Why You Should Avoid Dry Herb Vaporizers Without Isolated Airflow

Reading time - 6 minutes - September 22, 2021

“I honestly believe true happiness lies in lowered expectations. In opening the door to let the air in” – Sara Pascoe

In 2007, smoking in enclosed public spaces became illegal as more people started to realise the dangers of, not only smoke, but also second-hand smoke. Consequently, the world began to turn their heads to alternative ways of smoking both tobacco and cannabis. This is when the dry herb vaporizer took to the stage, and anyone who’d had stocks in them prior to smoking’s gradual downfall must now be very very rich. Dry herb vapes give people a healthier, easier and perhaps even cheaper way of enjoying their cannabis. However, now weed vapes are becoming more popular, there are still certain attributes that make some better than others. One of the most important of these is, of course, isolated airflow. Isolated airflow is paramount, but what is it? In this article we’ll be discussing what dry herb vapes are, how they work and why isolated airflow makes them even better. Here we go.

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Before we can understand isolated airflow, we must first truly understand what a weed vape is. A dry herb vaporizer is an electronic device that heats up dry herbs (including weed) and creates vapour, which can then be inhaled by the consumer. The vaporizer uses a convection or conduction heating system, which heats the cannabis without burning it or using combustion. It is combustion that makes smoking so unhealthy, as well as nicotine of course. Combustion (fire) occurs at around 240 degrees, but cigarettes or joints are usually lit at around 900 degrees. A dry herb vaporizer usually heats at around 180-220 degrees, which means it avoids combustion but still creates an inhalable vapour. A joint has such a high temperature when it is lit that it actually causes the cannabis to lose flavour and strength. Thus, vapes have used future technology to counteract the caveman combustion technique of the past. 

How Does It Work?

Whilst some dry herb vapes look like small radiators and others look like little spaceships, the truth is that they all have similar parts within them that make them work. 

The Battery

The battery is perhaps the most obvious part of the dry herb vape but sometimes is easily forgotten about. The battery stores up the energy, which will dictate how long the vape will last for before needing a recharge. Battery life can be the making or breaking of a weed vape. 

The heating chamber

The heating chamber is where the dry herbs, cannabis or concentrates are placed. The chamber will be heated up and will begin to create vapour before it’s then subsequently inhaled.

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is the final piece of the puzzle. After the battery has charged up the vape, and the heating chamber has heated up the bud into vapour, the mouthpiece is used to inhale up all the good stuff. 

isolated airflow

What are the Benefits of a Dry Herb Vape 

There are many benefits of a weed vape. Although, certain benefits can be enhanced by certain vape attributes, which we will get on to later. Nonetheless, here are some of the benefits. 


The most obvious benefit of a dry herb vape is its health benefits. When compared to smoking, a vaporizer is a lot healthier. As previously mentioned, by avoiding combustion and smoke, the weed vape does not push cancerous toxins and carcinogens into your lungs. Furthermore, by not needing tobacco in the heating chamber, you avoid nicotine and its addictive properties. 


The dry herb vaporizer is also a lot easier to use than perhaps people may think. You don’t need tobacco, you don’t need papers, you don’t need filters or roaches, and you don’t need to roll. All you need to do is turn the device on, place the cannabis into the chamber and enjoy. In addition, dry herb vapes don’t smell anywhere near as much as joints when they burn, thus you won’t smell of smoke either. An added bonus.


The cost of a dry herb vape may be initially pricey but, in the long run, it could save you a great deal of cash. A weed vape can cost anywhere from £20 to £500 depending on which one you decide to purchase and what you’re using it for. Of course the more you spend, the less likely it’ll break and you’ll need to purchase another one. But after this initial cost, the vape saves you money. You won’t need to buy tobacco and you won’t need to buy smoking accessories. Furthermore, weed vapes have a greater yield due to the fact it avoids combustion. This means, essentially, you waste less bud. Over time you’ll save money on cannabis too from utilising it for its full potential. 

What Makes A Good Dry Herb Vape?

There are many dry herb vapes out there, and although they all aim to create a healthier alternative to smoking, some are better than others. However, it’s not always about how expensive they are. It’s not just as simple to say: the more expensive the better. Instead, there are certain things you can look out for in order to tell when a dry herb vape is better than others. Here is a quick list of potential improvement-tellers:

What Is Isolated Airflow?

From the improvements listed, we will be focusing on isolated airflow today and why it is so important. Now you understand how dry herb vapes work and what they are, we can now move on to the wonders of isolated airflow. 

When you inhale a dry herb vape through the mouthpiece, sometimes you are sucking in from the bottom of the vape, through the battery, through the chamber, through the cannabis, through the mouthpiece and into the lungs. After time, this can have negative effects on your lungs. Any repetitive action with slight dangers can cause more serious problems over time. Whilst it isn’t as bad as smoking, it’s still something that can be avoided with isolated airflow dry herb vapes. 

Isolated airflow allows the user to pull fresh air completely isolated from the battery and other electrical components, meaning the intake avoids any potential toxics and allows for improved flavour. Specific vent holes in the vape mean that you don’t end up inhaling dangerous components. Usually dry herb vapes will tell you if they have isolated airflow, so make sure to look out for it as an attribute. 

isolated airflow

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Which Weed Vapes Have Isolated Airflow?

The truth is that not all dry herb vapes have isolated airflow, but as we’ve discussed it’s very important. The best types of vapes usually will: Pax 3, Arrizer, Mighty.

Here at Nectar all three of our dry herb vapes have isolated airflow, which means whatever your budget, we have a vape for you. Why not check them out here.

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