Filter Kit (9pcs) for the Nectar Gold


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This Nectar Gold dry herb vaporizer filter kit (9pcs) contains all the filters necessary to replace all the filters in your vaporizer to ensure a smooth and consistent flavoursome vaping sessions. The filters are reusable and should be cleaned regularly to ensure an elongated life span of up to a year. This filter kit includes:

The chamber filters are placed between the bottom of the chamber and your chosen constituents, they act as a filter against larger materials keeping your chamber clean and avoid clogging up the airflow. The ceramic filter and rubber holder filter are placed within the rubber holder and stop residue/feedback from entering the mouthpiece. The rubber O-rings are placed between the ceramic mouthpiece and the base of the cooling unit which ensures a smooth rotation of the ceramic mouthpiece. 

Over time a build up smaller particles and sticky residue may occur – these can easily be cleaned out using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud.

Click on the following link to watch a video on how to clean your Nectar Gold vaporizer and its filters which includes steps on how to dismantle the vaporizer to separate the individual filters.

Note: To keep your device running smoothly, ensure you clean your device thoroughly at least once every 14 days.

42 in stock

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The Nectar Gold dry herb vaporizer filter kit contains 9 filters + 2 rubber O-rings:

  • 5x Chamber filters
  • 3x Ceramic filter
  • 1x Rubber holder filter
  • 2x Rubber O-rings

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