What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD Vape Oil is also known as CBD E-Liquid. They are also 2 separate things but are quite often put into the same category as they share similar properties, the main and most obvious one being that they both contain CBD and that they can both be vaped. CBD e-liquid is just like regular vape juice – it can be either flavoured or unflavoured – but what makes it different is that it’s infused with CBD. Unlike CBD tinctures, CBD vape oil contains no carrier oils, meaning it’s perfectly fine to vape.Many choose to use CBD vape oil as your body absorbs more of the product when you vape it. What makes using CBD vape oil even more attractive is the fact that you’ll also get to indulge in the great taste and flavours that you get with our CBD vape oil while also getting your daily dose of CBD!

What is CBD?

CBD is a prominent cannabinoid inside the cannabis plant. A cannabinoid is the part that makes up the marijuana plant. There are more than 400 cannabinoids in the marijuana plant; including CBD and THC, which are the most popular ones. THC has been well known for giving users the ‘high’ sensation when marijuana is taken because it is a psychoactive substance. However, CBD is not psychoactive regardless of how you use it, meaning it does not have mind-altering effects and won’t get you ‘high’. Instead, it is used primarily for medicinal purposes. There has been a lot of research recently into the health benefits of CBD as it has become more globally accepted. 

Are CBD Vape Oils safe?

CBD vape oils  are completely safe when used properly. As long as you use CBD vape oils or e-liquids that are clearly intended for vaping then it is fine, just do not use anything that does not clearly say it is for vaping as vaping other oils can be harmful.To clarify, CBD vape oil and CBD e-liquid are both completely safe – even at considerably higher doses than usual (of course you shouldn’t vape or use anything excessively).

Are CBD Vape oils legal?

Yes, just like CBD, CBD vape oils  are completely legal in the UK, unlike THC. Any CBD products must not contain more than 0.2% in order to be legal in the UK. THC is what is present in the cannabis plant that can make you high. CBD products should have very small traces of THC, if any, in order to be legal. Anyway, to put it simply, CBD vape oil is legal in the UK.

Why use CBD Vape Oil?

There are many reasons why you may choose to use CBD vape oil. If you are someone who suffers from medical conditions, whether that be physically or mentally, CBD will quite often help with your symptoms. Many people use CBD medicinally and they find that using CBD vape oil is an effective, easy and discreet way of doing so.Another reason why you may choose to use CBD Vape Oil is that it is much faster acting than other methods of consuming CBD. CBD vape oil The effects just may not last as long as the other methods, but if you are looking for fast relief, CBD vape oil is the one for you. So, even though the effects of vaping CBD vape oil don’t last as long as other methods of CBD consumption, they take effect much faster, providing near-immediate relief to the soothing benefits CBD provides.

Can I use CBD Vape Oil with any vape?

You can use CBD vape oil with a variety of vaporizers, yes, however this is provided that you are using CBD vape oil that is intended for vaping, and that your CBD vape pen is refillable and uses pods or cartridges. 

How do I use CBD Vape Oil?

All you have to do is load the CBD vape oil into the pod / cartridge that comes with your vaporizer, let it sit for 5 minutes before attaching it back onto your CBD vaporizer.Next, make sure that your CBD vape pen’s battery is fully charged and ready to go. Next, attach your CBD vape oil cartridge or pod to the battery.After the CBD has been attached to the CBD pen, you can now switch the device on and select the temperature or voltage of your choice and allow the CBD oil vape pen to heat up. Once it has heated up completely, inhale and enjoy the effects of your CBD!Please ensure that you are using CBD oil that is suitable for vaping as regular CBD oils that are for consumption orally etc are not safe to vape. Also, do not use CBD vape oil in dry herb vaporizers, only use them in CBD vape pens that use pods or cartridges.

Is there different types of CBD Vape Oil?

Yes, there certainly are! As we have already discussed, there is CBD vape oil and CBD e-liquid, however many people refer to them as the same thing. Here at Nectar we have a wide range of CBD vape oils and liquids. We have regular CBD e-liquid as well as broad spectrum CBD e-liquid. Broad-spectrum CBD vape liquidoil / e-liquid contains a range of naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, but typically no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Which CBD Vape Oil is best for me?

It is all down to personal preference as well as personal needs. We recommend that you check out our range of CBD vape oils / CBD e-liquids and see which one catches your eye. We have a wide range of flavours and you may want to try out a broad spectrum CBD vape e-liquid if you haven’t tried it before and see how you like the effects.

Can I vape CBD oil?

You cannot vape regular CBD oil, in fact you should never try to vape CBD oil. This oil is intended for other methods of use but not vaping.The reason why you can’t vape regular CBD liquidoil is that it contains MCT oil – a product derived from coconuts which is not suitable for inhalation. Research has shown that those who inhale this oil are at risk of serious health complications.If you would like to vape CBD then you should purchase some CBD vape oil or e-liquid instead. Unlike CBD tinctures, these e-liquids are not oil-based and are therefore fine to use with your vape. Always make sure that the CBD vape oil that you are intending to use clearly states that it is safe to vape.

Can I mix CBD oil with an E-Liquid to vape it?

Again, if you are referring to regular CBD e-liquid then no, you can’t. This is due to the fact your CBD oil contains MCT oil, and vaping this product should always be avoided. If you would like to vape CBD, then always purchase CBD vape oil or e-liquid. CBD e-liquid is completely safe to use. If you want to use CBD vape oil with your vape juice then you can mix the 2 together, however, we recommend you do thorough research before trying to do this yourself. Just make sure that it is CBD vape oil and not regular CBD oil.

How much CBD vape oil should I vape?

There is no solid or straightforward answer to this. This is because there is no universal standard dose when it comes to CBD consumption, everyone is different and requires different amounts.If you are wondering how much of your e-liquid you should vape, it will depend on the strength of the CBD in your vape oil or e-liquid. If the CBD vape oil or e-liquid you are using contains a high dose of CBD then you won’t need to vape as much as you would if you had a bottle with a lower dose, which goes without saying.We recommend that you start off low and slow, and gradually increase the amount you vape until you find that you are happy with the effects.

Does CBD Vape Oil contain nicotine?

All of our CBD vape oils / e-liquids contain zero nicotine. Other manufacturers and suppliers may put nicotine in their products but it should always say so on the label so just keep an eye out!If you want nicotine in your CBD vape oil / e-liquid, you can always add some in. Just be wary of the fact you could considerably alter the taste when diluting your CBD e liquid with nicotine, that it is also addictive and that it is not good for your health.

What are the benefits of CBD Vape Oil?

There are many reasons why people choose to use CBD vape oil over other e-liquids and that’s because it offers a bunch of benefits. It’s been researched and discovered to have a variety of health benefits, including both mental and physical. Here is a list of some of them:

Does CBD Vape Oil get you ‘high’?

No, CBD vape oil or any kind of CBD will not get you ‘high’. CBD products are made from strains of hemp that do not contain more than 0.2% THC. This means that there is not enough THC in the CBD to give you a high of any kind. CBD is not psychoactive, unlike THC. However, vaping CBD or taking CBD in other forms will provide you with calming and relaxing effects, as well as pain relief. Depending on the type of CBD you are using, you can feel all kinds of effects, even motivation and excitement, however you will not get ‘high’.

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