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10 in stock

The glass bong adapter allows you to connect your Nectar dry herb vaporizer to a glass bong and hence benefit from the water filtration and cooler vapour.


  • 1x Medicinal grade glass adapter
  • 1x Rubber tube
  • 1x Rubber vaporizer connection (Suitable for mouthpieces between 0.5-1.5cm)
  • 1x Adapter connection

Other Information

  • Quality: Precision-cut glass water pipe adapter to be used with the Nectar v2, Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum herb vaporizers.
  • Functionality: Using this adapter allows you to connect the Nectar Gold with a glass water pipe. Note: The downstream diameter of the adapter is 14mm.
  • Note: The Nectar v2, Nectar Gold and Nectar Platinum do NOT come with a glass water pipe adapter.
  • Designed and made in the UK.


What’s a Glass Bong Adapter?

A glass bong adapter is a bong attachment that connects your Nectar dry herb vaporizer to a glass bong, allowing you to benefit from the cooler vapour from the added water filtration in the bong. It basically provides a smoother vaping experience.

Glass Bong Adapter – Benefits

  • Lets you add moisture to the vapour making it less dry and easier on the throat, therefore leading to less coughing –  you get big hits of clean cool vapor
  • Filters out fine debris preventing it from ending up in your mouth or throat
  • Glass allows you to see the vapour before it gets to your lungs – this helps to adjust the heat setting to control the flow of vapor
  • The Nectar glass bong adapter is of medicinal grade
  • Easily create your very own vape bong just by adding a vaporizer to your own bong
  • The Nectar glass bong adapter can easily be used with any of our vaporizers: Nectar v2, Nectar Gold or the Nectar Platinum

A glass bong adapter gives you the power to take control of your vaping experience and greatly improve it. 

Glass Bong Adapter and Glass Water Bubbler – What’s the Difference?

In a nutshell, the difference between a glass bong adapter and a glass water bubbler is that the first lets you connect a Nectar vaporizer to your own bong, whilst the second makes your vaporizer into a vape-bong and no external bong is needed.

Here are some of the benefits and features of the Nectar glass water bubbler if you don’t have your own bong but want to get the benefits of inhaling vapour that’s filtrated through water.

Glass Water Bubbler – Benefits and Features

  • The glass water bubbler is portable unlike a standard glass bong. So you can carry it with you with ease (ensuring to wrap it carefully as it’s glass)
  • Water filtration filters out toxins leading to cleaner and better tasting vapour
  • Smoother, cooler vapour – a glass water bubbler is easier on your throat due to the water filtration
  • You don’t need any other accessories – the Nectar glass water bubbler comes with connector to attach the bubbler to your Nectar dry herb vaporizer
  • The glass water bubbler connects to any of the Nectar vaporizers – Nectar v2, Nectar Gold or the Nectar Platinum
  • Made of medicinal grade glass
  • Reduces coughing – filtering the vapour through water makes the vapour less hot and dry, which can reduce coughing. So people who find they cough with a dry herb vape, can inhale more comfortable vapour

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1 review for Glass Bong Adapter

  1. Mitch

    This item works perfectly at cooling down the smoke. Here it is attached to the Mighty vaporizer and it works a treat with an added bong! 😁

    However, I could have bought this for half the price on Ebay but on here it said it would be delivered next day that is why I paid double off Amazon for it so I was really annoyed when it then took 4 days to get here!

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