What is a Wax Vaporizer?

The Wax Vaporizer, often referred to as a CBD Wax Pen or Wax Vape Pen, has
designed to handle the thick consistencies of concentrates. A wax
vaporizer allows you to take dabs or hits of concentrates very easily with no other equipment required, allowing
you to dab on the go. Wax Vape Pens use a ceramic heating atomizer area to heat the concentrates into vapour for
inhalation. They essentially vaporize your concentrates.

What can you use a Wax Vape Pen with?

You can use any concentrate with a wax vaporizer. Some
examples are shatter, rosin, budder, crumble, hash and of course, wax. You can also use oils with some
wax vape pens, particularly ones which
allow you to change their cartridge like the Nectar Honeybee vape pen which uses an interchangeable and
510 Cartridge.

What are Concentrates?

Concentrates contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes of
cannabis flowers without the excess plant material. Concentrates contain a far greater proportion of terpenes
and cannabinoids than raw cannabis flowers. Cannabinoids and terpenes are found throughout the cannabis plant in
tiny structures called trichomes. These are responsible for all the aromas, flavours and effects that you
experience with cannabis products. Concentrates are simply the condensed accumulation of trichomes. They are
usually far stronger, more concentrated, than other forms of cannabis. 

How is a Wax Vaporizer different from other vaporizers?

The clue is in the name, a wax vaporizer allows you to vape
wax (or other concentrates) through it, whereas other vaporizers may not be compatible with concentrates. If you
are looking to vape any concentrates such as wax, shatter, crumble or isolate then you will either need a wax
vaporizer, a 2-in-1 dry herb vaporizer compatible with dry herbs and wax, or a 510 wax cartridge which is
compatible with any 510 thread battery also known as a 510 wax pen. 

Are Wax Vaporizers Legal?

Yes, wax vape pen are completely legal. According to the
present UK law, it is legal to possess and use a wax vaporizer, however it is up to you what you use it with.
Concentrates containing CBD and less than 0.2% THC are legal in the UK, however, we highly advise you to check
your local laws before buying concentrates to be used with your wax vape pen. 

How do Wax Vaporizers work?

Wax vaporizers have a battery, an atomizer and a
mouthpiece. The atomizer is a part of the vaporizer that contains a heating chamber that holds the concentrate
that you use. There are different types of wax vape pens, some will have a coil beneath the chamber that heats
the concentrate so that it can be turned into vapour, others will be built very similarly to
dry herb vaporizers with an extra accessory of a concentrate
which is what allows you to use concentrates in that particular
vaporizer. There are a wide variety of Wax Vaporizers on the market, each having their own size, battery power
and set of features. Some are simply dab pens, others are dry herb vaporizers that are also compatible with
concentrates and you can also have 510 wax cartridges that can be screwed onto any vape battery with a 510
thread to turn it into a
510 wax pen.

How to use a Wax Vaporizer

It may take you some time to figure out the best way to use
your Wax Vaporizer as it all comes down to personal preference. The more you use it, the better your method will
become suited to yourself. To get you started off in the right direction, here are some tips to help you

  1. Remove the top (mouthpiece / lid) of
    your Wax Vaporizer. 
  2. Prepare your concentrate of choice,
    start off small and work your way up if you wish.
  3. Using a dab tool, carefully load your
    concentrate into the chamber of the Wax Vaporizer.
  4. Turn your Wax Vaporizer on and set it
    to your desired temperature.
  5. Wait for your wax vape pen to fully
    heat up and reach your temperature of choice.
  6. Once the temperature has been reached,
    dab / vape away!

What is a 510 Wax Cartridge?

A 510 thread wax cartridge is the most common type of vape
cartridge. ‘510’ is the type of threading that is used to screw the bottom of the cartridge into the vape
battery. A 510 thread means that it is widely compatible with other vape batteries as many also use a 510
thread. The battery will heat up the THC or CBD oil contained in the cartridge, which will then turn into a
vapour which can be inhaled.

Can I use a 510 Wax Cartridge on a vape pen that I already own?

Yes, you definitely can if you own a 510 thread battery or
510 wax pen! The beauty of 510 wax cartridges is that they can be used on any vape battery device that also has
a 510 thread, such as our
Nectar HoneyBee
! Some 510 thread vape batteries that are compatible with
cartridges may also have a magnetic adapter which you screw onto the end of the wax cartridge in order to make
them magnetic for swift cartridge changes. So by all means feel free to get your own 510 wax cartridges and
attach them to your vape batteries that you already own. There is no need to buy a new one if you have one
already, unless of course you would like to.

How to clean your Wax Vape Pen

When using a wax vaporizer it is essential that you keep on
top of cleaning the device. This is because you will be using concentrates inside the wax vape pen, and
concentrates can get very sticky which can cause your wax vape pen to clog up! Keeping your vaporizer clean can
make the world of difference between efficient vapour and mediocre quality vapour. The main parts that will need
to be cleaned regularly are the mouthpiece and chamber. You can do this with a brush or a cotton bud with
isopropyl alcohol on it. 

Of course all wax vaporizers are different, so if you are
using one that uses pods or cartridges instead of a chamber, then do the same thing for those components

To clean your wax vape pen more extensively, which you
should be doing at least a couple to several times a month depending on your usage, take your wax vaporizer
apart and soak the individual components in isopropyl alcohol. The longer that you leave the components to soak
the easier they will be to clean, we recommend that you leave the components to soak overnight. That way the
next day all you have to do is give them a rinse under water and leave them to dry properly. 

Be sure not to soak or clean any electrical components from
your dry herb vaporizer as they will get damaged.

What’s the best temperature to use a Wax Vaporizer at?

Temperature varies as it all comes down to personal
preference and of course what suits that particular concentrate the best. It is hard to give an exact
recommended temperature, however, we can provide you with a recommended range. 

When using a wax vaporizer, you should use it anywhere
between 160°C to 480°C – which is a big range. This is because some people like soft hits with little vapour,
whereas others want a harsh intense hit. Anything below 160°C will be too low to vaporize concentrates, however
anything above 480°C can release carcinogens and a burnt, harsh vapour.

Are Wax Vaporizers the same as dab pens?

Wax vaporizers are very similar to dab pens as they both
vaporize concentrates. However, wax vape pens are a category of vaporizers that are for concentrates, whereas
dap pens are a specific type of wax vape pen. Wax vaporizers come in many shapes and forms. You can buy
vaporizers that are only compatible with wax such as dab pens, or you can buy 2-in-1 dry herb vaporizers that
are compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates such as wax. Some vaporizers such as 510 thread batteries
feature a 510 thread meaning you can simply purchase any type of 510 thread cartridge or tank and turn your 510
thread battery into a wax vaporizer. 

Do Wax Vaporizers smell?

Yes and no. Yes, they do smell slightly once you put your
concentrate inside to heat up, however the strength and intensity of this smell will depend on the potency and
quality of your concentrates. No, the actual wax vaporizer itself does not smell at all, it is only the
concentrates. It is important to note though that this method (wax vaporizing) smells far less than other
methods like smoking and bongs. 

Are Wax Vaporizers more effective than smoking?

Yes, wax vaporizers are much more efficient than smoking,
in a few ways. They are more effective in the sense that you get much stronger effects from vaporizing
concentrates than you do if you smoke them or dry herbs. Wax vaporizers are also more effective than smoking
because there is zero waste. When you smoke you end up wasting a lot of the product too as it burns at such a
high temperature that it actually destroys some of the terpenes and compounds, therefore not giving you the full
effects. Whereas, when you vaporize concentrates using a wax vaporizer, it does so at the optimum temperatures
to release all the good stuff from your concentrates without wasting or reducing any of the terpenes or

Are Wax Vaporizers healthier than smoking?

Yes, wax vaporizers are much better for you than smoking
is. Since there is no combustion involved to heat up the concentrates with a wax vape pen, no harmful toxins are
created in the process of vaping. This also makes it easier on the throat as it isn’t smoke that’s entering your
lungs, but more of a mist. Many smokers who have switched to vaping have had their vascular function improved
quite significantly, just within a month.

Advantages of Wax Vape Pens

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