Is Buying a Rosin Press Worth it?

Reading time - 7 minutes - March 1, 2022

The weed industry and everything surrounding it is entering a very interesting time. With medicinal cannabis becoming legal in the UK, and recreational cannabis becoming legal in places like California and Spain, the weed industry is opening up a lot. Alongside these changing laws, comes a booming industry of cannabis equipment. The dry herb vaporizer and the rosin press, to name a few, are two examples of products that are growing in popularity. Today, we’re going to be looking at the rosin press; A crazy-looking device which creates cannabis concentrates. However some have claimed that what you can do with a rosin press, you can also do much cheaper with a hair straightener. Money is a finite substance and buying anything must be justified. So, today we’re going to be looking at whether buying a rosin press is actually worth it. As always, strap yourself in. Let’s go. 

What is a Rosin Press?

As always, here at Nectar we like definitions. And we like to make sure everyone is on the same page. So let’s take a short look at what the heck a rosin press actually is. 

Simple answer: A rosin press is a machine that crushes weed into cannabis concentrates and it looks slightly like something a villain would put a superhero in at the end of a film to destroy them. 

More complex answer: a rosin press is a machine that uses heat and pressure to create rosin from dry herb. The herb is placed on a slab, whilst the machine forces another slab down on the first – using heat and pressure – which creates the rosin concentrate. 

rosin press

Different Types of Rosin Presses 

There are two main types of rosin presses that you can purchase. The pneumatic rosin press and the hydraulic rosin press. Both do the same thing, but the way they are powered is different. They also can vary in yield. 


Pneumatic rosin presses use air or gas to create pressure. These are usually bigger machines but they need an air compressor. However, whilst they might be bigger, they usually have a higher yield as air pressure is quicker than water pressure.  


Hydraulic rosin presses use hot liquid to create pressure. These come in smaller machines, which is much better for personal use, rather than large operations. Thus, if you’re looking for a rosin press to use at home, one that is smaller, then the hydraulic rosin press is for you. 

What are Cannabis Concentrates? 

The purpose of a rosin press is to take dry herbs and create cannabis concentrates. But what are cannabis concentrates? Well, cannabis concentrates are every weed-lovers dream. They are pure and strong substances extracted from dry bud. They are a lot more potent than usual flowers. For example, the usual amount of THC within cannabis buds is around 15%, whereas cannabis concentrates are commonly around 40-60%. 

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Rosin is just one of the many cannabis concentrates that exist. Rosin is a golden-looking substance that is created when a dry cannabis bud is heated and squashed. 

Here is a list of some of the cannabis concentrates that exist… 

How Much does a Rosin Press Cost?

A rosin press is a nifty piece of kit. The usual amount for a rosin press is around £200-300. 

Nectar Rosin Press

The Nectar Rosin Press costs £299.99. 

It’s a 1.5 ton, hydraulic rosin press with a beautiful LCD display. It reaches a temperature of 150 degrees. It comes with parchment paper which you can place your bud inside. You then press the hot plate down, and wait the recommended time. Then you lift the lever, and there you have it, you have some golden, oozing rosin. This can then be placed in a joint or, even better, a dry herb vaporizer. You then heat up the vape, inhale through the mouthpiece, and enjoy the cannabis concentrates you’ve created. You are now god; a creator. 

What is a DIY Rosin Press?

The reason why many people wonder if buying a rosin press is worth it is because there are many DIY rosin presses out there. The most popular is the well-known hair straightener. Yes, you heard that right. A hair straightener. The thing you straighten your hair with. 

It might sound random, but actually, if you think about the components, it’s very similar to a rosin press. Two hot slabs pressed together with something (your hair) in the middle. Why not simply replace hair with cannabis? Usually hair straighteners reach a temperature of around 300 degrees, which again, isn’t too dissimilar to that of the rosin press. 

Not only that, you can purchase a decent hair straightener for about 20 quid on amazon. So why should you get a rosin press at all? Well, we’re about to tell you why. 

DIY Rosin Press vs Actual Rosin Press

Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons why buying a real rosin press either is or is not worth your hard-earned cash. 


The truth is: you can make rosin from a DIY rosin press. That is no secret. However, the truth is also that the yield of said DIY rosin press is so bad that it actually might make it not worth it. Yield is how much of one substance you get after creating it from another substance. So in this case, what is the yield of rosin created from dry bud when it’s heated with a rosin press? 

The usual yield received from a DIY rosin press (hair straighteners) is only about 5%. Which is pretty bad. In fact, it’s more than bad, it’s wasteful. It’s harder to manually change the temperature and pressure of hair straighteners, whereas with a rosin press it’s built into the system. You’d be much better off just enjoying your cannabis in its dry bud form, rather than wasting it trying to create a tiny bit of cannabis concentrate with dodgy hair straighteners. 

However, with a shop bought rosin press the usual yield increases to about 40%, which is a great deal better and more efficient. Thus you get to create the more potent cannabis concentrates without wasting your bud. 


The lifespan of a rosin press is much much longer than using a hair straightener. You can expect to use your rosin press, if it’s kept clean, for at least 3 years. However, hair straighteners break easily; especially cheap ones. But if you decide to buy more durable, expensive hair straighteners, which cost anywhere from £100-200, then you may as well buy a rosin press. 


As previously mentioned, of course a DIY rosin press is cheaper. However, the long-term financial effects of wasting your cannabis and having to buy pair after pair of straighteners, would definitely make you worse off in the long run. However, if you literally just want to try it one time, and you don’t plan to do it again, then maybe it is better off to use a DIY rosin press. The problem is, the moment you open your life up to the worlds of cannabis concentrates, you may never go back. So, really, a rosin press is probably worth the investment. 

Is Buying a Rosin Press Worth it?

Here at Nectar we try to give our most honest and well-researched opinion on all things cannabis. From dry herb vaporizers to rosin presses to CBD gummies, we try to keep up to date with all the crazes. Today we’ve discussed the rosin press and whether it’s worth purchasing it or not. And it seems, after research, If you’re looking for a one-time trial then have some fun with a hair straightener, but if you’re going to make cannabis concentrates a regular part of your life, the real rosin press is the direction to go. 

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