Where to Buy CBD Oil?

Reading time - 7 minutes - September 16, 2021

In more recent years, the cannabis plant has been tweaked, modified and extracted, to create some incredibly joyous and useful substances. What was once just a plant, which then became dry bud to smoke, is now much much more than that. CBD and THC are now able to be distinguished and separated. Not only that, but the beauties of cannabis are now able to be placed in edibles, creams, and oils. In fact, some of these products you can even find on the shelves in the UK. Yes. You heard right. Cannabis, on the shelves, in the United Kingdom. The land of weed stinginess. 

However, where is the best place to buy CBD oil? Like many cannabis products, there are lots of dos and don’ts. Today we’ll be taking you through why CBD oil is worth purchasing, and where to purchase it. Let’s go. 

The Wonders of CBD

The cannabis plant has around 100 cannabinoids, and over 400 compounds. Within these cannabinoids exist two of the most well-known and successful substances: THC and CBD. The best way to distinguish between the two is to highlight that THC is known for its ‘high’ effects, whilst CBD is not mind-altering – but does have many medical benefits. Although THC does also help treat mental and physical issues, the negative ‘recreational’ connotations it has means that many governments dismiss it. 

CBD may not be a psychoactive substance, but it does still undoubtedly have effects. In fact, CBD has helped many people with a plethora of physical and mental issues. Here is a list of those:




What is CBD Oil?

Now you have a better idea of what CBD is as a substance, the question still remains: what is CBD oil? Well, to be blunt (if you’ll pardon the pun), it’s not really rocket science. CBD oil is a concentrated amount of CBD, in liquid form. It’s purchased in a small bottle or tincture, which can be poured into food, drink, onto skin, and even directly into the mouth. This all depends on which CBD oil you decide to buy of course. CBD oil is made by extracting the CBD from the cannabis plant and diluting it with either hemp or coconut oil. The reason for all these different forms of CBD is because everyone prefers to consume substances in various ways. But also, the reason why you’ll find CBD in coffees, foods and creams, is probably because CBD in its simplest form (buds) is illegal in the UK. You can use CBD crumbles, shatters and isolates to incorporate CBD into your daily regime.

If you want to find out more about what is and isn’t legal in the UK, click here.

Is CBD Oil legal?

The truth is, CBD was made legal in 2018, when the government came to realise the medicinal benefits it has. However, THC – on the other hand – remained firmly part of the illegal category. Any cannabis substance that contains any more than 0.2% THC is not allowed in the UK. The problem is, even though CBD is legal, it isn’t legal in its purest form. CBD flowers or CBD buds are illegal in the UK, despite the fact that they may have the exact same substances as CBD oil or CBD edibles. Ridiculous? Yes. Surprising? No. It seems that anything that resembles the original marijuana plant freaks the UK establishment out. But if CBD is bottled up to look like herbal medicine, then they can deal with it. Thus, CBD oil is legal and is purchasable in many major street stores in the UK. 

Advantages of CBD Oil

The advantages of CBD oil are much the same as the advantages of CBD in general. There are many ways to take CBD and dependent on your reason for needing to use it one form will be more beneficial than another. However, it’s important to understand the sorts of people who utilise the beauty of CBD oil. According to Very Well Health, the four main uses for CBD oil are: 


CBD oil is thought to interact with the parts of the brain that create anxiety and depression, affecting them in a positive way.

Heart Health

CBD oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which is thought to help with  heart health over time. 


CBD oil is known to cause relaxation and calmness in its users, which has been found to assist with seizures. 


According to research, CBD oil has been found to help with the feelings of cravings, whilst also limiting anxiety when observing other people use these cravings. 

Purchasing CBD Oil

So, where is best to buy CBD oil? Although CBD oil is now legal in the UK, there are still some main places to look and not to look when it comes to purchasing this beautiful substance. You don’t want to end up with a bad product. 

Where To Buy

It isn’t easy to figure out where to buy CBD oil, so we’ve done it for you. Here are the best ways to buy CBD oil in the UK.


As a wise man once said, ‘you can always trust your local shop’. Who said it? No idea. Never be afraid to walk down your nearest highstreet or shopping mall to check out the local CBD products. If you’re unaware, Holland & Barrett, Boots, The Tonic, CBD Supreme and many other health companies now sell products containing CBD. It’s completely legal and very easy. However, the only downside is that the staff working there may not know much about legal cannabis substances. This is because, whilst they sell it, the education into CBD products if minimal. Therefore, make sure to know what you’re looking for, so that you’re not stabbing in the dark. A good reference for CBD oil is to use the 500mg/10ml reference. This won’t do you wrong. 

Some CBD coffee shops may sell CBD oil. And, in these places, you’re more likely to get greeted by staff who know all there is to know about CBD. Plus, you’ll get a coffee along the way. CBD coffee shops or small supermarkets exist, but they are slightly rare. So research where your nearest location is and go down there to do some in-person CBD chatting. It’s the best kind. They will be able to help you ensure you’re getting the right type of CBD oil for your needs.


The only downside of purchasing in your local shop is that it is usually overpriced. Well, it’s overpriced when comparing it to online stores. Online is always cheaper. Online also has much more range as you’re able to purchase CBD oils from all over the world, not just the UK. However, you must remember to check if the products contain excess THC pass the level of legality in the UK. Make sure to purchase the substance off websites that sell their own version of the product. The danger with wholesalers is that they can sometimes lie about what it contains. Amazon is definitely something to watch out for. CBD is sometimes blacklisted as a substance on Amazon so those who claim to sell it, sometimes don’t. Or if they do, they sell a weird off-market version that will make you feel sick for weeks. 

Now It’s Up To You

Now you have all the information you need, it’s time for you to purchase some CBD oil. Remember, CBD oil is a beautiful product, and something you should do your research for. It’s not worth getting a bad version of it when you could get the best. Therefore, do your research, and decide whether online or in-person is the best way for you to purchase your CBD oil. But make sure not to forget the tips we’ve mentioned. 

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