How To Use A Portable Vaporizer

Reading time - 7 minutes - April 6, 2021

The portable vaporizer is something we may take for granted now, but it is still very very new. With vaping taking the world by storm, and smoking being an uncool thing of the past, some people are left still wondering: how the heck do I use this vaporizer thing? How do I use this thing that looks like a mix between a magic wand and a robot’s arm? Well, today we’re going to help you with exactly that. Today we’re going to give you all the info you need on portable vaporizers, and then delve into how to use one of the most prominent portable vapes: the dry herb vaporizer. As always, strap yourself in. Let’s go!

What is a Portable Vaporizer?

Portable vaporizers are taking the world by storm. They are the future of smoking. Or, to put it more clearly, the future of vaping. Some look slick and smooth, whilst others look a lot like Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver. But the majority of vaporizers are portable and are very easy to carry around with you; just like a cigarette. Portable vaporizers come in many shapes, sizes and colours, but the main purpose remains the same. A portable vaporizer heats up dry herb, concentrates, flavours or nicotine liquid to be inhaled as vapour. One of the most prominent types of portable vape is the dry herb vaporizer, which is what we will be focusing on today. The dry herb vaporizer works by heating up weed or concentrates to a temperature of around 170-220 degrees, which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece. With a heat temperature of only max 220 degrees, this avoids the process of combustion. Combustion is what occurs when a cigarette or joint is lit, and the 900 degrees of heat which ensues causes dangerous toxins and cancerous carcinogens. The portable vaporizer avoids this; making it a much healthier option. Now you know what it is, let’s look at how it came to being.

The History of the Portable Vaporizer

The portable vaporizer has a surprisingly lustrous history. It dates back to a long long time ago. It was actually the ancient Egyptians who, debatably, started the vaping game. They would place hemp seeds on top of very hot rocks and inhale the steam that would come off them. Then came the hookah water pipe, or shisha pipe, which used hot coals to heat the herb beneath. This was popular in India, Turkey and Afghanistan, and began around 1000 years ago. Crazy. 

And then came the e-cigarette in the 1900s as the horrors of smoking became more mainstream. These then led to more common devices like the jewel pen, and then of course came the dry herb vaporizer. When smoking was banned in public places in the UK in 2007, this was the beginning of a proper search for an alternative way to smoking. Long live the portable vaporizer.

If you want to find out even more about the history of the vaporizer, check out our other article: a brief history of the vaporizer.

The Portable Vaporizer Now 

Now portable vaporizers are everywhere. With the true health repercussions of smoking being known to pretty much everyone (unless you live under a rock made out of denial), the world is becoming more and more used to vaping alternatives. In 2019, the vape market in the US was valued at 12.41 billion dollars. By 2027, they predict it could be worth as much as 67 billion! Even if companies once wanted smoking to remain the mainstream, the vaping world is one any good business person cannot ignore.

How to Use a Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers are an especially interesting part of the vaporizer community. This is because they allow for the user to inhale marijuana and cannabis concentrates inside the portable vaporizer. Although weed is of course illegal in the UK, owning a dry herb vape is not. Let’s look into how to use these sorts of portable vaporizers. Obviously we need to first understand the various parts of a dry herb vape. 

The Elements of a Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer


The battery is what makes the dry herb vape portable, and means it doesn’t have to sit around with wires coming out of it. Of course that means it is rechargeable. The length of life it has will depend on the model. At Nectar, our most powerful battery is our 3500mah 18650 battery, which takes only 2 hours to reach 100%.


The chamber or oven is the part where the dry herb lives. This will heat to different levels depending on what you set it at; usually this is around 180-220 degrees. The dry herb will be heated either by convection or conduction. Convection heats from around, like an oven. Whereas conduction heats from below, a bit like a frying pan. 


This is the part where you inhale and you get to enjoy the dry herb vapour. The portable vaporizer will have some sort of mouthpiece to use – some are cylindrical, whilst others are flat. Similar to a joint, the user just has to inhale. 

How To Use A Portable Vaporizer

Step 1 – Grind Your Bud

The first thing to do is to make sure your weed is well ground up. The better ground your bud is, the more evenly it will be heated up, and the less it will be wasted. If you’re looking for a good quality mini metal herb grinder then check this one out.

Step 2 – Put it Inside the Portable Vaporizer

Put the amount of weed you want in the dry herb vape. Alternatively, if you’re using cannabis concentrates, place the concentrates on top of the concentrates pad. 

Step 3 – The Right Temperature 

Select the perfect temperature for you. Remember these key points: the hotter it is, the more intense the high, but perhaps the less intense the flavour. We recommend 200 degrees as a good starting point.

Step 4 – Wait 60 Seconds 

Now you play the waiting game. Your dry herb will slowly cook away for 60 seconds. Wait for the beautiful vapour to be created.

Step 5 – Vape Away 

And then, the final step, enjoy! Inhale the vapour from the mouthpiece. Remember: dry herb vapes can be a lot more potent than a joint with tobacco, so there’s no need to over do it (unless you’re that way inclined).

Benefits of Using a Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer

Whilst some may be used to smoking a joint, the benefits of using a portable vaporizer are several. Here are some of those benefits: 


The high can be more intense when using a portable vaporizer. The intense cannabinoids are released more evenly and are not disrupted by being burnt and being mixed with tobacco. You may be surprised by how strong it can be. 


The flavours and aromas within your bud are maintained. That is because if you use a dry vape you don’t involve the process of combustion. Combustion, at 900 degrees, loses quite a lot of the flavour of the bud. By heating it at a lower temperature, and vaping it, you maintain a lot of the flavours.


You may be surprised to know that owning a dry herb portable vaporizer is actually cheaper. That is because, you won’t need to buy tobacco or any of the smoking accessories. All you need is your weed, and your charged up vape. Plus, a vaporizer used the weed in a much more efficient way. In fact, a vape utilises double the amount of your bud than smoking it does. Therefore, you won’t need to buy as much weed. 


The health benefits are very clear. By not smoking you avoid a lot of the dangerous and toxic carcinogens. Furthermore, dry herb is not addictive, whereas tobacco is. 

Controlling Dosage 

If you’re looking to control the amount of weed you smoke, then using a dry herb vape is the best way. If you’re interested in dosage control then check out our other article: how to cut down on smoking weed. You can carefully select the amount you want, place it in the chamber, and enjoy. 

Macro detail of cannabis buds (watermelon marijuana strain) over a water melon slice

The Nectar V2 Portable Vaporizer

One of our most common dry herb vaporizers is the Nectar V2 portable vaporizer. It’s a great starting-out vaporizer if you’re looking for a slick, easy and smooth vaping experience. This portable vaporizer reaches 180 degrees in 45 seconds, has a ceramic heating chamber and comes with a full cleaning kit. 

If you’re wanting to put this article into practice, why not get yourself a portable vaporizer?

We hope you found this article enjoyable and, as always, educational.

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