How to Stop Smoking Weed

Reading time - 9 minutes - August 11, 2022

So, you want to quit smoking weed? Giving up any drug is tough, and it takes more than just commitment. Of course, we know the many benefits of weed. From relieving anxiety to managing pain relief, weed is the plant that just keeps giving. But what about the downsides? Smoking gets bad press for good reason. It has a detrimental effect on our bodies, irritating our lungs, and it can trigger a range of diseases. If you are looking to move to a gentler way of ingesting weed, or you want to stop completely, put down that joint, we have just the guide to help you.

Why is it so hard to stop smoking weed?

The act of smoking has a profound impact on our health. In fact, it affects every organ in the body. When you smoke cigarettes, you increase your chances of:

Pretty depressing stuff, right? The addictiveness of smoking is all down to nicotine, which has a clever way of changing the way that the brain works. It directly enters the bloodstream, causing your body to release dopamine, a ‘feel good’ chemical. Once you quit smoking, your brain starts to ask where the heck the good stuff went, leading to all sorts of withdrawal symptoms such as sickness, insomnia and anxiety. Withdrawal symptoms suck, so you reach for a smoke. And so, the vicious cycle begins.


When you smoke a joint mixed with tobacco, you are also inhaling the toxins and chemicals found in tobacco. This is why so many people have turned to vaping as a chemical-free solution. Products such as dry herb vaporizers and CBD pens have risen in popularity dramatically over the last few years. The Office National of Statistics (ONS) found that around 6% of the UK population vaped in 2021, the highest since records began, whilst smokers were at their lowest percentage since 2015.

Ways to stop smoking weed

Smoking anything has implications on your health and it makes sense to eliminate that part if you can. There are several products that you can use to help you stop smoking weed including:

Should you vape instead?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard of the term, vaping. Introduced to the public about a decade ago, vaporizers have snowballed in popularity and they have become a popular way of inhaling cannabis, without the high levels of carbon monoxide and tar associated with tobacco. 

Unlike smoking a joint or a bong, vaping doesn’t involve combustion. Instead, a vaporizer heats weed to an optimal temperature and creates vapor for you to inhale. When you vape, the temperature heats to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit, as opposed to 538 degrees Fahrenheit when smoking. The difference is far kinder on the lungs. The act of combustion produces high levels of cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens). Fascinatingly, studies have revealed that there are more than 7000 chemicals in a cigarette, and we only really know the harmful effects of some of these. 

Carcinogens found in tobacco smoke include: 

The largest risk derives from the act of smoking cannabis, rather than the weed, which is why it’s smart to switch to a vaporizer.

The most obvious reason to swap smoking for vaping is that it’s far better for your health. Aside from this, there are plenty of other reasons why you should make the switch. One of these is the efficiency of vaping. When you light up a joint the heat is intense, and it burns your weed at a high speed. Vaping, on the other hand, uses cooler temperatures and this heating process gives you a far higher percentage of cannabinoids than smoking a joint. Studies have shown that out of those vaping and smoking the same dose, those who vaped reported more effects.

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What should you vape if you want to stop smoking potent weed?

If you want to stop smoking weed, and you want to try a dry herb vaporizer or a CBD vape pen, then it might be worth looking at what you are putting inside it. If you are used to potent levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), then try switching it to non-intoxicating CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is perfectly legal and it is non-addictive. What’s more, it has been touted as the answer for those struggling with cannabis addiction. The University College London (UCL) conducted a fascinating study looking at how to treat cannabis addiction. They found that one of the key withdrawal effects of cannabis is anxiety and that CBD itself reduces these symptoms. Furthermore, they discovered that CBD may even repair the cognitive deficits caused by frequent cannabis use. UCL concluded that, ‘Overall, evidence now suggests that CBD is a logical treatment for cannabis dependence’. 

Whilst CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effects like THC, it has many benefits that are similar to what THC offers, just on a subtler level. Using a CBD vape pen can help you unwind and help you to feel calm and relaxed. Plus, there are heaps of health benefits associated with CBD including:

CBD has also been linked with treating, and even preventing Alzheimer’s disease, as well as helping other addictions such as alcohol dependency. 

CBD vape pen or dry herb vaporizer, what’s better?

This answer is really down to personal preference, as they both have their advantages. Overall, CBD vape pens and dry herb vaporizers both offer a safer way of inhalation. A CBD pen uses oil, and a dry herb vaporizer utilises the dried flower. If you are looking for something quick, discreet and effective whilst on the go, then a CBD vape pen is the answer. To check out our Nectar Hive CBD vape pen click here. It looks smart, is easy to use and you simply inhale for your hit. This set includes a replaceable vape pod, a built-in rechargeable battery and a handy USB charging port.
Or, if you want to enjoy weed in the purest form, try a dry herb vaporizer. Sure, it takes slightly longer to prepare but you are in control of what goes in and it is chemical free. What’s more, you don’t have to pay a hefty price tag; our Nectar V2 Vaporizer is affordable without compromising on quality.


How about eating or drinking weed?

If you want to quit all forms of inhalation, there are tonnes of other ways to consume weed. Fancy curling up with a hot cuppa weed tea? Our How to Make Weed Tea blog gives you some recipes for an inhalation–free hit. Alternatively, you can always bake up a storm and make some weed cookies! When you consume weed, you’re avoiding the smoking process, which means you are also avoiding cancer-causing carcinogens. 

Consuming weed also gives you an entirely different experience. Whereas inhalation instantly hits the bloodstream, giving you a quick hit, eating or drinking weed requires the use of your digestive system. This means that the effects are typically felt from 30 minutes to a couple of hours later. If you are eating or drinking THC then the effects will also feel far more potent compared to smoking. 


How to quit smoking weed

If you want to quit smoking weed full-stop, then we’ve got you covered.

  1. Tell everyone around you that you are quitting

Quitting any addiction is hard enough without feeling the need to make excuses or repeatably explain your plans. Let those in your circle know straight away so that you are not faced with any temptation. Doing so will also provide you with a support network during episodes of withdrawal.

  1. Get rid of any paraphernalia

Whether you have rollies, bongs or a stash of weed, throw them out to resist temptation. 

  1. Be realistic

If going cold turkey makes you want to cry inside, then place little goals for yourself to reduce your intake over time. This could be waiting a couple of days or reducing the amount of weed that you smoke in each joint. Using ‘delay and distract’ techniques can help. When the urge to smoke arises, see if you can delay smoking by 10 minutes and increase that time over the next few days.

  1. Try using smoking alternatives

As explained earlier, moving to a CBD vape pen or a dry herb vaporizer can be a suitable step towards reducing cannabis dependency.

  1. Exercise

Hit the gym or go for a walk. Exercise has a multitude of benefits, including boosting your mood and improving your fitness. Plus, experts tout that exercise is a body-friendly way of keeping niggling cravings at bay.

  1. Find a hobby

Don’t sit around sweating, find an outlet that makes you feel genuinely happy. Whether it is taking up a sport or knitting a cardigan, anything at this point is a welcome distraction!

  1. Be aware of triggers

Being aware of triggers is important because these are powerful moments that can kick you off course. Whether it’s meeting a friend who regularly smokes weed or going to a specific venue that makes you reach for a joint 

If willpower alone is failing, there are still many forms of help out there. Professional help can be just the push that you need. There are several ways of quitting including using counselling and support programs.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is widely used to help combat addictions. This teaches you to recognise current coping mechanisms (such as smoking weed) and replace them with healthy practices.

Counselling programs 

There are several types of counselling out there. Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is a type of supportive counselling service used for the addiction to cannabis. These usually only consist of a few short sessions and aim to motivate patients into continuing treatment.

Local Treatment Centres

There are local centres dedicated to helping those with alcohol or drug dependency use. FRANK is a website that not only offers help and advice but directs you to local help centres.

While some studies have shown that weed use is less addictive than other substances, it doesn’t mean that dependency doesn’t occur. If you’ve had your lot with smoking weed, then you aren’t alone. There are several options out there that can help, from using far safer vaporizing methods to reaching out for professional support. 

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