dry herbs without fuss thanks to its high-quality components, precise temperature control, and multi-purpose functionality. Purchase includes everything necessary to use and maintain this product.

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Nectar Platinum Vaporizer

type plus
type plus
4.59 out of 5

4.59 /5


More Accessories

62.000000 in stock

2 Year Warranty & Lifetime Support

The Nectar Platinum Vaporizer is truly the best dual-purpose vape pen available. This stylish portable vape pen can quickly process your concentrates or dry herbs without fuss thanks to its high-quality components, precise temperature control, and multi-purpose functionality. Purchase includes everything necessary to use and maintain this product.

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10cm x 4cm x 2cm

Device Weight




Compatible Ingredients

Dry herbs; smokable oils, resins, and waxes


Anodized aluminium with black zirconia mouthpiece., no plastic parts

Precise Temperature Control

1°C increments

Fast Heat-up

0 to 140°C in 12 Seconds

Charge Time

(0-100%): 2 hours

Heating Chamber Material

Jewellery-grade ceramic

Isolated Airflow



18.4 (CFM X 10^-3)

Max Temperature


Replaceable Battery


Blackout Design

Blackout OLED + flush buttons

Patented Ceramic Chamber

For improved flavour and control

The Nectar Platinum Vaporizer combines powerful technology with sophistication and beauty to provide the perfect vape experience every time. With improved airflow, precise temperature control, and an attractive, comfortable design, this dual-purpose vape pen produces perfect plumes of vaporized concentrate or dry herb at your convenience.

Superior Dual-Purpose Vaping

This premium portable vaporizer easily processes both dry herbs and concentrates also know as rosin and/or wax with a simple switch of a mesh screen. Use the enclosed filters, packing tools, and cleaning supplies to use and maintain this dual-purpose portable vaporizer.  

Fast, Accurate Temperature Technology

The extended-life battery is the largest capacity on the market today, heating up to 140° C within 12 seconds and 240° C max. What’s more, this premium dual-purpose vaporizer features carefully calibrated technology, and a digital LED display for precise temperature control. This crucial feature lets you vape your favourite dry herbs and concentrates at the perfect temperature for each element’s unique boiling point.

High Performance, Sleek Design

The sleek, discrete design fits comfortably in your hand while the all-ceramic chamber quickly heats to your desired temperature. The wide-chambered black zirconia mouthpiece easily swings to the side to open the isolated airflow chamber to deliver an incredibly flavourful vaporizing experience regardless of the substance consumed. When satiated, simply swing the mouthpiece back in place for compact storage. Indeed, pocket transport is no problem for the highly portable Nectar Platinum dry herb vape pen.

Nectar Vaporizer Purchases and Warranties

We have so much confidence in our products we offer a 2 year no-hassle warranty with all devices. If that’s not enough, you also get a 30-day money back guarantee & 24/7 lifetime customer care across multiple channels including Phone, WhatsApp and Email. Should you have any queries with your order then please contact our experienced customer support team directly.

Although the Nectar Platinum already comes with a range of accessories, additional vape accessories are also available, including batteries, replacement parts, and our metal grinder specially designed to churn your herbs into the perfect consistency for your dry herb vape pen.  

How do I use my Nectar Platinum Vaporizer?

1. Conditioning: Upon receiving your vaporiser, charge it until fully charged. Once it has reached full battery, remove the charger and turn on your vaporiser by holding (not clicking) the ‘ON’ button for 3 seconds. Set it to the maximum temperature by pressing/holding the ‘+’ (plus sign) and then click the ‘ON’ button again to start heating. Allow the empty chamber to heat for 5 minutes in preparation for its first use (the vaporiser has a built in 5 timer and will turn itself off).

Note: Heating the empty chamber to maximum temperature should only be done once before its first use, not before each session.

2. Filling your chamber: Whilst the vaporiser is turned off you can load it with your chosen constituents. Avoid grinding herb to the extend you would when using papers as this will restrict airflow and use up more herb than necessary. Fill the chamber up roughly half way and avoid compacting the herb as this will also end up restricting the airflow whilst using more than you need. Once ready, turn on your vaporiser and select your desired temperature setting.

Note: Dry Herb has 100s of elements, each with different boiling points meaning that you can itemise these elements with different settings. It is important to know that the optimum temperature is subjective to each individual, however to find your preferred temperature we recommend to start at around 190C and increase the setting by 10C until you have found your sweet spot. Click here to read more about compound itemisation.

Tip: Once the vaporiser vibrates, wait another 15s seconds or so to allow for the temperature to spread evenly.

Tip: Reuse your herb until it is completely discoloured. This is usually around 3 sessions depending on your temperature setting and session length.

How do I clean my Nectar Platinum Vaporizer

1. Cleaning Your Device: You should clean your device once every 10 sessions. The key parts to clean are the chamber and mouthpiece top (consisting of filters and the ceramic mouthpiece) which can simply be cleaned using the brush provided within the box.

1a. Chamber: For more stubborn residue empty your chamber and pad it down with a cloth or cotton pad soaked in iso alcohol for around a minute (this should lift the residue which can then be wiped clean with a new cotton pad). Finally, pad the chamber with a new cotton pad dipped in warm water, before padding dry with a clean cotton pad.

1b. Mouthpiece Top: For those who don’t want to spend money on a new filter pack. Any smaller pieces such as the chamber mesh, ceramic filters and the ceramic mouthpiece can be cleaned by soaking them in iso alcohol for 20 seconds and then wiping them clean, and then running them under warm water before wiping dry.

Note: If your Nectar Platinum cooling unit has run its course you can purchase a new one containing all the necessary filters and ceramic mouthpiece on the website.

Does the Nectar Platinum Utilise Convection or Conduction?

The Nectar Platinum vaporizer predominantly uses convection as its form to heat its chosen constituents however as the oven is in contact with some of the dry herbs then conduction also takes place as some of the heat is transferred from the oven face to the constituents.

You can read more about convection vs conduction here!

I Can't Seem to Get Many Clouds of Vapour, am I Doing Something Wrong?
  • All of our vaporizers have been designed to be as discreet as possible hence their portable size and the decision to avoid clouds. So you should not expect any of our inhalators to act like some of the e-cigarettes you see out their producing foggy clouds of vapour. We’re in an era where some vaporizers are receiving negative press because of the amount of vapour produced invading non-vapers private space hence our decision to design discreet vaporizers. Don’t let that throw you off, clouds don’t determine whether an inhalator is working well or not.
  • Also note that you are heating a chamber in the vaporizer which is in turn heating your ingredients. Note the work heating and not burning. You shouldn’t expect too much fog/vapor, which is one of the reasons vaporizing is healthier than smoking anything that combusts.
  • Of course, we are going off our own judgement here, and have not seen your vape in detail so if your oil is not draining or your dry herbs are not going a darker colour after 3-4 sessions then feel free to send it in to us and we’ll have a look at it and if required, we’ll replace it within 24 hours.
  • If you still want more clouds then we have a couple of tips for you:
    • Leave your vape for another 20 seconds after the vape vibrates before drawing, as this gives enough time for the ingredients to heat.
    • Try to draw through the mouthpiece slowly and consistently – this always works best.
How do I change the chamber filter in my Nectar Platinum vaporizer?

The chamber design on the Nectar Gold vaporizer was so good we inherited it for the Nectar Platinum vaporizer.

The video below will show you how to dismantle all of the filters in the Nectar Platinum vaporizer. Once dismantled, you can either clean your filters or replace them with new ones.


Does the Device Come in Discreet Packaging?

The packaging you can see will be wrapped up in a cardboard box. So when it gets posted, you wont be able to see what the item is, however, if anybody unwraps the packaging they’ll uncover the Nectar Platinum Vape packaging.

Where Do I Place the Chamber Filter - Above or Underneath the Dry Herbs?

The chamber filter should be placed at the bottom of the chamber (the bottom being furthest away from the chamber lid) to keep it clean and avoid clogging the air hole.

Do you need to press the button to vape?

No – the button on the Nectar Platinum vaporizer should only be used to turn it on and off. Once the device reaches the desired temperature then you can just inhale.

My Nectar Platinum Vape turns off after about 5 minutes, is this an issue?

The Nectar Platinum Vape is designed to turn off after 5 minutes for a number of reasons including to avoid overheating, to protect the battery and as a safety measure.

How do I Toggle Between Degrees Celsius to Degrees Fahrenheit

Simple answer – you can press and hold the Power button and the – (minus) button at the same time.

How Long Does a Full Chamber of Dry Herbs Last?

The answer to this is completely subjective on the temperature you’re using it at, how big your lungs are and your own preference. We’d recommend around 3 rounds at approximately 180 C.

What is the Optimum/Best Temperature to Vaporize Dry Herbs?

Our best advice would be to experiment with it until you find your optimum, we’d say start at around 150C and work your way up in increments of 10C until you find your preferred temp, then use it for different lengths of time to see when your herbs need changing.

What is the Chamber Capacity?

The dimensions of the chamber is 5mm x 10mm x 10mm and can hold between 0.25-0.7g. We would recommend to not press/compact the dry herbs as this can cause a loss of airflow.

Can I Get More Filters?

Yes! You can purchase a new filter pack by clicking here. The filter pack contains 2x Chamber Filters + 2x Ceramic Holder Filters + 1x Rubber Holder Filter. 

Can I Use the Nectar Platinum Vape with Oils or Waxes?

The Nectar Platinum dry herb vape comes with a concentrate pad allowing it to be used with concentrates and resins. To use the concentrate pad, simply insert it into the chamber and apply an amount small enough to avoid dripping over the sides of the pad once heated (as this may fall into and block the air holes in the chamber).

For those who would like to make their own resin/wax, can do so by using our Nectar Pollen Pincher 1T Rosin Press. If you would like to read more information about DIY rosin pressing, then click here.

What Control Do I Have Over the Temperature?

The vapour temperature can be controlled by adjusting the setting in 1C increments between 100C and 240C.

Will my Nectar Platinum Smell as it Heats Up the Dry Herbs?

A simple answer – no.

All our devices are designed to be discreet!

Is it Best to Grind the Dry Herbs Before Packing the Chamber?

Short answer: Yes
Long answer: Yes, grinding will increase the surface area of your herb therefore increasing the rate of reaction, essentially making it easier to heat up. The same reason why its easier/faster to mix a teaspoon of sugar into a tea, then it is to mix a cube of sugar (An anology which may help you understand the ‘why’). However, ensure you do not compact the dry herbs as this allow for less room for air to pass through and will cause tighter airflow.

Does this Device Contain any Ceramic? What is the Material of the Oven?

Simple answer: Both the mouthpiece and chamber are made from ceramic.

My Nectar Platinum Vape Does Not Seem to Vibrate.

Please check the setting. You can switch the vibrate on/off by holding the + (plus) button.

Nectar Platinum Vaporizer

More Accessories

62.000000 in stock

No Plastic Parts

The durable Nectar Platinum Dry Herb Vaporizer includes no plastic parts. Combined with its three-year limited warranty, this multi-use vape pen will last for years.


Exceptionally Fast Heating

The ceramic chamber heats to 140° C within seconds. Hence, you can enjoy vapeable products much quicker compared to other vaporizer products on the market.


Cool Vapor Output

This dual-purpose vape pen employs both convection and conduction-style heating to ensure even vaporization. Products process more thoroughly without overheating or burning vital elements.


No Plastic Parts

Made with high-quality materials, including durable anodized aluminium, black zirconia, and an all-ceramic chamber.

Flavour Control

Precise temperature control allows you to adjust the heat based on a product’s unique boiling point.

Improved Experience

The smooth, isolated airway and digital thermostat ensure every hit is flavourful and effortless.

Portable & Discreet

The rounded edges and compact design ensure easy to transport in both the hand and pocket.

Enduring Design

This product includes only high-quality components to assure many years of enjoyable use.

Minimal Product Waste

Get more out of dry herbs and concentrates by vaping instead of burning them.


Vaporized oils emit minimal odours and dissipate quickly for optimal discretion.

Easy to Use

Comfortable buttons make it easy to adjust your settings quickly and frequently.

Longer Vape Session

Extended battery life and quick-heat functionality help you vape longer without burning your battery. 

Gold standard in product quality


4.59 / 5
4.59 out of 5

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    Good vape
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    Harry Morton

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  1. English (United States)
    Good vape
    Harry Morton
    [email protected]

    Harry Morton

    Works well for a budget vape

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