What is a 510 Thread Battery?

Reading time - 8 minutes - November 9, 2021

The world of cannabis has potentially changed more in the last ten years than in the last few centuries. Many countries around the world have decided to legalize medical cannabis and CBD products. In addition, some selective countries – like: 18 US states, Uruguay, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico – have decided to go a step further and legalize recreational cannabis and THC products. Due to the world shifting, so are the products that people are purchasing. With smoking also becoming less popular due to the health risks, vaping alternatives are dominating the market. Weed vapes, e-cigs and 510 thread batteries are all examples of new and exciting products that are available. Today we’re going to be looking specifically at the 510 thread battery vape. What is it? What does it do? Why should you purchase it? Let’s go. 

What Is It?

A 510 thread battery is an electronic vaporizing device that is used to consume cannabis and nicotine. The 510 thread battery uses liquid cartridges that contain whatever the user wants: THC, CBD or nicotine. If you want to know more about the effects of weed and the cannabinoids, click here

This type of device has many names so it can get a little confusing. Some call it a vape pen or a thick oil vape pen, but today we’ll be referring to it by its most popular name: the 510 thread battery. The term 510 thread battery originates from Joyetech, the manufacturer of the E-go-T, which was one of the first ever vape pen batteries. E-cigs, when they were first designed, used a threaded connection of 10 x 0.5 mm threads. That is where the term: ‘510’ comes from. 0.5mm threading is the standard for all pens, but it doesn’t have to have ten of these to still be referred to as a 510 thread battery and be compatible. The majority of vape pens use this size, which means it’s very easy to swap cartridges and batteries from one device to another. 

How Does It Work?

In essence, the 510 thread battery heats up a liquid cartridge containing the desired substance, turns it into vapour, and then it is inhaled by the user. It’s very similar to a dry herb vaporizer, except its liquid rather than dry bud. But what are the elements that make this device work?


510 thread battery vaporizers can come in many shapes, colours and sizes, but they all have essentially the same elements that make them work.


The battery is the main device. This is what makes it different from other vaporizers. When you purchase the device, you are purchasing the battery that powers the entire process. Cartridges are interchangeable. The battery is rechargeable, and heats up the wire coil or ceramic element which then heats up the cartridge. 


This is also part of the device, and it’s the bit that gets hot. It’s similar to the chamber in a weed vape. It heats up, from the battery power, and slowly heats the cartridge attachment. These are sometimes made from ceramic or wire coils.


The cartridge contains the oil or liquid. This also has a mouthpiece attached to the end of it. The cartridge contains whatever the user wants to vaporize. This could be CBD, THC, nicotine or basically anything that is sold in the specific cartridges. The oil is heated and the liquid turns into vapor, which can then be inhaled. 


The mouthpiece, although it’s attached at the end of the cartridge, deserves to be its own element. The entire device is usually in two parts – the main battery party and the cartridge with the mouthpiece. When these two are connected, beauty can ensue. The mouthpiece is like any mouthpiece: you inhale the vapour from it. The materials it’s made from can vary. 

How Does Temperature Work?

Temperature on a 510 thread battery works differently to other vaporizers. The device measures it in volts, rather than in degrees celsius. Combustion takes place when anything is heated at 240 degrees or over – a cigarette heats at around 900 degrees – so we know that a vaporizer will never surpass 240 degrees. The hotter the temperature is the more potent, but less flavourful. The less hot the temperature is the more flavourful, but the less potent. Temperature controls will work differently depending on which model you have; some will have a limited amount of settings, and others will let you decide manually the exact temperature you want. Here are three temperature’s to consider when using a 510 thread battery:


2.4 Volts 


3.2 Volts


4.0 Volts

Benefits of a 510 Thread Battery

There are a multitude of benefits of the 510 thread battery. Let’s delve into some of them. 


510 thread batteries are very easy to use. As consuming cannabis goes, these devices could be one of the easiest. You don’t need to worry about buying smoking accessories like rizlas or tobacco. You don’t need to worry about rolling a roach. In fact, you don’t need to worry about rolling all together. All you do is attach the cartridge to the main device, turn it on, heat it up, and inhale. 


510 thread batteries can be taken anywhere. They are often easily portable devices, unless you buy a massive one for no reason. They fit easily in your pocket or bag, and can be charged anywhere with a plug. In addition, you can detach the cartridge from the device if you’re wanting to make it even smaller and easier to carry. It’s important to remember that if you’re wanting to travel to a country where cannabis is illegal, then make sure to leave the cartridges behind, but you can still bring the 510 thread battery part with you. 


Using a 510 thread battery is very discreet. Not only is it small, but it also doesn’t resemble a joint or anything to do with cannabis. In fact, most people will assume it’s an e-cigarette. In addition, vapor does not smell anywhere near as much as smoke. Therefore, the smell won’t be obvious to people around you, and it won’t stick to your body and clothes. 


Another benefit of the 510 thread battery is that it is rechargeable. With joints or cigarettes, you smoke them and they’re gone. However, with this device, you can use it over and over again. Whilst some cartridges can be thrown away, others allow you to refill them with whatever oil substance you want. That means that, if you want, you can have a completely reusable device. 


It’s obvious to say that a 510 thread battery leaves a lot less mess than rolling a joint does. You’re leaving no tobacco or cannabis on the table or badly rolled roaches. However, there’s also no chamber to clean, like you have with a dry herb vaporizer. No part of the device needs to be cleaned at all.


This device, due to its universality, is completely interchangeable. That means that the majority of cartridges and 510 thread batteries can be used together. Therefore, if you’re in another country you’ll be able to easily find one that fits yours. Or, if your friend has some tasty oil you want to try, you can simply add their cartridge to your device. 

The Difference Between a 510 Thread Battery and a….

Dry Herb Vaporizer

A dry herb vaporizer, or weed vape, is a device that heats up dry cannabis bud or cannabis concentrates and turns it into vapor to be inhaled. The obvious difference between this and a 510 thread battery is that it uses dry bud rather than liquid oil inside cartridges. Weed vapes do not use cartridges. They have oven-like chambers that you can place the physical substance in, in order to be heated. It’s a different method but, in a way, it leads to the same result. Dry herb vaporizers can be easier for those who find it harder to purchase cannabis oil cartridges, rather than dry cannabis buds.

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E-cigarettes come in many shapes and sizes. Some are all-in-one rechargeable devices, like the jewel. Some are disposable, and look exactly like a cigarette but are electronic. And some look a bit more like a 510 thread battery, are detachable and can be modified. Some detachable, mod e-cigs use 510 threads, but some also don’t. The main difference between the two is that e-cigs are usually used solely for tobacco and nicotine liquids. They are utilised by those who want to cut down on smoking and see e-cigs as a healthier alternative. However, 510 thread batteries are usually used for those who want to try a variety of oils; including CBD and THC oil. Whilst the electronic systems are essentially the same, the purpose of use are very different. 

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510 thread battery

Will You Buy One?

So, now you know all you need to know about 510 thread batteries and hopefully understand what they are, the question is: will you purchase one? Each vaporizer device offers its own individual benefits, and these benefits suit different people. So, maybe the 510 thread battery is for you. 

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