Smoking Weed vs Vaporizing Weed

Reading time - 5 minutes - October 20, 2019

It is an established fact that smoking is harmful to your health, particularly when mixing dry herbs with tobacco. So let’s look at the ins and outs of smoking weed vs vaporising it. Vaping pure herb or weed is very different to smoking it.

Dry herb has hundreds of elements within it, all of which have a melting point of less than 240C, which is coincidentally the temperature of combustion. This means you don’t actually need to burn anything to gain the benefits of dry herbs, but by doing so, harmful toxins are unnecessarily released and inhaled. When smoking herbs, the paper burns at approximately 900C, meaning that everything which burns between 240C (the temperature of the highest melting point within dry herb) and 900C is useless, harmful and avoidable.

Moreover, many have become receptive to hemp because of its medicinal properties. Nevertheless, studies show that inhalation remains the quickest and easiest ways to instantly feel its effect.

Smoking causes irritation, inflammation and irreversible damage to the respiratory system. The smoking weed vs vaporizing it has one clear winner – vaping weed is a better option than smoking weed – but why is that?

Vaping Weed Reduces Your Exposure to Harmful Compounds

Vaping weed releases significantly fewer (if any) carcinogens, tar and other known toxic compounds asides marijuana smoke compared to smoking. Research conducted by Public Health England, an agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK reports that vaping is estimated 95% less harmful than smoking. And a quality dry herb vaporizer is key in making all the difference, so when buying a dry herb vaporizer, always ensure you buy from an authorized dealer.

Better Taste… Better Flavour

Smoking your dry herb leads to poor taste, poor flavour and a poor experience, most especially if you are a first timer; this is because what you are inhaling is a burnt plant substance.

On the other hand, vaporized herb is like enjoying a well-roasted chicken that has stayed in the oven at just the perfect temperature and the right amount of time. Vaping allows you taste the real flavour of your herb. For first timers who are used to smoking, it is often a mind-blowing experience. The significant difference wouldn’t allow you recognize you are vaping the same herb which you normally smoke.

smoking weed vs vaporizing

Vaping Allows for Temperature Regulation

When smoking weed, you accept whatever temperature at which your weed burns, vaping gives you control. Almost every dry herb vape comes with a designed temperature regulator. This allows you to determine how mild or intense you want your vapour. When set at a higher temperature, vapour and clouds are harsher while a lower temperature is less intense, smoother, and produces better and more flavourful vapour.

Generally, you can customize your vaping device temperature using this guide:

Temperatures at different levels allow you experience different tastes and scents from your dry herb. Another advantage of sticking to low temperatures when vaporizing is that it helps to avoid irritation in the mouth, throat and any lungs issues.

Vaping is Less Messy

Smoking Weed vs Vaporizing

No doubt, rolling papers and smoking weed can be pretty messy; you’ll have to clean up when you are done – which can be a pain (not forgetting the leftover roach that’s both a fire hazard and messes up the place).

With vaping, the process is neat and organized from start to finish.

First, you will need to grind your herb with a grinder before using, once that is done; the herb is put in the grinder and then straight into the dry herb vaporizer. In the process of loading a herb vaporizer, some might spill, but it isn’t going to be anything too big. Once you are done with vaping, the vaped hemp is then poured into the trash. It is nowhere as messy as smoking.

Vaping is Discreet and Convenient

Smoking weed often attracts unwanted attention. From the smell to the smoke to the joint itself. Dry herb vaporizers come in different shapes and sizes, with several portable handheld devices to meet your vaping needs.

Vaping is convenient and discreet, the vapor from the hemp dissipates very quickly making it very unnoticeable. So vaping doesn’t give you away as smoking does, it can be done with discretion, even when you are in a public place, and at any time of your choosing

Given these few comparisons, vaping is obviously a better option in the smoking weed vs vaporizing debate. Not only will you get more from your hemp, you are likely not to experience ailments associated with smoking and you will be doing your health a huge favour. Vaping your weed is definitely a win all round.

Convinced about vaporizing weed rather than smoking it? Why not take a look at the Nectar Gold vaporizer to get your started on the vaping journey – you can vape dry herb as well as concentrates. Not sure how to use a dry herb vaporizer? here’s an article to help: How to Use a Portable Vaporizer.

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