Is Sex Better When You’re High?

Reading time - 7 minutes - July 5, 2021

Sex can be one of the most pleasurable activities anyone can possibly take part in. It’s in the same league as marrying the person of your dreams, winning the lottery, or even watching England win the 2020 Euros. But what if there was a way to make sex even better? What if there was a way to enhance the pleasures of sex just that little bit more? What if there was plant that’s grown since the dawn of time that could make sex even more pleasurable? Well, today may be your lucky day. We’re going to be telling you exactly why and how getting high can revolutionise your sex life. Some people will swear by high sex, whilst others will claim that it’s only a myth. Well, let’s find out once and for all. As always, strap yourself in. Keep your trousers on. Let’s go. 

What Is Sex? 

Let’s work from the beginning. What is sex? Well, hopefully you know what sex is. Although, even if you don’t, don’t worry. You’re in the right place. This isn’t going to be one of those horribly cringey year 8 sex-ed lessons; so you can relax. There are many definitions of sex that will be given to you at different times in your life. Let’s take a look through some of them (don’t be afraid to do funny voices when reading these out to yourself).

Parent’s Definition

‘Sex is what happens when you love someone very much and you want to make babies together’

Mate’s Definition

‘What is sex? Oh yeah. Sex. I love sex. I’ve actually had sex with over 8 billion people. Oh… there’s only 7.5 billion people on the planet? Well, that’s cos i’ve had sex with people on other planets too, duh!’

Scientist’s Definition

‘Sex, or sexual intercourse, is the sexual contact between individuals; of any sexual orientation or combination. This includes penetration, especially the insertion of a man’s erect penis into a woman’s vagina, typically culminating in orgasm and the ejaculation of semen’

Our Definition

‘Sex is whatever you want it to be and can be between anyone or everyone. It can be casual or it can be serious. The main thing is that it’s consensual and that the people involved have a good time. If all of these things are considered, sex has the potential to be the most amazing act ever’

What Does Sex Feel Like?

Whichever definition you want to prescribe to – even if it’s a combination of all of them – sexual intercourse can be done in a variety of fun, weird and wacky ways. In the words of Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street: ‘We’re talking missionary. We’re talking missionary. We’re talking when I’m on top and she’s on her back’. Basically sex can be done in endless ways. But what does it feel like? 

Sex, whilst it can lead to procreation, can also cause a great deal of pleasure for everyone involved. The act of sex sends physical signals to the brain which causes a release of chemicals which make you feel pleasure. There are supposedly 4000 nerve endings on the average penis, and 8000 on the clitoris. So there really isn’t an excuse for not ensuring female orgams during sex, fellas. Anyway, the main thing to take from this is that sex feels good because of the amount of nerve endings around the area, as well as the chemicals released during the act of intercourse. Some scientists believe the reason why sex feels good is because it’s nature’s way of encouraging procreation. But that doesn’t mean we should only use it for that. But the big question is: what if you throw weed into the mix? What’s all the hype about high sex? 

What Is Weed?

Equally, don’t worry if you aren’t aware of what weed is. Perhaps this article will be your introduction to the wonders of cannabis and will change your life forever. Just like sex, weed will be defined to you in a variety of ways throughout your life. So let’s have a look at the type of thing you might hear. 

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Conservative Parent’s Definition

‘Weed is evil. Don’t use weed. Don’t smell weed. Don’t even look at weed. Weed actually is the cause of all the bad things in the world. Weed was the cause of WW1 and WW2. This is proven. Stay in your bedroom, lock your door, and forget you ever heard that weed existed’. 

Liberal Parent’s Definition

‘I’m giving you a toke of this joint because I want you to have a healthy relationship with weed. Weed is not something to fear, nor is it something that will solve all your problems in life. It’s just a substance like any other; like sweets’.

Mate’s Definition

‘What is weed? Oh yeah. Weed. I love weed. I’ve actually had weed with over 8 billion people. Oh… there’s only 7.5 billion people on the planet? Well, that’s cos i’ve had weed with people on other planets too, duh!’

Scientist’s Definition

‘Weed, also known as cannabis or mariuana, is a psychoactive substance from the cannabis plant. It can be smoked in a joint, vaped in a dry herb vaporizer or eaten in an edible. THC is a prominent cannabinoid within weed and is the cause of the well-known ‘high’ feeling. The UK has labeled cannabis as a class B drug, deeming it illegal to use recreationally. Alternatively, weed with high levels of CBD is now legal, as CBD is not a psychoactive substance’.

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Our Definition

‘Weed is great when it’s used in a good way. Having the correct dosage and knowing your limits is key to having a healthy relationship with weed. Definitely try it in a dry herb vaporizer. It’ll change your cannabis experience’ 

What Does Weed Feel Like?

Cannabis is a very popular drug. In fact, in 2020, 30% of those aged 16-59 in the UK admitted to taking weed at some point in their lives. The reason for its popularity is due to its mind-altering effects, which many find both fun and useful. 

Weed is known to enhance all 5 senses, making physical sensations and colours more extreme. It also is known to reduce anxiety and increase levels of relaxation. In addition, weed can cause peaks of euphoria, which can cause people to laugh and smile a lot. In fact, some people have created entire lists of which films are best to watch when stoned. Those people are us. Check out the stoner-film list if you’re interested. The truth is, all of these effects of weed mentioned could definitely help in the bedroom. 

High Sex

So, now we know what weed feels like, and what getting high feels like, what about the combination of both? What about high sex? The truth is, weed can make your sexual experience 100% better. In a NCBI study, it was stated that ‘marijuana appears to improve satisfaction with orgasm’. Therefore, cannabis increases the intensity of not only the sex, but also the orgasm. Everything feels just that little bit more intense. Plus, weed can reduce anxiety and increase relaxation, so it may stop you from overthinking the whole experience. Therefore, sex can most definitely be better when you’re high. 

However, the truth is also that some people don’t always react well to cannabis. There’s no one single reaction to marijuana; everyone has different relationships with it. For some people it makes them feel more anxious. If that’s you, then perhaps high sex is not for you. However, maybe you’ll be surprised. Maybe high sex could be your first positive cannabis experience. Only one way to find out. 

Wait for your next sexual experience, grab some dry bud, place it in your dry herb vaporizer, inhale, and enjoy the wonders of sexual intercourse when high. 

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