How to Smoke Hash

Reading time - 12 minutes - March 10, 2022

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself with some hash in your hands then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will cover what hashish (hash) is, the multiple ways to smoke hash, and we will conclude by discussing the best (healthiest) way to consume it. Hash is said to be the most potent and concentrated form of cannabis. This is because hash contains very high levels of THC, usually much higher than marijuana, although THC levels have been climbing in marijuana in recent years. Let’s find out why by looking into hash in more depth.

What is Hash?

Hash, which is also known as hashish, is a cannabis extract. It is made when trichomes (the resinous glands that line the surface of cannabis plants) are removed and processed into a concentrated form. This is usually done by pressing or rubbing them together, to form a brick, slan or rolled pieces. 

Hash / hashish can come in different shapes and colours, it’s usually chocolate brown, dark green, however it can also be greenish khaki or sandy brown in colour. Hashish is a solventless extract. This is because trichome removal is conducted with physical manipulation and temperature changes, never with the use of chemicals or solvents.

Hash has been around for thousands of years, all over the world, because of this it has been used and smoked in many different ways. To learn more about the history of hashish click here.

How to Smoke Hash

As mentioned earlier, there are several different ways that you can smoke hash. We will go through each way and provide a short description so that you can try them out yourself too if you’d like. Some methods require additional tools/equipment such as dab rigs and weed vapes, however we do also have a method or two which requires nothing more than what you have at home, so definitely keep reading to find out more.

Method 1: How to Smoke Hash in a Joint / Spliff / Blunt

This is one of the most common ways that people choose to smoke hash. Unfortunately with this method you cannot use hash solely, however, it’s very straight forward. Just imagine you are rolling a regular joint, you will just be using slightly less flower than usual. 

Start the process with your paper, ready, and if you add the tip in before then get that ready too. Next, sprinkle a light layer of flower, if you don’t have any flower you can of course use tobacco however we wouldn’t recommend this. On top of your light layer of flower, sprinkle in hash crumbles or alternatively you can roll the hash into long thin snake like shapes, and put this in the center of your paper. Sprinkle with another light layer of flower, roll it up and ​​voilà, you’re ready to spark up.

Method 2: How to Smoke Hash in a Weed Vape

Even though this method is how to ‘smoke’ hash, this method will really be how to vape hash, which is a much healthier method of consumption. For this method you will only need your hash and your weed vaporizer. Make sure that your vaporizer is suitable for concentrates and use the necessary accessories such as a concentrate pad which already comes as a spare with the Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum vaporizers.

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Set the vaporizer to your desired temperature, open up the chamber of your vape, place the concentrate pad in (if necessary), then place your hash in the chamber. You can now close the chamber lid and start inhaling through the mouthpiece and enjoy! 

If you’d like to read more on how to vape hash in depth, then click here.

how to vape hash

Method 3: How to Smoke Hash in a Bowl (Bubbler / Bong)

This is also a very popular method. This method applies to whatever waterpiece you may be using, whether it’s a bong or bubbler. It should also be less harsh on your throat due to the water filtration. All you will need is your bong / bubbler, your hash, a lighter and that’s about it!

To get the best out of your hash using a bong / bubbler we recommend that you use a screen at the base of your bowl. Then place a small chunk of your hash in the bowl on top of the screen, and that’s it! You can now smoke it as you would a normal bowl, if you struggle to light the hash we recommend you try a torch lighter as they’re more powerful.

Method 4: How to Smoke Hash in a Dab Rig

This method might be one that you didn’t know was possible, but it definitely is! As hash is a concentrate it is suitable for this method. To do this, you will need your dab rig, a blow torch, and your hash. Make sure there is water in your rig’s water chamber as this will help reduce any harshness. As you aren’t burning the hash and you’re only vaporizing it, it makes it a healthier smoking method!

First, use your blow torch (or e-rig if you have one) to heat the banger up to your desired temperature. Once the temperature has been reached you can then use a dab tool to place your piece of hash into the banger. We recommend that you use a carb cab while dabbing hash, place it over the banger while pulling, then remove the cap while you inhale. 

how to dab hash

Method 5: How to Smoke Hash Using the Hot Knives Method

This is a method that the old school stoners will be familiar with – the hot knives method. For this method you will need 2 knives (any knives will do, we recommend butter knives), your hash, access to something hot (a stove or blow torch), and then you can either use the top half of a water bottle or a straw.

First, if you are using the top of a water bottle you will need to cut your water bottle in half, then set the top half aside to use in a moment. Next, heat up your knives over your stove top or with a blow torch until they are pretty much glowing red. Be super careful! Allow the knives to cool slightly, place a small chunk of hash on top of one of the knives and press them together. It will immediately start smoking so this is when you grab your straw or bottle top to suck in all of the smoke! Just place the straw / bottle over the knives (but not on as this will melt the straw / bottle ) and inhale. 

how to use the knife method

Method 6: How to Smoke Hash Using the Cup Method

This method is another old school one, it’s an oldie but a goodie! This method is perfect for when you want to smoke some hash but don’t have any of the regular necessary equipment. All you require for this method is a cup / glass, your hash, a pin / needle, a small piece of cardboard (or anything that you can stick your pin into to hold it upright, e.g. a coaster) and a lighter. You can also use a straw too but this is optional. 

First, roll a small piece of your hash into either a snake shape or a ball. Then secure the hash onto one end of your pin / needle, and then place the other end onto your cardboard or coaster to stick the pin upright with the hash in the air upright. Light the hash until it starts smoking and then cover it with your cup / glass. If you aren’t using a straw then make sure that you can slide the cup slightly over the edge of the surface to make a small airway to suck air through, otherwise you can lift the cup and inhale it quickly but try not to let too much smoke escape!

If you are using a straw then place one end of the straw underneath the cup and lift it slightly so you can inhale all the smoke through the straw. The idea of this method is to allow lots of hashish smoke to build up inside the cup and then inhale it all!

Method 8: How to Smoke Hash Using the Hash Tube Method

This method may seem a little crazy, but it works. It’s requires very little equipment that you can find at home! You will need your hash, parchment paper, a glass mason jar (or cylindrical glass object) and a lighter or some very hot water. The end goal of this method is to be able to smoke your hash by itself, like a joint. 

First, roll your hash into a snake shape (long and thin). Now place your rolled hash between 2 pieces of parchment paper. Next, heat your jar or cylindrical heatable object up using your torch, or you can place it in hot water to heat it up. You want to heat it up until it is very hot, but not hot enough to burn or set the hash or paper on fire. Be very careful not to burn yourself! Use your heated object to roll the hash in parchment paper into a flattened pancake shape. Then remove the hash from the paper and roll it into a tube. Once you’ve formed your tube, you can leave it to dry out for a couple of days. Once it has dried, light it up and smoke it like a joint!

hash tube snakes

Method 9: How to Smoke Hash Using a Pipe

Sebsi – Moroccan Hash Pipe

Using a Sebsi to smoke hash is probably one of the most authentic ways to do so. A Sebsi is a Moroccan pipe that is actually derived from Native American pipes. The Sebsi is designed for smoking kief, but is most commonly used to smoke hashish. The pipe is usually 12 to 18 inches long and is made of either wood, metal or reed. The bowls are usually made of red clay.

The sebsi is a Moroccan pipe derived from Native American pipes and is designed for smoking kif, herbal cannabis sometimes mixed with local tobacco. They  can be bought directly from Morocco, however, if you are lucky enough to own one then definitely try smoking hash out of this art form of a pipe!

Spoon Pipe

The most common type of pipe that most smokers own is a spoon pipe. The process of smoking hash out of a spoon pipe is very similar to how you would smoke it through a bong / bubbler. This method is also great for sharing as the hash will slowly burn through so you can pass the pipe around. All you need is your pipe (potentially a screen if you’re smoking the hash solo), your hash and a lighter!

Place a small piece of your hash ontop of the screen in your pipe, then light it until it starts smoking, as you pull through the pipe you should see the hash burning through. That’s it, enjoy!

Method 10: How to Smoke Hash Using Hookah

You can try out this method with friends as Hookah in known to be a social thing. Hash is perfect to smoke using hookah as it burns slowly. For this method you will need your hookah, your hash, aluminum foil and charcoal (which you should already have for your hookah anyway).

First, fill your hookah up three-quarters full with water, then roll your hash into big balls. Place the balls in the bowl on top of the shisha tobacco. Now cover it with aluminum foil, be sure to poke some holes in it and get that charcoal red-hot. You’re good to go!

Method 11: How to Smoke Hash Using the Bottle Method

This last method is one that you can use if you don’t have any other smoking tools. Similar to the cup method, the goal of this method is to allow the bottle to fill up with smoke before inhaling so that you get a nice, big, rip of a hit! All you need is a water bottle, scissors / something sharp, a cigarette or something with a similar shape / texture, a pin, and your hash.

First, cut a small hole in the bottle using your scissors or sharp object, make sure the hole is big enough to fit the cigarette through. Roll up a piece of your hash and place it on one end of the pin, then stick the other end of the pin inside the cigarette so that it is poking out. Now light the hash so that it starts smoking and place the cigarette with the hash end first into the hole in the water bottle. Check that you’ve closed the lid on the bottle so that no smoke escapes. Once the bottle is full of smoke, remove the lid and the cigarette, then cover the hole while you inhale the smoke through the bottle top. 

Note: Smoking with plastic isn’t good for your lungs, so try not to use this method regularly, and make sure that you never reuse plastic bottles as heating plastic can release harmful toxins.

Which Method is Best?

It is all completely down to personal opinion when it comes to which method is ‘best’. However, here at Nectar we believe that the healthiest option is the best option. This is because you can use the method without experiencing any noticeable health effects and or issues. The more you use it the less you need to be concerned for your health.

Our recommendation is the Vaporization Method. This method is one of the fastest methods on the list, it requires only 2 pieces of equipment, including the hash – therefore if you exclude the hash it only requires 1 piece! Just your vaporizer. Of course as we mentioned earlier you must ensure that your vaporizer is suitable for concentrates, and that you use your concentrate pad if necessary. 

This method is the best as it is the healthiest of them all. There’s no combustion involved therefore no toxics, it’s extremely efficient, very fast and requires very little. You can also use this method anywhere, as vaporizers are portable and discreet. If you can’t find a suitable vape then be sure to check out the Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum Vaporizers as they both support dry herbs and concentrates.


Through this article we have found that there are more than a couple of handfuls of ways that you can enjoy your hashish! We have also covered which method we here at Nectar rate the best which is of course vaping. If you would like to learn more about the different types of hash that there are then check out this article here. Thank you for reading and have a pleasant day!

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