How Long Does A Weed Edible High Last?

Reading time - 6 minutes - June 25, 2021

Ever wondered how long a weed edible high lasts? The term ‘getting high’ can mean a great number of things. There’s no one type of high and there’s no one way to get high. There’s no doubt that weed edibles have their own specific type of high, which can actually feel very different to that of inhaling marijuana. But why is this? Well, in this article we’re going to be looking into what weed edibles are, how they work, and how long they last. We’ll also compare the high from weed edibles with other types of cannabis consumption. One things for certain: it seems human beings will never cease to find different & creative ways to intake mother nature’s great herbs. As always, strap yourself in. Let’s go. 

What is a Weed Edible? 

A weed edible is a food-item, either made at home or commercially, that contains extracts of cannabis. They are made in a variety of different ways, and cannabis can be put in pretty much any food. Cannabutter is often a good starting point for lots of food recipes, which is made from slowly heating the cannabis buds with butter. Eventually all of the good stuff is released, just as it is when it’s heated for inhalation, and this can then be eaten and will get you high. Although it may seem obvious, you can’t just eat a weed bud. It won’t make you feel anything. It has to be cooked or heated first. After this, it can be mixed with a variety of things. If you want to know how to make cannabutter, read our other article.

Common Types of a Weed Edible 

Here is a list of some of the most common types of marijuana edibles. Remember, you can make these at home, but make sure you have patience and time. Weed edibles take care to make. 

Weed Brownies 

Gummy Sweets 

Weed Honey 

Marijuana Ice Cream 

Cannabis Tea

Weed Bacon

Difference between CBD and THC 

Like any weed products, edibles have varying quantities of CBD and THC; these are the two most prominent cannabinoids within the cannabis plant. THC gets you high, whilst CBD is used more for pain and anxiety relief. The percentage of each will change the effect of the edible on the consumer and will change its purpose. For example, a high-in-THC product will be more likely to be used for recreational purposes. In other words: for getting high. Whereas, a high-in-CBD edible will more likely be used for medicinal purposes or maybe to treat anxiety. 

CBD Hemp Gummies

An example of a common CBD weed edible is the hemp gummies. These are little sweets, which contain a high percentage of CBD. The Nectar hemp gummies contain 5mg of hemp extract and can help with sleep deprivation and chronic pain. 

Weed Brownies

Weed brownies are one of the most common high-in-THC weed edible. If you walk around the streets of Amsterdam you’d find it hard not to find a few of these on sale, or perhaps a couple of kids sitting in a park eating them. Weed brownies can get you very intensely stoned and can last a lot longer than the usual spliff. If you want to know how to make weed brownies, then check out our other article

Different Ways to Take Cannabis

Before we look into how long a weed edible high lasts, firstly let’s look into the varying ways people can intake the beauty of marijuana. We’ve split it up into three: buds, concentrates, creams and edibles.


This is probably the most common method of taking cannabis; grinding up the weed bud itself and placing it in a joint or a dry herb vaporizer. When burned or heated, the marijuana potentials are omitted and can then be inhaled. This usually takes around 30 seconds to cause a high. It’s by far the quickest method of experiencing cannabis’ effects.


Cannabis concentrates, whilst they can still be put in joints or vapes, they are slightly different. A cannabis concentrate is an extracted substance from the marijuana plant, which is particularly potent. Examples of these are: rosin, shatter or wax. Whilst these take longer to make, if you’re making them yourself, they are usually just as quick to take as dry herb buds, and just as quick to kick in. The only difference is they are usually a lot stronger. The average cannabis concentrate has as much as 40% THC. Use with caution!


Another odd yet acceptable way of consuming cannabis is through the skin. With CBD products and their benefits becoming more and more accepted throughout the UK, you may have seen CBD creams. These help with chronic pain. It usually takes a few minutes for the cream to be absorbed into the skin, and for it to begin helping with pain. Although cream isn’t used for recreational purposes, it’s effects are used for medicinal purposes. Why not take a look at our hemp pain relief cream?


Then, finally, you have edibles. We’ve spoken briefly about how these are made and how they work. Edibles are, as you can imagine, ingested through the mouth and into the stomach. The cannabis will sit there until the stomach breaks down the edible and it then makes its way into the bloodstream. This can take an hour or two. However, sometimes it could take 30-60 minutes. The time it takes for the edible to take effect depends on a lot of things: THC level and metabolism. Usually, an edible will feel a lot stronger and last a lot longer than a usual joint or dry herb vape hit.

How Long does a Weed Edible High Last? 

As we’ve seen, all the different ways of intaking marijuana have varying lengths of high. A joint can last anywhere from 1-6 hours, depending on the amount. Concentrates, most likely, can last more as they are a lot more potent. But what about edibles? 

Picture this: you’ve bought a weed brownie because you don’t like smoking marijuana. Good choice, although you should’ve thought about a dry herb vaporizer – that doesn’t have the same harsh effect on the throat. Anyway, you’re sitting with your friends. They are rolling up a joint. You decide now is the time to eat your weed brownie. You sit and wait. They roll the joint, smoke it, and sit in their high state. You feel nothing. After a while, they begin to feel more normal, and you still feel nothing. Then, as you walk home, it hits you. You have a warm sensation for the rest of the evening. You are utterly baked. And this lasts for around 6-8 hours. Your mates would only have dreamt of their high lasting that long. So who’s really the winner? Well, it depends on what you had to do that evening.

Why Use Weed Edibles? 

However you like to consume marijuana or not, the benefits and potency of weed edibles are undoubtable. They have the longest high experiences out of all of the variants. Thus, if you’re looking for a way of getting baked, without the harsh effects of a joint, then maybe the weed edible is for you. Alternatively, maybe you just want medicinal aid, in which case, the CBD weed edibles might suit you nicely. Although, if it’s the smoking you don’t like, a dry herb vaporizer is the alternative you are looking for. In which case, check out our range of vaporizers here

We hope you found this article enjoyable and, most importantly, educational. Until next time.

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