Is CBD Safe?

Reading time - 8 minutes - January 5, 2023

Is CBD Safe? And How Do I Take It?

These days, it is almost impossible to head to your local health shop or even walk down the high street without spotting a varied selection of CBD products. From tinctures to topicals, this humble cannabis derivative has been added to almost everything. The popularity of cannabis and CBD wellness has prompted one of the most significant booms in the wellness industry for decades. But despite this popularity, there will be those among us who are still a little wary about this “new” wellness ingredient. What is it? Is it safe? And how do I use it? 

These are questions we are all too familiar with. That’s why we decided to answer them all in one informative blog post. So, let’s start with safety: Is CBD safe?

The Safety of CBD

CBD – or cannabidiol – is a common cannabinoid produced by the cannabis plant. This association is enough to set the red flags waving for many people, but don’t worry: CBD is non-intoxicating. This means that, unlike its psychoactive cousin, THC, CBD won’t cause the ‘high’ that people generally think of when cannabis is mentioned. But this isn’t the only plus when it comes to CBD.

Various studies – and countless anecdotal reports – have demonstrated the tolerability and safety of CBD. Furthermore, the World Health Organisation has even released its own statement regarding the compound, declaring it safe for general use and concluding that CBD is not associated with any risk of addiction or dependence. This favourable safety profile means that CBD is completely legal in most countries around the world.

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How Should I Take CBD?

Okay, now that we have put your mind at rest concerning the safety of CBD, you’re probably wondering about the best way to try this impressive cannabis ingredient. Luckily, there are a huge number of CBD products for you to choose from and many different methods of administration. From tinctures to topicals and gummies to concentrates, finding the perfect product for you is just a matter of trial and error. 

But it is helpful to note that some products are more effective than others. Studies have found that inhalation is one of the most efficient administration methods for active ingredients – including CBD. As such, vaporising CBD is one of the most effective ways to start benefiting from its many potential properties. And the best way to do this is with a CBD Vape Pen or a dry herb vaporizer.

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What is a CBD Vape Pen?

A CBD Vape Pen offers a convenient and efficient way to deliver CBD. Most people will be familiar with the concept of this style of vaporizer, as they have also become popular among people looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes. They offer a clean method of inhalation without the need to burn plant matter – a traditional method that is linked to many harmful chemicals and carcinogens.

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CBD Vape Pens, like our Nectar products, have the added bonus of being small and discrete and many allow the user to tailor the vaporising temperature to their preferences. They feature a chamber, heating element and mouthpiece, allowing for easy inhalation. Overall, these products offer an effective dose with little downside.

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer

On the more elaborate side of the vaporizer spectrum, a Dry Herb Vaporizer has all the benefits of a CBD Vape Pen – and then some. Just like with the previous products, dry herb vaporizers release CBD and other compounds (such as minor cannabinoids and terpenes) in your product at much lower temperatures than smoking. As such, more of the active ingredient is preserved, giving you a higher-quality CBD experience.

They are easy to use and can likewise be used discretely on the go. Simply pack your product into the chamber, set your desired temperature and draw from the mouthpiece. Here at Nectar, we offer a wide range of Dry Herb Vaporizers to suit every budget, whether you are a CBD connoisseur or new to the area. 

For more information on the most effective CBD products, take a look at our blog: ‘Which Form of CBD is the Most Effective?’.

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