What are Vape Accessories?

Vape accessories are a wide range of extra products available to add on to your existing vape products. They range from replacement parts such as filters, mouthpieces, batteries, to add-on accessories like a glass bong adapter or a glass water bubbler. We have everything you need and anything that you can think of, right here at Nectar. 

What vape accessories are available for my vape?

Whether you have the Nectar Platinum or the Nectar Hive, we always have something for you and your product. You can filter through which vape accessories are suitable for your particular product at the top of the page, and all the results showing will be compatible with your product.

Our vape accessories are to help maintain your dry herb vaporizer and enhance your vaping experience.

What Vape Accessories can you change on your Vape?

There are a lot of vape accessories that you can change on your vape, the most obvious one being the filters. However, you may have a Nectar vape that doesn’t use screens such as the Nectar HoneyBee. If this is the case then not to worry as there is always something that you can change on your vape, like the cartridges or the batteries. Just check out the vape accessories that we have available and feel free to filter them out to your particular product.

Which Vape Accessories will enhance my vape experience?

All of our vape accessories will enhance your vape experience as they will help to provide you with the optimum vape experience and quality. However, if you are looking for a smoother vape experience then there are a few particular products that we can recommend to you, such as the glass bong adapter, the glass water adapter and also the vape battery charger. 

These 3 products will not only make your experience smoother and more enjoyable but also incredibly convenient, read more about them below to learn more on how they help.

What’s a glass bong adapter?

A glass bong adapter is one of our smoothest vape accessories, it’s a bong attachment that connects your Nectar dry herb vaporizer to a glass bong, allowing you to benefit from the cooler vapour from the added water filtration in the bong. It basically provides a smoother vaping experience.

What’s a glass water bubbler?

Another one of our most recommended vape accessories for a smoother vape experience is the glass water bubbler. Glass water bubblers are a cross between bongs and pipes. Similarly to bongs, water bubblers use water for filtration, but have the advantage of being portable, like a smoking pipe.

The Nectar glass water bubbler is much smaller than a conventional bong and comes with a connection that allows you to attach the bubbler to any Nectar dry herb vaporizer.  This creates an enhanced portable water filtered experience which cools the vapour in the process.

What’s so good about a vape battery charger?

So many things are good about a vape battery charger! Not only can you put your vape batteries inside to charge but this incredible device is multi-functional! While you are charging your batteries you can also plug in another vape to charge via cable as this amazing piece from our vape accessories range also works as a portable charger. 

So not only can you charge batteries but you can also charge your other vapes on the go while you are out and about. Running out of charge on a day out won’t be a problem anymore with this trustworthy piece of equipment!

Are external battery chargers better to use rather than internal charging ports?

External battery chargers, just like our vape battery charger from our vape accessories collection, allow you to charge multiple batteries at the same time. They’re great devices to use especially if you use your vaporizer very often and require multiple sets of batteries or simply want an easy way to charge more than 1 or 2 batteries at once, especially when out and about!

What is the best battery for my vape?

It can depend on what type of vape you use, however 18650s are by far the most common batteries when it comes to vaping. They are readily available, reliable, and extensively tested, and the majority of vapes come with 18650 compatibility. Luckily for you guys we have these batteries in our vape accessories range so definitely check them out. 

Why do I need filters?

Filters and screens are essential for your dry herb vaporizer. These are what keeps all the good stuff in and all the bad stuff out, it is one of the fundamental parts of a dry herb vaporizer. Every year or so you should replace your screen or filter to keep your vape performing at its best. If you don’t clean or replace your screen or filter regularly they get built up and clogged with resin which impacts the quality of your vapour. Check out the varieties of screens and filters we offer in our vape accessories collection, they’re worth stocking up on.

Do Vape Accessories add extra functions to my vape?

Some can, for example our concentrate pads. A concentrate pad gives the vaporizer you are using a 2-in-1 functionality by allowing it to be used with concentrate/wax/resin.

To use the concentrate pad, simply lift off the mouthpiece, insert the pad into the chamber and apply a pea-sized amount of concentrate onto the pad.

Ensure that you purchase the correct concentrate pad for your vaporizer as they do vary.

What is an essential vape accessory to add to my tool kit?

If you are new to vaping or dry herbs completely then we definitely recommend that you invest in a grinder. At Nectar we have a couple of grinders in our vape accessories collection. These sturdy devices, which are also known as a metal herb grinder, have been engineered with high grade aluminium to provide a durable set of diamond shaped teeth ensuring a quality grind. We have 2 sizes, both compact enough for you to carry around with you if necessary.