Nectar Platinum Dry Herb Vape | 2-in-1 for Herbs and Resins


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139 in stock

Capabilities:      DRY HERB + Wax Illustration RESIN/WAX/CONCENTRATE  

The Nectar Platinum dry herb and resin vaporizer uses the largest capacity vape battery available on the market. The high drain battery has the capability to discharge a larger amount of current designed to push more voltage, so you get more power when you need it. It can be used with both dry herbs and/or wax, which can now be made in the comfort of your own home by using one of our rosin press machines such as the Pollen Press Rosin Press DIY kit.

Technical Attributes:

  • 0 to 180°C: 12 Seconds
  • Max Temp: 240C
  • Battery: 3500mAh (20A)
  • Heating chamber: Ceramic
  • Airflow: Isolated
  • Charge (0-100%): 2 hours
  • Guarantee: 12 months (extendable free-of-charge to 3 years).

The Nectar Platinum vaporizer has had several upgrades in relation to the previous Nectar Gold vaporizer:

  • Increased airflow – larger ceramic mouthpiece + larger airflow holes
  • Larger battery – battery capacity increased from 2900mah to 3500mah
  • Blackout design – Blackout OLED + flush buttons 
  • Upgraded charging port
  • Reinforced ceramic mouthpiece
  • Curves – rounded edges and buttons
  • Upgraded battery clip

The Nectar Platinum herb and resin vaporizer feels great in your hand – a quality, premium feel. It comes with everything you need to get going – the standard accessories pack includes a concentrate pad, cleaning and picking tools and a filter kit.

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Beautifully Portable

The Nectar Platinum 2-in-1 dry herb vape consists of a blackout OLED display, precision temperature control, isolated airflow, flush buttons and a curvaceous design making it a thing of beauty. A lightweight yet sturdy device with an inconspicuous design, it can be taken anywhere and everywhere.

Cool Vapour Production

The ceramic chamber of the Nectar Platinum dry herb vape takes advantage of both convection and conduction to evenly vaporize herbs which then feeds the vapour through an isolated airflow path and then a zirconia mouthpiece to ensure cool vapour and a flavour to impress.


The Nectar Platinum premium 2-in-1 dry herb vape uses the largest capacity high drain vape battery available on the market, not to just last longer, but to heat your dry herbs in an undisputed heat up time of 12s to 140C (and 40s to 240C).


95% of people keep their Nectar device, but just in case…
  • 3 year (free extendable) limited warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service

Dry Herb Vaporizer Comparison Table

Why Nectar Vaporizers?

  1. Our vaporizers are convection vaporizers. This affords you several benefits including stronger, more flavoursome vapour, without the smoke.
  2. Portable and discreet – You can carry our vaporizers with you on the move, plus the mouthpiece conveniently flips down and tucks away.
  3. Herb goes further – Since our vaporizers work by convection, there is less wastage because there is little burning away of your materials.
  4. Less smell – Our vaporizers produce a lesser smell than the odour produced from smoking. As the vapour is lighter than smoke, it also doesn’t stick so much to clothes and furniture items like curtains and sofas, whereas smoke is slower to dissipate and makes your clothes and other textiles (even walls) smell.
  5. Great control – Our vaporizers offer great control over how much vapour you want to inhale, through being able to control the temperature settings. Turn up the temperature and you’ll get faster vapours, or turn down the temperature and you’ll have fewer vapours.
  6. Re-use herb – With smoking the herb turns into char which cannot be re-used, but with our dry herb vaporizers you can turn any already vaped herb by making edibles, depending on which vape materials you’re using.
  7. Enhance your experience with vape accessories – Nectar offers many vape accessories to create an even better vaping experience. A great accessory is the Nectar glass bong adapter which lets you connect your own bong to your Nectar dry herb vaporizer and enjoy even cooler, cleaner vapour. If you don’t have your own bong, then the Nectar glass water bubbler will do the trick, turning your Nectar vaporizer into a vape-bong quickly and easily.
  8. High-quality materials – premium quality at a non-premium price.
  9. Free 3 year guarantee: Nectar vaporizers come with a 12-month guarantee and this is extendable to 3 years totally free-of-charge by simply registering your purchased item.

As you can see Nectar vaporizers offer a lot of benefits along with a fabulous guarantee. You can check out what our customers say by scrolling down this page – we consistently achieve 5 star ratings.

128 reviews for Nectar Platinum Dry Herb Vape | 2-in-1 for Herbs and Resins

  1. Mr. Gerald Richmond

    Product works well. However battery failure after a month. Excellent service from Nectar to have it fixed.

  2. James Simpson

    Not too expensive considering the quality of the Platinum vaporiser: battery lasts a long time (can also take a long time to charge though, hopefully a new model could use USB C to charge faster), well designed airflow for smooth and efficient inhaling (so if you cough easily on high temperatures, you’ll have less of a problem with this product), has support for concentrate which is neat (haven’t tried this method yet) and, once you get used to it, is pretty easy to clean. Kind of wished Nectar used the same screen from the Gold model rather than the OLED one the Platinum uses as the Gold’s screen is brighter making it easier to use in dark conditions. Customer support is great as when my device broke they managed to send me a replacement free of charge. So, overall, it’s a great product that earns my highest recommendation.

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