How to Make Cannabutter

Reading time - 6 minutes - March 3, 2021

Welcome back to another one of Nectar’s edible recipes. Previously in this series we showed you how to make weed brownies. If you didn’t catch that and you’re interested in making some tasty weed brownies then go check it out! But in the meantime, let’s focus on the glorious cannabis butter. Today we are going to be looking at how to make cannabutter, or sometimes referred to as, weed butter. Cannabutter is another edible which is somewhat simple to make but still requires a great deal of love, attention and focus. Afterall, no one wants to waste their dry herb. So, as always, strap yourself in. Preheat the oven. Let’s go. 

What are Edibles?

First things first, before we cook some delicious cannabutter, let’s remind everyone what edibles actually are and why they are so popular. Edibles, obviously, are eaten. Yep…real shocker! The thing about edibles is that they don’t have the same effect as inhaling weed does. Cannabutter is very different from smoking a joint or inhaling dry herb from a portable vaporizer. Due to the weed coming through the stomach, and having to be broken down, it takes longer for it to take its effect. Whilst it does take longer, it does also mean it can be a lot more intense. Another great thing about edibles, is it avoids the damaging process of smoking, which can cause many serious illnesses later in life. Plus, for those who don’t like the sensation of smoking and the harshness on the throat, edibles are a wonderful solution. There are many types of edibles: weed hemp gummies, weed brownies, cannabutter. They are all a great way of enjoying the beauties of mother nature’s dry herbs.

What is Cannabutter? 

So now on the specifics; the cannabutter. Cannabutter is exactly what it says in the name. It’s cannabis, mixed with butter. Again, what a shock. The great thing about cannabutter in comparison with other edibles is that it can be used in a variety of ways. Just like real butter, you can spread it on toast or use it as an ingredient in other recipes. The possibilities are endless. But much like other edible recipes, cannabutter is very easy to get wrong. Lots of people assume you can just throw some weed in a bowl, melt some butter, and hey presto! It’s cannabutter. No doubt, it would be cannabis and butter together, but it wouldn’t get you very high. That’s because you need to ensure you bake the weed first in order to change the THCA into THC. THCA is non-intoxicating, THC is. It’s the act of heating it up that makes weed into the special thing that it is. Therefore, cannabutter is an art and it takes care. So, without futherdo, let’s get into the specifics of how we make this beautiful thing. 

Cannabutter Recipe 

What you’ll need: 

Here is the recipe for how to make cannabutter. There are a few recipes around but we’ve put together the most succinct and understandable one out there. If you want to use less or more marijuana then you can adapt the recipe yourself accordingly. But make sure it’s well and thoroughly grinded up. Check out our own selection of grinders if you’re looking for a good quality metal herb grinder. Enjoy and cook with care. 

First Step

The first step of the cannabutter recipe is to decarb the cannabis. Or in other words, this process is called decarboxylate. If you don’t do this, you’ll be wasting the weed. So the first step is very very important. 

To do this you’ll firstly need to preheat the oven to around 120 degrees. You’ll then place the grinded weed onto a baking tray that has non-stick paper. Make sure the weed is evenly distributed around the tray, allowing for it to get heated thoroughly. Then place in the oven for 30 minutes. Every 10 minutes you should check the marijuana, give it a little shake, and put it back in. This step might seem slow, but it does ensure that the weed still contains all of its best and most powerful parts. 

Second Step 

Now the weed is slowly cooking nicely, we move on the butter. Get a saucepan out and place the 1 cup of butter into the saucepan. Also include 1 cup of water. Put this on a low heat and allow for the butter to slowly melt. This won’t take anywhere near as long as the weed so maybe start this step a little later. 

Third Step

Now you hear the beautiful sound of the oven beep. The weed is ready and the butter is ready. Result. Next step, carefully pour the weed into the saucepan with the melted butter. Allow the saucepan to simmer once more – now with all the ingredients inside. You should leave this mixture to simmer for about 3 hours. Yes, it’s a long time BUT this is where the magic happens so it is very key. Make sure the temperature doesn’t exceed 180 degrees. 

Fourth Step 

Now it’s done. It’s been three hours. You’ve watched the entirety of the Godfather. The cannabis and the butter have perfectly fused together. The next step is to strain the cannabutter. Allow it too cool for a few minutes before putting a strainer above a bowl and straining the cannabutter. This will take out all the excess weed buds but keep all the good stuff. 

Fifth Step

The fifth step of the cannabutter journey is to place all of the strained cannabutter in some sort of container. A jar would be ideal, but if not, some tupperware will do. Then, place the cannabutter in the container and put it in the fridge. Allow it to stay there for another hour. After the hour, If there’s still some excess water liquid then slowly drain it out, leaving the solid butter. This will leave you with a perfect batch of cannabutter. And a job well done. 

The Final Step 

Now you’ve spent a good amount of time making some beautiful cannabutter, it’s time to reap the rewards. Get some toast, spread some of your creation on it, and enjoy. Within an hour you should start to feel nice and high. But wait! Before you do that, let’s look into how best to use your cannabutter.

How Should I Use Cannabutter? 

This is a very good question. How should you use cannabutter? Well, obviously, the amount you desire will vary according to who you are. Whether you believe them or not, sometimes it’s good to ask yourself: are weed hangovers real? If you feel them, then perhaps take that into account. Also – it’s hard to always know how potent the cannabutter will be. So, it’s always good to try it out for future reference. Spread about half a teaspoon on a cracker or some toast and see how you feel after an hour. This should be a good way to know how much more or less you require in the future. 

Once you’ve figured this out, you can start being creative with your cannabutter. Here’s a list of all the amazing things you can use your new creation with..

If you leave your cannabutter stored in the fridge it should last several weeks, and if you leave it in the freezer it will last up to six months. Although it takes a few hours to make, cannabutter can last a great deal of time. So why not try it out yourself? 

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