Top 10 Things To Do Whilst Using A Dry Herb Vaporizer

Reading time - 10 minutes - January 26, 2021

It was the much adored Bob Marley who once stated, ‘when you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself’. Well, although he was speaking about smoking weed and not vaping it, the point still stands. In fact, I’m sure Bob Marley would have enjoyed a dry herb vaporizer if he was here today. When we inhale weed it has the potential to take us somewhere else, and give us a different feeling from the usual everyday grind. So, with this new found energy, what should we do with it? Surely with the grand history that cannabis has, someone has come up with the most joyous things to do whilst high. Well, today, we are going to give it a go. Whilst the weed may be the same, using a dry herb vaporizer is different to smoking, and the benefits it has over smoking can be utilised to enjoy the fun list of things you can do whilst vaping. In this article we are going to be looking at what a dry herb vaporizer is, how it works, different ways of using it, and then finally, the top 10 fun things to do whilst vaping from it. So, let’s harness that energy, and enjoy our experience with a dry herb vaporizer to the max. As always, strap yourself in. Let’s go. 

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

So, first things first, what is a dry herb vaporizer? We need to know the answer to this question before we can speak about all the best things to do whilst using one. A dry herb vaporizer is a small portable device that heats up cannabis without combusting it (smoking). It uses the process of convection or conduction to warm up the weed at a temperature that does not burn it, meaning it creates vapour to be inhaled rather than smoke. This is a great deal more healthy. Also, because the cannabis is not burned, a lot more flavour and strength remains. This means you can enjoy the taste of your bud more than if you had smoked it. If you haven’t got one already, check out our article on the best hemp vaporizer in the UK.

Different Ways Of Using A Dry Herb Vaporizer

When using a dry herb vaporizer there are a few different ways you can insert your cannabis. You can do this either in dry herb form, much like you would in a common joint. Or, you can insert it as a concentrate. Some more contemporary dry herb vaporizers allow you to insert both in the same vape, whereas some only allow you to insert one. So make sure you are aware of this before purchase. Dry herb is the cannabis in its bud form, and it should be ground up evenly before putting it in the dry herb vaporizer. This will ensure the dry herb is heated evenly and none of it gets left out. Concentrates or wax are dry herbs after the process of extraction. It is an oily, honey-like, texture and it can also be vaped. Whichever way you decide to use the dry herb vaporizer, the fun things will be the same. So let’s finally take a look at the top 10 things to do to enjoy your dry herb vaporizer experience to the max. 

Top 10 Fun Thing To Do Whilst Using A Dry Herb Vaporizer

So, by now you may be ready to begin vaping and be inspired by ideas for what to do next to enjoy your experience. Or, perhaps you’re simply preparing yourself for a later date. The good thing about dry herb vaporizers is that the smell of weed on your clothes is a lot less powerful. This means you can enjoy going to public places after vaping without the obvious scent. Nonetheless, as many of you may know, what you do whilst you are high can be the making or breaking of your experience. More importantly, the amount you take can also strongly influence your experience. So, as a prerequisite, the list of fun things to do may only work if you’ve already figured out your tolerance to cannabis, and the type of strains that work with you. For example, for certain people, too much THC could spiral them to an unenjoyable state. That’s why sometimes people prefer high CBD products like hemp extract gummies. So, take the right amount and the right strain for you. Everyone is different. Now, feast your eyes on this list of fun activities you can get up to whilst using a dry herb vaporizer. Unlock yourself.  

1. Conversation

Humans are social beings. That is how we have been able to thrive and evolve. By conversing with one another, we’ve been able to plan for the future, to work together, to build societies. Every idea that this world is built on began as a conversation. So, why not converse with a friend or a group of friends whilst enjoying the high from a dry herb vaporizer. Cannabis has the ability to allow you to see different opinions, different ways of thinking. Sometimes the best time to speak deeply is when using a dry herb vaporizer. Think of the ancient Egyptians, sat in a circle, enjoying hemp. A circle is, after all, an intrinsically social shape. So, allow yourself to see where the conversation goes. You might be pleasantly surprised.  

2. Sleep

Alternatively, why not enjoy a glorious, dreamy sleep? If you’ve decided to use a dry herb vaporizer in order to help you with sleeping problems, then enjoy some well-earned rest. Allow the experience to drift you away to a faraway land. However, if you simply want to see what sort of dreams might take place whilst vaping, then do the same thing. Lie somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, let your mind take you on a journey. This can also help if you’ve been stressing about certain elements of your life. You can bring it to mind, sit with it, and see if a sleepy place brings you some clarity. 

3. Nature walk

It is a well-known fact that enjoying dry herbs can make the colours around you brighter, and the world you are in more exciting visually. Sometimes the best thing to do when enjoying mother earth’s natural herbs is to be surrounded by mother earth at the same time. Go somewhere with grass, trees, plants, and stroll around. Breathing air will avoid you feeling claustrophobic too. If you have any viewpoints around where you live, go to them. If you have a beautiful field, sit in it. There is a common misconception that weed is an experience best suited to sitting down inside and doing nothing, but this is not always correct. Sometimes doing things and seeing things is exactly what you need. 

Life is short, enjoy it whilst you can. 

4. Exhibitions

Another great thing to do whilst using a dry herb vaporizer is going to an exhibition. This could be an art exhibition or a museum exhibition. Filling your brain and visual field with interesting stimulants will increase the joy you feel when using a dry herb vaporizer. In regards to art exhibitions, the colours may intensify and you may find a new favourite artist or painting. Alternatively, you might go to the Natural History Museum and be blown away by the sheer scale of history, something that we take for granted every day. Use a dry herb vaporizer and find the beauty in things. 

5. Watch television 

I’m sure we all know someone who has sat and watched the entirety of Blue Planet when high. Or someone who has sat and watched Gandhi, and then felt guilty as they eat piles of food directly after watching a man voluntarily starving himself. Well, the truth is, television can be extremely stimulating when using a dry herb vaporizer. If you choose the right thing to watch, it can be an incredible experience. You will usually be able to tell the kind of mood you are in, and subsequently what you would like to watch. However, here is a short list of some of the great high-watches. 

6. Writing

Creativity can be at an all time high when enjoying cannabis from a dry herb vaporizer. If you want to find out more about this, check out our article: can you use weed for creativity?. Sometimes all you need is a pen and paper or the ‘notes’ app on your phone. Whether it’s a poem, a story, a song, or just word vomit, give yourself the licence to write something. We can be very judgemental of ourselves when we try to be creative, but most of the time this is just a negative voice that has grown from societal pressures to be a certain type of person. Everyone has the potential to be creative. Using a dry herb vaporizer can unlock this part of yourself. If you feel the urge to write, then write. It might be the finest thing you’ve ever written. Or not. But even so, creativity isn’t about good and bad. It’s about expression. 

7. Music

It’s not only your visual field that can be intensified when you use a dry herb vaporizer, but also sound. The music you listen to could sound much better than usual. A fun thing to do whilst vaping weed might be to lie somewhere comfortable and listen to one of the  greatest albums of all time. For a truly mind-blowing experience, try listening to the whole of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. Alternatively, you could make yourself a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and combine it with a nature walk. Perhaps now is the time to listen to new music. Music you wouldn’t usually listen to. 

8. Meditation

Similarly to sleeping, meditation gives you an opportunity to check in with yourself and your thoughts. The chill you experience when vaping a dry herb vaporizer could help you reach a calm and level-headed approach when thinking about stresses or worries. Take some time out of your busy life, enjoy some weed, and allow your mind to figure things out slowly, and without pressure. If you are not certain how to meditate, there are many guided meditations on Youtube, or you can download Headspace or the WakingUp app.

9. Eat

Eat. Eat. And eat some more. Just like how sounds and sights are intensified after inhaling weed from a dry herb vaporizer, so is taste. Enjoy a meal from a place you love and enjoy how the tastes enhance in your mouth. You could even book a table at a restaurant you have always wanted to try, and go there. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try cooking something spectacular and tasty. Eating is one of the funnest things to do when using a dry herb vaporizer. 

10. Read

The final recipe of our top 10 fun things to do whilst you use a dry herb vaporizer is reading. Many people are brought up not fully appreciating the beauty of a book. If this is you, then don’t blame yourself. It happens to many children because the greatness of words is ruined by the bore of the school curriculum. Maybe have a look at a list of the top novels ever written, and try reading it. This could be the chance to thoroughly enjoy reading a book. The words might jump off the page and create worlds in front of your eyes. 

Now It’s Up To You

Well, there you have it. If you’re someone that enjoys weed from a dry herb vaporizer often or not, this could be a helpful guide in the sort of activities that are fun to do whilst high. The world is a beautiful place, but sometimes we can forget that during our busy, monotonous lives. Enjoy the opportunity for the world to be unlocked, and enjoy the fun in all things. We hope you found this article enjoyable, and most importantly, educational. Until next time. 

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