How to use a Weed Grinder

Reading time - 8 minutes - March 16, 2021

We all remember the youthful days. The days when you first saw a bag of weed and thought…how am I supposed to smoke that? Usually, at this point, a wise fellow weed-lover would have come in and shown you a beautiful weed grinder. A weed grinder that could solve all your problems. However, for some, that wise man never entered the room. For some, they’ve just been taking their bud apart with their fingers for years. Whilst weed grinders aren’t essential in enjoying your dry herb, they are most definitely helpful. But whether you’ve used one before, or never at all, it’s important to do your research into weed grinders. A weed grinder can come in many colours and sizes, it has varying settings, and the benefits are endless. So, if you want to become a proper weed-enthusiast, read this article and consider getting yourself a weed grinder. Or, if you already have one, make sure to maximise its potential. As always, strap yourself in. Let’s go!

What is a Weed Grinder?

If you’ve ever struggled smoking a joint or using a dry herb vaporizer because your cannabis buds are too big, then you’ll understand what a weed grinder’s purpose is. Weed grinders are a cylindrical marijuana tool which grinds up weed bud for use. Inside, there are small teeth which, when ground together, combine to break apart the dry herb. 

Although there are different types of weed grinder, which we will go into later, the most common one consists of 2 rotating parts. Each part has teeth which rub together when the user twists it. The user can seperate the two parts, place the bud inside, put them back together, and then twist until the weed is the right size for them. The more you grind, the finer the dry herb will be. Everyone likes their weed in different sizes. The truth is, if you don’t grind your weed at all, it can sometimes be difficult to smoke or vape. The other types of weed grinder, like the 3 piece or the 4 piece metal herb grinder, are very similar but have added compartments or chambers which increase weed efficiency.

Is it Legal to Own a Weed Grinder? 

The UK’s weed policy is nothing short of confusing and slow. A question on many people’s minds is: is weed legal in the UK? Well, the use and possession of marijuana remains illegal within the UK. Although medicinal cannabis was recently partly-legalised in 2018, it still remains very difficult to get a prescription. Despite this, the sale and purchase of weed accessories is very much legal. That is why the ‘head shop’ – a shop where you can buy cannabis-related items – is still prominent within the UK. Therefore, owning a weed grinder is legal and, not only that, they are very easy to get; either online or on the highstreet. 

How to use Different Types of Weed Grinder

As previously stated, there are various types of weed grinder. The types we will be looking at are the 2 piece, 3 piece and 4 piece weed grinder. These are the three most common types. The weed grinder has evolved from the usual 2-piece that many will probably know the best. The added parts to the grinder device make for easier and more efficient ways of getting finely ground cannabis bud. Let’s take a look at each type and how it works. 

2 Piece

The 2 piece weed grinder is the simplest and easiest weed grinder out there. It consists of two pieces. The lid and the bowl. Both have teeth attached so that when you connect them both, and then twist, you can grind your dry herb. This is called a single chamber grinder. To retrieve your bud you can simply take the lid off and take the grind herb out of the bowl. It’s simple and effective.  

3 Piece 

The 3 piece weed grinder is the next step up. It consists of two chambers. The best way to describe a 3 piece weed grinder is to picture a 2 piece, but with an added compartment below the bowl. The bowl has small holes in it, which allow for the finely ground bud to drop into the added compartment. This compartment can then be detached and the dry herb can be retrieved. The benefits of a 3 piece weed grinder is that the cannabis bud that falls into the second chamber will be evenly ground up. If you’re looking for an easy to use weed grinder, with the extra bonus of  consistently ground weed, then the 3 piece could be the one for you. 

4 Piece

The 4 piece grinder is the most evolved and efficient type of weed grinder.  This one consists of three chambers. So, let’s backtrack. You have the bowl and the lid, which when twisted together, their teeth rub together. The bud gets slowly ground up into smaller pieces, which then fall into the second chamber. However, in a 4 piece weed grinder, the second chamber has a meshed bottom with tiny little holes in. This means that over time, small little particles of kief fall through into the third chamber. Although kief is very small, over time it builds up and can be used to put in your joint or dry herb vaporizer. If you want to take a look at an example of a 4 piece grinder, then check out our mini herb grinder.

What Is Kief? 

Kief are like little cannabis crystals or resin glands, which hold a lot of potency. They look somewhat golden in colour, and can be sprinkled on top of an already packed out dry herb vaporizer or joint. In the 4 piece weed grinder it aims to ensure you can utilise all of the cannabis plant’s maximum potential. Nothing gets forgotten. 

The Benefits of a Weed Grinder

There are multiple benefits with weed grinders. Much like a dry herb vaporizer, the weed grinder saves you money, time, and maintains a lot of the original strength and flavour. 


If you’re used to grinding up bud using your hands, then you’ll know how much of it gets wasted or left on the table. But with weed grinders, everything is collected and left within the device. Even the kief, which potentially you won’t have ever known about until getting a weed grinder. A weed grinder ensures that all parts of the cannabis plant are utilised. 

Strength & Taste

Using weed grinders will make your dry herb tastier and stronger. When you evenly grind weed, it’s easier to heat or to burn, because all of it can be reached. Often lots of bud is wasted when the weed is not ground well. This means that the entire potency is maximised. 

Also, by breaking apart the dry herb, the flavours and aromas are fully unlocked. These will be even more prevalent if you use a dry herb vaporizer as well, because the lack of burning maintains even more of the taste. 

Money Saving

This is linked directly to the efficiency of weed grinders. If you don’t waste any of your weed, then the need to buy more is put off for a longer period of time. Therefore, this saves you money. 

Time Saving 

The act of chucking some bud in a grinder and twisting it until its ground, is a lot quicker than doing it by hand. 100%. Anyone who’s given the job to start piecing apart dry herb with their fingers knows how much of a time-consuming chore it is. It also means your hands smell, which can be annoying.

How to Clean a Weed Grinder 

Although you may never want to clean your weed grinder, there may be a day where you decide it’s time for some grinder TLC. Afterall, if it’s used a lot, it can become rather sticky in there. Here are the appropriate steps in cleaning a weed grinder:

Step 1 – Use isopropyl alcohol and salt to rub into the parts you wish to clean. Use a cloth or a toothbrush for this depending on how stuck some of the bud/residue has become.

Step 2 – Use a toothbrush or pick to carefully detach any loose kief from the meshed screen (if you have a 4 piece weed grinder). The meshed screen can be fragile so make sure to be extra careful during this step. 

Step 3 – This step might seem a bit rogue, but sometimes it’s necessary. If your bud or kief is extra sticky and hard to clean, then try putting the weed grinder in the freezer. This will help in the cleaning process. 

Not it’s Your Turn to Use a Weed Grinder

There you have it. That should be all the information you need to know on how to use weed grinders. As stated above, purchasing one of these shouldn’t be difficult, but getting the weed to use it with might be slightly harder. If you’re interested in maintaining even more of your cannabis bud’s flavour and intensity, then why not check out dry herb vaporizers. We have a beginners guide to dry herb vaporizers which you can check out for more information.

We hope you found this article enjoyable and, as always, educational. Until next time. 

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