18650 Battery Charger + Power Bank | Nectar Dual (+ 2x 18650 batteries)


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Nectar Dual | The Dual use Power Bank + 18650 Battery Charger (incl. 2x 3000mah Batteries)

The Nectar Dual Power Bank + 18650 Battery Charger is an all-in-one device which allows you to charge your Nectar vaporiser as well as charge your batteries simultaneously and independently. 

The Nectar Dual consists of a 18650 battery charger that has 2 bays designed for 18650 rechargeable batteries and comes with 2x 3000mah Nectar HD3 high drain batteries (3000mah, 20A).

High drain batteries mean the batteries are able to discharge more current without damaging the battery or tripping a protection circuit, than a typical battery. The Nectar Dual has an integrated high-performance protected circuit which automatically protects against overcharge, over-discharge and short-circuiting.  

It presents an LED screen which illustrates the power level (0-100%). 


  • 1x Nectar Dual
  • 2x 18650 Batteries (Nectar HD3, 3000mah, 20A)
  • Input: 5V = 2100mA
  • Output: 4.2V = 1x 2100mA, 4.2V = 2x 1000mA

For a pack of 2 additional rechargeable high-drain batteries click 18650 batteries.

61 in stock


By utilising the Nectar Dual 18650 battery charger + power bank, you no longer need to wait for your vape to charge. The Nectar Dual is the perfect vape charger to keep your spare batteries and vape charged up simultaneously.

It’s the perfect 18650 battery charger which can be used as a power bank to charge up your Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum dry herb vapes.

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1 review for 18650 Battery Charger + Power Bank | Nectar Dual (+ 2x 18650 batteries)

  1. Jake

    Fantastic charger for 18650 batteries. Fast charging of the 2 included batteries, which last a very long time. The power bank function is excellent and allowed me to recharge my phone fully in no time at all. Overall design and build is great, with very clever magnetic latch design for the front cover. Would recommend to anyone who’s looking for a charger, battery bank, or both in one!

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