What is a smell proof pouch?

A smell proof pouch is a pouch that has been designed
specifically to lock in any scents inside the pouch, preventing them from escaping the smell proof pouch. Smell
proof pouches are typically used to store contents that you don’t want the smell to be exposed outside of the
pouch, like cannabis. Smell proof pouches are made with specific materials to ensure that the aroma of whatever
you may be storing inside the pouch is locked in and will not escape.

What makes a smell proof pouch different to a smell proof bag?

A smell proof pouch is in fact different to a smell proof
bag. The biggest difference between the two is the size. Smell proof pouches are typically much smaller than
smell proof bags as they are designed with the intention of being more easily portable. This means that with a
smell proof pouch, you should be able to slot it into your pocket, purse or bag when you are out and about,
whereas, smell proof bags are usually a bit bigger and store more things but are not as easily portable.

Smell proof pouches are the perfect accessory to include in your vaping arsenal so you can transport your dry herb vapes discreetly and securely.

What can I store in a smell proof pouch?

Many people use smell proof pouches to not only store their
cannabis, but also their dry herb vaporizers. This is because smell proof pouches are usually the perfect size
to slot in a portable dry herb vape as well as anything else you may require, like your herb. You can of course
store whatever you like inside your smell proof pouch, it can store anything you like. Some people store their
dab kits inside, cleaning tools, accessories, buds, vapes, all sorts!

If you are someone who likes to use their dry herb
vaporizer out and about but don’t want the smell to draw peoples’ attention then a smell proof pouch is exactly
what you need. You can simply store your dry herb vaporizer in the smell proof pouch and slot it away discreetly
in your pocket or bag and no one will smell or suspect a thing!

How effective are smell proof pouches?

Smell proof pouches are incredibly effective in both
storing your goods as well as blocking out the smell of whatever your goods may be. Thanks to the smart
technology of the materials that have been used specifically for the design of the smell proof pouch, no scents
or aromas will be escaping this compact little pouch. 

Are all velcro bags smell proof?

No, not all velcro bags are smell proof. Velcro does not
make something smell proof. However, it is an amazing material and hence we have incorporated it into our Nectar
smell proof pouch’s design. When combined with the right materials and features, velcro can be a very efficient,
effective and practical material in a smell proof pouch, just like ours. 

The velcro in our smell proof pouch is not what makes it
smell proof, it does however make it much faster and easier for you to take things in and out of the smell proof
pouch, without the hassle of zips or it getting jammed etc.

Are smell proof pouches effective against sniffer dogs?

Yes, our Nectar smell proof pouches are effective against
sniffer dogs. However, not all smell proof pouches are effective against sniffer dogs, which is why you should
make sure you do your research before purchasing a smell proof pouch from anywhere. 

Always purchase from a trusted brand as many companies
claim their products are smell proof and effective against sniffer dogs, however, they in fact are not. Whereas
we have actually tested our smell proof products against dogs and can confidently say that our smell proof
products are ‘effective’.

Are smell proof pouches discreet?

Yes, smell proof pouches are discreet. One of the biggest
differences between smell proof pouches and other smell proof products is that smell proof pouches are designed
specifically to be compact and discreet. Yes you can find other products on the market which are disguised as
everyday objects like coffee cups and all sorts, however, our smell proof pouches are in a way more

This is because our smell proof pouches are compact, subtle
and don’t look any different to other pouches that you may be carrying around anyway, you could even say that
our smell proof pouches are similar to a glasses pouch! Our smell proof pouches are discreet too because you can
slide them into your pocket, your bag, whatever it may be, but you can carry them around with you without anyone
suspecting a thing. As far as people are concerned it is simply a pouch, as you cannot smell anything from

Are smell proof pouches waterproof?

Not all smell proof pouches are waterproof, however, our
Nectar smell proof pouch is in fact IP54 rated, meaning that it has an IP54 water protected shell. It isn’t
essential for a smell proof pouch to be waterproof, however, it can definitely come in handy! You never know
when the weather may change, or if you accidentally spill something etc, you always want to make sure that your
contents inside your smell proof pouch are protected!

What is the Nectar smell proof pouch made from?

Our Nectar smell proof pouch is made of a few different
things. One of them being PU leather, or polyurethane leather, if you aren’t familiar with what PU leather is,
it’s essentially a vegan leather. PU leather is made of thermoplastic polymer which is usually used for making
shoes. 100% PU leather is considered vegan and is much more sustainable than conventional leather as it requires
fewer resources to make it. PU leather is impermeable hence it locks in any smells enclosed within it.

The velcro closure in the smell proof pouch provides a
complete smell proof enclosure which is combined with an activated carbon fabric to ensure no smell gets

This activated carbon also ensures maximum odor absorption.
Millions of tiny pores opened between the carbon molecules trap even the stankiest of smells so you don’t need
to worry about them escaping. Not only does our smell proof bag contain activated carbon technology which stops
smells in their tracks, it also helps purify the air, adsorbing airborne toxins and moisture, stopping mold and
bacteria forming.

What should I look for in a smell proof pouch?

When it comes to buying a smell proof pouch, there are a
few key features that you should be looking out for to ensure an efficient and effective product. One of these
is of course the material that the smell proof pouch is made of, activated carbon is a popular one when it comes
to smell proof products, and so are other impermeable materials like PU leather. Looking out for something that
is IP54 rated, or in other words waterproof, can definitely come in handy too!

The next thing to look out for is something that is compact
in its design. The main purpose of purchasing a smell proof pouch over a smell proof bag is that they tend to be
smaller in size and therefore more discreet and easier to carry out and about with you within things like coats,
bags, pockets etc. 

Last but not least, we always recommend that you look for a
bag that has some sort of organisational feature, like zips and compartments. Having sections within your smell
proof pouch can make your whole experience much smoother and easier. Rather than having to empty out the entire
pouch each time, you can keep certain things in their own section of the pouch. Our Nectar smell proof pouch
features a zip compartment which is perfect for these situations.

Where can I buy smell proof pouches?

These days it is much easier to purchase and find smell
proof pouches. Most smoke shops sell them, you can also find them online on places like amazon and online smoke
shops. However, we always recommend that you purchase from a trusted or well known supplier as many products can
claim to be smell proof, when they are in fact not smell proof at all.

We also supply smell proof pouches here at Nectar, as well
as smell proof bags and other smell proof accessories so why not check out our collection?

Do vapes need to be stored in a smell proof pouch?

If you are using your vaporizer with dry herbs such as
cannabis and you want to keep the smell hidden, then yes you should store your dry herb vaporizer in a smell
proof pouch as it will prevent any aromas of the cannabis from escaping. 

If you aren’t using your vape for anything that you want to
keep the smell hidden for, then you don’t necessarily need a smell proof pouch, however, you may find that your
vape lasts longer in better condition when being stored in a pouch. Smell proof pouches are also convenient for
storing your vape along with vape accessories so it may be worth investing in one purely for the convenience and

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