Top 5 Cannabis Restaurants in the World

Reading time - 6 minutes - July 27, 2021

The only thing better than a pizza from Italy, sushi from Japan, or a greasy burger from America is a bit of weed to go with it. Cannabis restaurants and cannabis-infused food isn’t always easy to come by. Whilst some, but far from all, countries have legalized marijuana now, having restaurants dedicated to cannabis food is a whole other level. Edibles are one thing, but what about weed restaurants? Well, we’ve done extensive research and narrowed down the top 5 cannabis restaurants in the world. Whether you’re in the USA, Jamaica, South Africa, the Netherlands, or even the UK, we’ve got an answer for you. If you’re not in any of those places then book your flights, because you’re going to want to experience one of these vibey places. If you’re unable to get to any of these restaurants and you’ve tired of drooling over their online menu, then just make some weed brownies and enjoy some cannabis alone. Either way – here are the top 5 cannabis restaurants in the world. 

cannabis restaurant

Cannabis Restaurants

Cannabis restaurants are not the easiest phenomenon to come by. Mainstream mostly in America, these places are few and far between. With some – but not many – countries now legalizing cannabis, you’d think that cannabis restaurants would be just around the corner. However, the truth is that legalizing marijuana is one thing, but promoting it in restaurants is a whole different bag of weed. That is why some of the cannabis restaurants on our list sell actual cannabis-infused food, and others just allow you to eat as you enjoy Mary Jane. Either way, every single one of these restaurants is definitely worth a visit. 

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Cannabis Cafe

Location: Hollywood, USA

The Cannabis Cafe is a delightful and beautiful restaurant in the midst of Hollywood. With green plants hanging off the walls and fiery golden decor, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to know that cannabis is harnessed in this place like a secret recipe. If the insane location and design wasn’t enough, the menu will blow your mind…literally! The Cannabis Cafe serves burgers, pancakes, juices and more. Not only that, they will infuse any of these delicious drinks and meals with as much THC as you want. Or, alternatively, if you’d rather vape or smoke your herbs, then they have an extensive menu of weed buds that any dealer would long for. 

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Kaya Herb House

Location: St Ann, Jamaica

The Kaya Herb House is more than just a restaurant located in the birthplace of Bob Marley, it also stands for something. On their website they write: ​​”for thousands of years, Ganja was used to heal bodies and minds around the world. It was a centerpiece of culture, a tool used to improve society holistically, from the economy to spirituality. Then ignorance set in, and Ganja was no longer used as a tool, but as a weapon. A weapon aimed at marginalising and discriminating. A weapon wielded not to heal, but to hurt.” 

The Kaya Herb house is the first medical cannabis restaurant in Jamaica. It’s part-restaurant, part-weed grower. Seconds from the crystal clear sea, this restaurant has the two most important things anyone could ever ask for: pizza & weed.

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Blowfish Restaurant

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

For a completely different type of evening, try the Blowfish restaurant in Cape Town. This classy establishment would be the ideal place to treat someone special for a very tasty and mature meal. And yes, the bill would most likely make you squeal, but for the experience it’s worth every penny. The Blowfish restaurant has huge glass windows that look out on the Atlantic ocean. Not only that, the wine list is so posh you may not know one name on there. Which is always a good sign. They might not have THC products, but CBD will bring the calm and relaxation that the evening will require. 

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Green House Kitchen 

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bikes, weed and canals – the Amsterdam way of life is something to be jealous of. However, It may be of surprise to you to know that restaurants cannot sell cannabis in Amsterdam. Only licensed coffee shops are allowed to serve and sell cannabis. Therefore, cannabis-infused food (not including edibles) may be the only taboo left for Amsterdam to conquer. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own weed, in a vape, whilst eating their delicious grub. This restaurant promotes healthy smoking alternatives and great food.

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Pop Cultivate

Location: California, USA

Pop Cultivate is the closest thing to a Utopian Cannabis Restaurant we’ve got on this list. The chefs spend their nights and days sweating over different formulas to infuse the world of food and the world of cannabis. However, this isn’t a normal restaurant, you have to be invited. It’s a private restaurant that you very much want to get an invite to – just like when a rich guy from school has a party. 

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Canna Kitchen

Location: Brighton, UK

Now, for us UK citizens, it sometimes feels like the wonders of cannabis restaurants are 1000s of miles away. However, this was only recently challenged when a man in Brighton opened up the UK’s first CBD-infused food restaurant. Round of applause. The sad truth is, that it’s now been closed down. He was charged for ‘dealing cannabis’. Boo! There’s potential that this place will open up again, or that his actions will trigger more brave individuals to test the UK’s stagnant cannabis laws. In memory of him, let’s look back at his menu and see what you could’ve had. 

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