How to Use a Rolling Machine

Reading time - 7 minutes - August 25, 2021

Are you having problems rolling your own cigarettes or joints? Are you used to asking a friend to roll it for you? Are you often left embarrassed by your incredible sleight-of-hand-pro mates who can craft a spliff that Michelangelo himself would be proud of? Well, here is the invention of all inventions for you: the rolling machine. Not everyone has the time to become a connoisseur of rolling, but the rolling machine makes this whole process a heck of a lot easier. You’ll be like Neil Buchanan from Art Attack saying: ‘here’s one I made earlier’. Some of you millennials might not get that reference. But, the question is, how do you use these contraptions? Not to worry, today we’re going to be taking you through what a rolling machine is, how it works, and how to use it. As always, strap yourselves in. Let’s learn how to use a rolling machine. 

What is a Rolling Machine? 

Rolling machines are not the most common device you’ll see around, although they do exist. But the most important question is: what are they? Well, a rolling machine literally rolls a cigarette or a joint for you. That’s right. You heard correctly. Despite how fiddly and difficult rolling can seem, there is actually a contraption that can do it by itself. The rolling machine takes the ingredients of a joint and helps with the hard part; the rolling. The rolling machine is for the person who finds it hard to roll, doesn’t have the time to roll or wants to pack more into their joints or cigarettes. 

The Story of Joe Bloggs and the Rolling Machine

Here’s a hypothetical story for you. Joe Bloggs never learnt how to roll. Despite the fact he loves enjoying cannabis, his friends were always the ones who would roll the joints. In fact, even when he asked to learn, his friends wouldn’t let him. They were rolling snobs. They didn’t want to risk wasting any tobacco or weed. One day, Joe Bloggs decides he wants a joint on his own. He has all the ingredients at the ready but doesn’t really know what to do with them. He knows if he tries rolling, it could end badly. So, Joe Bloggs gets out his recently purchased rolling machine and the rest is history. It’s people like Joe Bloggs which the rolling machine was made for. 

8 Steps: How to use a Rolling Machine 

The steps of using a rolling machine are pretty simple once you’ve done it a few times. The machine is very easy to use, but as you all know, the art of rolling needs time and patience. Here are the steps.

Step 1 – Get your ingredients

You’ll be needing a few things before you get started with the rolling machine. First of all, you’ll need some long skin rolling papers. You’ll also need a well-made roach. And then you’ll need cannabis (and tobacco if it isn’t a blunt). 

Step 2 – Grind that cannabis

Next up, you’ll need to grind up your cannabis. Make sure the cannabis is evenly ground and not too powdery. Although, often this is down to preference. The finer it is, the smoother it is to smoke. Click here to learn how to grind perfectly.

Step 3 – Fill up the rolling machine 

Now you’ll want to fill up the rolling machine. Don’t put the paper in yet. First place the cannabis (and tobacco if you wish), with the roach on one side. You can probably afford to put more in than you would usually roll as this machine can pack a lot in. 

Step 4 – Roll it together

Now you can take the two small rolling pin looking things and push them together. This ensures that the substance is compact and ready to go. 

Step 5 – Add the paper and roll some more

Now open up the rolling machine, take the paper and slide it on the farthest side of the machine, with the sticky paper facing you. 

Step 6 – Lick the paper

Now lick the paper and close the rolling machine. As any roller will know, if you forget to lick your joint, everything goes wrong. So don’t miss this important part out. 

Step 7 – Roll some more 

Now take the toggle on the sides and begin to twist them. Usually you twist them toggles towards you, although there will be information on your specific rolling machine about which way to twist them. This will roll the paper around the weed. You’ll know when you’ve rolled it enough.

Step 8 – Open the rolling machine and enjoy your joint

Now you’ve finished. You can open up the rolling machine and wave hello to your freshly rolled joint. Light it up and enjoy. Or if you want, show it to your mate who always rolls for you and pretend you’ve just rolled one for yourself. 

Should I Use A Rolling Machine? 

Now you understand how to work a rolling machine, you might be considering whether to purchase one or not. Well, before you make a decision, let’s first take a look at the benefits and negatives of rolling machines. 

Benefits of a Rolling Machine


Using a rolling machine, especially if you don’t know how to roll, is extremely easy. Once you get the hang of the few steps it takes, it can take very little time and concentration to roll up. All of the stress of rolling is completely eradicated.


Not only does the rolling machine create ease, but it also creates perfection and consistency. The rolls you make will always be the same and will always be of great quality. This also helps with not wasting cannabis; the worse the roll, the harder it is to burn and the more you can potentially waste. 


Another benefit of a rolling machine is time. When you’ve got a busy life and don’t have the hours to sit and try to roll a joint, then the rolling machine becomes your bestest friend. 

Negatives of a Rolling Machine

The Skill of rolling

Of course, lots of the benefits of the rolling machine are down to the presumed fact that you cannot roll very well or very quickly. However, if you can then the rolling machine could in fact take longer than your usual roll. Also, even if you can’t roll, buying a rolling machine will almost certainly mean you never learn. Learning to roll can be a nice experience, and can help you in those common times when you don’t have a rolling machine. Being able to roll is an art form, and it’s one everyone should have the chance to learn. 

There are other options 

Another negative of a rolling machine is that there are other and more healthier options. If you genuinely don’t enjoy rolling, then why not go a different direction; the dry herb vaporizer. The dry herb vape does not require rolling – as it takes the cannabis bud directly into the device and creates vapor which is then inhaled. This is also a lot healthier as there is no burning involved. If avoiding the rolling process is your main priority, then why not go the extra step and also avoid combustion all together?

rolling machine

Should I Buy a Rolling Machine?

Now you’re well versed in the role of a rolling machine, and the pros vs the cons, you might be wondering whether to get one or not. Well, this decision is obviously up to you. However, the rolling machine definitely makes like easier for those who find strapping up a joint difficult. Alternatively though, why not try a dry herb vape? That way, If someone makes fun of you for not being able to roll, then you can make fun of how unhealthy smoking is. 

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