What is THC Syrup?

Reading time - 7 minutes - September 23, 2021

Just like how Thomas Edison found the inventive spark to create the light bulb, and Mark Zuckerberg created the social media platform Facebook, THC syrup is now the next cannabis fad in the ever expanding cannabis market. What once was just a cannabis plant sat in a lonesome field, has now become edibles, concentrates, creams, oils, foods, as of recently, even syrup. However, is this the kind of syrup you’d put on your pancakes in the morning? Well, that’s up to you. THC syrup is an intense liquid, and something that everyone should use with caution but also joy. Let’s delve into what this stuff is, how it came to being, and discuss why so many people are calling it the lean of cannabis. What even is THC lean? As always, let’s go. 

THC and CBD 

The cannabis plant is a complicated beauty, and sits perfectly on mother nature’s wall of fame for one of the best creations. It contains over 400 components, and around 100 cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid gives cannabis the amazing personality that it has. The two most popular, or well-known, cannabinoids are CBD and THC. These are the most spoken about and are at the forefront when it comes to cannabis legalization. 


If THC and CBD were cousins, then CBD would be the calmer one that looked after its friends and family. CBD is well-natured, it’s not psychoactive, and it’s now legal around the world due to its medicinal benefits. As more research has gone into cannabis, scientists have been able to separate CBD from THC and use it as an individual substance. That is why you’ll now see many high street shops selling CBD products, including even CBD coffee if you fancy it. CBD is known to help with a range of medical problems. Here is a list of them:


If THC and CBD were cousins, then THC would be the louder, more promiscuous one that hung out with the bad kids but, really, was just misunderstood. THC is a psychoactive substance, which means it has mind-altering effects and is responsible for the well-known ‘high’ feeling. It’s because of this that THC is mostly linked to recreational use and thus is illegal in many countries. Although the Netherlands and California may have seen the light, the rest of the world (especially the UK) are sadly not as accepting of this cannabinoid. Here is a list of the recreational effects of THC: 

What is THC Syrup?

So, now we understand the differences between the two popular cannabinoids THC and CBD, we can move on to THC syrup. THC syrup, obviously, contains THC. However, what separates weed syrup from edibles, is that it enters the system a lot quicker – as it doesn’t take as long to break down. When weed enters the stomach and is broken down, it metabolises into 11-hydroxy-THC. Many researchers have concluded that this version of THC is a lot stronger than the usual THC that one would inhale.

THC syrup is liquid marijuana that is made by infusing vegetable glycerine with cannabis concentrate and then adding sugar. There are many versions and recipes of THC syrup, and they can vary in strength. 

Who Uses It? 

THC syrup is sold legally in the Netherlands and California, and from street dealers or the dark web in Europe. But the question is, why would someone use it? And who uses it? Well, THC syrup has much the same effects as cannabis edibles or cannabis concentrates, meaning that it’s a lot stronger than bud. However, as previously mentioned, THC syrup breaks down quicker and is thus thought to give you a very intense high very quickly. Some say the effects can hit you in under half an hour. Usually it takes a few hours for edibles to kick in. THC syrups are for people who want to be discreet and who don’t want to smoke. Like edibles and dry herb vapes, it offers an alternative to the unhealthy option of smoking. They can put the liquid in their drink or just gulp it straight down. Of course, gulping down more than a teaspoon is probably not advisable as this stuff is incredibly powerful. Perhaps more powerful than you would initially think. 

The History of THC Syrup

THC syrup first became popular in the USA, and is often called THC lean. However, its similarities to lean are few and far between. Cannabis, a THC syrup brand in America, sells in over 500 dispensaries across the US. The company VP, Christopher Kadar, has said himself that he believes this product is now gaining popularity in the UK too.  

When speaking of the appeal of THC syrup, Kadar says

“The prices of THC syrup are most times much more affordable in comparison to buying flower or hash, and in markets that have not had cannabis legalisation, consumers tend to gravitate towards products that are more discrete, convenient and affordable,”

THC Syrup vs Lean vs THC Lean

Companies around the world selling THC syrup are going as far to now start calling their product: THC lean. But why is this? This is in the hope that it will increase the appeal of the syrup due to the pop-culture appeal of lean. But what is lean? Lean is a drink that became popular in the USA over 20 years ago, especially after rap artists began talking about their enjoyment of the substance. In fact, lean could be the most spoken about drug in Hip Hop. Lean – or purple drink as it’s also called – is a mixture of codeine, promethazine cough syrup and sweetener. The effects of this are completely different to that of THC syrup, as the latter does not cause anywhere near the same levels of intoxication or danger. However, there are some places that are now offering a combination of lean and THC. It’s basically just codeine, cough syrup and THC all in one drink: THC lean. This substance should not be confused with THC syrup as it’s a completely different drink. Therefore, if you decide to purchase THC syrup, make sure to do your research first so you aren’t sold something completely different, and perhaps even a drink that contains opiates.

Adam Winstock, part of the Global Drug Survey, says this on the connections between THC syrup and lean: 

“THC syrup is just another form of edibles. Saying it is a healthy alternative to lean is like saying weed is a healthy alternative to heroin. Lean is a dangerous concoction of an antihistamine in promethazine, an opioid in codeine, and often alcohol too. You can’t draw a parallel between a cannabis drink and an opioid drink, other than them being drinks that get you high. It’s all just marketing bollocks.”

thc syrup

Is THC Syrup For Me? 

With so many options out there, and many cannabis products, it’s hard to know whether edibles, oils or syrups are the right substance to purchase. There’s too much choice. However, if you are trying to stop smoking as much cannabis, then there are still many options for you to still get your fix of THC. The reason why THC syrup might be more ideal for you than a dry herb vape or edibles, is if you’re looking for something very discreet to put in your drink and get on with your day. It’s strong, it’s easy and it’s quick. However, it’s not always the easiest to get a hold of in the UK unless you know the right person. 

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