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How to Calculate Platen PSI for a Rosin Press?

The work of a rosin press is something of beauty. This intelligent and magical monster single handedly has changed the...

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Rosin Pressing Top Tips

Own a rosin press but want to know how to use it to the optimal yield possible? Well then you’re...

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How to Make Shatter with a Rosin Press

The world of marijuana has taken some interesting turns over the years. The imagination, when it comes to enjoying weed,...

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How to Make Rosin

If you were a novice, you’d probably think that the world of cannabis begins and ends at dry buds. You...

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Comprehensive DIY Rosin Press Guide

So you’re interested in making a DIY Rosin Press? Well, then you have come to the right place. This blog...

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Is Buying a Rosin Press Worth it?

The weed industry and everything surrounding it is entering a very interesting time. With medicinal cannabis becoming legal in the...

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How Do You Get the Best Rosin Press?

There’s a new way to extract concentrate now, and it’s taking the market by storm, so we're going to dive...

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