Ceramic Filter for Nectar Platinum Cooling Unit


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This ceramic filter has been specifically designed for the Nectar Platinum vaporizer. It is one of three filters which helps filter out residue and feedback entering the mouthpiece.  It also helps produce a smooth, flavoursome experience. 

This vaporizer ceramic filter has been specifically designed for the Nectar Platinum vaporizer. This accessory bag contains:

  • 1x ceramic filter

Occasionally cleaning the ceramic filter will elongate its life for up to a year! We recommend cleaning the ceramic filter with Isopropyl Alcohol.

Click on the following link to watch a video on how to clean your Nectar Platinum vaporizer which also shows you how to remove the ceramic filter here. For best results we recommend cleaning your ceramic filter once a fortnight.


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What Does the Ceramic Filter Do?

The ceramic filter has been specifically designed for the Nectar Platinum dry herb vape.  One of three filters, it helps to keep out residue and feedback entering the mouthpiece, helping to produce a smooth, flavoursome vaping experience.

The Nectar Platinum dry herb vape comes with an accessories pack that includes a filter kit. This ceramic filter is if you need a spare one or to replace your existing ceramic filter. 

How Do You Clean the Ceramic Filter?

Many people just buy new filters as and when their existing one has too much build-up to be effective. But if you want to save money and prolong your ceramic filter’s lifespan, then cleaning it with some isopropyl alcohol will serve you well. We recommend cleaning your ceramic filter at least once every fortnight (depending on usage). (What is Isopropyl Alcohol? Read on further down to find out) 

To remove the ceramic filter, ensure the vaporizer is cool, or has cooled down if you just used it. Detach the cooling unit and pull out the rubber holder. Then push out the ceramic filter and rubber holder filter.

To clean the ceramic and metal parts soak these in isopropyl alcohol for an hour or more. (Rubber parts can be rubbed down with a cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol, and then to remove any stubborn residue brush down with a small brush soaked in iso. They should not be soaked in iso). You can then use the ceramic filter straight away, though to take away any ISO odour or taste you can rinse it out with water, but make sure it’s nice and dry before using it again. 

What is Isopropyl Alcohol?

Isopropyl is a colourless, flammable chemical compound with a strong odour. It’s very handy for cleaning vaporizers and vape accessories, because it works by liquifying grease and oil. The properties within isopropyl alcohol also act as an antimicrobial – ie isopropyl alcohol kills bacteria, fungi, germs within about 30 seconds, making it useful for sterilisation.

It can be inexpensively purchased online or from a DIY shop. 

You don’t necessarily have to wear gloves when using isopropyl alcohol, but as it is readily absorbed by the skin, and with repeated exposure, it could cause itching, redness, rash, drying and cracking. So the usual precautions when handling such flammable substances apply, such as washing off any direct exposure immediately and taking good care when handling it. 

Nectar Platinum Vaporizer – Features You’ll Love

  • Premium enjoyment offering excellent value, yet without sacrificing performance
  • Largest capacity vape battery available on the market – get enough power when you need it!
  • Sturdy but lightweight
  • Fast heat-up: 0 to 140°C in 12 seconds, and to 240C in 45 seconds
  • Reinforced mouthpiece made of ceramic
  • Smooth, cool vapour with flavour to impress
  • Inconspicuous, discreet design
  • Dual use – use dry herb or concentrates/wax, no need for separate vaporizers!
  • Accessories pack has everything you need to get started including a concentrate pad, cleaning and picking tools and a filter kit
  • Ceramic chamber facilitates flavoursome, clean, dense vapour
  • Temperature up and down buttons allow easy control of temperature
  • No plastic parts
  • Premium quality and curvaceous design – rounded edges and buttons
  • Fully charged in 2 hours
  • Turn into a vape-bong with the Nectar glass bong adapter or with the glass water bubbler
  • Guarantee: 12 months extendable to 3 years at no extra cost

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5 reviews for Ceramic Filter for Nectar Platinum Cooling Unit

  1. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use

  2. Phillip

    So far everything delivered looks great, however with some confusion.
    The product information implies that I should’ve received either 2 units each in their own pack or 1 pack with 2 units in.

    Neither of these are true ! Or course you only get 1 and this is just yet another case of poor advertising at best…

  3. Stéphane M.

    S’adapte parfaitement

  4. Blanshees

    Ottimo prodotto, ottimo venditore, preso in sconto con acquisto nectar platinum, sempre utile, consigliato, visto il prezzo

  5. Daniel Roman

    seem a little bit large but assuming meant to be , will fit nectar platinum regardless

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