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149 in stock

Glass water bubblers are a cross between bongs and pipes. Similarly to bongs, water bubblers use water for filtration, but have the advantage of being portable, like a smoking pipe.

The Nectar glass water bubbler is much smaller than a conventional bong and comes with a connection that allows you to attach the bubbler to any Nectar dry herb vaporizer.  This creates an enhanced portable water filtered experience which cools the vapour in the process.


  • 1x Medicinal grade glass water bubbler
  • 1x Rubber tube
  • 1x Rubber vaporizer connection (Suitable for mouthpieces between 0.5-1.5cm)
  • 1x Bubbler connector

Other Information

  • Quality: Precision-cut mini glass water bubbler to be used with the Nectar v2, Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum dry herb vapes.
  • Functionality: The glass water bubbler allows you to inhale via filtered water thus cooling vapour intake for your Nectar v2, Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum vaporizers.
  • Note: The Nectar v2, Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum kits do NOT come with a glass water pipe adapter.
  • Designed and made in the UK.


Benefits of Using a Glass Water Bubbler

  • Portable – a glass water bubbler (or vape bubbler) offers a middle ground between a larger bong and a non-cooling dry pipe. Due to its small size a vape bubbler is easier to carry around (in a proper protective covering)
  • Filtration – the water filters out toxins you don’t want to be inhaling so you get cleaner vapour 
  • Smoother, cooler vapour – a glass water bubbler is easier on your throat  
  • No other accessories needed – the Nectar glass water bubbler comes with connector to attach the bubbler to your Nectar dry herb vaporizer, whether the Nectar v2, Nectar Gold or the Nectar Platinum 
  • Medicinal grade glass

How to Use the Glass Water Bubbler

The Nectar glass water bubbler is simple to use, here’s how:

  1. Fill the chamber with water. The cooler the water, the smoother your hit tends to be. Make sure you change the water frequently, as resin can build up.*
  2. Once water is added, pack your bowl. As you inhale, you should hear the bubbling sound that gives it its name 
  3. Once you approach your intake limit, release the carb, clear the chamber, and repeat!

*If resin does build up in the glass then it can be cleaned out with Isopropyl Alcohol which should make it look as good as new.

Who Would Want to Use a Glass Water Bubbler?

Using a dry herb vaporizer is a much healthier way of vaping herbs, but some people find they cough due to the fact that the vapour can still be a tad hot and dry. This is where the glass water bubbler shines. A bubbler cools and hydrates the vapour passing through it, so people who are put off vaping because it makes them cough, can vape in comfort. 

A glass water bubbler (also known as a glass water pipe or vape bubbler) is small enough to be taken along with you when you’re on the go. Of course, being glass you’ll need to protect the glass in a protective covering. 

With a bubbler you get the benefits of using a dry herb vaporizer, combined with the cooler water filtration of a bong – and all in a convenient, portable way.

And remember with the Nectar glass water bubbler, you get the connector you need to attach it to your Nectar vaporizer, so no other accessories are needed.

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1 review for Glass Water Bubbler

  1. Michelle

    This item works perfectly at cooling down the smoke. Here it is attached to the Mighty vaporizer and it works a treat with an added bong! 😁

    However, I could have bought this for half the price on Ebay but on here it said it would be delivered next day that is why I paid double off Amazon for it so I was really annoyed when it then took 4 days to get here!

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