What are smell proof bags?

Smell proof bags are bags that are designed specifically to lock in and eliminate the odour of whatever you are storing inside the bag, for example, this could be cannabis or a different substance. By storing these things inside a smell proof bag, you won’t be able to smell them once they are locked inside which is what the purpose of smell proof bags are. 

What can smell proof bags be used for?

Smell proof bags can be used for whatever you want to use them for. You might want to hide something from people who you are living with, however, it might have a strong odour, e.g. like cannabis, therefore by storing it in a smell proof bag, no one will be able to tell that you have it. 

Of course, this applies to all kinds of things, for example, there are certain foods and herbs that don’t have a particularly pleasant smell, for example durian, so you might choose to store these things in a smell proof bag so that it doesn’t bother others around you or smell up your work / home space.

So if you want to transport your dry herbs for your dry herb vape securely and discreetly our smell proof bags are a dream.

Are there different kinds of smell proof bags?

Yes, there are all kinds of different smell proof bags. Some are small, some are big, some are disguised as everyday objects; there is a wide variety of things available in the smell proof bag market. However, here at Nectar, we believe in having a more practical approach which is why we have a range of our own smell proof bags which can be used everyday.

Some great examples of smell proof bags are our Nectar smell proof bag that comes with accessories and our Nectar smell proof stash bag.

What makes a smell proof bag better than others?

There are many things that can make a smell proof bag better than others available on the market, however, there are a few key things to look out for. One being waterproof, having a waterproof or at least water resistant smell proof bag is a key feature to look out for. This is because you never know where or when you’ll be using your smell proof bag and if an accident happens or if it starts to rain, you don’t want everything inside your precious smell proof bag to get soaked and possibly deteriorate, so instead be safe and get something that is either water resistant or waterproof.

Another great feature of some smell proof bags are locks. Not all have them and they’re not always necessary, but if you have a feeling that someone might try to snoop through your things then it’s best to be safe than sorry with a lock on your bag. This will prevent anyone from being able to look inside your bag and find whatever you may be storing inside it.

Dividers and sections are also incredibly handy when it comes to smell proof bags. If you are planning on storing more than one thing in your smell proof bag then you may find it incredibly beneficial to invest in one that has some organisational properties, like dividers and sections. This will make your smell proof bag much tidier and more organised, making it easier and faster to use it so you can put everything away again faster than having to empty it all out to find that one thing you were looking for. 

These are only a few of the features that you should be searching for in your next smell proof bag, however, to save you the hassle of looking for these amazing qualities in these bags, why not just check out our Nectar smell proof bags? They carry all of these features and more, and are all made with high quality materials that should last you a very long time, especially with our warranty!

What should you keep in your smell proof bag?

This is where lots of people can go wrong when it comes to smell proof bags. Many people think that it is only necessary to store their herb or potent substance in their smell proof bag and nothing else. However, this is in fact incorrect if you are using tools along with these herbs or substances. 

Let’s say you are storing cannabis in your smell proof bag, well, if you use a grinder with this cannabis and maybe a pipe too or a dry herb vaporizer, then you should be storing these things in your smell proof bag too along with your cannabis. This is because these tools and accessories will also carry the scent of the herb and will be your biggest giveaway if you are trying to hide the smell from people who you are living with or whatever your situation may be.

Long story short, you won’t be able to hide the smell of cannabis unless you keep everything that carries the smell of cannabis inside the smell proof bag too. 

Are smell proof bags worth it?

Yes. Smell proof bags are definitely worth it. Whether you want to hide something from someone, keep smells away, whatever the purpose for you getting a smell proof bag may be, it is definitely worth it as they do work. Of course some work better than others, however, if you purchase them from a reliable brand who produce quality products, like us here at Nectar, then you will find that smell proof bags are worth it. 

Do smell proof bags work against sniffer dogs?

Not all smell proof bags work against sniffer dogs, but the high quality smell proof bags do, like ours here at Nectar. We have actually tested our smell proof bags against dogs and can tell you that they went undetected, concluding that our smell proof bags do work and are extremely effective.

How do smell proof bags work?

Lots of smell proof bags work differently, however, we can tell you how our Nectar smell proof bags work. Our Nectar smell proof bags utilise superior odour control through an activated carbon filter layer which traps and hides unwanted odours and aromas. 

Our smell proof bags boast 100% scent interception which have also been verified as ‘effective’ when tested with dogs. Our smell proof bags work like absorbing sponges which can trap any type of scent inside before it can even escape the smell proof bag. 

These features work alongside the smell proof bags being made of a durable 1700D waterproof fabric. This particular fabric has a much higher density than its 420D and 600D counterparts and hence its water resistant capabilities can ensure items stored within the odour proof bag are dry and safe in harsh environments and/or accidental spills (IP54 rated) – keeping your contents discreet and your house, car, office, or wherever you may be, smelling fresh.

Do smell proof bags show up on x-ray?

Yes, smell proof bags will show up on x-rays. They are smell proof bags, not x-ray proof bags. 

What stores sell smell proof bags?

Many online retailers sell smell proof bags, smoke shops will also sell smell proof bags, however, not all smell proof bags are effective so you need to be careful where you purchase it from. We recommend that you purchase from a trusted brand who produces high quality products made out of high quality materials as then the products will be more effective and durable, just like ours here at Nectar! If you are looking to purchase a smell proof bag then why check out our range.

How do locks work on smell proof bags?

Every smell proof bag is different, therefore a lot of the locks on smell proof bags can work differently. The lock on our smell proof bag here at Nectar is a combination lock, this maximises privacy and safety of your goods. You can set any code you wish, all you have to do is choose a 4 number passcode and that is how you will lock and unlock your bag! The zips need to be positioned inside the lock for it to work effectively. Also, if you want to change your passcode for whatever reason then not to worry as you can securely reset your passcode too!

What if something goes wrong with my smell proof bag?

We doubt that anything would ever go wrong with your smell proof bag if it is purchased from us as we use the finest quality materials available to ensure a durable and practical product. However, if for whatever reason something has gone wrong with your smell proof bag then don’t worry! Here at Nectar we have so much confidence in our products, that we offer a 2 Year No-Hassle Warranty with all our devices. If that’s not enough… You also get a 30-day money back guarantee & 24/7 lifetime customer support across multiple channels.

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