Top 10 Best 420 Events Around The World

Reading time - 8 minutes - February 10, 2021

420 is celebrated around the world in many events and styles. Weed-enthusiasts in all corners of the globe usually come together on the 20th April every year to enjoy marijuana culture. People protest, speak, sing, dance, and consume mother nature’s dry herb together. Weed culture is a counterculture and, because of this, stands for so much more than just consuming cannabis. We wanted to take you through our top 10 best weed events around the world to celebrate 420. However, there’s an elephant in the room, isn’t there? 2020 and 2021 celebrations are unfortunately mostly cancelled. And why is this? The pandemic of course. Therefore the events mentioned in this article will most likely not take place this year. Nonetheless, there will be an end to coronavirus, and there will be a beginning of celebrations once more. We may just have to wait a year. In the meantime, let’s delve into the best weed events around the world that will return soon enough! And maybe, just maybe, you can attend one of these. As always, strap yourself in. Let’s go. 

What Is 420? 

It’s common for people to attend 420 weed celebrations all around the world without actually knowing what it is or when it started. So what actually is it? 420 to many people refers to the date of the 20th April. And this day has become the marijuana national holiday. On this day people meet all around the world and enjoy the beauty of cannabis together (whether it be through smoking, edibles like our hemp gummies, or using a dry herb vaporizer). For others, 420 is also a time of day, as in 4:20pm. And at this time they will come and enjoy weed together. And for some, 420 is more than a time or date, for them it’s a way of life. A political movement. A lifestyle that pushes against the establishment. 

Where Did The Term 420 Come From?

Although the birth of the term 420 has many funny origin stories, which you can read about in our article: how did the marijuana 420 holiday start, the most likely is this one. Steven Hager from the High Times claimed that the national holiday originated from a ritual that a group of California high school students had in the 1970s. The students would meet up every day at 4:20pm after school, grind up some marijuana with a weed grinder (not too dissimilar to our metal herb grinder), and smoke together. This ritual became increasingly widespread, and the term ‘420’ was used as code for this ritual. Eventually 420 was translated into the US calendar, which of course becomes the 20th April. And now, the day is seen as a national marijuana holiday.

Why Is 420 Celebrated?

420 means many things to many people. One view is that 420 is a time to relax, chill, and enjoy the mellow feeling of a good high. For others, it’s a moment of politics. A time to stand up against injustice and push for weed legalization. The truth is that weed has had its place in many political protests over the decades. However, 420 is also seen as a commercial event; a tourist attraction. A day to experience and take pictures of. However you decide to celebrate it, it’s helpful to know how others do too. 

Top 10 Best 420 Events Around The World

Here’s the list before we delve into the specifics of these beautiful events…

1. Hemp Fest

2. National Cannabis Festival

3. Toronto Festival

4. Hyde Park

5. Spannabis

6. Cannatrade

7. Cultiva

8. The Bright Side Festival

9. High Times Cannabis Cup

10. Hanfparade

As you’ve read, 420 is more than just a weed celebration, it’s also a movement. Sadly, ‘movement’ is exactly what we’re all finding difficult currently in lockdown, both mentally and physically. Hopefully these events will be around in 2022, or maybe even 2021, who knows? Positivity at a time like this is much needed. Nonetheless, 420 events will be back. Let’s take a look at our top 10 best weed events around the world. If nothing more, we can at least look and marvel at what humans can create together. 

420 Hemp Fest – Milan, Italy

420 Hemp Fest runs from October 2nd – 4th each year. This 10,000 sq feet festival boasts 3 days of cannabis events, with over 170 stands, talks, and live music. It also hosts the Cannabis Light Cup, which is a competition for weed growers and producers. 

National Cannabis Festival – Washington DC, USA

Running on April 17th, this weed festival is held at the lawn of the Robert F. Kennedy  Festival grounds right in the middle of Washington, DC. What a location! The cannabis festival is in its 7th year and still going strong. You can expect demonstrations, some amazing clothes to buy, session panels, some great snacks and live music all day and night.  

420 Toronto – Toronto, Canada

Running on the date of 420 (20th April), this weed festival “puts into action the democratic principles cherished by Torontonians in a show of support of Toronot’s cannabis culture”. Not only is it in an amazing location, but it’s also a free event. Local talent, entertainment, bands and speakers, these are just some of the magic you can expect to see during your visit. 

420 Hyde Park – London, England

For any Londoner out there, and weed consumer, Hyde Park is a thing of pride. A massive park in the centre of London which has always been at the forefront of political movements and top notch weed events. In fact, on the 20th April each year, this place becomes the busiest 4/20 spot in the UK. If you visit this one, you are promised great music, great speakers, and a great time.  

Spannabis – Barcelona, Spain

It’s Spain, it’s cannabis, it’s Spannabis. Running from the 23rd April to the 25th, this great weed event takes place in the core of Barcelona. Spannabis has been running for over 15 years and has over 300 exhibitors, art, music, and lots and lots of educational speakers from the cannabis industry. We’ve all gotta attend this one. 

CannaTrade – Bern, Switzerland

Taking place from the 28th May to the 30th, CannaTrade is supposedly Europe’s oldest weed fair and 420 friendly event. With a delicious hemp food festival, a joint-rolling contest and a great chill-out area, this festival is a must visit. Not to mention, it’s in Switzerland; an unbelievably cute country. 

Cultiva – Vosendorf, Austria

Cultiva is a weed-festival that takes place from October 15th-17th , and has been running since 2008. The festival provides a safe and exciting platform for the hemp and plant, and for all those who are intrigued by its uses. Other than the usual great food and great thinkers, Cultiva also has a pool party that goes on through the night. 

The Bright Side Festival – Runaway Bay, Jamaica 

This weed festival stands out in many ways. Not only is the Bright Side Festival inches away from the Carribean sea, not only has it got a stage for live music, but it also has a flippin’ spa. In addition, the Bright Side Festival feels even more authentic as it offers you a Bob Marley tour. So don’t worry about a thing.  

High Times Cannabis Cup – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Then comes Amsterdam and the High Times Cannabis Cup. This is the largest 420 experience in the world. This is the real deal. It started in Amsterdam in 1987 and now is so popular that it jumps from city to city each year. Last year, the weed festival travelled all the way to Vegas. People who attended the festival were lucky enough to go to smoke sessions with Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and other celebrities. The Netherlands is a shining star on the marijuana world map, and it’s no different with their marijuana festivals. That is why the Netherlands is included in our list of: where is best weed in the world grown? 

Hanfparade – Berlin, Germany

And finally we have the Hanfparade, in the heart of Berlin. The Hanfparade is both a weed festival and a protest. Taking place in August each year, over 10,000 people come together and stand in support of recreational and medicinal marijuana. The Hanfparade aims to ‘make the plant hemp known and interesting again in the full range of its uses and to reduce the prejudice and stigmatization, which are still widespread among the German people’. You can expect speakers, live music, and of course, after parties that only Berlin can offer. 


They Were Our Top 10 Best 420 Events Around The World

And there you have it, that was our selection for the top 10 best weed events around the world. 420 and weed in general is widespread, so there are many many more events that could have made this list. Therefore, treat this article as a beginning to your research. If you are interested in more events, perhaps in other places, then don’t hesitate to keep looking. Overall, it’s unbelievable that a few students smoking weed in the 70s has led to such a global 420 movement, with a plethora of festivals and celebrations. Although the pandemic has put a stop to social gatherings, they will open up once again. So, If you are lucky enough to attend one of these, enjoy it. Enjoy it with everything you have. 

We hope you found this article interesting, and as always, educational. Until next time. 

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