Mini Herb Grinder (Diameter: 40mm)


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79 in stock

The mini metal herb grinder has been specifically engineered to grind herbs to the perfect size for optimal vaporizing! Thick enough to ensure there’s no residue feedback, but fine enough to ensure your herbs heat fast and uniformly in a vaporizer. The grinder is made from high grade aluminium and has a set of diamond shaped teeth ensuring a quality grind for our best herb grinder.

  • 4 Piece mini grinder: The 40mm Nectar PollenEasier mini grinder is a premium aluminium with 4 pieces. It mills a variety of dry herb and spices to be milled into a fluffy light consistency without blocking up, unlike inferior zinc alloy grinder models.
  • Precision cutting and no waste: It’s a sturdy yet light mini grinder and the sharp diamond-shaped teeth reduce time and effort when grinding herbs. When you use the grinder you’ll agree it’s one of the best mini grinder out there. 
  • Strong magnetic lid: Whether upright or upside down, the strong magnetic lid sits firmly in place, with the  grippers designed to aid in grinding.
  • Micron screen and mini scraper: The mini grinder comes with an ultra fine mesh which catches fine particles in the chamber.
  • The PollenEasier 40mm mini grinder is designed & made in the UK.


Mini Herb Grinder – Diameter 40mm

Our mini herb grinder has been specifically engineered to grind herbs to the perfect size for optimal vaporizing, thick enough to ensure there’s no residue feedback, but fine enough to ensure your herbs heat fast and uniformly in a dry herb vape. The grinder has a high grade aluminium shell and diamond shaped teeth ensuring a quality grind for our best herb grinder.

Mini Herb Grinder – Compact Design

Our mini herb grinder has a diameter of 40mm, it’s compact and lightweight for easy storage and carrying. Simply twist the top back and forth for several times so you can enjoy herbs ready for vaping.

The grinder has sharp, diamond-shaped teeth to grind through herbs with great ease, a pollen screen, a catching bottom piece to collect pollen dust and a plastic scraper to gather the pollen dust.

This mini herb grinder is suitable for evenly grinding your herb, bud or spice without leaving large chunks behind. This multi-use grinder is a must for anyone who wants a compact and mini herb grinder!

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If you’re looking for a larger herb grinder take a look at the Nectar 55mm metal herb grinder.

What is a Metal Grinder Used For?

A metal grinder is used to grind down dry herb to make it suitable for using in a vaping device such as a dry herb vaporizer. A grinder shreds herb into small particles which improves the vaping experience by providing a consistent vape. 

Grinders can be simple with two pieces, but here at Nectar we sell the 4 piece grinders, which provide a more evenly ground material. 

It’s an efficient way to shred your herb, as a grinder lets you grind just what you need quickly and effectively. 

How Do You Use a Grinder?

  1. Remove the top lid. This attaches to the chamber underneath via a magnet which keeps the two pieces close together
  2. Break up your herb into small pieces and place these in between the ‘teeth’ of the grinding chamber. There’s no need to place any herb right in the centre of the chamber as that’s where the magnet pivots and material won’t get shredded there
  3. Put the lid back on the grinder and rotate several times, until all the herb has fallen through the holes. If any material gets lodged around the sides, use the lid to tap the sides to loosen it up
  4. Finally, unscrew the top chamber from the section underneath, this is where you will see the finely shredded herb

How Do You Clean A Metal Grinder?

If you don’t clean a metal grinder regularly (say, every 1 to 2 months we would suggest), it can get pretty clogged up and will eventually stop twisting and opening. To stop your grinder locking up, make sure to keep it clean. Here are two ways to clean a metal grinder. 

Clean a Metal Grinder with Isopropyl Alcohol

  1. Disassemble all the metal parts of your grinder
  2. Place all parts into a glass jar
  3. Add isopropyl alcohol into the jar ensuring the parts are fully submerged. Iso will also kill bacteria that may be in the grinder
  4. Soak the grinder for 20-30 minutes, moving round the parts with an implement once in a while to help break up any stubborn materials  
  5. When you can see all residue having dislodged, or the liquid turns a light brown color then rinse out your grinder in lukewarm water and dry

Clean a Metal Grinder With Vinegar

If you want to clean more naturally or you don’t have any isopropyl alcohol to hand then vinegar is a safe and effective option to clean your grinder.

  1. Put 3-4 tablespoons of white vinegar in some warm water and mix
  2. Dip a small brush in the solution and scrub your grinder to loosen the residue. You can also use a clean cloth instead of a brush
  3. Once cleaned, rinse the parts in warm water 
  4. The bonus is that vinegar adds a nice shine too!


1-Year Warranty: 96% of people keep their Nectar device, but just in case we offer a 12 month limited warranty (extendable to 3 years at no charge), 14-day money back guarantee & 24/7 customer service. Claim warranty for defects due to faulty workmanship or materials arising from normal use of the device. To do so, contact us via email ( or WhatsApp (+44 7732 415 188). Moreover, if you just fancy a chat or would like more information then feel free to call us (+44 207 050 0737).

21 reviews for Mini Herb Grinder (Diameter: 40mm)

  1. avb

    A good grinder for your medicinal herbs 😃

  2. justin l. healey

    Easy to use, and works well!

  3. TErry

    Very impressed. The teeth were nice and sharp and there are loads of them and that makes the perfect grind each time.

  4. Wayne

    Well designed and good value for money.

  5. Cian

    Too quality well worth the money jimmies for days now gyup

  6. AMzcstmer

    Very good

  7. Oli


  8. Amazon Customer

    Collects crystal really well

  9. martin k.

    I was really surprised when I first got this because I wasn’t expecting it to be so small. You’ll only fit about a quarter g of your select dry herb in it at a time but it gets the job done and looks sleek. Like many other grinders you can remove the middle part to make it even more compact.
    I just wish I’d paid more attention to the item description here.

  10. Darragh Dineen

    It’s a little small but it gets the job done I would suggest getting the 55mm one! I’ll be getting one myself!

  11. adam

    Really easy to use, grinds the herb up perfectly.

  12. Chris Horgan

    Absolutely perfect.

  13. Soulassassin657

    Does what its supposed to do, smaller than I expected it to be.

  14. Try 4 u richy

    Great speaker
    Great sound lasts longer than says
    Was so impressed I bought another one,,
    And now I’m being asked to get for friends

  15. Jack

    Nice and compact mini grinder. Love the pollen mesh in the bottom.

    Highly recommended

  16. Mrs Harris

    It’s on the small side but it works perfectly. Would definitely recommend.

  17. Michael

    good build and grinds well, feels solid

  18. Nathan Green

    Great little grinder. Perfect for using at home or away. Amazing customer service too, thank you.

  19. Auspexfairy

    Great item, sturdy, intuitive and compact. Does exactly what it needs to do and looks good doing it 😊

  20. GP7

    Premium qualité 👍

  21. MG

    Un po’ più costoso rispetto agli altri, ma avendo il vaporizzatore della stessa marca ho optato per questo :)
    Sminuzza bene, ed è comodo il fatto che può fungere da contenitore per le “spezie” non utilizzate.
    Mi piace molto anche esteticamente.

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